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Amateur Brewer, writer. Professional husband, daddy. Texan, Econ, Finance. Lover of 1 Les Paul & some other guitars.libertarian. On Earth 2, I'm James Hetfield.

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@theumpAB @AlbertBreer @philthatremains Wake up, down a glass of water quickly, head upstairs to my workout room and work. Coffee comes later. @Davidlaz Put. Down. The. Crack. Pipe. @PhilWMagness @AjaxMull Guyatt, is shrieking about canceling... I read the Atlantic piece and it is measured, in s… @AlbertBreer Building that 8-8 staff!A "historian" not concerned with facts. Very interesting. @Ruthst2 @NicholasGuyatt Perhaps it was the errors of fact? @PhilWMagness It's dumb ad hominem and his proud and open admission that reason is not important to him is a bit stunning. @SirajAHashmi @NancyLeeGrahn No risk it, no biscuit. @NancyLeeGrahn @yashar There's no nice way of saying what you really need to hear. @DeAngelisCorey Lying is an act against the self. Pity so many adults will prostitute their integrity. @Dan_Ruppert Imagine thinking 4 is not as good as Mitchell...Intellectually silly, and borderline dishonest tweet. @REALANTOINEFAIR @VoiceOfTheStar @BobbyBeltTX @PastorCarlDay @BobbyBeltTX @VoiceOfTheStar @PastorCarlDay Grand parenting is better. @SaraGonzalesTX You can't be too hasty with these decisions. @SirajAHashmi ☝️Public service.
@SirajAHashmi @Recursion_Agent @KobbeMalak People don't recognize the service you provide them, letting them know they're saying stupid 💩 @CarlPaulus Seems it is primarily emotional investment, perhaps leavened with a bit of reaction to perceived (perh… @BrentScher @CarlPaulus Red meat for rubes. @CarlPaulus Frankly, isn't this whole exercise a blatant ignoring of/departure from the historiography of the peri… @SirajAHashmi of the debt and deficit is driven by mandatory entitlement spending. No amount of "But foreign aid/defense spe…
Retweeted by Jason Hamby @peekaso @Kristin_MD @JDwithJD @CarpeDonktum Trump, probably4th Cir. holds no QI for police officer who shot and killed a dog that was in its owner's yard, tethered, and incap…
Retweeted by Jason Hamby @BobMurphyEcon Jokes writing themselves is wage theft. @emzanotti WTF??? Broccoli, beans and taco shells should never be in such close proximity. @CarlPaulus This is of a piece with the Marx /Lincoln friendship mythos. @fishsports @SInow @dallascowboys @CowboyMaven @MavenCoalition But then, he'd have to live in Philly. @CarlPaulus Some people have very little need for truth. The misunderstanding of the nature of integrity and how it… some people, truth is optional. @AviWoolf @AstorAaron @CarlPaulus Partisanship is truly a terrible affliction, all around. @JJT_Journalist 12, 34, 8, 48. @dreamoutloud @g0ld3nbe4s7 @AMcGuinty @Its_Molli @PlateLight @UberFacts @exjon @pdkier "You're Finnish? It's over!" @JasonBedrick @NealMcCluskey @EricaLG @CatoInstitute There really is no justification to limit a parental choice. @VoiceOfTheStar TCBY, I Can't Believe it's not Yogurt @D_Kuehn @BobMurphyEcon He wasn't making that distinction. @robbysoave @reason This tweet is still up @JayCostTWS I'm mostly just amused by ppl who don't recognize that they actually have no integrity at and only make… @royeverett16 @MCessac @AGHamilton29 @JonahDispatch Oh, I thought you were going to make serious arguments... Nevermind @DeAngelisCorey It's such lazy and silly reasoning. She needs it to be false. It's emotional reaction, not reasoning. @philthatremains @mistermegative Imagine the amount of spittle on his computer screen. @cjciaramella If only there were a group of people, in broadcast and print media to chase this story down and refu… @esanzi @matthewnielsen @DeAngelisCorey @citizenstewart It is 💯 she went to a private school. Bank on it. @LuckyHeronSay @AOC This is really dumber than you think. @mjfree You don't live in VA, so it is indeed, not your America. You may go now. @eScarry @RobProvince He doesn't even rate. We the people are responsible. If this horseshit didn't have such a la… @redsteeze Menacingly @scottlincicome Parody? Just ignorant?Jimi Hendrix in 1967
Retweeted by Jason Hamby @Vets4AP Apple Dumpling. @Olivianuzzi Even though Olivia is generally a turd, this is a good point. @jaredlholt ☝️☝️Holy cow, I agree with this silly and reflexive polemicist on something... @Julio_Rosas11 Such narrow and ad hominem analysis. @DavMicRot @Julio_Rosas11 Good thing that you don't have any more say than anyone else. @DavMicRot Why do you have such low regard for your own integrity? Sad to see such self destructiveness. @DavidAFrench We should have impeached the last several presidents. @the_jon_a_thon The amount of time ppl spend grousing about non issues... @ProperOpinion @ronnea1 @PamKeithFL Thank you. Chronology does not convey maturity. @the_jon_a_thon Left wingers, man. @DeAngelisCorey Read over the critique. Unless I missed it, they object to your methods but don't offer any empir… @NEPCtweet @AnnenbergInst This is clownish. @drloisweiner @AnnenbergInst @NEPCtweet @NPEaction @Division_L @AESAtalk Along with some gratuitous nonsense about…
@peekaso @BumbleSupport Seems your instincts were good. @drloisweiner @AnnenbergInst @NEPCtweet @NPEaction @Division_L @AESAtalk I see you forgot to refute any of the find… @Msbmoran @Monkey3ddd @JonahDispatch Well, you have some dissimilarities with the deity @Monkey3ddd @Msbmoran @JonahDispatch Truly generous people don't waste time with analysis of the charity of others. @Msbmoran @Monkey3ddd @JonahDispatch What have you done? @jason_howerton Probably not, since the commentary from the opponents wasn't broadcasting it. @NealMcCluskey @palan57 @CatoInstitute A great deal of that in political argumentation. Families deserve better. @NealMcCluskey @palan57 @CatoInstitute If you can't present a more compelling argument, libel your targets. @redsteeze @MattLaslo History began yesterday, Steeze. @BizballMaury @JayCaruso You really don't know, do you? @BizballMaury @ZaidJilani @JayCaruso An adult generally just admits error and moves on. Then, there's you. @SebastianMurdoc You seem to be upset. If you self soothe, you might be able to find your big boy words @minhtngo Didn't really think that through, did you? @SenGillibrand No. @paulinfuso @AGHamilton29 Thank you for the object lesson in non sequitur logical fallacy. @AndyBCampbell Are you insinuating causation? That is a leap. If you're saying guns can be used for violent and cr… @SirajAHashmi They are eliminating every vector for pants-shitting critique.Imagine being this person and having the temerity to condescend to anyone.
@MurieAnita1 @JayCaruso @ScottHech Haha, you still don't get the point. @JayCaruso @MurieAnita1 @ScottHech Incurious people are incurious, Jay. @loisbeckett You mean the governor that said he was fearful was not prepared? @LarryWhitesf @davidhogg111 This really is a bad take. @IntheClutch75 @cowboymp @fakegalloway @JJT_Journalist It's not a winning culture. That begins at the top and goes… @duckinfantry @JayCaruso The Hiey P Newton gun club. I had forgotten about the rallies they had. @JayCaruso It's perfect. It's a non falsifiable premise that perfectly fits his biases. @CarlPaulus He doesn't understand how he sullies the brand, nor is he associated with ppl who love him enough to help him see it. @wardcarroll @marshallamps Mine is a 57 reissue standard. Like buttah. I also love it with my AC15. @KCStahl @JC1053 No. Next question. @brad_polumbo @BernieSanders Bernie is an awful human @JJT_Journalist @bobbymac1206 @VoiceOfTheStar @wardcarroll @marshallamps Need to know more about that Les Paul. @scottlincicome We need a grifter calculator, tbh. @GeneSnelling @pastors4txkids They are indeed a brood of vipers, whitewashed sepulchres. @BenRogers I'm never taking the bait again anyway. I won't believe it until they're hoisting a Lombardi and then I… @kamrongatlin112 @nanino1921 @JC1053 They paid a dude and they were still garbage.