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The abolition of prison will take more work than most of us can comprehend. It will mean the fundamental transforma…
Retweeted by 🏴Anarchist prisoner, Michael Kimble, needs support to get him outta prison in Alabama. If you tried to donate before…
Retweeted by 🏴Does anyone in philly wanna watch Hypernormalization before the next debate where they will flaccidly hammer home Russia stuff?You gotta hand it to gatekeeps, they sure know how to keep a gate.I take a lot of schadenfreude in the singer for the phenomenauts going down and I will tell St. Peter that at the pearly gates jack.You don’t have to like Bernie or agree with social democracy to understand that there is a *lot of potential* in th…
Retweeted by 🏴Imagining a jew is some vague sort of communist agent has been a fave bedrock for antisemitism since communism even happened. @HNewlevant Can you imagine the board room where they decided this was his new look? Did they have a little Pete di…
Bro are we slowly losing our ability to appreciate nuance and communicate things effectively because of a desire to…
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Think about how many decry the absence of the Left the last couple of years but some of the most extensive riots in…
Retweeted by 🏴Toronto wanna lemme sleep on yer ceiling round May 9th for TCAF///any other tablers wanna throw down on a haunted motel or something? @evanseruArt @RequiemPluie I'm a printmaker and do comics about anarchism and killing gender with a big knife… spent half a billion dollars to be humiliated on stage when he could have simply started a folk punk band for free
Retweeted by 🏴Remember how a buncha people quite recently and very publicly sold their soul to Bloomberg?Joe Biden would have chased Bloomberg away from Rehoboth Beach in a massive car and slapped his ass red for drinkin…
Retweeted by 🏴What tax programs do you use if your poor and suck?
@IgnatzHaderach Give him back your own goon squad if ya...hehe....catch my drift.... I mean let's get some tough cu… @IgnatzHaderach GOON SQUADAn effective war on bougious morality must begin with our own community. Which is why it's on sight for rich gay se… March 2016 - RIP Moose March 2016 magic happen at our new HQ. Coming soon: TONS of art updates, new publications, a penpal portion of our webs…
Retweeted by 🏴It's too bad Biden ate shit immediately kuz 2 senile old men riffing on stage would be must watch TV. As anyone who… night with my friend Nick "Look at us...two seasoned anarchists talking about registering Dem so we can vote f…'s competition being Pete the hollow, technocratic twerp and a Thomas Nast drawing of a huge racist sack with…
@zefrog @muddaub @TheKingofBakas @PinkNews That's not a study dudeCommutiny @thorazos #whoaLike, if youll accept genderqueer as a thing only so far as it performs an aesthetic (you can observe on social med… haven't engaged with this app much and theres nothing I could have done to be a ding dong on it so getting blocke…
The Cost of Reading in Prison: In West Virginia it's 5 cents a minute
Retweeted by 🏴 @HNewlevant I'm sending this goof to my deadhead mom
@RichardDawkins K
Death rides a pale bug it comes to rocks, ya just can't beat crystals!We're sure western anarchists are familiar with anarchist revolutions in Catalonia and Ukraine, but we in Asia have…
Retweeted by 🏴BREAKING NEWS: There are no cross-Canada trains running, because the tracks are blocked by Mohawks and others acro…
Retweeted by 🏴i love knowing that my tweets will eventually be used as evidence in a court case. thats good
Retweeted by 🏴 @spidres The message boards will have a field day with this one
@spidres Aw sick! How was it? Weird?He will finally be the explicit chauvinist libertarian power fantasy he's always been? And also we will see his hog… ya this whips #Wetsuweten
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@BlankBeatBox @Pizza_Suplex They can still strike if "approved by union leadership" which is exactly what it sounds like.Dont be afraid to let your country dieSocialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as tempora… @Pizza_Suplex My partners union leadership just bargained away their ability to strike to keep their health plan. I…
Here they come
The American Revolution can be summarized as "What if the nobility liked voting?" The French Revolution can be sum…
Retweeted by 🏴 I made versions of this on black but tbh I'm not a fan of how the colors turned out on most of em so I only mad… @burn_controlled Hell yeah that's my shit thanks.
A friend gave me their car while they are outta town. Can anyone recommend good shit to see within the 2-3 hour per… the pages of the magazine "Liberator," Martin Luther King, Jr and lesser-known Monroe, North Caroline NAACP chap…
Retweeted by 🏴 @deadbirdprince Ohshit. Its peta? Fuck them. I fucked up. Deleted in t-minus 10 minutes.Waitlisted for CAKE but should I go and set up a blanket outside anyway?Bong Joon Ho made a really really good movie. The fact the academy recognizes and celebrates it is a sign they will… if you would cheer at chris matthews hypothetical execution by a workers tribunal
Retweeted by 🏴All you spineless turncoats rejecting the power of astral diplomacy in favor of socialism now that Marianne William… @NYCPBA is attacking @decolonize_this, so to the 25,000 people who follow me: Go follow @decolonize_this now,…
Retweeted by 🏴 @thorazos GIT UM! @LevineJonathan Shut up nerd, before I trap you in Jumanji. @TalentedVoter I want us to be the ones to pull the trigger on it, but I also dream of future where history textboo… a start @kendrawcandraw Pffft. Good luck Jack! @0KF0X I'm v game. Hard hitting shoe leather reporting on how good and smooth Bloombergs coup is gonna go. But can…
@0KF0X Art & labor DNC doc with special guest journalist io "the widowmaker" ascarium @AnthonyHopkins @willmenaker Have a great day Niblo!Today, 150 Nazis staged a surprise march around Washington, DC with the assistance of the police, who protected the…
Retweeted by 🏴 @KashJackson2018 @noonanjo You ain't seen nothing yet chud. Say goodbye to your precious penis. that RCMP are not arresting "protestors;" they are trying to forcibly remove #Indigenous people off their…
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@kendrawcandraw I'm more of a firing squad girl myself but a violence advocating ENBY is p slick no matter which way ya slice it.I was reminded of my favorite protest/riotporn image recently: this image of brazillian cops being literally pushed…
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"We're not a 'protest camp' -- this is our home." These women's ancestral home is being invaded and stolen at gunp…
Retweeted by 🏴 @magpiekilljoy Not to mention that when bernie is ratfucked out of getting anything cool done or some neoliberal/co… an anarchist I have a lot more affinity for someone super into Bernie than someone obsessed with the Soviet Union.
Retweeted by 🏴Queerness is about alienation and revenge and sometimes involves kissing @NotLasers I'll get down in the lab n see what I can a-cook up @NotLasers THATS MIGHTY KIND THANK YOU MANY AND LOTS @NotLasers Aw crumbs I wish I loaded your package out with extra goodies but I packed the last run of orders in a fugue state! Thanx! @beckybbubbles @sawdustbear Eventually. I like to do new stuff with the design for bail fundraisers to keep it fres…
@kendrawcandraw @heyshanmurphy I like it. It's a good thing to look at with my eyes. @kendrawcandraw I THOUGHT WE HAD A DEAL Still slinging posters to bail out way cooler gay criminals.Me whenever someone sends me another Pete themed "Be Gay do Crime" meme you ask nicely. Then they say no. Then you and a large crowd hop trains, lock open doors, and graffiti your…
Retweeted by 🏴People upset about this tweet seem to think "queer" does not have a long history of indicating how sexuality & desi…
Retweeted by 🏴While Pete was studying for the war crimes SATs or whatever he did behind that desk in Kabul I was busy chompin' bl… we say "Fuck Queer Assimilation" we mean "Render Pete Buttigieg and all these apple polishing sellouts into candle tallow."The work that @danieleharper is doing for anti-fascists as a collective is some of the most laborious and difficult…
Retweeted by 🏴i hope everyone who is like “bernie or riot” is ready to get down and is starting to think now about tactics like s…
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It’s uncanny how emblematic Buttigieg is of the phenomenon leftist gays have warned everyone about for decades: a w…
Retweeted by 🏴The ink is glow in the dark BTWI made polo shirts. Why? believe some of you fuckers are trying to help capitalism die with dignity. Shameful.Though, given how american law is built with handholds for capitalism's flailing death spasms built in, I'm not sur… the guy with cash just falling out of his pocket
Retweeted by 🏴Perhaps i feel an overly protective connection to the phrase Be Gay do Crime but I must defend Crime's good name fr…'s out here like "be gay do crimes" but pete buttigieg rigs ONE election and SUDDENLY,
Retweeted by 🏴Wow! The votes are pouring in. No matter who wins what a victory for democracy!