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@ADC_PHL Do you know if Bryce is okay? I know he hurt his wrist again but haven't seen updates and being in Philade… @DoctorAlpaca happy birthday my slime, may our sports team prosper + fogo soon 🔥 @ImDehV @lmChroma @Mohs__H @Froste chroma vs dehv lets goooo @lmChroma @Mohs__H @Froste bro we do not eat this. we dont call it anything @lmChroma @Mohs__H @Froste BREAD BUN??? dawg thats a dinner roll @lmChroma @Mohs__H @Froste you realize the fries are already... fried? @AdamThornton34 @Froste nah bro u misunderstood me, we dont eat this. what is that abomination @lmChroma @Froste i call it way too much damn starch to consider it a meal @Froste i accidently woke up early today, and look at the convos i seen on the timeline. not real people
@supMitchh @ADC_PHL @MassiveDumps4U you are overestimating doc rivers and the bench @supMitchh @ADC_PHL @MassiveDumps4U dont worry this game will come down to the wire around the 4 minute mark of the 4th quarter @supMitchh @ADC_PHL @MassiveDumps4U if ur entire team was healthy, u still would have 4 nba players @larosh97 this is not an uber fact @lledrook hello first time twitter user! want me to show you the ropes? @Phillies @Nick_maton123 Bohm might finally fit in one picture @NitesTV oh no man @moonsuedo's RTs are even more dangerous in public now @Viperous dang sidney its 9pm over there? i got u with tomorrows lotto numbers @BleacherReport No wonder AD asking for the supermax brother can't get more than 4 fps on warzone @m0rawn I can't program anymore man idk how I made it this far @DoctorAlpaca @DeVontaSmith_6 @CallofDuty @ohthatsNajee22 Devonta lets run it @PaulTweetz2Much 4/6 games were at home for bucks and sixers played them twice on the 2nd half of a b2b lol
@CrypticNoHoes @DoctorAlpaca Yo what is ur problem @Froste @brookeab This built in bluetooth goes crazy @Phillies @DoctorAlpaca @NBCSPhilly @SportsRadioWIP @IBX Thank you Phillies twitter guy 🙏 @Phillies @DoctorAlpaca @NBCSPhilly @SportsRadioWIP @IBX lemme get some right here @Phillies @NBCSPhilly @SportsRadioWIP @IBX Phillies Twitter guy can u make the rain go away I'm supposed to be at t… @supMitchh @YankeeMane no need to be rude this early @supMitchh @YankeeMane That's how math works Mitch lol @HoopsReference glenn rivers baby
@Class @Trainwreckstv @CorinnaKopf @neekolul lets gooo @ImDehV i feel bad for james that he has to live with this @JERMAlNE Can't go wrong with the classic MTV shirt @supMitchh What's funny is that account was the one leading the danny hate train @LazasBautista @Phillies @rhyshoskins @AboutStrafe facts willy might turn off that game after that call @Phillies manfred will pay @Phillies @rhyshoskins we all thank edlose diaz @LazasBautista edlose diaz @ADC_PHL @MassiveDumps4U @cuhstomss alex im not disagreeing with u, what i said was a joke @MassiveDumps4U @ADC_PHL @cuhstomss its bed time @ADC_PHL @cuhstomss ben heard the noise @AboutStrafe What does this mean?
@kliqdic save the money for when i come out and we putting it all on black @Avalanche100T @WhosBreezyUK @RockstarGames rockstar games got GTA 5 on 3 different generations of consoles im sick @kliqdic I just need a small loan of a million dollars @Class movie was good for what it is, not a masterclass but enjoyable. Better than that king kong jawn @Class @alexpazzy Bro what's the point of the irl backpack smfh @Vanityxz @Cloud9 Lemme get some right here big tits
@bopndop @AboutStrafe Math teacher vibes looking good @supMitchh This is you and massive @cuhstomss ppl gotta have expectations, the team is not gonna be good next year or probably the year after @LazasBautista just wait until 2026 when muggs money wins ROY and MVP @BeZo doc rivers had seth curry guarding trae young to start the game for some reason
@Zellsis @MassiveDumps4U @NRGgg @Vanityxz @NRGgg lets go bowlcut, lemme get summ right here @Class why is your skin so smooth give me the inside tips @sixers Mastermind Glenn Rivers came into this game thinking Seth Curry guarding Trae Young was a good idea @JKap415 howies done did it again kap see ya next year @Eagles @DietzandWatson we drafted a dude coming off a torn ACL because thats worked for us in the past @EditsByHunter @Vanityxz I will give them the benefit of the doubt @Vanityxz Commentators and camera man need to go @ImDehV Rich people who have more money than they know what to do with @supMitchh get well soon bro @JhbTeam @Class Bernard gonna find snacks throughout the day cuz i know all those pieces are not getting picked up @TristanGHill That large got my name on it? @LazasBautista Dior hoodie, balenciaga flyknits this is a fit @gratata_swag2 @Ninja @trvisXX You the cream police? @Ninja @trvisXX happy birthday travv, this cup of joe goes out to you 👍 @m0rawn count down the days @supMitchh @cennaha my most popular clip is froste popping off in overwatch, but my second most popular clip is that little ki… @ADC_PHL All it took was Joel saying something nice about shaq for him to become shaq's favorite player @FrostePrivate Thank you Froste 💜 @Avalanche100T Thank you Ava, this whole pandemic thing needs to end so we can run it back again and that vegas tri… @scobesx thank you brother scobes @RealSkipBayless he's not even on the eagles anymore, skip u can give it a rest @ahad thank u ahad!! @BigBallsGaming This was a solid night, thank you tommy! @Ultra15151 omg i look like an idiot but we running it back post covid. Thank you brown brother @kliqdic diamonds dancing almost blew out my subwoofer today @Nadeshot @ChicagoBears congratulations nadeshot @Eagles @DietzandWatson we fucked over the giants and got a weapon? LETS GOOO @2dlex thank you lex 💜 @cuhstomss ITS HAPPENING @LazasBautista HE GONNA BE AN EAGLE @LazasBautista STOP THIS @moonsuedo thank you karen and thank you for your RTs @MxjdTV This picture is one of my personal favorites, thank you maj!! @hudsonwisler @Exocism_ Thank you my loves @MJCheen $cheen!! Thank you bro always a day 1 @BeZo Thank you bezo. Hope the betting gods have been in your favor @JKap415 Thank you big Kap. I have all the tweets ready for the eagles intern, good or bad. @pokimanelol Thank you poki, first bump? (Please don't leave me hanging like I have been all day) @CaucasianBtud Maybe one day I'll make the comeback @iambows Thank you Ryan I've been good, hope you been doing week too @m0rawn Love you Dame hopefully no one pissed you off at work today @Viperous Thank you sidney, good luck in hawaii hope your move is smooth. 💜 @Class Thank you classy, I miss all of you at the house 😭
@Class @timthetatman Take it easy Twitter timeline, I'm out for the night @Vanityxz @Sentinels Nice try big tits, fist bump?