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@thereal_TUSK The very sameIt seems the movies has introduced a new ghostbastard @nanglish @pattymo Well time to throw this boomerang and never think about it again @pattymo Narrowly averted this problem thereby solving it once and for all @postingwhilegay it'll be okI miss real life friends but at least I have this app, where I hate everyone and they hate me tooit's very very easy to get on twitter or a podcast and just sneer at everyone and everything and be negative and co…
Retweeted by Better things are possible @AywaRhiannon lmao @randygdub @pixelatedboat Remember how they had to say Obama is a gay prostitute bc they couldn't find real stuff t… @pixelatedboat It will really be 4 years of them crying and joe just @TheEpicDept you try to own the khive with ironic memes but they just sincerely adopt them @TheEpicDept You're going to absolutely wreck your brain by finding all these @Ugarles @09mshatraw No, all of my political opponents believe the view of their most insane member @09mshatraw coolcool @notsofiacoppola premium content at bargain prices @Ugarles @GarbageApe I missed it, was the take really "Bernie is doing misogyny by sitting quietly"The only reason to reply to the president's tweet is to demand payment. If you're not about that paper get out of those mentions imoI'm going to become a Biden reply guy but only for demanding my $2000, which he owes me under the laws of man and god @POTUS Sir,
@allahliker @ActNormalOrElse Last time I ate arbys was in college and long story short that night I had my first-an…
Mr Biden sir congratulations on becoming the guy who owes me $2000King @ComradeLuanne I know @KyleKulinski Like and subscribeOh you have imposter syndrome? Buddy I have i'm poster syndrome @ddayen pig hog party @shutupmikeginn My "I didn't buy this watch bc of Conor mcgregor" has girlfriends asking questions already answered by my watch @LizardRumsfeld get this off my pageIf we all start podcasts and subscribe to each other we can quit our jobs. The new economy @randygdub trump was going to revalue the dinar but mitch wouldn't let him @OsitaNwanevu Making it official
@Reformed_Laur It's what makes the website a true "son of a bitch" @KyleKulinski a wife in every home @_FleerUltra dm it to me @LostCatDog Mother of god @_FleerUltra Sorry I had to own you @SystemFreez Lol"Goo goo ga ga" - you @DanMentos Mentos you've done it again @pixelatedboat sorry about all the bad stuff that happened but it's worth it @mroatsie @Elmoogle you're maga if you don'tI met my gf during Trump's term so even though he has colossally shit the bed in every other way I have no choice b… @KyleKulinski new kyle posts just dropped
it's good, imo, that the predominant intellectual posture on twitter is both hyper-bellicosity and extreme sensitiv…
Retweeted by Better things are possible @randygdub If trump ever came close to doing anything actually cool he'd have suffered a tragic accident by now @LizardRumsfeld He doesn't like me very much but that's ok. That's ok @Ugarles congrats sir
After I make a killer post I twirl my phone like an old timey gunslinger and put it back in the holster @randygdub @Ugarles Between us, the UK, and Australia it's a total monopoly on shitbrain takes @randygdub 9 out of 10 Twitter main characters are Americans @Reformed_Laur @alexsmackenzie nice to meet uThe best phone wallpaper is a nice solid gray. Allows you to see all the icons easily. Can't believe I have to explain thisOffice jobs: noodling around online trying to get a couple things done before five, pays like 100k a year Restaura…
Retweeted by Better things are possible @philyuck I'd love to @philyuck I'm going around spitting in people's mouthsMaddening that movie directors are using CGI when actual orcs and goblins such as myself are out of work
The way people think about raising the minimum wage is so funny, it's easier to imagine McDonald's charging $100 fo… @PrettyBadLefty Everybody in this country is obsessed with imagining what people deserve and don't deserve
@randygdub hello to randy and randy's dad @Lubchansky I can't believe normal people who don't even work in politics are doing this. It's Joe Biden posting from 200 accounts @bradheath @fordm cc: @cushbomb Jenny CuddYou: using the $1400 to pay your rent Me, a strategic thinker: using the $1400 to hire the mafia and force my landlord to cancel my rent
@Lubchansky An American flag with that imageAn entire country tasing itself in the balls and dying @jmywnbb I'll think about it @allahliker oh thank god it's not a lawyer who's the main character today @red_flintstone_ Got knocked off his game by getting covidThe Republican Party will keep getting worse bc their cycle is pandering to their most insane supporters, who event… @randygdub Insurance lawyers are working class @DanMentos so the usual @david_j_roth Republicans are all epic meme guys now and democrats are HR managers. Sucks
The founding fathers created the first amendment because they wanted me to pump people's brains full of poison on a… @TheEpicDept They really were antifa @ryanlcooper Yeah they're not all as adept as say Cruz at the bad faith pander. Also they're in the process of bein… republican party has figured out you can just say whatever as long as you all just say whatever together
Retweeted by Better things are possible @ryanlcooper I've been thinking about this since. Why be a Republican anymore. What are you getting policy wise tha… time to feed myself again so I can live to see the horrors of tomorrow @MarkAgee Only if you pronounce it wrong @MarkAgee Tell her I said privet @KyleKulinski Conservatives are going to loop around to full communism now
The only thing more important than Recent Events is reacting to them with the correct level of irony @Ugarles The Republican Party has been so successful at accomplishing all their policy goals over the last 50 years…
@_FleerUltra They want to give it 3 months to marinate and get demagogued lol even waiting 5 days was too longWow this is just like the American Revolutionary War, where the colonists rose up to tell the king he's a big beaut… @TheEpicDept Our president would almost certainly have weighed in on this issue. Gone too soon @EricLevitz Haven't they been punished enough by losing some Twitter followersTo the company "Twitter": I have a digital dead man's switch. If you ever delete my account a hi res photo of my ho… I love to hug and kiss the Republican Party. They are my special little guys. But maybe don't overthrow the… @JStein_WaPo Jeff get his old ass @irmagersh Take that backPeople called hitler racist and he killed himself. Keep that in mind the next time you think of labeling someone as racist
Retweeted by Better things are possible @BuckyIsotope @JoeBiden Tweeting at your own alt?
@AOC That's right @cyber_insekt we are lowering the avis to half staff(seeing people dying by the thousands in a pandemic) hey that's just part of life, don't be a wuss (seeing people… @hasanthehun A fair compromise thank you sir @get24maizenblue @The_Law_Boy Yeah and even within the chud militia only the dumbest ones will face consequences @adamjohnsonNYC Nice try