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@cofffeedreams @Konnwatts @rubenlopest @Jools_Orca @Suffragentleman @TheSun It’s the reality, just look at the oppo… @cofffeedreams @Konnwatts @rubenlopest @Jools_Orca @Suffragentleman @TheSun I don’t deny inequality currently or hi…’ll have to peer review your results*puts on crash helmet* have consequences.
Retweeted by Daniel Fraser @mali010401 @For_bearance @AnvilBloody @kikomunisti @jacek_wachowiak @DarrenPlymouth This is you M, it’s such a sou… #jeremyvineon5 @MartinDaubney @DrSarahJarvis Best thing on tv for a while - "the selective outrage of t…
Retweeted by Daniel FraserNever underestimate the ability of overly-woke writers to get upset by things that literally nobody else is offende…
Retweeted by Daniel Fraser @MissHrisoula @startrekcbs She was “Relatable” to you, are you an alcoholic, nihilistic, psychopathic killer that h…
@TheTrekCentral @Ballerina_KC Definitely Catians! I did this
Retweeted by Daniel FraserFBI arrests British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, an associate of late disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein
Retweeted by Daniel FraserBREAKING: Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell, has been arrested by the FBI.
Retweeted by Daniel FraserToday I joined @NCA_UK on a dawn raid as part of UK's biggest ever law enforcement op resulting in 746 arrests. Of…
Retweeted by Daniel FraserPolice across Europe and the UK just did probably the biggest crime raid in history. They decrypted a chat service…
Retweeted by Daniel FraserLet me get this straight, so a black person can refuse to date a white person to avoid racism but a white person ca… can fuck off you intolerant science denying shit! I can have whatever preferences I want in regards to who and… for it...
Retweeted by Daniel FraserA message from Prince Harry.
Retweeted by Daniel Fraser @CGvetadze Dr, just a reminder, this organisation which nobly blamed all the world's problems on white people has been hijacked by peop…
Retweeted by Daniel FraserThis is what the woke demand This is what the woke get. Enjoy. You wanted this. You demand this. You get this.
Retweeted by Daniel Frasernever a) run up on a horse from behind b) attack a police officer. That’s what you get, lesson well and truly learn… only want one thing and it's fucking siiiiiiiiiick
Retweeted by Daniel Fraser @SarahKSilverman It’s nuts isn’t it? I mean you could legitimately scrutinise Trump over a variety of actual issues… @rubenlopest @Jools_Orca @Suffragentleman @TheSun Give it a rest with that. The whole concept of institutional raci… @SarahKSilverman The eagle crest is a common heraldry symbol thats been used in countries all over the world for mo… set to drop non-jury trials plans after backlash by legal profession and MPs. Amanda Pinto QC, Chair of t…
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STICK YOUR DICK IN IT... oh you already have
Retweeted by Daniel Fraser @SophNar0747 Sorry to hear that, we had to put our cat down this month as well :( we reversed this we’d be calling the guy a nonce and want him strung up by his gonads. Surely there are statutor… of the Day: A Typhoon bomber jet is launched from the underside of one of the Special Army Soldiers A380 bomb…
Retweeted by Daniel FraserYou simp. Stop talking utter bollocks at the behest of your Mrs @TheSun “I Harry, say all of this of my own free will” they mean “breastfeed” 🤣 press just can’t keep a cogent narrative can they. It’s ball achingly obvious Parody is dead. 😂🤣
Retweeted by Daniel Fraser @up_democracy I’m more concerned about the postmodern/critical slants applied to the the teaching of history. It’s… watch this 35 second Magnum clip. I have not stopped laughing.
Retweeted by Daniel FraserI’m always dubious when people like you use the word “teach” more often than not it just means to guilt trip @SkyNews @adamparsons Yeah that’s pretty bad but this is happening now
He was waiting. thugs literally trying to murder somebody.🤦‍♂️
Retweeted by Daniel FraserNew reaction suggestion
Retweeted by Daniel FraserCon man, he’ll be having her savings you forget this Metro?
Retweeted by Daniel Fraser @sgtcurrypants I say wait, cyberpunk is going to be so much better on a ps5 @sgtcurrypants Not this guy! Take in 100% of this ugly face 🤣 "wh*te lives matter" and get fired from your blue collar job. Say the below and get promoted at one of the one…
Retweeted by Daniel FraserI was raped a decade ago, during it I was burned with hot metal (still carry scars), & I have a permanent disabilit…
Retweeted by Daniel FraserIn context of the original post I’m convinced this is a result of some kind of deep seated resentment of the tradit… for yourself. Have some fucking self respect guy. @mrbista4 @FightinFilAm @aramelijah Catty homosexuals that can’t make real friends and bitter feminists(the frumpy… servile Male vs an actual warm blooded woman. That’s the sort of lady you want fellas absolute state of the this throbber and the throbbers in the comments, it’s just a bunch of cucked men and auth… @RitaPanahi But a study said this wouldn’t happen! Reddit hate speech policy does not apply to "people in the majority" 🙈
Retweeted by Daniel FraserDid that guy just think he’d take on a New Yorker 🤣 you've never heard a fox laugh, you’re welcome!
Retweeted by Daniel Fraser @MikeOkuda I love that, it’s got a rugged look, like somthing you’d hastily put together during a war, part battle ship part cargo tug. 👍Facemasks. Sanitizers. Invest
@ghostiecurrypa1 @sgtcurrypants Loving the leather jacket, you look like a proper rebel! @RationalMale @MintChipMusic This is my favorite one I have found so far.
Retweeted by Daniel Fraser @MintChipMusic
Retweeted by Daniel FraserIs anyone in Britain remotely bothered?
Retweeted by Daniel Fraser @sgtcurrypants @ghostiecurrypa1 @sgtcurrypants I can see it, s #FBPE #Remain losers, literally and figuratively, are a real bitter twisted breed. This is why you lost the… @largeal69 And that’s the best bit for me, you can say what you like, but you’re going to still be here seething wi…
@eloise_turner92 *was @BBCCountryfile @DwayneFields If people from Asian, Black and other minorities SEE the countryside as being a white…
Retweeted by Daniel Fraser @BBCCountryfile @DwayneFields What utter idiotic bo***cks are you going on about now?Today's culture warriors see themselves as opponents of oppression. They are deluded. Their relentless politicisati…
Retweeted by Daniel FraserBenjamin Disraeli vs. Benjamin Disbusi
Retweeted by Daniel Fraser @lporiginalg I just watched the trailer, looks like a fun little evening blast I fully admit I voted for it, I did it proudly, I enjoy that it angers you to such a degree and I’d do it all ov… @largeal69 @maltravers2011 @Tracey28864185 @lunaperla @Peston @BorisJohnson What destruction? nothing happened, not…, fuck off @adidas - I come to you for new trainers, NOT a political lecture on wokeness. Besides, most of your…
Retweeted by Daniel Fraser @maltravers2011 @Tracey28864185 @lunaperla @Peston @BorisJohnson Mark, this is why you losers lost, you will contin… all the snivelling lefty civil servants that kept trying to hamper the negotiations. Good're not only refusing to apologise for this tweet, but they're doubling down on it. MSM, do you really want to…
Retweeted by Daniel Fraser @ghostiecurrypa1 It does suck doesn’t it! @ghostiecurrypa1 It’s a problem for both sides, we’re only human, I don’t think that dilemma will ever change, my o…'s been told off by the far-right forensic Sir Kier and is now sh!tting it that he will be demoted...…
Retweeted by Daniel Fraser @Memblake I bet you are great fun at parties 🙄
@OrwellNGoode Well, I hope he likes actual hell.Dude, she’s on the danger end of the hot crazy matrix. didn’t know Jimmy Saville or Margaret Thatcher, all I know is that they screwed some minors in the 80’s, also bot… where the fuck are the western #Feminists? sides!! 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Daniel FraserDon’t threaten people, it’s that simple 🤷🏻‍♂️"In the Yemen, food, cash and women were delivered when I demanded them. Here in Glasgow, we have to put up with th…
Retweeted by Daniel FraserWithout a doubt RTÉ’s greatest news report ever. Gets better and better at every single turn.
Retweeted by Daniel Fraser @MsCCollins1 @BBCBreaking @MetroUK People spend most of their lives cooped up in small homes and offices for work, day in day out, yet someho… @sue_lees @BBCBreaking Glaswegian gangsters and chibbings huh? Looks like it was a backward 3rd world immigrant wit…