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Freelance editor. Full-time traveller. Commodities specialist. Dividend growth investor. Beginner's guide to investing ➡️

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@jackkimber Thanks! @jackkimber It was definitely a good choice for me! The business is only a few months old but growing well.Do you know the different income streams? EARNED Income - Income from your working job PROFIT income - Income fro…
Retweeted by Nicole W @aneuroticwriter Congrats, that's fantastic!Money turned me into a morning person
Retweeted by Nicole W @jackkimber I quit my job and ran away to travel, 🏃🏾‍♀️ starting in the Caribbean, where I'm building a freelance b… bears repeating even when you know it to be true - temptation can be a powerful thing! took a project on Upwork that turned into a bit of a monster that was not worth my time. It wiped out my energy f… hack Use the weekend to move closer toward your dream life vs. trying to escape your current life
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US initial jobless claims totalled 1,427,000 last week, a decrease of 55,000. The previous week's level was revise… is so key - most people don't understand this! update for Jun: Payments were up by 96% from May, and up 19% from June last year ⬆️ Would've been higher…
@LanaKares823 This is such a great idea! 👍🏽
@EnsureGrowth That's so annoying your account was restricted, but good for you accomplishing so much 👍🏽Especially when it’s women getting money Nothing pisses insecure men off like a woman getting money
Retweeted by Nicole WI look forward to this post every month. It's so motivational! day you are going to look back and say... “What was I thinking when I bought that stock.” It’s part of the le…
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If you gotta give up something, give up your excuses.
Retweeted by Nicole WThe Dow closed down 710 points today. CNBC: “WORST DAY IN 2 WEEKS FOR THE STOCK MARKET.” Money twitter: “Time to…
Retweeted by Nicole WPeople make A LOT of money making investing sound complicated It’s not: Long-term -> buy stock in companies you r…
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HOW TO IMPROVE YOURSELF: -Read More -Stop Watching TV -Avoid Negative People -Stop Caring About Irrelevant People…
Retweeted by Nicole WSometimes, those who get ahead just do one thing: • Resist the urge to quit
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As an options *BUYER* Your max loss is the premium you paid to buy the options contract Your max profit is unlimi…
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@BeyondInvestor Yep, had a nice long walk on the beachDividend cuts in US expected to amount to 20pc, compared with 50pc in UK.
Don't invest money that you can't afford to lose.
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You need to learn about stocks BEFORE you trade options. That’s like trying to ride a bike before you can walk.
Retweeted by Nicole W @Treym0nd0 It looks cool, Trey 👍🏽
Like tech stocks? Then check out $QQQ. Some of its holdings include. - Microsoft $MSFT - Apple $AAPL - Amazon…
Retweeted by Nicole W @brandoncao_ Absolutely, gains on options can evaporate so quickly! @lockdowninvest Thanks, so far so good! @investingwbrady Thanks so much for your ebook - I knew hardly anything about options before I read it!I have to thank @investingwbrady for his Intro to Options. It showed me everything I needed to know to get started… bad for a first option trade, up more than 330% on $SQ 💸 Turns out I sold it way too soon but I got itchy & wa… Growth Investors: Great companies seldom trade at low multiples akin to 'Value' picks Don't use 'value' metri…
Retweeted by Nicole W @PederMyhrer Learn how to use Upwork to make $'000s from freelancing: overview! Great coverage for 280 characters! 🤟
Retweeted by Nicole WDividend growth investing builds passive income for life! Disclaimer : Only available for... Everyone
Retweeted by Nicole WFinally managed to get out of my stressful Revolut trading account and open one with Tastyworks to trade options.…
@InvestmentTalkk That's amazing, congrats!!
UK GDP falls 20.4% in April compared to the month before
Retweeted by Nicole WRemember the 10% Rule. If a stock price drops 10% or more in a single day, wait at least 3 more days before enteri…
Retweeted by Nicole WDays in the #StockMarket like today... Are tough for most... But as a confident long term investor, It’s a lot e…
Retweeted by Nicole WI fell out of the loop! Been working on a big editing project that's driving me slightly mad. In the process of s…
When you realise that a lot of your $ gains from trading stocks have evaporated thanks to the strengthening £. Perh…
@MoneySarahHills Thanks so much for doing this Sarah, really interested to follow the process! @jvhak But it's so hard to resist 😂 @JoyChonte @toddbillion Fantastic result! 👏🏽My latest article for Capital: Natural gas price analysis June 2020: what happens next to the commodity?
Options Trading Basics [THREAD]
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@anormalinvestor Yes and now have net new bookings post COVID. Well positioned if domestic travel replaces some international holidays. @onlinerichkid 😁 Thanks for the retweet!If you're in The Affiliates Club MONDAY is going to be 🔥🔥🔥🙌🏼👀
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My latest article for Capital: Airline stocks in June 2020: four companies to watch for a recovery play total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 2.5mn in May, and the unemployment rate unexpectedly declined to 13.3%.… Upwork messenger is a graveyard of ghosted interactions after they asked me to confirm a price. 😂 No matter, th… @WealthBabylon I definitely want to check it out, so will look at buying a few stocks in there. Sadly there won't be options, apparently. @HM_PsychHealth @Iamtracylynn @JackieIrene19 @DrivenBarbie @ambitiousmichhh @MichelleKPhill1 Following them all 👍🏽Stocks go up and then they go down; especially after big run ups! They aren't one-way tickets to paradise and often…
Retweeted by Nicole WI don't see a lot of girls that are into online business these days. Comment below if you are a girl into online b…
Retweeted by Nicole W @tinrovic Heh, I've got an ebook called Invest like a girlboss 😉 There aren't enough women investing in stocks and…🚨 Product Train. 🚆 🚨 Are you a creator or an affiliate for a product? Leave a link to your product/Products belo…
Retweeted by Nicole W @SamPandemic I've seen a lot of people the last few days talking about starting to trade options. Get this guide s…
If you don’t promote yourself, nobody will! Comment below & Introduce yourself so people can follow you 😊 If you…
Retweeted by Nicole W @AvoidTheRatRace Thanks Joe! I'm Nicole, a location-independent freelance writer and editor. 🏝️💻 I tweet about in… @DallenReber I was super busy and had a conference trip in there as well as lots of handover so it was bearable. I… @JamesParkerTWI I'm about to start too. This has really helped me feel ready (aff) @DallenReber Mine was 3 months! Two weeks will fly by 😁 Congrats! 🍾 @investingwbrady I'm liking EMQQ, emerging markets internet and ecommerce ETF. It's like the QQQ of Asia and South… you new investors out there, welcome to the club Start thinking like an investor, acting like an investor and…
Retweeted by Nicole WA lot of people have seen the opportunity in the markets and started trading options. But if you're not careful yo… @investingwbrady How exciting! Looking forward to what's to come 🙂 @CoupleInvesting Producers on the face of it haven't got much choice, but apparently Opec members haven't been comp…
@hustler_bitcoin Thanks for this! @Creditpreneur_ @freeby2033 👏🏽When faced with a series of staircases: You don't get to the top with a single action. You take it one step at a…
Retweeted by Nicole WIf you don’t have much money to start investing, start with some of these dividend stocks under $70... $AAL $11.30…
Retweeted by Nicole WPROFIT IN ANY Market Stock goes up: - Own stock - Own call options (biggest gain) - Sell put options Stock goes…
Retweeted by Nicole WI can understand people not investing 10+ years ago as apps didn't exist, fees were high & knowledge was harder to…
Retweeted by Nicole WThe best investors have the inate ability to see a world/economy in absolute chaos And still not sell their invest…
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@Cameron6M Excellent, the payments will be rolling in soon! @TheDailyInvest2 I sold it weeks ago 😭Love this! 💥 @TheeFinanceGuy The encouragement from everyone here definitely helps!What's your worst stock purchase❓ Mine is LSE:CNCT, a sad tale of chasing yield 2yrs ago although I knew better. D… @MansiPl @MiIIenniaIMoney @fromclicktosale @ChimpSeek @ImprovementGeek @AyAy_Ron69 @UKWantrepreneur @FreedomPathGo @jennymarston_xo @jennafarmeruk Congratulations!! @UKWantrepreneur @AyAy_Ron69 @FreedomPathGo @jessthegreaat @StockSinatra Love this idea I keep getting Turn My Sw… @HustlingForever Really valuable thread, thanks! I'm struggling with affiliate sales so it resonates.Struggling to get affiliate sales? This week I’ll reach the $1k mark and I couldn’t me more grateful I'll analyze…
Retweeted by Nicole W @Creditpreneur_ Well done 👏🏽 Really enjoying your posts! @MarkdFreelance @HeroJourneyOn Congrats, onwards and upwards from here! 👍🏽An easy way to see if a dividend is safe is to look at the payout ratio. The payout ratio shows the percentage of…
Retweeted by Nicole W @LifeAndRiches 💯 true. I was so shy and lacking in confidence before I started to travel solo. When you have no c… people say travelling does nothing for you. I beg to differ. Travelling makes you uncomfortable. Different…
Retweeted by Nicole W @TheJoyfulTrader Absolutely, and now you can buy fractional shares it's a game changer @MoneySarahHills That's epic!