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Art peeps of twitter, i just got my first ipad for art, what do you recommend for screen protectors and other accessories, 12,9 ?
i am haunted by this phrase ever since the overwatch comic about junkrat and roadhog dropped years ago.... "junkrat… @Loudwindow Forever salty that there is no banter or dialog between survivors. At least ghost face deserves sassy l…
i just realized.... at some point in the vox machina tv show, hopefully in future seasons.. the love potion... Scan… COMMISSIONS Due to an economical situation I gonna open 3 slots for simple character designs. Full body,…
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thank you all so much my commissions are closedThe only thing i want in life is for a shugardaddy to buy me pink Le Creuset cooking set. Literally would last me a…
"Ah, son of a dick. All right, let's get this over with." I hope we get more keg in the future🥺 @ashly_burch
Retweeted by ioana Muresan @Commissions Closed"Come with me, and you'll be, in a world of pure imagination" #criticalrolefanart #CriticalRole #CriticalRoleArt
Retweeted by ioana Muresan @Commissions Closed @TheMinttu i'm catching up with the episode and i am having the emotions™it's Thursday #CriticalRoleSpoilers
Retweeted by ioana Muresan @Commissions Closedit's Thursday #CriticalRoleSpoilers better day to draw this than on a thursday? #CriticalRoleSpoilers
My #commissions are currently OPEN! Here's all the info.
Retweeted by ioana Muresan @Commissions ClosedMy #commissions are currently OPEN! Here's all the info.
the day i got wireless headset for my pc, no more pulling my head with cables @mymicaloz planets must be in retrograde or a witch sneezed on me idkwell would you look at the time, it's the "art block self hate spiral, that makes you want to improve, but also se… @ViktorMaru Maru single handedly lifted my spirit, i thank you @serglesinner this is why i don't post pics online very often. cause i got a lot of people coming out of the woodwo… commissions! Will be opening more than normal as my car is in desperate need of fixing! If interested pleas…
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2020 Shop is open, go nuts. Any issues let me know!
Retweeted by ioana Muresan @Commissions ClosedHad lots of Yasha requested for #CriticalRole art prompt, @kelly_knox requested yasha firing a canon, but in my hea…
Retweeted by ioana Muresan @Commissions Closed @ambikyu i want this on my wall so bad 😍
don't get it why so many ppl dogpiled on her. She spoke the hard truth. if you're not getting commissions, your art… is back! ⭐️I'm able to manage patreon more efficiently and now I'm gonna use it t…
Retweeted by ioana Muresan @Commissions ClosedTo put this in perspective, if a quarter of my followers pledged $1/mo, I'd pretty much be able to stop working. Th…
Retweeted by ioana Muresan @Commissions ClosedI have a wide array of horny stories and ocs
I will open commissions soon, just need to finish a couple of art pieces @mymicaloz I feel so many emotions towards thisOhhhh, what's this??? is this the reason i've been quiet for some time? a webtoon project of my design??? gasp🤩 li…
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Sometimes i tiktok Consistency? don't know her✌️ some more concept art cause why not i hope i can continue this project with your support!links in this thread comic pages here to help get support #webcomic #art @MinemikoMali Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
@eric_grimoire hey guys go commission eric!!Doodles ✨ New Oc (+smol beans and Tiger Kim)
Retweeted by ioana Muresan @Commissions Closed @patpatapatt YessHow star-crossed looks on webtoon format, i like it a lot 😭💖💖
@kyotosparty Estoy tan orgullosa de ti bebe, te lo mereces y mucho mas ❤️i'm so proud to see my cr art mutuals thrive @kyotosparty FELICIDADES ESTOY TAN ORGULLOSA DE TI🥺if you complained about CR delays, you are immature and impatient. indie content creators don't owe you shit #criticalrole @callme_trinity mood, no te puedes fiar de ese hombre 😆please stop treating creators like content vending machines 😌
Retweeted by ioana Muresan @Commissions ClosedToday i made it to baklava tiktok. I have found inner peaceHey there! #DnDcommissions are now avaliable. I just opened new slots for the queue! -2 slots for regular commiss…
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"I'm always ready to make a fool of myself" #CriticalRole #CriticalRoleArt #CriticalRoleFanArt This one was fun~
Retweeted by ioana Muresan @Commissions Closed, what's this??? is this the reason i've been quiet for some time? a webtoon project of my design??? gasp🤩 li… might launch something on webtoon todayjust 3 commissions to finish before i open the big commissions
listen... i love Caduceus a lot, but i love Molly even more #CriticalRoleSpoilersDoom eternal, devil may cry, league of legends, Hades just to name my faves, if the evil Cheeto expires, we popping the biggest bottles
Help what was that new game that you're a witch trying to keep her potion shop openI have adult money, i could buy an armor with it, it's a bad idea to have adult money @bananawarmer you need to stop making so much good oc, i might fall for him, smh😌
I can see the rampant bigotry towards LGBTQ and the misogyny, you're not fooling anyone with your complains and excusesYou all love to talk trash about CR for queer baiting. A show that has canon bisexuals, non binary characters, lesb… finally finished this character sheet for my #DnDsona I though it would be fun to make a proper #DnD character…
Retweeted by ioana Muresan @Commissions ClosedI thought i dreamt the last episode of CR, when i realized it reality. Let me tell you. Life is good 😭Result of the art stream, got commissioned to make a tiefling warlock #dnd #dnd5e #commission #art
Retweeted by ioana Muresan @Commissions ClosedArt stream art piece finished, drawing stuff for concept art for the development of a potential web comic. Some sta…
Retweeted by ioana Muresan @Commissions ClosedFirbolg Necromancer commission 👀👌 #art #dnd5e #commission #critterPC
Retweeted by ioana Muresan @Commissions ClosedJust in love with @bananawarmer 's oc. Had some time for late night art self indulgence with their oc and my girl…
Retweeted by ioana Muresan @Commissions ClosedObviously i drew my boi Amantus, and this piece was heavily inspired by Hades. had a lot of fun, thanks to my patro…
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caught up with CR.... booooooooooi, i am not ready
my hand might slip, might draw zagreus gonna be drawing live today! started working on the comic pages for this, i'm posting works in progress, story boards and notes on my patreon…
@lionbillar 😉✌️❤️you ever like, browse the CR merch store and sigh cause you feel like you don't deserve to indulge into something y… of you who did this, you're the "your fun is wrong!!!!" type of dnd player and nobody at the table likes you of you who hate on Marisha, ✨✨you spark NO joy ✨✨ #CriticalRoleIf you hate Marisha you are straight-up not allowed to follow me. I’m 100% serious. Leave my presence
Retweeted by ioana Muresan @Commissions Closedi like my himbos organic, free range pasture himbos
@Viktormon it took me 28 minutes @Viktormon After mostly using Varatha i grabbed Stygius, upgraded it with titan blood, and nabbed some Athena and A… the underworld after 21 tries ✌️ #HadesGamehello! i'm in need of some immediate expenses, so i'm temporarily opening commissions and will take 3 commissions s…
Retweeted by ioana Muresan @Commissions ClosedSitting patiently, waiting for the hades fanfics @Frankensteinsm2 Happy that you approve of my boi
@Niku30_ who ever was in charge of the movie, turn on your location, i just want to talkObviously i drew my boi Amantus, and this piece was heavily inspired by Hades. had a lot of fun, thanks to my patro… Just doing some pareon supported art, will post the large pic later
Another commission done🥰! #dnd5e #art #Commission @yash_chad do it, it's on offer at the momentbeen playing too much hades, and when i have time i wanna do so much fanart @Ferbalerb I promise nothingFinished a large commission for a group 8 dnd players, yall make me cry when you come to me for art for your groups…
Retweeted by ioana Muresan @Commissions ClosedTeifling swashbuckler let's goooo ⭐️☠️ #dnd5e #art #Commission
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Pretty happy with how these two banner commissions came out, client needed them for their #dnd campaign #art
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Teifling swashbuckler let's goooo ⭐️☠️ #dnd5e #art #Commission is such a gorgeous game, gosh i don't know what to say
#Patreon is back! ⭐️I'm able to manage patreon more efficiently and now I'm gonna use it t…
@bananawarmer i hope you don't mind if i indulge with your oc from time to time 🥺👉👈