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VONA alum. #VP22. Clarion West Plague Class 20/21 alias: Zin E. Rocklyn. agent: @RivetingRosie. #SupportBlackWomenWhoWriteWeirdShit 📧: zin.e.rocklyn@gmail

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Teresa believed she married him for his heart, but during those cold nights in an empty bed, the truth would reveal… @nickwritesbooks @NBallingrud that's the kind of stuff I'm looking for. Nathan has left a void, lol. if you haven't… @merchantofvice wtf @ZZClaybourne 😍😍😍 @merchantofvice that's terrifying @NightscapePress @brooke_warra getting my copy soon!i want some weird fiction that'll break my heart. any suggestions?
And this is just how it begins. Come get Weird with us. mod @LesleyMWheeler panelists @edwardahall @intelligentwat
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@RoanhorseBex wtf is wrong with people?! I'm so sorry and I'm with you, for sure.mid-30s when I worked for a Black non-profit @good_shit_daily 💜💜💜
@genderqueerwolf 🤤🤤🤤excellent thread @BlairNecessitys 💜💜💜 @blkgirllostkeys up, for sure. started a new med that has yet to really kick in. today was a decent day though. @FiccionDeTorres thank you!! 💜💜💜a nice, much needed boost. feeling excited for the first time in a while. @furtive_nesture I miss you!! 💜💜💜It's late afternoon at the end of the first weekend of the British Fantasy Award 2020 juror application window bein…
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@BrackenMacLeod 💜💜💜my brain @theblerdgurl @gregmatiasevich I'm a huge fan!! @clpolk definitely in the same trench with you!! brain marmots are the worst and I wish you relief. @MiramiraEndeval 💜💜💜Only $15 to go before I start publishing µShock:s (that's "microShock:") again! They're little RPG experiments abou…
Retweeted by teri.zin, Fätté Mother Mousse 🇹🇹🌌It's a big honor to have CAMP reviewed by the Washington Blade, oldest LGBTQ newspaper in the country, and even mor…
Retweeted by teri.zin, Fätté Mother Mousse 🇹🇹🌌 @JoshuaACNewman ❤❤❤and growth. I am me and it's about fucking time i own it.laughter and joy and comfort. you do not get to pick my labels. you do not get to judge me as contradictory. you d… I will never meet. and never want to. I am fat and beautiful and I love myself in a way that you will never… your soft, cup-the-face beautiful. the handsome beautiful. the kind that peels back and pulls you in. the kind… wide shoulders on top of a wide back whose rolls will not be denied-- I. am. fat. and beautiful.I'm the fat y'all don't want; tall with long legs, a short, round torso with a gut farther than my titties, and lon… am fat. no, not voluptuous, not curvy, not simply plus-sized; i am fat. @honeygriot oh damn. I'm sorry. @dalehirt tbh, I have no idea what helps. I'm burned out on Zoom/Skype. @alexanderchee is that wtf is going on with me?! I'm on new meds so perhaps it's a bad interaction but this is one… @vivicubed oh this is perfect @soniagupta504 GHURL @endorphinique 💜💜💜 @NoTotally I'm, for some weird unspoken reason, trying to cut back. it is not working at the moment and I'm about to jump out of this bed.solo here and fuckin dying @merchantofvice cat's short-circuiting like mesleep and doomscrolling @ariearieinfree @nkjemisin lololololol
@ariearieinfree @nkjemisin now my brain is stuck on writing this. damn it! @CaseyFoxiBoy this is perfect @soniagupta504 my use of it goes back to my Trinidadian roots and the stories I grew up with. stuck with me. @beaniezee happy birthday!!! @OJCade @somesillywowzer thank you!!I can't unsee it. and it's terrifying. can't stop watching this though have some sort of PTSD from those lynching videos. everytime a video has Black people, I expect them to be killed… @Karnythia good lordt
@vera_kurian @jessiguess90 I liked it a lot! me and Jessica talked about it yesterday. was that yesterday? @After_Dark_Arts YUP @clifton_r thank you!!BIG-ASS MUHFUCKIN SQUEE, Y'ALL.Happy Emancipation Day to my fellow Trinis!!! gimme a plate of what yuh cook.nah, this ain't it, buddy @pattynjohnson RIGHT?!I need this migraine to go somewhere away from me, please and thank you @indylolo LMFAOOOO YES @mellifiedman happy birthday!!Is there any AMAB non-binary or trans women sensitivity readers in the house? I would love to hear your rates becau…
Retweeted by teri.zin, Fätté Mother Mousse 🇹🇹🌌I don't mind a dip in history's pool. But when you drag me down and hold me... #HugoAwards
Retweeted by teri.zin, Fätté Mother Mousse 🇹🇹🌌 @CrisPresgraves LMFAOOOOOOfuuuuck this whole thread. GODDAMN. @her_nibsen YES, GODDAMN ITexactly @somesillywowzer yes. @nadiabulkin @tracy_reads79 @Shudder lolol, yeah, I watched it during the day. @nadiabulkin @Shudder really enjoyed this one!! @DrOznerol I miss you, Lorenzo!! @DrOznerol saaaaaaamewhite backlash is a helluva thing. we take a step forward, y'all kick us back umpteen years by bringing up "classic… maybe if A FUCKING FRACTION of the time was spent learning about Black people's place in SFF as it was repeated…
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@blkgirllostkeys I'm a member of the Unicorn Squad and I just want to thank you for all of this. navigating my ment… @goodbyeshaun nooooooooo @marcustsong @writerjencrow thanks, bub!! @somesillywowzer 💜💜💜 @tracy_reads79 @LOHFiction would it be okay if i DMd you a question? @MiramiraEndeval LMFAOOOO!! thank you!! @MiramiraEndeval yep! check my pinned status for the work i have out so far. @MiramiraEndeval 😁 @Duugy13 thank you, love!!! 💜💜💜 @hanbae @DepressedWBlack @DarkRiseProject i'll definitely be applying as well! @writerjencrow oh i'm glad! lolol @tracy_reads79 @LOHFiction awesome! I will!! @writerjencrow thank you!! I did before I lost the nerve, lol @maura_byrne 😁 @DepressedWBlack @DarkRiseProject
@SpiffyBiffy 💜💜💜 @P_H_Lee holy shit, thank you!!did it before I chickened out. and let the shame begin! never show that the rent is still due in those zombie movies.
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