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Amateur Brewer, writer. Professional husband, daddy. Texan, Econ, Finance. Lover of 1 Les Paul & some other guitars.libertarian. On Earth 2, I'm James Hetfield.

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More progress. Just about time to cut the binding channel and put on the binding. Finish the fretboard inlays and t… @brentk56 @WilliamJoy @JimPethokoukis @wfaa Positive rate is not terribly revealing if testing volume is not consta… @VoiceOfTheStar Hope your pal is ok. @RobGeorge Those twerps would do well to follow the Clint Eastwood philosophy- "a man's got to know his limitations." @CarlPaulus The better tu quoque he omitted is the internment of Japanese citizens. But then lefties would have t… @christianjbdev If you note what the 2+2=5 crowd are actually arguing, the underlying arguments are rarely conceptually mathematics. @four4thefire If you assume politicians are never sincere you will be correct more often than incorrect. @MattWelch @KeithMcLachlan2 @the_house_dawg @the_decadents @GlennWiens @Pittpatva @literaryeric @Troger07 @HJWallEcon @BashfulFred Does homey not own a Sawzall? @angry_blue_dot @redsteeze Samesies. @redsteeze Pretty solid comedy, tbh. @lukeisamazing East Texas Clap Doctor. @AGHamilton29 The truly funny part is a right to housing implies a right to control space. Abolishing landlords i… @GeneHealy George III is the best. I am shook that the monarch is my favorite character.
@AstorAaron Happy birthday. I'm one year ahead of you. @BobMurphyEcon That doesn't have a kickass drum fill. @jordanlperkins So, if housing is a right, that implies a right to control a certain amount of space. Abolishing… @earldean71 @jordanlperkins mean, it's impressive in some ways to see a true believer ... @CarlPaulus @ThatEricAlper All along the watchtower @joelmd70 @LeviaSatan @ThatEricAlper Draiman really brings a beautiful and passionate angst to the song. @RobGeorge Dude had skin in the game.
@therealarod1984 Cameron's daily is the equivalent of Harris county posting 4900 cases. Yikes. @PhilWMagness Amazing. There really is nothing objectionable about Friedman (to rational people, anyway). Vehemen… @jordanlperkins He needs to stop talking. "never interrupt your opponent when they are in the process of committing a blunder." @scottlincicome Big, if true. Now we need to answer why other tariffs work just swell, but Trump's don't. Total mystery. @VoiceOfTheStar It seems the change in stance towards MJ should have invalidated previous suspensions for smoking. @SShackford It's risible that they actually believe that the NRA is upstream of the movement. The reality is reversed. @AndyGrewal I am still amazed they're attacking a prescient building. It could be useful, folks. @TheAbridgedZach @GunOwners @DefDist The funny thing is that lefties think the NRA is upstream of gun owners and th… @jordanlperkins There is little chance that states are going to cede their autonomy, especially when you consider… @DavidRutz @redsteeze A salt weapons. @Richard_Spoor Your characterization of their actions are ludicrous. And, intelligent, adult professionals don't… Trump accidentally helps rid Twitter of half-honest people like Molloy, Rupar and Lewis it would be fortuitous… @PhilWMagness @CarlPaulus @jpjjr1961 If you find yourself defending a brazen liar, it is time to question your life choices @jpjjr1961 @samkirbyosborne I like the way you wove a pun in this looming issue. And you didn't need a thread. @robbysoave Very interested to hear how their other applications of their theories of collective guilt lock people… @heckyessica "Anti-communist propaganda". AKA quality history @BobMurphyEcon The 2+2=5 crowd are not arguing mathematical concepts.
@radleybalko Holy non sequitur. @therealarod1984 Pos % as a metric only makes sense if either testing is consistent or you scale to the testing level. @JeffOnTheRight I've watched multiple times. What led Lane to draw his weapon? He wasn't called to a violent crime… @JeffOnTheRight My position that Chauvin acted criminally was never predicated on Floyd acting perfectly. It was… @JeffOnTheRight @harrumphisay @FarukEliseo10 @AnnCoulter The morally confused will generally tell you who they are, Jeff. @politicalmath Nothing the admin has or hasn't done precludes states, counties, cities from taking actions, even co… @jmhorp He ain't kidding, but he's not serious.This guy skipped a few logical steps in reaching this conclusion. Who am I kidding, this is not a logical person. @StephenGutowski @politicalmath Yes. Anyone who sells their integrity should be on mute. @jowlsome @CHSommers You presuppose that their friends are being insincere. Certainly possible. @jordanlperkins You need to diversify and revisit the make/buy decision if for no other reason than to mitigate your risk. @jordanlperkins Miller lite = Bud light = Coors @PhilWMagness They want to win the argument with collective guilt through libel. @therealarod1984 Damn, Cameron Co has 1/10th the population of Harris Co. If I am not off their daily total would e… @JustinoBrooks I wish TXIP would do this. I would buy a dozen and give em away. @PhilWMagness Calhoun bears some mention in the context of public choice, but not in the way the MacLean crowd would like. @PhilWMagness I am certainly not versed in all of the nuances of the disagreements among academics, but I have seen…
@NealMcCluskey Organize like minded people to pool resources into scholarships for people with financial hardships. @mf_vio Quartz is nice and fairly low maintenance.This is where I step right off libertarian orthodoxy. @JeffOnTheRight My standard answer: The morally confused will generally tell you just who they are. @ThatEricAlper "Go with it, folks." @peekaso @jason_howerton @RamTrucks Looks like a Fiesta with a turtlehead poking out. @wardcarroll "Never interrupt your opponent when they are in the process of committing a blunder." @cobrown And here I thought he wqs an honest, true believer. @RobGeorge Jonah has a whale of an idea there, it's just that Nineveh can't recognize it. @JonahTulsNFL So of course JG made certain to only let that happen 5 times. @justanurse25 Looks like a Prius with a turtlehead. @SirajAHashmi @AGHamilton29 For all the crap Jack takes, amplifying the dumbest people so that we know who to write… @robbysoave @jonathanvswan @JeffOnTheRight @notaproviderMD I think it may be a two-fer. They get the satisfaction of being tough on officers a… @SirajAHashmi I. Am. Deceased. @JoeSilverman7 @RobGeorge "You're a lousy poker player, Swan." @scottlincicome @nberpubs Water is wet, flatulence stinks, Bob Saget was the worst AFV host ever. Protectionism is… @NumbersMuncher Key takeaway: @jonathanvswan must really suck at poker. @Vets4AP @CCCriminalcops @beyondreasdoubt @existentialfish @TPCarney Show respect. He's a news director. @Vets4AP Useless, boring, unproductive adolescent has opinions about people creating jobs. @FriedrichHayek We could be forgiven for expecting a science writer to utilize reason in the critique of opposing p… @VoiceOfTheStar That looked pretty bad.
The thought leader/public intellectual/ commentator class is profoundly broken in the US. @ryanlcooper I am certain that was satisfying to type. You're not self-aware so you don't recognize that you're just embarrassing yourself. @Dan_Ruppert It's a thread, man. He had multiple opportunities to stop. He needs a vacation. @EdWhelanEPPC @varadmehta @SenWhitehouse But for real, a political hack with atrophied intellect really doesn't like politicization. @SenWhitehouse That would be the senate. But, go off King. @TIME123411 @gabrielmalor Ar15 chambered for .458 SOCOM. @ryanlcooper You need a vacay, man.Happy birthday @papahetfield81 @RockyMountViews @beanrua2 @heckyessica Maybe. But her behavior was illegitimate. Maybe you need to think about that. @funylibertarian Adolph Entenmann.
@Liketheweathr @MattWelch Garth is a helluva an artist and I'm forever grateful for him pointing the way to Chris Ledoux. @MattWelch I'm going with Sonic Temple. Favorite cuts - Firewoman, Edie, Automatic Blues. Narrowly beats Killing… @MattWelch @Liketheweathr Much Too Young to Feel This Damn Old is the best cut on that album. @DeaconBlues0 "You don't understand the subject matter" is a good description. @PhilWMagness His opinion on any topic is the opinion of the last person he talked to. @JoeBiden Trump does not have this much control.