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Wren Wallis @invisibleinkie Massachusetts, USA

Writer, were-lawyer, perpetually distracted. She/her. Not an expert, just bossy. Always the cleric. #VP20, #SFWA 🏳️‍🌈🚀

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@gfrancie This is me and turmeric. Every time I sort out my spice cupboard, it keeps producing jars of turmeric lik… @ArkadyMartine Oh my God that is -- in sincerity -- Utmost Praise.If she’s gonna do all the work she may as well be president.
Retweeted by Wren Wallis"I'm a white male from the upper middle class, why isn't the entire world graded to slope gently downhill???" *trips and falls into job*
Retweeted by Wren Wallisidk who needs to hear this but you are significantly closer to being homeless than you will ever be to being a bill…
Retweeted by Wren WallisHonored to be a part of something so huge
Retweeted by Wren WallisShe's not mad they're escaping, she's mad at the method they've chosen, because digging a hole in the floor IS SO D… just came in to tell me indignantly that in the episode of Pokemon she's watching, Team Rocket has been… @djolder suspiciously
Retweeted by Wren WallisMe, coming blearily into the kitchen on a Saturday morning: "Oh, you washed my smoothie blender! Thank you!" Husban… @finstergrrrl @genderqueerwolf hot DAMN
@MariaHaskins @RealRockAndRoll This is not going to help me get the song out of my head.There's an insurance inspector at the house this morning & he's in the kitchen with my husband right now so I haven…"One does not simply walk into Mordor, you piece of shit.""As you wish, you piece of shit."
At the risk of having not swamped my inbox enough yesterday, ALSO NOW IN and available for UK/EUR blogger requests…
Retweeted by Wren WallisI know people like to say feminists hate men but we're not the ones out here claiming that men cannot endure the sl…
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Me: "What was that? Are you crying?" Murderchild, from the other room: "No, I'm being a ninja and I was doing a nin…🚨 The ERA has just passed on the floor of the Virginia House of Delegates 59-41🚨
Retweeted by Wren Wallis @just_hebah @strangelykatie @OniPress Sorry/not!Murderchild had her annual physical this morning, and brought her tea dragons for company and comfort. (The pediatr… @mishellbaker and I collaborate:
@scottlynch78 @oldscout My husband's PvP twink gnome was a rogue named Deathsqueak, in the one-man guild <Squeaker for the Dead>.Me: I’m a writer. Them: so you write? Me: well, I wouldn’t go THAT far.
Retweeted by Wren Wallis @scottlynch78 @oldscout My vanilla WoW main, still level-capped and kicking 15 years later. @oldscout @scottlynch78 Why has Twitter not yet given us a Dislike option, I need it for this tweet. @falconesse @scottlynch78 @oldscout oh noooooooooooooo Stitches! @scottlynch78 @oldscout GNOMES FOREVER. Low five! @mishellbaker: "The Silver Hand kinda ... doesn't seem to notice it's been disbanded? In several places they're sti… @scottlynch78 We had done no study, bc my husband is allergic to research & it was literally my first video game. B… @scottlynch78 This was us too! My husband was level 18 before someone we quested with in Redridge offered to make h… ha ha I can't afford to train my first ability. Ah, the good ol' days! @_vidyala Yeah, I was actually very proud of how many weapon skills (INCLUDING UNARMED) my hunter had Back In The D… have 3 copper! Woo! I'll probably have a whole silver in, like, no time!Ha ha hey remember when you had to level up individual weapon skills? Yeah, I didn't either. I think I must have suppressed it.This motherfucker wants me to kill TWELVE troggs so he can give me a 5 armor white-quality cloak??? Kill 'em yourse… BfA servers are down for the update, I logged into WoW Classic to enjoy some nostalgia. It turns out I'm n…, to my 10-yr-old: “Sure, you can use your new art set, it it gets you away from the iPad.” 10-yr-old, to hersel…
Retweeted by Wren WallisYou come at the queen, you best not miss.'s fascinating how rarely white cishet men understand that art that focuses on only one limited worldview and dem…
Retweeted by Wren WallisThat’s why “I only see quality” is such a dog whistle. Because it assumes that Quality is an objective standard, a…
Retweeted by Wren WallisWhat is familiar has been built up by systemic racism. No matter what your individual intent may be, you’ve interna…
Retweeted by Wren WallisIn all of these places, We ethnically cleansed the hundreds of thousands (and millions!) of people doing large sc…
Retweeted by Wren Wallisomg Elizabeth Warren is Leslie Knope isn't she
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Retweeted by Wren WallisIn case you've ever wondered how graciously Murderchild concedes an argument - we had an argument, I made dinner, w…
@MariaHaskins Maria why would you do this to meThis is my least kind editorial opinion, but CHRIST, kiddos; if you're going to put that pain on the page, you've g…
Retweeted by Wren WallisI would like to say this one time, and be done: Trauma 👏 for 👏 the 👏 sake 👏 of 👏 trauma 👏 is 👏 not 👏 a 👏 shortcut…
Retweeted by Wren WallisStar Wars’ insistence that killing a fascist leader is unambiguously an evil act while killing his minions is moral…
Retweeted by Wren Wallis @Dawnrigger @tatianawrites I relayed this to my husband, whose response was an earnest, "No, no, I WANT to drown in pothos plants." @tatianawrites First answer is PERFECT, I think Bill might be crushed if he had to start from li'l babby plants, bu… @tatianawrites @Dawnrigger So my guess is he cut it way too long in older growth and the answer is to take just the end of it and try again? @tatianawrites The cuttings are WICKED long, like that first pic of it looping off the dining room table is the mai… @Dawnrigger @tatianawrites What are we doing incorrectly? Any thoughts? @Dawnrigger @tatianawrites So it was in my husband's office and it had grown so long it made literally a full circu… @tatianawrites Ma'am, literally my first thought was, "I'll just DM Tatiana, she'll know," but then I was like, "No… TWITTERNET: Do you know what this plant is? My husband brought it home from his office but neither of us knows… @MariaHaskins YES.Apparently wombats in fire effected areas are not only allowing other animals to take shelter in their deep, fire-…
Retweeted by Wren Wallis @SarahPinsker @KMSzpara Two cuties, too cute.
@ECthetwit @finstergrrrl "It's not really made up, but it's a language with only 300,000 first-language and a milli… @ECthetwit @finstergrrrl @raecarson @KameronHurley @ccfinlay Lately @mamayuv has been saying, “How come we judge movies and TV by how sad an…
Retweeted by Wren WallisTell Affleck yo get lost.
Retweeted by Wren Wallis @CarrieCuinn *chefkiss* perfect GIF @CSeaforthFinch RIGHT????There is literally nothing more offensive to my sensibilities than biting into the lemon-filled donut I ordered & d… ... usually comes out of your eye???"It's fine now," she said sleepily. "I was itching it in the night and I itched something out of it and then it fel… nights ago we were concerned MC was getting pinkeye, because the corner of her eye was red and she said her las… "I'm getting some tortito chips!" Playdate: "What's that?" MC: "It's the chip you really like!" TORT… @oldscout @GayathriKWrites @valerievaldes I don't know what you two are on about, if my husband did this I'd marry him again.THE WITCHER (2019)
Retweeted by Wren WallisThank you Stephen Kang!
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@CaseyLBlair Yes very much.Can't stop thinking about how RWA still can't even publicly admit what they did to Courtney Milan, much less apolog…
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Fellas is it gay to marry your wife
Retweeted by Wren WallisRaise your hand if you know why people are trolling Elizabeth's dance moves and not my dad jokes
Retweeted by Wren WallisSome time ago I explained to Murderchild that breaking a pinkie promise is a matter for the Hague, and so today she… am REAL GODDAMN SORRY that you are struggling with liking art by someone who abused people and promoted bigotry,…
Retweeted by Wren Wallis @snarkbat @simonschuster ELSA, CONGRATULATIONS!!! ,3Last night, I didn't drink, and our server gave me some shit over it. (We know him, but still.) Never do that. It's…
Retweeted by Wren WallisIt's okay to spend less time with your toxic parents. It's okay to move across the globe and start ignoring your fa…
Retweeted by Wren WallisTHIS IS THE NEWS TODAY.
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GOSH, I really missed being shut in a smoky unheated barn in midwinter with twelve screaming first-grade girls all… @eastrockpark RIGHT??? What introverted me wouldn't have given for online ordering back in My Day!If you wish to replicate this project at home, it is a small child's outgrown sock, filled with catnip and a jingle… "Oh, shit, the meeting's in two hours, I should run out to the store really quickly and pick up ...." The weath… the first sample toy. @DPMSmith Thank you! Murderchild thanks you! @msappel Michelle, I'm so sorry for your loss, and for your family. I'm sure it was a comfort to him that you were… link to buy cookies from Murderchild is: She's TWO BOXES AWAY from her goal of earning… you wish to support Murderchild & her Daisy cohort in such endeavors as making cat toys for local shelters, you… (the Daisy troop) are making cat toys for a local animal shelter. I ordered catnip last week but left it in the… like spending an afternoon trying to figure out how to do the craft project you're going to ask 12 7-year-olds to do in a few hours.Americans’ steadfast commitment to believing that we are victims when in fact our country is the world’s most power…
Retweeted by Wren Wallisweirdly, i find a lot of comfort in this story from Mimir in God of War "His vengeance was to live and prosper. He…
Retweeted by Wren Wallis @tatianawrites I managed a Waldenbooks in a mall in the mid-late '90's, like moments before Borders and B&N drove t… acting like Meghan McCain doesn’t exist is a mood for 2020. When people troll and push bad-faith arguments, blow right past em.
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