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Marko Dieckmann. Studio head at ION LANDS. Made Cloudpunk, out now on Steam:

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We've received 4 nominations at the German Developer Awards 🤗 are back with our 3rd Annual Indie Game Advent Calendar! 🎄 We have a fantastic list of games to giveaway this ye…
Retweeted by ION 👀 @Jamiesmellslike @andyman286 @KuRoGaMer382 Not yet, at least.
@Derangedguess On Steam, yes.
#SteamAutumnSale has started and you can get Cloudpunk for 33% off!! If you enjoyed Cloudpunk, please help nominat…
Retweeted by ION 👀 @CalmDownTom @Sir_carma I will mark this day in my calendar 😂 @CalmDownTom @Sir_carma I've only seen this reply now, Thomas. I think today was the first night I slept through the full 8 hours.
@smgstudio Yep, it's the tasks for badges @bison_42 @Steam @Steam_Support If you think about, it's good this way. Otherwise the big fish would dominate every category. @bison_42 @Steam @Steam_Support It's intended, you can only nominate a game for one category. @mapopa Thank you ❤️Going live with @BAFTAScotland soon on the #ScotlandSessions panel for game design, talking about Cloudpunk by…
Retweeted by ION 👀 @kenjilambert @_anatriz So cool, enjoy the book.So happy to see Camus out there in the woods. Enjoy your time, buddy! 🐶
@DavidJHousden @TIGAMovement @LostWordsGame Congrats! You've made a beautiful game. @NastyLegs It's the cockpit view, not sure what you didn't know about. 😉 @MCELMDLCC Appreciate the effort, but of course only Steam users should vote.#SteamAutumnSale has started and you can get Cloudpunk for 33% off!! If you enjoyed Cloudpunk, please help nominat… the mist @tprstly Every other option is much, much worse.
This came up in a chat with a game developer today. Did you know that you can see hardware breakdown for a sample…
Retweeted by ION 👀Bookshelf House en Yokohama 🇯🇵 Estantería contra terremotos Shinsuke Fujii Architects
Retweeted by ION 👀 @Bitlifedirt The game is out on PS4?It's time to geek out once more. 🥳♥️
if you're missing the daily commute.. ░N░I░G░H░T░L░I░N░E░ v2.0 a procedural subway experience =…
Retweeted by ION 👀 @AndreaPetrille Order one, I can recommend OnePlus. Even a used one should do fine.
@Flavian_MR ♥️🤗 @RB_Dev2 @IndieGameMan Cool stuff :) Will give it a try when it's out. @FalconeerDev Everything about life is poetic. However, it's also harsh, especially the first 1-2 months after laun… @FalconeerDev I feel you. It's so different and a part of me dies inside when a project gets out and you see compla… @CorneliaGeppert Thanks so much, it's been a crazy week. 🥳 @callmeshawnp Thank you Shawn ❤️Here's a quick cut from the ceremony.
@Merzmensch @reallyriekeles @moshelinke @yourkyotowife @ShedworksGreg @JumpOvertheAge Thanks for sharing, I haven't heard about it before. @Merzmensch @reallyriekeles @moshelinke @yourkyotowife @ShedworksGreg @JumpOvertheAge Just ordered it, can't wait."As a doctor, I've learned that sometimes the best course of action is to say 'I don't know.' Questions create a va…
Retweeted by ION 👀 @AndreaPetrille Sending you some hugs for a speedy recovery. @AndreaPetrille Oh you got it? Hope you'll get better soon.
@izzMaro @DevGAMM Mach mal ein Foto wie die Boxen da bei euch stehen, dann teil ich das ;) @izzMaro @DevGAMM Cool. Welcher Laden ist das? @ruinergame Thank you guys! 🥳 @BrewCityGamer @HarryComposes Thank you so much again for your help showing it off at Day of the Devs last year!Thank you all for your congratulations! We ♥️ you. We also won the Excellence in Audio Award, sending you a hug… @xStJani Gotta love the mailman (or woman) ;) @DevGAMM Thank you so much! Also for this lovely organized event! ♥️ @Tengushee Thank you, Sir 👍 @SnowmansSky Thank you :D @sophiekeen Congratz Sophie! 🥳 @TheMugbearer @DevGAMM Thank you so much! @JonDadley Congratz, Jon 👍We're blown away 🥳 @DevGAMM OMG 😯😭🥳
@Marcin360 Fantastic. 👍 December can't come soon enough.I'm so proud we were able to organize @DevGAMM Steam Showcase to feature amazing games from 12 different countries…
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@TheDead_Display Enjoy 👍 @Extr0ne @OscarLzn @archillect They even go as far as having a separate account for naming the sources. This accoun… @Extr0ne @OscarLzn Exactly, much less visibility for the artist. And the only reason they do this is to gain follow…
@ok_girlfriend @backbonegame Character idea for your game 😉 @RaphLife Absolutely. ;) @evolve_pr @MergeGamesLtd 🥳Thank you to @TencentGWB for awarding us the Gold Prize this year!! We feel honoured, happy and incredibly proud an…
Retweeted by ION 👀 @timsoret It'll be mainly a very annoying monetization feature, just like on Instagram. You'll just do next, next..… @InaTweetsFYI @TencentGWB Vielen Dank, Ina. Es war mal eine richtig positive Neuigkeit in diesen Zeiten. @crakielive @TencentGWB Thank you so much ❤️ @LiberatedGame @EXORStudios @quantumleague @NimbleGiantEnt @supercomltd @SkullbotGames @akuparagames @lady_tanedra @TencentGWB 🙏🥳 @JPSWITCHMANIA @TencentGWB Thank you 🥳 @Adventgamepod @TencentGWB Thank you 🙏Thank you to @TencentGWB for awarding us the Gold Prize this year!! We feel honoured, happy and incredibly proud an…
@EDuering @MergeGamesLtd The patch will not remove the old duplicates. You will have to start from scratch. @Anakinsky19 Hi Pierre, I will have to refer you to Merge Games' tech support for that, as they do the console port… @Exilecast @crakielive @ionlands Take a look at our talk with the devs for @IndieXPT
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Retweeted by ION 👀Peat slippage near Meenbog Wind Farm, south of Ballybofey in Donegal. #Meenbog 🌲
Retweeted by ION 👀The dame was very grateful and excited to open this package from @ionlands & @CalmDownTom with you... 🐶…
Retweeted by ION 👀 @Wardog1610 @ODPomery Great 👍❤️
Best thing on Netflix right now. Must watch! time since lockdown Cloudpunk is now presented at the WePlay expo by our Chinese partners @MapleWhispering @Jymboh @MergeGamesLtdI'll be on this! Open to anyone. Hope to see some of you there.
Retweeted by ION 👀Have you played our nominated #BAFTAScot20 games yet? 🎮✨ Join our virtual panel on Thurs 26 Nov as they share their…
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@GreyAlien Looks like the house in Dear Esther.
@ionlands Congratulations team!
Retweeted by ION 👀 @ManMadeMoon Thank you, Duncan, much appreciated. 🤗 @WaldWaechterin Oh dear, that gif never gets old. :)Oh wow, we got nominated in 5 categories for DevGAMM Awards 😮 Grand Prize Best Indie Game Excellence in Visual Art…
Quiet night in the spaceport outskirts.
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@mearrin1969 Love it. @TripsMonkey Yes. :)She discovered a signal from outer space which turned the whole world upside down and put her on a journey to the e…
@GameuseAlien My French is as bad as my Spanish ;) But thanks
@wheeleyd05 Please contact, thank you!
@GregRicey 😍👏👏👏 @EvilBoris I don't poop, never ever 😄 Don't mind me, just happy today. @FalconeerDev Your competition 😉 @FalconeerDev You know that's sorted by planned release date, right? Just saying. Great to see the game is coming out soon ♥️ @timsoret Good choice! @Solidus747 I guess it will be ported sooner or later. @MergeGamesLtd will have to schedule it.
We have announced another great feature for game developers: Steam Playtest. Invite players to test your game direc…
Retweeted by ION 👀Remember remember the 5th of November