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@flexlibris no actually.. just have had a few friends that worked there over the years.Better headline: “Trump tries to steal election by preventing Pennsylvanians from voting.”
Retweeted by Into It. Over It.Over 225,000 Americans are dead in large part because of your incompetence and all you care about is the bad press?
Retweeted by Into It. Over It. @flexlibris sounds like Bauman to meListen to Zack de la Rocha's remix of @Outkast's "B.O.B."
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There is legit a fake Melania walking around with the President of the United States and we’re all just like “okay,…
Retweeted by Into It. Over It.That’s...SO not Melania. They didn’t even try.
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@JuiceboxCA gotta strike a good work / deck balance @AlexRoberts182 matt frank! guitarist of T/T/T @JuiceboxCA thank god i can count on youwhy can’t i just retweet anymore? @roberthamwriter pearl jam or converge
@Wendys @isurrender @blarkmamba @smlczech @FloorGang_OUGH you must be from NJ @AllisonBrooke93 also hope its going well over there! you got out in the nick of time! @AllisonBrooke93 i’ll talk about coffee, music, coffee and music.. whatever @3crown love these mid-week sillies @AllisonBrooke93 i have no idea how to barista but i’m down to chat! @JuiceboxCA Email / Podcast / YT top three in that order. Going with podcast number two because I feel that engage… @alfredoamoedo yeah i shoulda started there. was in a work thing and got a late jump and i missed it. once a slacker always a slacker @6131records @julienrbaker @matadorrecords gah!i love love love that @julienrbaker is crashing matador’s website rn.. i don’t love that i can’t preorder this reco… that the @intoitoverit Figure artwork and packaging is next level! We’ve got a few of the Black 2xLPs lef…
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@poooolkids gotta get em well done @poooolkids some real questionable fry opinions in the comments here. burger king is the only real vile option mentioned tho @asianmanrecords @PSmusicdotcom people really like you too Mike!'ve started shipping the Pet Symmetry collection (2012-2020)"RUNWAY LOOKS" Digital is coming out OCT 30th. Man, pe…
Retweeted by Into It. Over It. @tobiasreif oh boy. hahaoh my god
Retweeted by Into It. Over It. @tobiasreif lolwut @KyleHNow @tannerjonesfl i’m not familiar with this one, but happy to add it to the florida heckles list @tannerjonesfl it’s a shame they didn’t know the REAL heckle would have been “SALT LIFEEEEE” @natedorough @KrisHerrmann thank you both so much! ❤️✌🏻❤️
on one hand i’m annoyed that this isn’t news. on the other i’m happy to read this instead of the constant garbage… to spill’s album preview for their next record on There’s Nothing Wrong With Love. “look for the record with… to share that Into It. Over It. - Live at The Red Room parts I and II are now live and available on the You… @sonjimmons it’s just so so awesome @JayTeaManis noice. i just approved the test pressings for January @JayTeaManis love to hear that. hows it sound?? @hotrhetoric pat troxell and jeff brahoney would go to bat for the truth.
MERCH UPDATE! restocked: restocked: @tigersjaw a true beast @YoungJeffBridge there is no DL code — but @3crown should be able to get you a DL. :)
@thetwilightsown @JW4081 @cnnbrk @thetwilightsown @cnnbrk partly the sick satisfaction of how much that would hurt 45’s ego.. regardless of intentionBiden's ABC town hall had about 1 million more TV viewers than Trump's on NBC, MSNBC and CNBC. It's a result virtua…
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@fl0ralgr33n different times then. their follow up career choice made perfect sense. karma is real. @fl0ralgr33n tenfour @bronyslayer that’s the oneIn the same speech in which he has mocked Biden for making verbal slips, Trump has called hypersonic weapons “hydro…
Retweeted by Into It. Over It.A request to anyone who has enjoyed Song Exploder on Netflix: it would be especially great if you watched *all four…
Retweeted by Into It. Over It.I just want to be rid of these tapes a dollar
Retweeted by Into It. Over It. @CurtisLaraque and i hate that it doesworked at a record distributor between 2004 and 2007. had a boss who ran a formative NJ HxC label call me the 6 let… @danielralston for this tweet i bleed myself dry @AWasteOfATime could you imagine all of the getting up and sitting down? would be like going to the gymnow you don’t have to get up every 2 minutes to change a 7”.. or if you’re like me.. now you’ll actually listen to… are halfway gone! thanks everyone! with old friend Warren tomorrow. we learned a couple SDRE songs. i’m going to sing quietly and not disrupt… @intoitoverit and I tomorrow on Instagram live chatting and trading Sunny Day covers for @BlackVotersMtr!
Retweeted by Into It. Over It. @worriersmusic @soulglophl this entire discourse makes me miss home. feel like it should be happening at the Phily Diner. @soulglophl i feel like you’re maybe giving america too much credit. @en_cohen dude.. welcome to some beautiful music. the braille night especially is a formative LP. but you also do… @soulglophl not even cracking the list of the top 20 worst states. @soulglophl ruben let this tweet happen? @soulglophl calm downTune in tomorrow!!!
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This is an admission of state-sanctioned murder. If there is no accountability, it will happen again.
Retweeted by Into It. Over It. @TnrDgls @3crown @bsmrocks @stiffslack you know we just talked about that today! answer: absolutely. stay tuned!Do you like music? Do you like us? Coincidentally you could be a big winner winner chicken dinner today as we prese…
Retweeted by Into It. Over It. @y0urhandinmine @asianmanrecords @PSmusicdotcom sure there is! put the record on your head.A Pet Symmetry pre-order from @asianmanrecords Runway Looks: The Pet Symmetry Collection 2012 - 2020 The odds, e… very excited to announce this Pet Symmetry collection (2012-2020)"RUNWAY LOOKS". 15 songs from OOP 7"+ demos + l…
Retweeted by Into It. Over It.Lock him up.
Retweeted by Into It. Over It. @mitchellwojcik @PSmusicdotcom @asianmanrecords old somethings new somethings borrowed tomorrow at two... pm cst
@delpaxtonmusic even dave doesn’t know @delpaxtonmusic wouldn’t that be the perfect end to this nightmare? just waking up on the bj’s bar after a really l… @delpaxtonmusic better late than never! already knew i loved watching yall play. i’m sorry i suck at keeping up wit… all things quarantine it’s taken me so long to work through lps that have sat unopened for the last year. fin… can wake up three weeks from today with a whole new feeling. Make it so. Make it hurt the Walking Circus Peanut. Make it a blowout. VOTE.
Retweeted by Into It. Over It. @NnamdiOgbonnaya pretty good plan tbh. hit me with your recipesss @JoshhTerry @ManekaDevin the meris enzo IS sick. are y’all looking for something squarewavy? dreamy? happy to help!1. I'm going to go through a few issues with the NY Post article on Biden, which I won't link to, but you will prob…
Retweeted by Into It. Over It.No one at all: But His Emails Everyone else:
Retweeted by Into It. Over It. @poooolkids i swore it was andy with the doritos
@KevinDevineTwit @danozzi @inthefade ABC No Bueno @imLeor didn’t you hear? it’s going to HELL
Immediate disqualifier
Retweeted by Into It. Over It. @theniceface starving tbh @mtedder i don’t feel owed, but man that would be so sweet
@jozeph_gil i remember this because we stayed with The Devil Wears Prada people that night. their other band played… @charliewagers hit them up and keep it real about it. they may have just honestly forgotten.
Oh no the debate is cancelled due to the catastrophic mishandling of a pandemic how will we know which candidate to vote for?
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@MrChrisDonahue Ernie B 105’s! also their flatwounds for some recordings @flexlibris the real answer is OTHER: 295 @andrewanaya