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Graphic designer and marketer, pet fan, occasional miniature painter, playing all the Yakuza games. Like Star Trek. That age that I'm stuck forever in 1999.

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@EricDSnider Besides which, in this day and age, saying you're going to make a TV show doesn't mean actually making the TV show.The gallant Perseus, a son of Jupiter, was the first whaleman
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Jam #2 for #ElijahMcClain. The talent here is just ✨
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@puroresueikaiwa Same story here. I didn't start for real until I was 36, but tried when I was 19 to discover the same limitations. @puroresueikaiwa When did you start?
@ColinPeters That's certainly the culture we've been building for the last thirty years, isn't it?
Shorter conclusion: TikTok should be considered to be malware at this point. If you put the app on your phone or ta…
Retweeted by MJGordon Parks was a leading photographer of the 20th century. He also happened to be the first Black staff photograp…
Retweeted by MJAh, they’re learning from the US Southern slave plantation system, I see (building prisons to “create jobs”).
Retweeted by MJ @hperryhorton Keeping doing you. You have a lovely family and your work is interesting, and that's all I know about youRespect @puroresueikaiwa I'm both a Japanese learner and a wrestling fan, so I'm going to follow you @kathbarbadoro I mainly read him for the monsters, to be fair @kathbarbadoro Remember when Cummings caught covid and then he became a wandering Ronin? He's in charge of the coun…’ve watched this video a few dozen times since yesterday and now whenever she sings, I join the goats.
Retweeted by MJ @big_ben_clock The fuck did that happen? I only just got up @ManMadeMoon @clmazin @Agentn0vember I liked it, to be fair @ManMadeMoon @clmazin @Agentn0vember Just making sure you're not feeling attacked or anything @ManMadeMoon @clmazin @Agentn0vember I am also British, Duncan, that's the joke. And I do follow you, because you're a great director @clmazin @ManMadeMoon @Agentn0vember I assure you, you should *not* be into the British. I keep trying, but I ain't seeing it @JSPartisan @JRsBBQ And indeed @JSPartisan @JRsBBQ Well done lad, you just told a fifty year vet his business @hperryhorton It is a synonym for being weak in gamer parlance though. Nerf was always lamewhoever did the pr in the 90s about cutting open plastic six pack rings so they don’t choke animals did an amazing…
Retweeted by MJ @HamillHimself I want to be a Star Wars dork for once in my life, dammit @BlackLCult Look at them locksSomeone discovered how to immerse in No Man's Sky @MassImmersion
Great news! One key reason the Ebola outbreak was contained in DRC: @Gavi helped procure & deploy an effective vacc…
Retweeted by MJI’ve watched this tik tok approximately 500-600 times. 20/10 the perfect tik tok
Retweeted by MJI'm a self employed black gardener based in south east london, work is hard to find thesedays. I'd a appreciate it…
Retweeted by MJ🤣 @CalebJHull @JackPosobiec @kevincorke All I see is a dweeb in a crowded area with no mask @MarLngeo @ManMadeMoon We all do, kid @MartyTuff @ManMadeMoon I'll take "irrelevant comments" for $500 please, Alex @jimrossignol He's specifically not allowed to announce anything, it says so in the SPAD code of conduct. @pauper_b @Kuqd @emmmzyne Both. That's how Simpsons references workI mean, certainly @icecube My dude on the right there is literally holding a fasces bundle... @wirewalking @JoyDemorra I saw someone write recently (paraphrased), "They told us 'you'll get more conservative as…
Retweeted by MJ @yeeyee187 I've got another bombshell: he didn't earn a living by doing yo-yo tricks either! @BoomerNiner It's not the right outfit for Jean-Luc, though. Gut feeling @mcjulie He's pretty darn popular. I've been in major chain bookstores that had a shelf full of his fatuous nonsens… @mattvsjapan @mcjulie He was right about Jimmy Savile though, and no-one listened! (He repeatedly claimed, to cash in on the med… @gohauntyourself Tell em. You've got five monthsCelebrate George Orwell's birthday by reading his (scathing) 1940 review of Mein Kampf
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@tysonelder Never went in there once! Has to be some sort of explanation, Tyson @tysonelder This accurately sums up my entire experience of Victoria, so
@nytrealestate Was that a single tear for the landlords that just rolled down my cheek? No, it wasn't. @nerorapofc @CircleToonsHD @ChrisRGun You'd hope @nerorapofc @CircleToonsHD @ChrisRGun She doesn't seem like she's a doctor
Two Latin words for a star or constellation: 'aster' and 'sidus'. They glimmer across English: disaster: an ill-sta…
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Retweeted by MJ @akmeeks @JustSayXtian @Delafina777 @Irish_Atheist As someone who is also an atheist, I notice that people won't ev… @DocChrisKing @cstross My copy is about 12 feet away, and I had the same thought @AliceQuinnRose @PhilosophyTube I thought he was being generous with Sheffield. Oldham, maybe @GeneralRhivous @PhilosophyTube English culture, they said. You sound a bit cosmopolitanHandy little infographic for anyone who's confused
Retweeted by MJA lot of chat lately about how shockingly dishonest the Tories are. There's a sociological reason for this. It's no…
Retweeted by MJ @robwillb It's sufficiently current that Picard had to bring in the UI from Pacific Rim to look futuristic, I guess.
#BreonnaTaylor is no longer trending and the police that murdered her are still free. If you see this, please quote… @AlltimeMoviesYT Bruce Lee
@PostOpinions @GreatDismal @ColinPeters I'd like to point out that there's a button specifically for calling out to taxis. All of the anguishe… @ColinPeters its* @ColinPeters I made this video a long ass time ago. Procedural animation at it's absolute best! They scaled back on… @shirleman @MainAndMe @mshaler @kylegriffin1 Ahem, hem, Scott: @CaptainGeko @TrekCore Oh, Oh! I've got another one. Think about it, Al: she's clearly into cosmetics as well. @CaptainGeko @TrekCore I know she's half human, Al. Have a day off. @CaptainGeko @TrekCore Deanna is an actual alien, Al @shirleman @MainAndMe @mshaler @kylegriffin1 "Till" is also correct, though. Let it go, Scott: we can have nice thi… @iucounu Thanks for this, I bought it yesterday, and it is great @TimTjkulinski @Oldwargamer I bought the Fellowship box a year ago, one day soon I might clip them off the sprue. 2… @jetblackraider Author of Game of Rhones? @faelnor @ManMadeMoon Simpsons* @faelnor @ManMadeMoon I probably reference H*R about as much as The Simpson, despite only coming to Homestar Runner in about 2006 @F2Ponlinebully @delmoi @WeirdHotelGuy @HeadZonkStudios @dhindes @JimMorren The point of that article is that Naugh… @ShallNoiseUpon @trentylocks How did you beat me to this joke? Props @delmoi @WeirdHotelGuy @HeadZonkStudios @dhindes @JimMorren sure, we call them "all games developers" @maynebarone @LabyrinthWeaver @tedlieu 🤯 @globelimper @GreatDismal Happy ending for some. If you want to read it that way @HeadZonkStudios @dhindes @JimMorren How sure are you? @Emma9632_ @AEWrestling @OfficialTAZ @tntdrama @AEWonTNT This is the official Twitter account of All Elite WrestlingMate, I'm going to play that game just for the rope physics
@danthat Just picked it up. I like the gravity upside-downerI'm going to keep retweeting this because this is really an excellent and hilarious game
Retweeted by MJ @CamRaaaaa @possibLesarCasm @appaul1ng @shoe0nhead I do that too, and I'm an old millennial. There are those of us… @TrevorBorwege @thucydiplease Was the American revolution a bad thing? @1BrokenWheel @Fishfoode @YesYoureRacist I can't see how what you said applies in the slightest to what I said, so… @1BrokenWheel @Fishfoode @YesYoureRacist You're shook. Do travel: try living for a while in a country whose history… @TrevorBorwege @thucydiplease Was the French revolution a bad thing? @dkava76 @JRsBBQ Then stop talking to me, because I'm a socialist and an anti-racist and you're boring the fuck out… @dkava76 @JRsBBQ Then what are you pissed off about? Black lives matter: get on the train. All lives matter once bl… @dkava76 @JRsBBQ It's not about what your grandpappy did, buddy. It's about what he does tomorrow, and what you do every day of your life. @dkava76 @JRsBBQ No one is on trial. Americans struggle with the idea of any form of collective responsibility. Wel… @napalmnemesis @JRsBBQ What's your point? @dkava76 @JRsBBQ Not his job. Pull your finger out and learn something on your own @napalmnemesis @JRsBBQ What seats?