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Happy 25th Anniversary to #Quake! Who remembers playing?
Enter the Giveaway: we're LIVE! It's time for another killer PC build on #ModMondays Live with @Robeytech & @Cahlaflour. 🎬…️⃣ Hours until #ModMondays Live ft. @Robeytech & @Cahlaflour! 🌈 Swing by for classic PC Building and a chance to… Glacial by @upsnef1
Retweeted by Intel GamingThanks to everyone who tuned in for the water cooling of the @IntelGaming @CoolerMaster_NA NR200P build featuring…
Retweeted by Intel GamingThe #HumankindClosedBeta is only around until Monday! To those who haven't landed themselves a key yet, our friend…
Retweeted by Intel Gaming @robeytech @Cahlaflour See you soon! 👋 @Alienware A certain wholesome game about a literature clubThe first matchup is LIVE! POLSKA GUROM are up against @BudapestFive, who will take the opening win of Europe east…
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Another #ModMondays Live, another giveaway! This time we'll be building a PC for @Cahlaflour with @Robeytech. Tu…… 😎 You’ve got the looks. 🤓 We’ve got the chips. 🤝 Together, we make the perfect Alliance. 👻… will the world look like under your command? Hop into the closed beta for @humankindgame to start answering th…
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@Splinxes This is true. Persona is a great example of this! @Jmcleod87348549 What's your favorite? @AThepro1 Nice! Could be anything from Minecraft type titles to horror @CristianPernia1 @NeedforSpeed What's your go to car in racing games? @eighthgore7 Lots of multiplayer releases recently for horror! @danr0b Underrated answer. What's your favorite part of building cities? @funguseater Single player games are the most relaxing because there isn't anyone to compete with! @m1nty__ Variety is great! Do you prefer story or competitive driven games? @xyebang Great storylines are what make great games! @Prosperzero3 Your top RPG game? @tuanies Which would you say is your favorite? @Random_Pc_Gamer Are you more of a GTA Player or a Minecraft Player? @VenaurGaming One of our favorites is Persona 5! How about you?Now is the perfect time to get a new laptop if you're a big fan of strand-type gaming and Kojima Productions: purch…
Retweeted by Intel GamingWhen reality is better than your expectations 😍 🎮 @RE_Games 🎨 @Charburst_
Returning for its second year, AVGL is excited to announce that the 2021 Intel Inspires program has begun! This y…
Retweeted by Intel GamingReturn for another #ModMondays Live featuring @Robeytech & @Cahlaflour! To celebrate #PrideMonth, we're giving awa… @robeytech @EKWaterBlocks @Newegg @Raja_intheNorth Thanks for reaching out! Sent you a DM!Been very excited for this small form factor all @EKWaterBlocks water-cooled build featuring the @IntelGaming 11900…
Retweeted by Intel Gaming @Icinix2 @E3 @maingear Star Field! @wamer94 @E3 @maingear 🦇🌾💷4️⃣🥈? @the_Bigandtasty @E3 @maingear Slime Rancher 2? @FlyWithSeedyL @E3 @maingear Flight Simulator Top Gun Maverick! Team Maverick or Ice man? @Mezniex @E3 @maingear Tiny Tina Wonderland? @chickpeafire @E3 @maingear Diablo 2 Resurrected! What class are you going to play? @Walshy_gg @E3 @maingear We're also excited for Back 4 Blood @LordLulimann @E3 @maingear Chivalry 2! Can't wait
💸 you could only play one genre of video games for the rest of your life, what would it be? 5️⃣ Years to @DeadByBHVR! 🎂 We've been dying to celebrate 🔪
It's Project Aeris from @braintechsociet! How do you like this one? 💯 ✨Spec: Z390 AORUS MASTER @INTEL 9900K AORUS…
Retweeted by Intel GamingTell us what game you’re most excited for from #E32021 with only emojis!
Thinking about @JW_Evolution after the #E32021 PC Gaming Show 🦖🦕🦖     🦖🦕🦖🦕🦖    Λ🦕🦖🦕🦖🦕    ( ˘ ᵕ ˘… right, we did it! The collab y'all been waitin for! #E32021 #rawmen #DyingLight2 @TechlandGames
Retweeted by Intel GamingCONGRATULATIONS @GambitEsports 🎉🎉 They looked strong all throughout #IEM Summer and showed it again in the grand f…
Retweeted by Intel GamingGet access to the Closed Beta for @Humankindgame today! Combine up to 60 different cultures, lead your civilizatio…! The #HumankindClosedBeta is available NOW! 🙌 Pre-purchase on @Steam or the @EpicGames Store for instant…
Retweeted by Intel GamingMissed our first reveal of Chivalry 2's postlaunch content during the #PCGamingShow at #E32021 ? Watch it here!
Retweeted by Intel GamingThe PC Gaming Show is happening now! DAY ALERT! #IEM Grand Final starts 2:30pm UK time Then I'll be co-streaming the…
Retweeted by Intel GamingOh my.. @HObbitcsgo, they must be playing on an #iemcertified PC! You want to be a star as well? 👉…
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We have seen some excellent Ancient in the semi finals, hopefully more to come in the grand finals! Let's hear som…
Retweeted by Intel GamingWill the CIS team steamroll through, or can the European squad fight back? @G2esports are now fighting for their l…
Retweeted by Intel GamingBecome the ultimate vampire. #Bloodhunt begins in 2021.
Retweeted by Intel GamingYou can only hit shots like these on an #iemcertified PC! Check out @intelgaming #IEM
Retweeted by Intel GamingLet's go bois!! 👊 @OGcsgo Team comms brought to you by @intelgaming! #gaminghappenswithintel 🌠 #IEM
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Only 4 teams remain in #IEM Summer. 🌴 Here are your Semi-Finals! @TeamVitality vs. @OGcsgo @G2esports vs.…
Retweeted by Intel GamingLIVE NOW for #E32021 🎬 We'll be chatting with @Razer, @CYBERPOWERPC, @PredatorGaming, and @Robeytech about what's… us for our #E32021 Community Livestream! From gaming notebooks, NUCs, to overclocking features, we'll be chat… what video game did you experience the worst betrayal? (No spoilers) 🎮 @AmongUsGame 🎨 @Pixzzo
@HardstyleRaver2 @ASUS very solid and respectable choice @DominatorShiva @ASUS the original benchmark game @Gameplicit @Razer hate it when this happensA new prehistoric world awaits with Jurassic World Evolution 2! Uncover new species, biomes, and storylines with t…
☄️The THROTTLE UP is here! ☄️ Halfway into the #IntelWorldOpen Open Qualifiers, join @fdotny & @JarxJam as they cha…
Retweeted by Intel Gaming🔥The STREET TALK is here! 🔥 Halfway into the #IntelWorldOpen Open Qualifiers, join @WSOLogan & @Tyrant_UK as they c…
Retweeted by Intel GamingWhat video game universe would you take a vacation to? 💻 @ASUS TUF Dash the official Dying Light 2 Stay Human trailer! Pre-order now and #StayHuman!
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Our #StopAAPIHate Merch Line has arrived, with all proceeds going to @StopAAPIHate and @AAAJ_AAJC! 🌱…
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What can you say during a work meeting but also while in Twitch chat? 💻 @Razer #11thGen
.@AstralisCS, @TeamLiquid, you made a major (major, major, major) impression on us. But maybe now it’s time for s… Featuring designs from: 🌸 @rosegoldjelly 🌺 @charburst_ 💮 @petersyravongOur #StopAAPIHate Merch Line has arrived, with all proceeds going to @StopAAPIHate and @AAAJ_AAJC! 🌱…
Be honest. Have you ever cheated in video games? your chip in the N7 Z590 designed for the new 11th Gen @IntelGaming processors! 🧠
Retweeted by Intel Gaming @Zapper216 Trackpad users remember the struggle 😔. We would have to loved to see a video @jdaraz Stardew players would beg to differ @SpecEX1 League of Legends would like to have a word with you @DudeCole110 Same type of people who use high sensitivity for FPS games @InkieSW The thinkpad red dot iykykLegendary loot ahead, #TeamLegion!🥳 To Celebrate the ALGS Championship with @PlayApex, we are giving away a Legion…
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Devs… we don’t see the size of your game, only the depth of your imagination. With your brains and our Boost, tog… Trackpad 👇 or Team Mouse 🖱️?
The moment you’ve all been waiting for! 😱 #TheAlienwareUpdate starts now. What are you most excited to see?…
Retweeted by Intel GamingForget what you knew about gaming laptops. We're here to show off our masterpiece 😈 Introducing the new #Alienware
Retweeted by Intel GamingDebating between a Gaming Laptop or Desktop? We've got the deets on how to determine the best fit for you! 💡…'t forget! Tweet at us your best #RainbowSixSiege clip with the tags @TeamRazer, @IntelGaming, and…
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Registration has been extended up to 20 minutes before each open qualifier! Sign up here ✏️'ve updated our registration deadlines for Rocket League and Street Fighter V! Players can now register up to 2… CPU: Intel i9 10850K Mobo: Gigabyte @AorusOfficial Z490-I Case: @Thermaltake AH T200 GPU: @msigaming Radeon… week's #ModMondays is ready for action! Built by @rhoadspc, this #Halo build is in a master class of its own…
🛒: The ultimate gaming gig for top Steam PC bundles is here! A highly-anticipated bundle s…
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Traversing throughout the universe, #GE66 / #GE76 Raider will bring gamers to infinity and beyond! Upgraded specs…
Retweeted by Intel GamingThe #MisfitsAcademy x @IntelGaming grind doesn't stop! We're looking for our next content creator to sign. Who wi…
Retweeted by Intel GamingThe Path To Tokyo awaits! Sign up for the Street Fighter V and Rocket League global tournaments. #IntelWorldOpen🌸 💮 🌸 Coming Soon! 🌸 💮 🌸 We're extremely excited to reveal our upcoming collaboration with three AAPI artists to…