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Makeup artist Daniel Martin picked up the easiest trick from Jessica Alba on how to fix your creased concealer. 🙌 6 tools straighten AND brush your hair at the same time—and they actually work. easy ways to be less stressed at work. easy ways to be less stressed at work. no. 1 stressor for Americans isn't work OR money. shared her *easiest* three-second trick to get her pillowy bangs. 😍 easiest way to dye your hair is here — and 5,000 people already signed up to buy it! hair stylist Jenny Cho gives us all of the secrets on how to get Jennifer Lawrence's lived-in waves, plus… lobs that work for any face shape. Harry has an alleged hangover cure that *actually* works: fall's three easiest boot trends. Miller says this $335 anti-aging moisturizer really, really works.*Ignores completely* is the easiest way to nail a cat-eye. say Bill Hader's uncomfortable being considered a sex symbol would be an understatement. “I think it’s good to h… new Spanx trousers are so fancy, nobody at work realized I was basically wearing leggings.’s ok to fucking HATE the club. I know I do. @InStyle
Retweeted by InStyle15 affordable plus-size clothing brands that never disappoint. ONE more won't hurt. Thompson won't stop trying to win Khloé Kardashian back. Graham's Guggenheim International Gala Dress isn't just stunning, it comes with a sweet story. Swift just made a case for the cold-weather bodysuit.'Nique is suing Netflix for race and gender discrimination. Ripa owns three pairs of Ultracor leggings — and some styles are on sale. cozy gift ideas will keep your friends and family snug all season long. #sponsored @bananarepublic Swift says she's not being allowed to perform her old material. 10 hairstyles you'll see everywhere this winter. Stewart once called the attention to her relationship with Robert Pattinson "gross," and he had something s… more traveling in sweatpants and t-shirts! Kirsten Bell shows you how to dress cozy and chic for the airport. Stewart's life advice includes taking pottery classes. trusted you.
@SerenaWilliams talks the inspiration behind her jewelry line, the one ring she can't stop wearing, and the one pie… no longer have a lipstick hoarding problem thanks to this one single palette. gonna lie, this might be the comfiest coat you can buy on Amazon. Loughlin is "discouraged" and "concerned" over her upcoming sentencing. Reeves x Spongebob — the crossover you never knew you needed until now. Holmes = fall. And she just stepped out in a new staple jacket. @InStyle for telling the story behind last night’s #Fancy look!!! #CMAawards
Retweeted by InStyle.@Reba McEntire's #CMAs outfit reveal had to be designed, tested, AND done in less than three weeks! "How do you ge…"Being raised in this industry from a young age definitely forces you to grow up a little faster than maybe the nor…'m really not lying when I tell you that this $5 (!) soap got rid of all of my bacne and my scars from it: Dion is in love with peanut butter and she's not afraid to sing it. Aniston and Justin Theroux recently bonded over one of their pups on social media. to your next happy hour in style with the help of these three outfits. skin around your eyes may change over time, but that's no reason to swear off eye makeup! We asked the pros to… "the winter blues" is a real thing. Here are six things you need to know about seasonal affective disorder: Dion just wore the boldest winter coat — and her mini skirt matches. you even need to ask? of your favorite Big Little Lies stars just had a reunion at last night's Country Music Association Awards. Kardashian's latest onscreen fight really rubbed viewers the wrong way. Jenner and Travis Scott may have split, but that didn't keep her from from having the best time at her ex's A…"How can we turn the other way? How can we refuse to see that shooting, in real time?" On the Senate floor, Sen. R…
Retweeted by InStyleQueen Elizabeth only gets her makeup done once a year:! Demi Lovato just announced her new relationship in a cute Instagram post. ❤️ readers can't stop buying this $37 hair straightener. can tell when someone's being abused. $88 serum makes my skin so glowy, so I go makeup-free.'s a new way to update your bob—without losing any length. Injuries in Southern California High School Shooting
Retweeted by InStyleThese peppermint swirls are perfect for winter. shampoos will let you wash your hair even less than you already do, without looking like a greaseball. @celestebarber_ @jameelajamil Thank YOU for this incredible moment. 💯❤️And don’t know about you... but *This* is the only way I get out of cars... 👍🏽
Retweeted by InStyleDon't underestimate the power of a satin pillowcase for better hair and skin. *need* to know about these 8 genius travel hacks you have dry or damaged hair, this $12 drugstore hair treatment is a lifesaver. things you should never do on your work computer: Gomez just got matching tattoos with her BFF Julia Michaels. hack will fix the most annoying thing about having bangs 👏 many celebs have been rocking old Hollywood waves on the red carpet, and recreating those cascading curls is a l… actor and reluctant Internet heartthrob Bill Hader takes us behind the scenes of his InStyle photoshoo…"Happy birthday to His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales - Sir, Pa, Grandpa," they captioned the cute photo. 😍 you really need to know about wearing heels up-and-coming bag brand editors are trying to keep secret. say Bill Hader's uncomfortable being considered a sex symbol would be an understatement. “I think it’s good to h… from the Block came out when a director asked Jennifer Lopez to take her top off. Lopez can't stop changing her hair this fall. Her latest look — an asymmetrical bob! best way to get over a breakup? Think negative thoughts (science says so!). tried planking for 5 minutes every day for a month—here's what happened.'s #SexiestManAlive is John Legend — and of course Chrissy Teigen has thoughts. easy accessorizing hacks from a Hollywood stylist: Holmes' best outfits all have this one common trend — and it's only $30. 👏 in the '60s, but made popular once again in the '90s, this look is the latest trend celebrities are recycling. has nearly 1,000 five-star reviews on Nordstrom. Lively and Ryan Reynolds had a low-key date night in NYC — but they looked too cute! 6 common dreams can reveal what's stressing you out: $16 tool makes painting your own nails *so* much easier: *one* bag carries my laptop and my sneakers, and TBH my whole life is solved now. Kanye West said she couldn't wear makeup, this is what North West got into instead. hair dryer brush has THOUSANDS of 5-star reviews — and it's legitimately changing people's lives. one herb could seriously reduce your stress levels: new Spanx trousers are so fancy, nobody at work realized I was basically wearing leggings. snake print, Katie Holmes just found the new boot trend that's replacing you. Holmes — queen of fall style — wore these affordable sneakers for her latest look. looks like Hailey Bieber finally answered the age-old question of exactly what footwear one should wear while ri… wardrobe malfunction *probably* cost Angelina Jolie a role in the '90s — but she *probably* looked damn good, too. tube of this $8 red lipstick sells every 4 minutes — and its on sale. does everyone love these dirty-looking sneakers? asked a celeb stylist which key pieces every woman should have in her closet, and her answers might surprise you. bright side of bloating? It's easier to get rid of than you might think: