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Johan As Tree @invertedchurch

I teach and learn. I need passion. Dance with limbs flaying around. Punch nazis. |@terzijdehorde

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Zie je dit teken op een mondmasker...heb wat meer geduld als je wilt communiceren!...liplezen gaat nu moeilijker in…
Retweeted by Johan As Tree @FloripasDeLaban Oh nee :( Gecondoleerd.I have just made a little stew with eggplants and tomatoes from our garden, and I'm feeling very content. Very welc…
@fabiomartelozzo @ZoeTomalin Hahaha!LAST TAPE EVER (one of the buyers pulled out)
Retweeted by Johan As TreeI had one customer forfeit their order, so the absolute LAST tape is now for grabs. Havin… is #RomaGenocideRemembranceDay. #OnThisDay in 1944, the 'Gypsy Family Camp' at Auschwitz-Birkenau was liquida…
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@blackmetalbrews Hahahaaaa I love you. And I will give this a Kickback-treatment ❤️ @blackmetalbrews WHAAAAAAaAAAAAAAAAAAT @blackmetalbrews 'Life sometimes equals shit' by Bloodpact and 'Social Wedding Rings' by Mount Moriah. @Lunar_Cult @SDRecords4 🖤🖤🖤My first release is the Kees Peerdeman discography. Thank you, all of you. Listen if you like weird ass electronic…
Retweeted by Johan As Tree @merchandise Ik rip ze wel naar mp3 voor je. @merchandise Oh en als je naar de Jordaan gaat, even langs Distortion Records want beste ooit. @merchandise China Sichuan Restaurant / Warmoesstraat Warmoesstraat 17, 1012 HT Amsterdam 020 420 7833…
@usambnl "So I can go to a memorial of dead jews, dead social activists, dead Eastern European soldiers, dead allie…
@TinyMusicCritic Songs Ohia. @nunhammer Oh man, Out of Time ❤️❤️❤️ @preservation76 @SteveDoesnt Malkovich. Close to, or slightly over, a 100 times. Early 00's in the Netherlands were a blast.reguliere slachthuizen en nertsenfokkerijen zijn coronabrandhaarden, een onderzoek naar vleesfraude traineren julli…
Retweeted by Johan As TreeThe prelude to either civil war or a totalitarianist state? I am so scared for my friends there. Stay safe. @yolo_goat Oh no :( All the best, for both of you!
I bought this as I teach girls aged 14-18, and @turnbullet666 has been a constant source of inspiration. I will lea… @HuubBellemakers "Kan ik betalen in statiegeld?"
Killing animals for 'sport' is ridiculous, killing young animals for sport is a sign you should be shot. @Lunar_Cult Ha! I'm celebrating 30 years this year as well :) And yeah, so it goes. Be happy they can do this now,… @Lunar_Cult As far as I recall retinopathy is a long term process most of the time :/ And yeah, I was 16 and convi… @Lunar_Cult But seriously, it's weird but not too invasive (I felt), and worth it. I had it two years after my diab… @Lunar_Cult I had it AGES ago, and you'll be fine! Also, I bought a proper armchair today and feel very dandy now. x“Als dB’s niet bestond, zou het uitgevonden moeten worden”
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@GerritsLasse @pvdp Ik heb bass leren spelen met White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean (EN The Decline)! @niels_v_r Zal het nog eens een kans geven! En is ook, maar er zijn wel een paar platen die echt leidend zijn geweest. @niels_v_r Cruelty was, en is, voor mij de plaat. Alles daarna is het niet. Maar die draaide ik pas vanaf zesde kla… @DeftonesJP @pvdp Hahaha @gijswilbrink @pvdp Cockroach Mihoen was eerste jaar studeren! Maar wát een split. @pvdp Ja, ik twijfelde nog over NOFX, maar Smash was echt belangrijker. @Doomsower_Mark Me LOCO
@GarethLWatkins1 We old!Favourite albums aged 12-18. High school was a blast. would you prefer?
Retweeted by Johan As Tree @riekus BLACK METAL FOR LIFE
@HuubBellemakers @timenkraak @Vervoort_Joost @TiVre_Utrecht @terzijdehorde Terecht
@terzijdehorde @yolo_goat Fair play @yolo_goat @terzijdehorde Seriously my favourite track. @peterkwint Van die 45 rpm tresjcore singles, HEERLIJK. @hidderoorda *hijgt in diabetes* @hidderoorda WAT
@blackmetalbrews I would argue @MaximusBier @Apenheul was the safest I felt outside in a long, long while. Excellent COVID measures there. Avoid @burgerszoo at… @blackmetalbrews Dutch black metal pays off again! @janpetit @sjoerdhandgraaf Deze klopt helemaal. @cainalikehyena Happy birthday, Andy!
@AllfatherUK The Red Chord Dreaming in Dog Years 2:19 Goudvishal, Arnhem
@turnbullet666 @bkrasmanmmmetal @_mu_jay Same! It was ET or this. Correct choice.I had one of the best days in ages today. My eldest showed me he can (kinda) swim, the youngest has yes and no (esp… @cripincantation Spur! @cripincantation Up till now, for me they've been good to really excellent, nothing dissapointing so far! @cripincantation Polly ❤️ @Zolphia @SDRecords4 @blackmetalbrews @SDRecords4 #titleofoursextape @eveningoflight @SDRecords4 Really being able to decide what people NEED TO HEAR feels AMAZING!For those looking forward to weird tapes, please follow my new label on Twitter. @SDRecords4
@merchandise @Michonnet @stevenvaneijk Immer, dat is voor vrijwel alle reguliere scholen de…
@LucretianAnimus I deleted my response, as Hello could also have meant "calling you". What I meant was MICHELE HELLO I AM JOHAN HELLO.
SAAAAAAMMMEEEE @jansfunhouse @couchslut YAS!🖤⚔️🖤 @jansfunhouse @couchslut I like how this is a METAL discussion on METAL in wedding rings. @jansfunhouse @couchslut @jansfunhouse @couchslut Awesome! I have a wooden ring, which I adore but has seen some eh, wear. @couchslut Practical ánd beautiful, marriage 101!
@couchslut Congratulations! His ring looks amazing btw! @sjoerdhandgraaf Never again ran across any street. Seriously. @LaidBackInSong @Lunar_Cult Solar Temple and Iskandr are amazing, and I am a HUGE Grey Aura fan (new record later t… @vilecreature666 THIS IS THE BEST IDEA EVER @Lunar_Cult @Category_Fury Congratulations! @unknownrelic I'm sorry Steve :( <3
@WhereDidJennyGo Vocals make or break a band for me too. Has nothing to do with age, just having preferences! (I di… @rattlingcagepod Thought of you today @RijnStevanovic @christenunie! @christenunie heeft besloten dat het laten afsterven van God's creaties prima de bima is, MITS er geld verdiend…
@merchandise Houdt NAUWELIJKS mensen tegen ;) @merchandise Ga lesgeven gek.
@AllThisIsAVeil May many a flower bloom from her blood.May the dead body of Betsy DeVos be dragged to the streets by vengeful parents, under the thundering applause of te… 1 kaartje over voor uitverkochte #walktheline in @TiVre_Utrecht om 20:15 vanavond: met 40 man Robin Kester, Nai…
Retweeted by Johan As Tree @LucretianAnimus Cup + sex does not work, it seems!I know, but I'm going to put "sold out show in Utrecht's biggest venue" on my resumé, regardless. @terzijdehorde Kali mwaaaahhhTruth.
@CloudsCollide @adzesband Damn! Twice here :) But completely baffled twice! @CloudsCollide @adzesband One of the best liveshows I've ever seen. What a band! @eefjedetheepot Knotje! @AnneLieke_ @Diilaa Wilde deze net posten :) @jk_rowling I, too, would quote a raging anti-semitic to make a point abot Karens. @tommy_derksen @jelmerevers @VVD @cdavandaag Zelfde partijen die LiNkSe 1nDoCtriNaZi door docenten een schande vind… @PatMeeuw @Zolphia @richardosman Primary school slow dance distance already?!
@EllenKoenen @FemkevanH Haha, ieder huisje ditdat ;)