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fan account. rihanna follows me so I don’t really give a shit if you do or not....... #cherryself

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you’re never getting drunk then bby :( half of september being in the top40 😭😭😭😭’m so rare....✨🎀22nd :) cast =/= good movie bby :( @CupcakKe_rapper omg when I’m the next one 😍 still the movie was very much “meh” bby... @CupcakKe_rapper any amount would be appreciated baby! @CupcakKe_rapper period queen! year . New giveaway RT then reply with yo PayPal or cashapp
Retweeted by donnyI can’t.....her going viral for the traveling mess really making the streams go up 😭 queen...........ugh imma blast the best of sade tonight ;) mad over some fckn spotify streams. freaking losers. @lustforfenty that record got broken. that girl did it. move on, do something that is productive, go get some fresh air.someone needs to euthanize them ANTI navy <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<streams*by the time they tweeted that the song most definitely had reached 100m streames. why the hell are you pressed over… turrible neck pain✨Wishing abundance on every person that comes across this ✨
Retweeted by donny @NlGHTMERA ugh I do too, he’s my babyhim hitting people with random ass texts: is so fucking stupid my goddddd...
@heirslaughter it’s an old pic byeThe day was so good man 😭
Retweeted by donnythat’s IT ? @idkmackk FORGET 22 years ago today, Serbian forces massacred 45 Kosovo Albanians in Reçak. 22 years later, Serbian P…
Retweeted by donnydschungelshow in 1 stunde.......:(SAY MY NAAAAAAAAMEEEE AND EVERY COLOR ILLUMINATES approaching Uranus in conjunction on Jan 21st
Retweeted by donnyshop with me 🔮
Retweeted by donny @albertoutspoken there’s an app called co-starpls help me🥂 @silentlyuncut you literally can’t....I love her so muchA TAME IMPALA STANN????? I STAN EVEN HARDER NOW OHCMY GAWDDDDD is going awwwwnnnnn @BardiUpdatess YASSS!!! best song on After Hours...methinks!!!😭 said this........ got me tattooed on your mind, you just want me all the time. the only person listening on the tl listening to zayn :(that kind of morning. music. morning
just took these. look at how pretty they are
Retweeted by donny @albtelebomb pls help meI thought she slipped and fell.......... @noellearchives thank you for your services miss Noelli, everybody give it up for miss NOELLI! @mikeytheicon @noellearchives miss noelli should answer the question. MISS NOELLI 🎤 @noellearchives do you believe that earth is round or flat?exactly @nayaisannoyed you’re sick 😭naya.....😭😭😭’s still more successful than demi. hang it up. strong woman! ROLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Areyewdumbbb 😭😭...... @idkmackk that’s literally me I’m fckn SCREAMING 😭😭😭😭😭😭 @RomanNavy oh 😭qui..... @RomanNavy how the hell is it 50/50 when there are 153 votes.....Michael Jackson.🎀 love this song sooooooo MUCH. yall have no idea😭............... albanian creators getting so much love just warms my heart 😭 will get one, one day! on candid camera.! serves just keep on coming!😍 :( is the best cover and shoot I’ve seen in a long long time
Retweeted by donny @AdayAve I love itthe serve is TOO much.........’s nuts :/ @sameolways oh wowwww.... wonder if her fans still in my mentions playing tic tac toe on my forehead :/ @sameolways omg no? I thought you were jokjng 😭whattttttt😭????????????😭😭😭😭 @kaithegoddesss 😭😭😭they were feeling itdayum............. DONT PICK UP THE PHONE got me looking stupid kmg.nah bcs dua really ate that entire photoshoot upWow she looks so good
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