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I gain unnecessary stress from watching the Sixers, Eagles & Phillies | Join my discord:

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@AboutStrafe @Icy_Rapture Man is horny at work at 8am @Froste @Ultra15151 @BleacherReport @wojespn @AmericanExpress get beal outta there man @supMitchh @ShamsCharania "woj washed ur ass shams" @Ultra15151 @Froste Ur playing cod in your underwear after waking up at 7pm. Breakfast was a poptart and monster bro
@HollyyLive Hey @DonHaci @CSGO nice comment brother man x @JhbTeam @FavsPriv Thank you for being honorable and respectable Jermaine. Now I do not have to deal with the lies… @KingOfDread1 @BleacherReport @MiamiHEAT These jerseys stink I've been saying we gotta go back to the creams from a few years ago @NOT_K4 we had the same top song, omg babe @Avalanche100T @YankeeMane @MassiveDumps4U @vickdylan5 @JHarden13 @supMitchh @itsTOZZE @larosh97 @NitesTV @AboutStrafe @cennaha @YankeeMane @MassiveDumps4U @vickdylan5 @JHarden13 @supMitchh @itsTOZZE @larosh97 @NitesTV
@YankeeMane @MassiveDumps4U @vickdylan5 @JHarden13 @supMitchh @itsTOZZE @larosh97 @NitesTV @BrosephSZN @Dnadez @MassiveDumps4U @JHarden13 @supMitchh @itsTOZZE @larosh97 @NitesTV @BrosephSZN @Dnadez @YankeeMane @pandameic @MassiveDumps4U @JHarden13 @supMitchh @itsTOZZE @larosh97 @NitesTV @BrosephSZN @Dnadez @YankeeMane @pandameic @YankeeMane he gonna name everyone at this point just to be right @YankeeMane he gotta be doing this stuff on purpose @MassiveDumps4U @JHarden13 Man why he always on the sack @supMitchh mana nih yang jual akun Netflix murah @Poison39299175 @brookeab Good tweet poison39299175 👍 @Froste @100Thieves @Symfuhny I'm still waiting on my steak @brookeab Seeing these tweets back to back sent me @LazasBautista @MPleasing72 @Cuhmmando the classic @jacksondahl @100Thieves congrats Jackson, well deserved! @BleacherReport @MiamiHEAT pat riley milking the miami vice theme @JERMAlNE the signature mtv shirt on fo today @JKap415 cant wait for the sixers to let us down in a few weeks. the good old philadelphia sports cycle @OScandrick you got cut by this team, thats gotta be worse brotha 💀💀 @Mako u would think cryptic is shooting his demon the way he be hitting nothing but air @Mako i got it for free, won the onthefly tournament and still feel like i got robbed @itsTOZZE lol good one evan ur acting like we knew the eagles were good @itsTOZZE make up ur mind dude damn this the 4th time u tweeted this @ADC_PHL @Eagles lol @Eagles running the ball on 2nd and long should be considered a war crime @ADC_PHL ye i expect to lose by 25 so @ADC_PHL eagles vs seahawks gonna end 17-9 three times in a row @Eagles @UnibetUS THIS TEAM IS SO GARBAGE MAN 1 GOOD PLAY, JUST FOR THE NEXT 5 TO BE HORRIBLE @ADC_PHL the missed extra point has got to be scripted mann @Eagles never thought we'd get into the endzone tonight @CryptiicNoOne -mfers @JKap415 the summit1g ref been bad all night @MikeGarafolo @Eric_Branch this tweet still up? @Eagles this is the week guys, the week where we turn it around @tomlinYNK @Froste @Avalanche100T I'm crying why do you have this saved @Froste @Avalanche100T @Avalanche100T Gah damn @Froste got the damn GEYSER MOUTH @VinkolaJokic Look at him throw the box up. I mean that shit coming down slower than a piece of paper lmaoo
@AboutStrafe @pandameic @itsTOZZE can u make that ur new profile pic tomorrow @DonHaci stop bto @FavsPriv bossman i use discord more than twitter @Eagles we're not @CryptiicNoOne yo i think the decimal place in the wrong spot @hudsonwisler happy birthday my brotha @MassiveDumps4U @SHEEBTS @pandameic @Schovee @best4blood @supMitchh Haha yeah, 40 games a day @MassiveDumps4U @SHEEBTS @pandameic @Schovee @best4blood @supMitchh Ur insane man. Sad to see your teammates lack t… @SHEEBTS @MassiveDumps4U @pandameic @Schovee @best4blood @supMitchh mana nih yang jual paket netflix offer indonesia @MassiveDumps4U @pandameic @Schovee @SHEEBTS @best4blood @supMitchh need essay written willing to pay money essay f… @TommyThroatEm @Class burgers and steaks from chef froste, man yall eating good @MagicJohnson he aint dead magic
@Schovee i think the searching algorithm is fine. it matches trolls with trolls and serious players with serious pl… @MassiveDumps4U @ADC_PHL Russ a family man unlike ... @SnoaH_ @hitchariide the worst part was season 3 imo. i liked the reboot too @hitchariide First season slapped. The rest was well yeah @blakeir You should look into trade coffee. You just answer a few questions and can suggest different coffees to you @JERICHO @JERICHO mike tyson faster at 50 than i will ever be in my life @MassiveDumps4U @Dnadez pause my brotha @iMercii_ if my family need the money, i'll trade my life for it @Froste this is tweet of the year brotha @Froste When jake paul builds over tyler ninja blevins but he has a grappler @JoelEmbiid knicks still finding new ways to lose @iMercii_ Can someone actually give me a link @YankeeMane @MassiveDumps4U @supMitchh @NitesTV Massive had drops of gravy and stuffing crumbs all over the keyboard 😭 @MassiveDumps4U @supMitchh @NitesTV U typed and sent this tweet when in the kitchen. Your family eating dinner behind you @VinkolaJokic Might get 1 on pure luck but realistically 0 @SamManlol Ok? @JKap415 Let me cop the new spiderman game cap @Ultra15151 @FavsPriv I don't think ranch is bad. I won't go out of my way for it but I might dip it in every now and then @liv_cowherd May I please have some socks @FavsPriv @Ultra15151
@YankeeMane @AboutStrafe Yeah and strafe be RAGING at cod all day it's perfect @AboutStrafe Cudi chitoge Travis which one @cuhstomss Oh I just realized he is questionable not out. Good Lord man I can't watch this season anymore @cuhstomss Mailata has been much better than Peters all season @MxjdTV @100Thieves Absolute mad man, respect @best4blood @Paracoochie 100T hoodie and a shirt or this Avi 💀 @Froste We about baked as the bathwater turkey @Paracoochie @Paracoochie lol Mikey why didn't i just zoom the map out instead of censoring every street @Icy_Rapture lol I'm just playing, the hoodie is nice but 105 + shipping hitting different after just buying a ps5 @Icy_Rapture Thanks for letting us know would you like some peanut butter to go with your jam hoodie @MassiveDumps4U This you bro @JERICHO My boy @NitesTV a beast!!!! Would recommend @Froste What's the turkey been up to @AboutStrafe how about some vegetables for the one time
@Schovee forgot to EXPOSE YOU LMAOOOOOOOO @LazasBautista This is the same monitor that made me a champion. Sponsor me @LGUS @LGUSSupport @LazasBautista I have the gl83a-b. It's the same monitor but without the usb hub on the back and it's $100 cheaper… @ayubisoffline @JERICHO @RubyKarmaScoots I can agree. AoT and FMAb my 1 and 2 @JERICHO @RubyKarmaScoots Where does AoT or demon slayer rank @Mako @Avalanche100T knocking door to door for food. we are down bad