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Wren Wallis @invisibleinkie Massachusetts, USA

BLACK LIVES MATTER. Writer, were-lawyer, freelance internet mom. ADHD. She/her. Not an expert, just bossy. Antifascist. Always the cleric. #VP20, #SFWA

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Will the president do what he's already doing? The alarmist left say he will do what he's doing, citing the fact th…
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WHERE'S OUR GODDAMNED HORSE? miss that first day of fall when the sunlight changes and the USPS isn’t being dismantled
Retweeted by Wren Wallis @MadMerryMeg We had to cancel a family visit last weekend - to celebrate our anniversary! 😭 - because even though… last count, there is one (1) positive diagnosis in my town.My household was firmly on an S - A gradient for the first few months. In the last maybe ... month and a half? we'v… @NataniaBarron @nordstromrack @Roberto_Cavalli O-oh. Oh NO. *browses alllllll the discounted sunglasses*Damn Kojima really was on something when he made a game about delivery men being the last bastion of hope for the USA
Retweeted by Wren WallisDo you think people ever pranked each other in the past by turning the small sundials so the gnomon was pointed the wrong way?
Retweeted by Wren Wallis @NataniaBarron Cannot beLIEVE you would post such fabulosity without purchase information.Is there a way to get Twitter to stop showing you certain shit in its What's Happening column? Or are panic attacks… IN: National Association of Letter Carriers, a union that boasts nearly 300,000 active and retired postal work…
Retweeted by Wren Wallismichigan, wisconsin, ohio, pennsylvania, florida, texas. weird coincindence
Retweeted by Wren Wallis @chichenpizza I was going to say, IF ONLY I HAD THIS SONG.The ACCURACY
Retweeted by Wren WallisI'm 5'3" and I'm a bit confused about what I can do for the rest of my life.'s virUS, not virME
Retweeted by Wren WallisIf, say, doubling the minimium wage means that someone you previously thought of as beneath you is now making the s…
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@ECthetwit @aidan_doyle @Aimee_Ogden @finstergrrrl @scribofelidae @AuthorGaylord @katsudonburi @outseide @NataniaBarron I proposed ordering Five Guys for delivery, but my husband nixed the idea, saying we should "be good… @ECthetwit @aidan_doyle @Aimee_Ogden @finstergrrrl @scribofelidae @AuthorGaylord @katsudonburi @outseide best thing y’all can do is vote out Mitch McConnell’s and Lindsey Graham’s bitch asses because they are truly t…
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Retweeted by Wren WallisWhen the government abandons its people, it’s up to us to rise up and make a revolution. We’re fighting for dignity…
Retweeted by Wren Wallisme: this is a hold up. give me all your money bank teller: [slides over all the money] me: [slides it back] can i make a deposit
Retweeted by Wren WallisDoes the USPS have an OnlyFans let’s really get them some coin
Retweeted by Wren Wallis @Dragonsworn_ @chichenpizza back-to-school shopping for the kiddo. Headphones with mic for the laptop: check. Multipacks of kid-sized face masks: check.OK, but did we have to make one president?
Retweeted by Wren Wallis @chichenpizza @Dragonsworn_ My Morrigan + Dungeon Master nails. (Cullen's on my toes.) @chichenpizza @Dragonsworn_ OH NO ME TOO I GUESS @chichenpizza @Dragonsworn_ THANK you for alerting me that she is on Twitter! I have been rocking Cullen, Morrigan,…
@premeesaurus I feel like "merely chitin and chemicals" is author bio worthy, or at least Twitter bio worthy. @Rustymarble I did nothing beyond having an active subscription. The email invitation just showed up. I kind of ass… much “Harris was picked because she was a woman of color and not based on actual merit” and so little “white men…
Retweeted by Wren WallisStop Letting Brain Chemicals Decide What Counts As "Doing Something About It" 2020
Retweeted by Wren WallisThe adrenaline rush you get from righteously confronting someone who is wrong on the internet isn't going to win th…
Retweeted by Wren WallisToday might be rough, so take this lady holding sharks in her lap and pulling hooks from their mouths - with their…
Retweeted by Wren Wallis @ElizabethCobbe We've got one! Its name is Minecraft.After months of planning the Republican response is a giant Rube Goldberg machine made up of rakes that they step o…
Retweeted by Wren WallisPetition to let multiracial people identify however the hell we want, thanks everyone
Retweeted by Wren WallisTo Shadowlands beta: yea or nay?easily the most relatable email I've received
Retweeted by Wren WallisWe stand united in our desire to see Pence cry. I think even Trump wants that, probably.
Retweeted by Wren Wallis @ironflight @StefiSaysSo Just gorgeous! if a Biden/Harris ticket does nothing but the most mealy mouthed triangulated centrist not-much, it will still…
Retweeted by Wren Wallis @the_real_tyler He is ON Twitter, but I don't know how often he's actually here. @blcbaker @the_real_tyler Check with Ben!
Kamala Harris debating Mike Pence. The carnage. lmaoooo
Retweeted by Wren Wallis @ajhackwith @AlyshondraM And also Relief by Kay Ryan. @ajhackwith @AlyshondraM I love Wild Geese. May I recommend also Tarantulas on the Lifebuoy, by Thomas Lux? @AmandaCook627 It is! And yes, he has a baby son.People who are cruel for the joy of it are the worst sort and I can think of no better punishment for them than to…
Retweeted by Wren WallisI want what they have.
Retweeted by Wren WallisAbsolutely fucking DYING at the end of this commercial
Retweeted by Wren WallisGive every person in our country $2000/month for the duration of the pandemic, $2000/month for 3 months after that,…
Retweeted by Wren Wallis @TJaneBerry I suspect this is the same guy.Murderchild's favorite YouTuber is British, and I hadn't really considered how much time she spends watching him un…
Murderchild's friend comes to the kitchen gate and calls, "Hello!" "Hello!" I reply. "I was talking to THE DOG," she says, affronted.Donald Trump is an authoritarian and a criminal. He cannot be allowed to sabotage the Postal Service and interfere…
Retweeted by Wren WallisIf you think that all schools should be closed until 2021 at minimum, like or retweet this.
Retweeted by Wren WallisI ate fully half of this breakfast sandwich thinking it tasted kind of funny before realizing it was a completely d… @the_real_tyler This summer has been exceptionally brutal, NGL, but complaining about the weather is also a time-ho… @the_real_tyler Wait till you get your first New England autumn. That will make enduring the humidity worthwhile.Dear NYT Cooking - IDK WTF is up where you are, but it's set to be 95 degrees all week here again. A chief pleasure…, an answer.
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Fall semester COVID protocols:
Retweeted by Wren Wallis @TheVulpi Oh and their DRESSES, Vulpi!!! @TheVulpi AND the second, AND the fourth, and that's as far as I've gotten but yeah. ANYWAY IT'S GREAT.This is ... a good and wise thread. @Merc_Wolfmoor Yup! @TheVulpi Vulpi you MUST. @deemckennapdx SO GOOD and every episode I'm like, well, the next one can't POSSIBLY be as emotional as this and then H O WI'm watching SAY I DO on Netflix and why did none of you tell me about this show??? The stories are so beautiful an…
@aimeekuzenski AIMEE NO. @effies @aidan_doyle @Aimee_Ogden @ECthetwit @sillysyntax @Ms_ColeJackson @RachaelKJones @KateLechler @katsudonburi are two kinds of writers.
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.@danieldaekim, Katie Chang and Rosemarie DeWitt will star in 'Pantheon,' a sci-fi drama from Craig Silverstein (…
Retweeted by Wren Wallis @anne_d13 A woman actually APOLOGIZED to MC today when MC observed she was going the wrong way. @writerjencrow She actually dislikes chocolate chip cookies, and sweets in general. Make it Doritos and you probably have a deal.FUCKING. THREAD. AMEN. @fadeaccompli I should make a recording and upload it for people to use. @sharlastremski She'd be an excellent masking poster child. Today she's wearing her favorite ensemble, which is a t… grocery stores want to maintain effective social distancing, they'd employ a horde of extroverted 7yo girls. Mur… out our latest @Marvel novels, coming in October! #Marvel #SuperHeroes #Weplaygames
Retweeted by Wren Wallisyou know what goes great with elaborate puffy sleeves? revolution
Retweeted by Wren WallisThis description of what “antifa” is... is insane! Mind blowing that the NYT would publish this as fact…
Retweeted by Wren Wallis @pepperpoplar I didn't even remember what that was and had to look it up. NOPE, Ramona Shepard is a WAR HERO.You know how the sea looked in 1780? Unknowable disgusting depths, likely to drown you for no good reason—but also…
Retweeted by Wren WallisUs whenever a social media platform is down
Retweeted by Wren WallisYou can give a man a fish and THEN teach him to fish, you know. And it's a lot easier to learn how to fish when you're not starving.
Retweeted by Wren WallisWhen we started ME2 and she said, "Okay, so remember Cerberus?" literally all I remembered about Cerberus was that…
Also Murderchild: "Mom, do you know about Slenderman?" Me: "Yes. He's an urban legend." MC: "No, he's real, Colin h… in the car this morning: "Mom, how do you drive so good already?" Me: "What do you mean 'already'? I've… @echo262 Well I did come for kitten pictures, but Fenris Ulfr and I are now decidedly here for Prussia the Dog cont… @ZaliaChimera @AlasdairStuart History courses will have a separate unit devoted to 2020. Or heck, 2020 will be its own seminar.The absolute worst time to check and see how many episodes there are in the show you're blissfully bingeing is just… are you doomscrolling when you could be re-watching Tom Holland do "Umbrella" in Lip Sync Battle again
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