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Mandia @IowaMeAlaska Iowa City, IA

Me:¯\_(ツ)_/¯🥜Soccer watching, book reading, bitmoji using, gif dropping, random tweeting, laughing lady. My cat Frankie is the greatest living thing on earth.

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@pnwwildflower @QuiteTheCurious 😂😂😂😂 👏 Two Thumbs Up and given 5 Stars by those who suffer chronic UTIs. 👏 -Urological Quarterly ReviewIt's really something quite unique and special. But yet, everyone should see it. I was definitely overcome with emo… @IdahoLark Meh, I usually wait until March or April. @IdahoLark No, I never got mine.Types of social media users
Retweeted by MandiaWakes up. Sprains eyelids.
Retweeted by Mandia @TravelAddict50 @Jackrabbit4618 @Justin_Ebright @TheRealHoarse I honestly was expecting a face plant early on there. @jazz_inmypants @IAmYardDad Funny. @tarchanin @kelly__le Oy! FFS! This is the worst. My parents used to be like this, I think. One literally doesn't n… @lincnotfound @SteveSuckington are 2 types of space movies: 1) We’re in space and it’s terrible! 2) Everything was terrible and we had to g…
Retweeted by Mandia @donni Same 😠 @johnpavlovitz @JMcnumbers @TheTangerineTa1 /snort laughed/Open for a surprise
Retweeted by Mandia @nevernicethings @CruisinSoozan Mmm tzatziki. 🤩 Be still my heart.I feel like a plate of fine china at a Greek family dinner. Shattered, and covered in tzatziki.
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Retweeted by Mandiaevery single time
Retweeted by Mandia @Jonabirb This is so bad. 😂😂😂
Kids these days... Always being born decades later than regular people.
Retweeted by Mandia @Ygrene What do I get in return? @ryanpequin @AbbyHoward Are you two secretly soulmates? @Home_Halfway I like A League of Their Own, but his best is Saving Private Ryan. 💯 @scubaxsteve @Home_Halfway This is what I came here to reply. @redrummy Shelties are the best. Awww! So cute. I hope you get one! @akko_is_lost @t_eetu @tk5889 @Padmeishot @Khalid0618 @SydMushroom @OrypSeven @Pangzo @lfczakthiago @TheBlueIsIn123 @TwcArthur Savage! @justneedtobefre Sounds perfect. I'll be the one in white with tacos. 🌮🥰 @justneedtobefre So when is our wedding? I need to know so I can get a dress and some tacos delivered. 👰 @justneedtobefre That's generous. 🥰 @Taraballs As am I. @Taraballs @ess_bee33 Yes please! Will you play with mine back? @zziak22 Happy 28th Birthday!! 🤩🥳 @ess_bee33 I love it. 🤩 @AlaskaSnob Pretty! Both you and the place. ☺️ @lincnotfound I had no idea that this is the friend I was missing in my life. Now I know and the search begins.this is how imma vibe the rest of my life and anyone trying to stop me better get out the way
Retweeted by Mandia @JohnnyRiggs9 Public Enemies is one of my top 3 favorite films of all time, btw. Probably 2nd. 😘 I assume given your avi, you've seen it. @JohnnyRiggs9 @JohnnyRiggs9 This one was fun.
@JPLFR80 @GloryHoleBarbie 😑 Can and Will are two different things. I "can", I just don't like to. @borderlinemom8 🤩🥳😠 @Synchronistic20 @LittleOne_April 💙💚💛💜Answer the phone like “hi, I’ve been trying to reach you about your vehicle’s extended warranty” and people will stop calling immediately
Retweeted by MandiaYou know, sometimes a tweet is just a tweet.
Retweeted by Mandia @Home_Halfway I bought something naughty & nice for myself. @notcapnamerica American Beauty. 😭😭😭 tweeted his trans military ban more than three years ago. It went into effect almost two years ago. Tomorrow,…
Retweeted by Mandiawhen you think food will fix your depression
Retweeted by Mandia @TheHyyyype @TheHyyyype @itmegreggy 😐😑 @JimmyMak1 @OllyiConic So, how's therapy going?
Retweeted by Mandia @itmegreggy What did Zeus ever do to you?! Sheesh. @BIueSunshine @treydayway I understand your frustrations. I still think there is at some level only so much Biden a… @meepthinks No. It's a like a kind reminder that bedtime is coming. It automatically switches to do not disturb and… @charlietwerk69 GTFOH 😑Because you want to see a bird taunt a kitty by playing and saying peek a boo. 🔈🔈
Retweeted by Mandia @Ygrene Also me 😏 @drpinkghost @doinkpatrol Me too. Who knew? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯I want what they have
Retweeted by MandiaI need a phone app that literally locks me out of social media and the interwebs from 1 am to 7 am. Forcing me to S… @illuminateddino I was going to say. Sounds very stabby or murder-pending.6 Homemade Ice-Cream Recipes To Beat The Heat
Retweeted by Mandia @TheHyyyype I just learned something new! 😳Anyone doing their taxes & wondering why they owe more then last year but made the same, it’s a DELAYED TAX INCREAS…
Retweeted by Mandia @solsayswhaaa @jenjonesQTRaven This one is my favorite! @English_Channel Rabbit where'd you put the keys, girl? @nieltown Isn't one of the seven deadly sins about laziness? That's what this is. @KenStachnik @nieltown @carsonthurman @mrs_campfire @mom_tho I texted with a friend and fell asleep mid-sentence! 🏆 Super Accomplishment. I think I leveled-up. @Cerebral_falls @saad_kiid @TheLeanLantern1 @seth_mescudi @Blmtrain I think, one, there were too many candidates in… @peyotegroce @pantless_papple @adamgreattweet cream de la dew? @mrs_campfire @mom_tho I put cups in the dishwasher and turned it on. 💪😜 And for dinner poured dressing on an actua… @Robin_V_Comeaux @emilyonhere I'm sitting here over thinking it. 🤔 "Did they pass some law where you can no longer… @_Anunnery @KylePlantEmoji 🤦‍♀️ @girl_recovery @CarbonatedCB @toomanycommas3 Me either. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I think it must start in childhood. My parents n… @KerriChristian @BravestBunny @CarbonatedCB Hmm. I just sleep with pajamas on. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Seems to resolve any of th… @InternetHippo Ugh. One plate, one bowl, one cup people/single men. I will never understand them. It also means the… @treydayway Well, give a bit of time. Perhaps once they stop focusing on Trump's impeachment, things will get done.… @treydayway I don't know what you mean. I'm clarifying that he did mandate masks when you pointedly said he did not… @UncleDuke1969 He remembered to do Arm Day. 🙂don't talk bad about my cat, man
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@TheHyyyype I like this one. This is a good one. 😄Being genuinely happy for someone you love when they are happy is a love language
Retweeted by Mandia @treydayway Actually, he signed an executive order the mandates masks be worn in and on all federal property. The r… @jamis_dempsey @KennethLocke7 @AgentSiegfried @bourgeoisalien No. You missed the joke. @jamis_dempsey @KennethLocke7 @AgentSiegfried @bourgeoisalien Who? @crookedroads770 Toddlers are awful people. They wake up everyday and think of violence.
Retweeted by Mandia @KylePlantEmoji @hunocsi Me too! 😢 @GEBP1988 Sorry, what's a Greggs?YO! @GovDunleavy @lisamurkowski @DanSullivan_AK Tuluksak, Alaska has been without running water for 6 days. The ri…
Retweeted by MandiaTed Cruz said the Democrats are solely focused on hating trump. Not true Ted, we hate you too.
Retweeted by Mandia @aprilnicole82 @J_Fries @CharlotteMLS I wake up earlier on weekend mornings than I do on weekday mornings.