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Yo I’m on right now with @abelinasabrina come hang! We’re hunting spooky ghosts in Phasmaphobia!
Retweeted by The InternetteDucktalesona cause I love this show
Retweeted by The InternetteAllison still want a yellow vespa need a redo
Retweeted by The InternetteButt on main im sorry!!! Avert your eyez!!!!
Retweeted by The InternetteWe need to evolve quickly to save earth from politicians
Retweeted by The InternetteOh shit @katietiedrich Shaming me in front of Twitter was the secret trick to getting me to actually do something about it
Retweeted by The InternetteOh it me @masiragz Lol penisdo u think he’ll text me back? i’m asking bc my happenis is dependent on it
Retweeted by The InternetteMy love language is getting people super high and having deep thotful conversations
Retweeted by The Internette @MILFWEEED Same @MILFWEEED But youre eating, right?we should stop with the “I’m clean” thing cause u can have no STIs but if you’re fucking a trump supporter you are definitely not clean
Retweeted by The Internette @BoldBebo ... I want to be a cylon...“Just because your titties are out that doesn’t make you a burlesque dancer,” my friend yells, trying to get me to…
Retweeted by The InternetteWhen I get free legal advice from the lawyers I’ve had sex with call that Pro Boner
Retweeted by The Internette @xpatriciah Worth lots @BoldBebo
Trump, in Arizona, calls Anonymous a "sleazebag"
Retweeted by The Internettepeak white feminism ... fuck u & all the cookies I sold for u in the DECADE I was a girl scout.venmo me back for al…
Retweeted by The InternetteSorry darn auto correct. We already have Hysteria. I want Histeria! The one with the time traveling fan girl and th…!!!!! Okay powers that be now bring back Hysteria next! of you can’t be happy for other people’s success and it shows
Retweeted by The Internette @masiragz I'm depressed but I also do my laundry like once a week if im active depressed or every other week if im… @NoahBensiSFW This looks like a Bello. worked. #TheEricAndreShow @ericandre
Retweeted by The Internettea tribute to one of my favorite characters from one of my all time favorite shows, Anthy from Revolutionary Girl Ut…
Retweeted by The InternetteAt 1000x magnification you will be able to see these same items, but you will be able to see them even closer up. 2/2
Retweeted by The Internetteヾ, ノ゙⌐▨_▨ Fact time is here ! What magnification do you need to see bacteria ? At 400x magnification you will be…
Retweeted by The Internette @Starjeti They were too shy because everyone kept looking at them going "nice costume!!" @NoahBensiSFW Signature required but imma let this dog sign for it.I think someone stole my belly rings... WHO THE FUCK IS BELLO?!
Retweeted by The InternetteMine gave me “fattest juiciest ass haver” :/
Retweeted by The Internette @masiragz Damn auto correct "who loves me right now"*****Vote to help prevent anal bleeding! @BoldBebo I hope everything turns out okay @BoldBebo this ones good though. @xpatriciah Yea... as we continue to progress in America we still have to remember the world at large is incredibly… because I cant get a good cabeza burrito mojado in the north east. @masiragz Define "okay" like "okay this enema should kick in soon"? Or like "okay im so full and bloated that anyon… kleine zeemeermin 🧜‍♀️
Retweeted by The Internette @annabroges "We didn't want to deliver your package and/or we're thinking about stealing it because some company po… favorite practical joke of the pandemic is getting "sorry we missed you" package slips from fedex as though i'm…
Retweeted by The InternetteI will never forget the day Nintendo removed Sombrero Mario from the Odyssey boxart even tho Mexican fans were neve…
Retweeted by The Internette @BoldBebo Besides, you wear heelys so you ain't chasing nothing. If anything you're a slider as in slide right when… know Trump paid more taxes in China than he did in the United States the last few years, right? And you’re conc…
Retweeted by The InternetteThis is how I feel whenever a brand reaches out to me on instagram with a coupon code. You want me to buy stuff to… @BoldBebo Yea thats the whole "bold" part of BoldBebo. I dont knownhow people miss that. @MILFWEEED Pick me up and let's go to the beach @vivaforvictoria @vivaforvictoria @MILFWEEED Oh its a crying smile. The one that people wear every day while they put on a strong outward face as the… @MILFWEEED The wealth got concentrated at the top and the refuse to let it diffuse back into society then wonder wh… even get me started on how all rules of basic respect towards artists online has been thrown out of the window…
Retweeted by The InternetteCalico cat girl calico cat girl calico cat girl calico cat girl calico cat girl🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲 @MILFWEEED 🥲 thats what I used to make 🥲 @showmetheyamz 6 '9 @norrinhester Manic episodes are like finally getting a good combo chain going.that part.. despite everything, the positivity is what makes it worth it. I've had Black cosplayers say they feel m…
Retweeted by The Internette @jmurffff Yea sometimes I look at my funky pops and stare deep into their black soulless eyes before realizing that… Starry Night 9x12” oil on board Painted as a gift for one of my very very best friends! @Trolls
Retweeted by The Internette @ZachWeiner, his true form #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch is Tom and the other is Redd #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch nooklings are wearing ears over their ears #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch wearing a witchy hat!!!! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @prisniss @thatonegummy Lars von Trier @HyveMynd @BoldBebo YesI dunno, I think I will pick the party that wants everyone to vote.
Retweeted by The Internette @BoldBebo One of these days they'll make a heated weighted blanket and millions of people won't be able to leave th… @thelindsayellis Jeeze fine I'll watch the darn thing if you're going to praise it so much. @xpatriciah Oh dang I thought you were about to bop me in the headGhost Toast 👻 🍞
Retweeted by The InternetteAnd when I do my stand up while I’m getting penetrated? Call that ENTERtainment.
Retweeted by The InternetteI too need to buy dresses. would like to have sex again, someday.
Retweeted by The InternetteVery important. If you haven’t already mailed in your ballot, DO NOT mail it in. It will not get there in time & yo…
Retweeted by The InternetteWhat're y'all gonna do if it turns out aliens like anime? acting teacher told us to perform a dramatic monologue from any movie and I did mine from Austin Powers and no o…
Retweeted by The InternetteThis is fantastic. Kids are and adults are so unwilling to accept the cruel truths when they don't have to confront… @The__RedDot Robespierre @nikitaredwoman Just look at that. Absolutely shameless. @nikitaredwoman Thats infinitely better than spending money on slutty food and greasy underwear.Help her out. She storms into her friends homes with batons and tasers to defend them. If that isn't sexy then wth… @BoldBebo The money wouldve been in making blindbox miniatures of Blizzard original characters to use in your DND c… @ElaniKitten Oof a whole gram? Uncut pure motivation is pretty damn pricey. @BoldBebo I hope they're okay. That kind of separation anxiety is not something anyone should have to deal with. @showmetheyamz Have a random opinion on Mixed Martial Arts and they'll out themselves. @MILFWEEED I need to do more bits that aren't about my actual life.Apparently @thelindsayellis is a Menace. Our interactions with her suggest otherwise, but she did insist we sell th…
Retweeted by The Internette @thelindsayellis boundaries are so sexy
Retweeted by The Internetteputting ur ‘i just voted’ sticker on ur chest is boring, place it atop your favorite hole on your body instead
Retweeted by The Internette @ElyKreimendahl Cheese-related shame is a great name for dairy farts