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The Wuhan Coronavirus is spreading fast with various countries increasing screening measures. Here's what you need… this video to take a ride on the craziest, rotating water slide ever. gas lighter is built from scratch and works like a charm. Via: Hassan Abu-Izmero / Youtube #engineering
Retweeted by Interesting EngineeringThis device allows you to take photos of everything under a microscope Via: @iLabCam #engineering
Retweeted by Interesting EngineeringSkelex is an ergonomic device designed to reduce the risk of strain injuries. #engineering #design #ces2020
Retweeted by Interesting EngineeringMuhammad Haryz Nadzim, a little boy with an IQ of 142, has just become the youngest member of a high IQ society. real-life Transformer can even do push-ups. #engineering #design #ces2020
Retweeted by Interesting EngineeringCompleted in 1935, Hoover Dam is America's largest concrete formwork dam and stand as a tourist attraction for peop…
Retweeted by Interesting EngineeringFiat’s Centoventi can be changed to suit its owner’s needs so it never has to be traded in. #engineering is adding other safety features including photo verification. portable tech gadgets are ideal for everyday use and will make your job easier. robot can make 300 12-inch pizzas an hour 😋😋 #engineering #tech #ces2020
Retweeted by Interesting EngineeringThis two-legged robot will deliver packages to your door 🙂 #engineering #robots #ces2020
Retweeted by Interesting EngineeringUnitree’s four-legged robodog called Laikago can be your future pet. #engineering #design #ces2020
Retweeted by Interesting EngineeringThese bicycle lights are guaranteed to draw attention. Via: @bike_balls #engineering
Retweeted by Interesting EngineeringThis DIY video shows you how to make and RC acrobatic model airplane that actually flies. #engineering
Retweeted by Interesting EngineeringThese plant-based meat-free burgers, porks and sausages taste just as good as the real thing but are eco and animal…
Retweeted by Interesting EngineeringThis robot is not made to beat you at table tennis, it's made to train you. #engineering
Retweeted by Interesting Engineering
Harvard University researchers looked at the nervous system and stem cells to notice how stress affects hair pigmen… successful pilot has already been underway in a number of cities across India. CEO Elon Musk stands to make a lot if the market cap stays above $100 billion for six months. Wang created the ultrafast camera last year, and has been working on this new version ever since. to make a truly original weapon? What about an axife, a combination between an axe and a knife. Via: YouTube…'s the brain of a fruit fly, but it's impressive nonetheless. 2020s will be a very exciting time for space exploration if the many missions proposed by space agencies and ae… robot takes its inspiration from one of the most impressive and cutest birds in the animal kingdom 🐦… you live and breathe machines and mechanical devices? Then these 9 GIFs will make your day.'s lunar robots images cover about a year of exploration on the far side of the moon. video shows that the answer is yes, we can grow a salad in Martian soil. you're a professional or an amateur videographer, here is a list of drones that will give you the best aeri… smart bread machine makes an assortment of flatbreads with the help of AI via @rotimatic
Retweeted by Interesting EngineeringSublue’s Seabow is a powerful underwater scooter that allows you to dive into marine life. #engineering #ces2020
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Spain is one of over 20 other countries to have announced a climate emergency. fires have revealed new sections of an ancient aquaculture system which was built by indigenous people 6,6… set comes with rotating solar panels, astronaut mini-figures, and a space shuttle. serious car crash in Florida has people on social media commenting left, right, and center.’s Seabow is a powerful underwater scooter that allows you to dive into marine life. #engineering #ces2020's known as the Yarrabubba impact crater and is 2.2-billion-years-old. NHTSA petition was made with claims against Tesla. brake caliper was created using the process of additive manufacturing Via: @Bugatti #engineering up the monotony of your working day with these 9 brilliant scientific questions. WHO will convene a meeting this week to determine if the outbreak constitutes a public health emergency. already secured at least $6 billion in loans. video shows a mysterious house in Baltimore that is not what it seems. percent of its output by the 2030s will be hybrids and EVs.’s self-balancing electric wheelchair has a maximum speed of 38km/h and is inspired by the geospheres in the…
The two Boeing 737 Max crashes in 2019 may have been prevented had the 2009 investigation been publicly disclosed. from the University of Bristol are looking to recycle radioactive material. from Cardiff University say this could be a "one size fits all" cancer therapy. deaf man has filed a suit against Pornhub because apparently, he can’t “feel” what he is watching without the sub… has introduced a model-based threat detection approach that has been proven in tests to be highly effective. isn't the first time the Nintendo Switch and the XAC are brought together. seems that now it's musicians' turn to think about their career choices. is how vitamin gummies are made. Via: @herbalandgummie #engineering fires bring the same ecological benefits as naturally occurring wildfires. centripetal motion example showing physics is fun Via: reddit / MoWaleed virtues of AI aren't always guaranteed Google's CEO warns. seems Lexus' design team has grown a little bored with designing vehicles for Earth. ball eventually made it to space, though not on it's original mission. start-up develops non-invasive brain-computer interface to increase your focus #engineering
We take a look at the practical effects, set designs and impressive sound engineering used in the show. your day, at least briefly, with these 9 great lab-based memes. historic blizzard had wind speeds as high as 157 kph (98 mph). 😱's translation from Burmese into English led to an unfortunate version of President Xi Jinping's name. DIY video shows you how to create a sharp blade from scratch from a few pieces of metal. Via: youtube / Hassa… video quality when Amazon Prime is streamed through Roku devices might be encouraging users to switch to Amazo…'re not sure which environment the Space Force was thinking of when it put the uniform together, but it wasn't Sp… and men work together to construct railways with great precision. Via: @ETF_Railways #engineering out how to use solar lights to decorate your outdoor space. ancient scorpion is remarkably similar to today's species. you hate your life as a programmer? Perhaps its because you aren't very good at it? drinking is on the rise especially for men aged 35-44.
The installation could power 4.5 million homes. habitats would grow with the help of some water. GT2 RS has been modified with aftermarket downpipes, a methanol injection kit, and a tune. test was the last major milestone for SpaceX before NASA allows its astronauts on board. Teslasuit incorporates haptic feedback, motion capture and biometrics to accelerate and improve the body’s move… the future of the commonly known ‘endangered’ elements. out these 7 amazing scrap metal sculptures from around the world. device safely and precisely transports eggs Via: @FarmGreat #engineering 5 pieces of tech use the human body to actually generate electricity.'ve been our best companions for thousands of years. They've guarded us, protected our property, sniffed out da… you know that many of the characters in the Marvel Universe also happen to be engineers? Let's check out some o…’s new smart mirror scans your body to show you how your clothes will look on you. #engineering
Retweeted by Interesting EngineeringLunar regolith is made up of 40–45% percent oxygen. as these twisted Damascus pliers are forged from scratch. Via: youtube / Hassan Abu-Izmero #engineering
The expert went on an extended Twitter rant. gamer took over a monitor that showed the airport's map. team used transmission electron microscopy to achieve this impressive video.’s prosthetic hand works with an amputee's brain waves #engineering #design #ces2020
Retweeted by Interesting EngineeringSony surprised everyone with their new electric car: Vision S #CES2020 #Engineering
Retweeted by Interesting EngineeringAre you ready to have your favorite crime drama ruined?’s new smart mirror scans your body to show you how your clothes will look on you. #engineering for Disease Control and Prevention teams will test incoming passengers for a new virus, and those showing s… portable machine will have you cutting firewood in no time. Via: #engineering facts about the new energy economy that you probably didn’t know. drones that can bend their wings will make it easier to maneuver. the best gaming laptops developed for casual and competitive gamers. knows SpaceX is hoping to go to Mars and begin human colonization of the solar system, but this week, Elo…