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@kyarwrld 🔥🔥 @SwingOnThis92 Same LOL it’s soo good @WAG_K1NG Yea i thought the same when Post dropped Goodbyes but then I got use to it. I use to not like Young Thug… juice single is 🔥 ~ 999
@IFomex 🦋Doing a small sale for a limited time on standard banners! Going from $40 —> $25 So if you’d like to pick one up…
Merry Christmas 🎄 hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas day today! For everyone that already had your Christmas,…
Christmas is Fr in 3 days... dont remember the last time December was this short
@Aether_ea That all black fit looks awesome!
@itsarkheops Might take sometime ofc to get a project done! I just need to feel out some styles I like. I will def… about coming back to Fortnite GFX soon... Not going to lie ladies and gentlemen, this looooong break i too…
@ncvgamesTv @HappyPower @ParaloxArtists Thanks! This is a super old piece haha i really appreciate the comment 💞
Taking a first look at Cyberpunk 2077! Come join :)
@ParaloxArtists @arletteotaku Ayyyy lets go!A new video is live on the channel! >< This time featuring @iProjectRaw and @arletteotaku!
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I am streaming some Minecraft Modded Survival RN! If you want to chill, stop on by!
Top 10 Designs for the month of November! 🍂 Congrats, mini-event coming around Christmas time so look out for that…
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Montage is out now! Check it out down below! Dont forget to leave a like, and share the video if you enjoyed! Subs… @Borderlands Yikes 😳 @WAG_K1NG 💕Good afternoon everyone! My new video premieres in an hour! Don’t forget to showup if you want to see it live when it drops! @fnbrstuff_ I’ve got taste in music bro 😎 Polo G is awesome @WAG_K1NG I can't wait either! So exciting😆Set a reminder 🔔 Watch it LIVE in down below! We are set to launch in 10 Hours! GET READY! 🍿 Subscribe to the cha…**MARK Imagine having a typo on your marketing presentation 🤣MAKE YOUR CALENDARS, MAKE AN ALARM because a New video will premiere tomorrow at 3PM EST on the iProjectRaw channel…
My Call of Duty Modern Warfare Montage should be out tomorrow! Lets just hope I can get it done by tonight! I will… @CreationOfMora Thank you so much 💘 @CreationOfMora @CreationOfMora I cant wait until i drop this on my channel! It’s looking really good @WAG_K1NG You already know bro😈Sneak peak 👀
Sign me up someone😎
Journey for Avaritia EP. 1 - CREEPER GO BOOM
Wow I made a Minecraft Thumbnail, extruding needs work but hey that comes with practice! I havn't done this in so l… @RIPNDIP Can’t wait 👀 ❄️ Rocking the No Place Like Home coach jacket 🥰
@IFomex Facts
@SwingOnThis92 Customer service is all you needBusiness tip: Your ears will sell more than your mouth
@CreationOfMora 2020 never* @CreationOfMora Fr though seems like 2020 vener really existed considering how fast it went by2 more months of 2020
@Garka23_ That’s crazy 😂
@CreationOfMora Awesome! That’s great to hearHappy Saturday everyone! Hope you all are having or have had a great day today¡—🦋
@LyonLovesErnsto For sure @itsarkheops Yea, I think this is my last piece that I’ll drop for Fortnite not only because I am getting bored of… @ItzQuanBTW I think it’s a really unique project that should get finishedShould I finish this piece as my LAST fortnite piece here on Twitter I started it in January but just never gotten… @panovski_ivo That is also trueI really want to motivate myself to get back into making videos again like the old days of iProjectRaw
@ItzQuanBTW @catherrera11 @vanishsznn @NobitaServices @sxlaralt Ayyy @MrADubs You as well broGood morning ¡—🦋Thanks for the birthday wishes ladies and gentlemen! Had an awesome day today! Can’t thank you all enough 😊 I boug…
@alnormely Fr though @ParaloxArtists @iProjectRaw happy bday man
Retweeted by 🦋iProjectRaw🦋| Stay Positive💞🇺🇸Happy birthday @iProjectRaw! 🎂 We hope you had a great day.
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Retweeted by 🦋iProjectRaw🦋| Stay Positive💞🇺🇸 @XTigerHyperX @itsarkheops Thank you ! @itsarkheops Thank you so much bro! Means a lot to me man🥰i cant wait for the day we meet in person. Going to be such an awesome dayHappy Birthday to the goat himself @iProjectRaw 🥳 an amazing person with a huge heart and an insane set of skills! Drop him a follow!
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Retweeted by 🦋iProjectRaw🦋| Stay Positive💞🇺🇸 @Garka23_ Thanks bro! You’ll always still be my broHappy Birthday @iProjectRaw!!! Even though we dont talk as often as before, I just wanted to wish you a very specia…
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Retweeted by 🦋iProjectRaw🦋| Stay Positive💞🇺🇸 @fnbrstuff_ Thanks bro! I need to make something again soon. Havnt done anything in the past month 😂 @Aether_ea Wow really?? I gotcha bro! #StayPositive @Aether_ea Thanks! 😊 hope you have had a great week! Make sure you start next week off strong 💪🏽 @iProjectRaw whaaa? happy birthday!
Retweeted by 🦋iProjectRaw🦋| Stay Positive💞🇺🇸 @fnbrstuff_ Yea I’m awesome bro! @fnbrstuff_ Omg hey Luxe! Been a minute! How are you man @iProjectRaw Happy birthday man 🎉
Retweeted by 🦋iProjectRaw🦋| Stay Positive💞🇺🇸 @torqaa For sure bro always @Xuykie Thanks! @torqaa Yea nah i was having too much fun with my friends. That distracted me from using twitter at all @iProjectRaw Happy birthday 🎊 let all your dreams come true😉👍🏻
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Retweeted by 🦋iProjectRaw🦋| Stay Positive💞🇺🇸 @torqaa Dude it was crazy lmaoo i legit dont remember from last night fr. I just went through my mentions and seen whats up lolll @zavidss Thanks bro! @iProjectRaw Happy Birthday! Have a great day!
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Retweeted by 🦋iProjectRaw🦋| Stay Positive💞🇺🇸 @LeBroller Yooooo from the main man himself! Thanks bro really appreciate it! @iProjectRaw HAPPY BAPPY!!
Retweeted by 🦋iProjectRaw🦋| Stay Positive💞🇺🇸 @torqaa Oh yea bro. Stuff like that doesnt bother me at all. Because if they cant say it to my face its all good. I… @OSG_Patrick Awe thanks man! @iProjectRaw Happy Bappy to one of the first cool people I met on here
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Retweeted by 🦋iProjectRaw🦋| Stay Positive💞🇺🇸 @zavidss Yea i already reported him @ArbiterRequiem Honestly man @IFomex Can agree 100% @PingGives Fr @Aether_ea 😭 people are crazy bro @torqaa Honestly. Like my guy comes at me months later. I legit never said anything to this man to make him feel th… @iProjectRaw hbd matey
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