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@tartgIias I think you don't got a Paypal Wait how you 19 and can't afford a BTS meal I wanna understand this. I ai… @tartgIias Why you asking so many questions it's literally free $7 @OliveNose1 @deadboyshit Go back to your animal crossing with your 29 follower ass @chizuru_uwu Love how it turned out ❤️🙏 @chizuru_uwu Stealing @percivxl whole flow smh @shamyah_ Not the troll that wants to reply days after the original post saying this 😭 @tartgIias Lmao you never dropped your PayPal could've tried all the sauces
@judaaime You got that hidden talent lying dormant inside you waiting to be unleashed lol. And yes I'm a 3 type you're absolutely right @judaaime Definitely 5 @deadboyshit Welcome back top tier artist Len Golds
@ThatFooStacey @JayKnY @pinkdevilhero Seriously so unoriginal @jelyseciana We can only dream...😭 @jelyseciana They're so perfect 😭 @Overbro_ @chizuru_uwu Overbro omg this your fourth W in a row are you finally turning it around? @Overbro_ @Web_HeadHero @chizuru_uwu Overbro just here for the chaos 😂 @tartgIias Sure drop the PayPal @tartgIias I'll give you $7 to go get a BTS meal just please shut the fuck up 😭 @tartgIias I seriously think you're mentally ill at this point 😭 what you want me to meow for you now? @tartgIias @chizuru_uwu @lmoutothief @nessa_sea @RashunAOT Bro switching apps fast doesn't make you cool 😭😭 you wer… @tartgIias @chizuru_uwu @lmoutothief @nessa_sea @RashunAOT Jokes on you bitch, I'm already looking at you through y… @tartgIias @chizuru_uwu @lmoutothief @nessa_sea @RashunAOT Who was being a bitch and saying quality art was bad 🤔 I… @tartgIias @chizuru_uwu @lmoutothief @nessa_sea @RashunAOT You're the one hating on his art 😂 we've reached a new level of stupid here today @tartgIias @chizuru_uwu @lmoutothief @nessa_sea @RashunAOT Please give it up, no human being in the entire world ca… @Overbro_ Maybe we really aren't so different Overbro @tartgIias @lmoutothief @nessa_sea @RashunAOT For the love of god please go the world can do without someone pathet…
@TsundereToad Dango got that #sigmamindset 😂 @Overbro_ I can't believe I'm agreeing with overbro again @yawagush @deadboyshit @_shrimp_noodles @CrescentFrile @DeathWishSC @flatassoinktoru @sergeantbebop @SlayerPG7 You'… @d2trend Went private fuckin pussy ass bitch But then again, that's how BTS stans are @d2trend You're a BTS stan, your opinion is therefore invalidated. Also really low of you to go after his art like… @JayKnY I'm not gonna lie to you, this is one of the best endings I've ever heard in my life, easily top 3 @ItzAr_tYlol @jelyseciana Arty, bro, do you even have parents? Cause the way you actin... @ECT0SKELETON @deadboyshit But he does have a girl @TsundereToad so jokes on you
Sumi looks so good in Kazuya's clothes 💕 #KanojoOkarishimasu
Retweeted by Omar @chizuru_uwu @Overbro_ This one too complicated for them Ayleen 😂 @CEOofShion @deadboyshit Agreed, this is a little bit off lol
@melodysuwu Booba 🔥 so inspirational @Web_HeadHero @Overbro_ @chizuru_uwu Yep definitely a virgin 💀 @deadboyshit @Tony22u Seriously lmfao the obsession is just too much, let go man it's gonna be okay @melodysuwu With purple hair? Omg yes please Great drawing as always Ayleen, so talented seriously @deadboyshit @Elitealice2 @TsundereToad Uhh... this is awkward @TsundereToad @MaruVVS1 Lmfaooo dango have mercy 😭
@judaaime Gm I hope it's a nice clear day where you are :) @crunchymation Best piece yet Len! Such a bright future ahead for you can't wait for more amazing works like this one!
@judaaime Lol just send them pretty pictures, that's a good conversation starter @judaaime How about some squirrels? @judaaime Gm Taka! Is it a beautiful day where you are today?
@judaaime Gn Taka, I'll send you some of those nature pictures tommorow :) have a great night @judaaime Yes! It's a state park in Texas, I thought the lake looked really nice so I took this picture. Glad you l… @judaaime Not that entertaining, but here's a pretty picture of a lake in the US for you :) @judaaime gm Taka, Len showed me your account and I really like it! I hope I can interact a little bit with you on…
@TsundereToad @StormYorha My friend @crunchymation draws really great anime characters eating bars of soap, he also… @kpham0301 Also 21 not a gc @kpham0301 10
@Overbro_ Yeah not as much as you used too, bit every time you respond to anitwt drama, it's always an L. Stop resp… @Overbro_ Man see this what I'm talking about. One time you say something great, then you follow it up with some st… @yuri2kw @deadboyshit @TsundereToad @chizuru_uwu @crunchymation What a timley answer
@kpham0301 @DenjiKuun @percivxl @deadboyshit @TsundereToad @CEOofEchidna @Elitealice2 @tomboypilled @ZaBoneOfMySword @ani_the_uwu_ Lol you're hardblocked by at least two people in thereTOFFOLI MET FIN À LA SÉRIE!!!!!! TOFFOLI ENDS THE SERIES!!!!!! #GoHabsGo
Retweeted by Omar
@DenjiKuun @jelyseciana Clover jeez lol why the aggression 😂 @deadboyshit Dirty, dirty, dirty can't believe this @JayKnY Is that a removable nezuko figure? Where you can remove her clothes or something? @chizuru_uwu @fxckilla @jelyseciana Ayleen hates so much, she finds posts about Ruka and comes to hate on her, like…
@DenjiKuun @jelyseciana I would if she let me bro, she's the most deserving of it fr @DenjiKuun @jelyseciana Clover get outta here man 😂 @nattokun0 @jelyseciana LMFAO Nut 😂😂 @reap3r124 @chizuru_uwu Nah it's Ruka by far, this undisputed @TsundereToad @CEOofEchidna LMFAO he hid it 😂😂
@jelyseciana @chizuru_uwu Omg both of you 😂😂 @jelyseciana She showed a stock photo, and no spoon on her head and she got all those simps? Damn that's pretty impressive ngl @jelyseciana Fr how do we run someone like that off twitter? Need her gone for that @chizuru_uwu @SenpaiKevXO Remember, Taco still here and he a full fledged groomer @chizuru_uwu @Overbro_ @CEOofShion LMAO @TsundereToad @nattokun0 All those girls waiting for you now Nut, go get em!
@EmiliaShiori New Lia Pfp? I like it @deadboyshit No Higehiro or Nagatoro. Massive L @melodysuwu @nattokun0 Saved his ass a hardblocking lol @melodysuwu Thank you so much for taking this commission, this is the best one yet, so happy how it turned out fr. She so talented y'all ong @nikkashmeat @nattokun0 Bruh snot is a rapper 😂
@jelyseciana @melodysuwu Omg me too this on another level of amazing @chizuru_uwu What was illustrated is directly correlated to depression. I believe that illustration was made to sho… @chizuru_uwu Since no one gave a clear, concise answer, I'm gonna have to. They illustrated that to show you how as… @webheadeddy Why Florida lol
@nattokun0 Lil peep better than all 3 @Overbro_ Overbro man, yesterday it was an L, today it was a W. Lol I don't know anymore are you good, or are you not 😂 @melodysuwu The second one popped off! Such great drawings fr @chizuru_uwu @Overbro_ @jelyseciana When I said he fell, I mean he PLUMMETED so sad fr @Overbro_ @chizuru_uwu You've got to be kidding Overbro, please tell me this is a joke
@chizuru_uwu @Overbro_ How far overbro has fallen fr @nattokun0 Aight @chizuru_uwu LMAO nah but I've proven I really do give to the people that deserve @chizuru_uwu I heard some people were in need of money? Lmk and I'll take it case by case @EmiliaShiori You code your own bots too? I respect that If you want I can do it for you, if not we'll the offer is here lol @EmiliaShiori Do you got server admins that can help you? @EmiliaShiori I think there are bots that connect to radio music that could be something @chizuru_uwu @percivxl Uhh Jay... @ricardo_chango @chizuru_uwu Estaba hablando con Ayleen 😂 @chizuru_uwu @ricardo_chango Un dia veras la luz