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👎😶 Meanwhile, some historically threatened demographics feel even more at-risk while wearing them.👍😷 Medical experts like Dr. Shan Soe-Lin argue that cloth masks are an imperfect solution, but they're better than… mask or not to mask? 👍👎 more federal dollars be allocated toward testing centers? Or should it be up to the states to fund? will cost of care affect the spread of COVID-19 in the U.S.? - 33% of Americans have put off treatment for a m… one-in-four Americans have shared made-up news, according to @PewResearch.
You have the podium. Use it wisely. best time to sneak in your argument during a family debate is when they have food in their mouths 🤫"These rooms have the makings of a debate." Americans wear face coverings in public?😏
Retweeted by Intelligence Squared U.S.Should in-person voting continue amidst the coronavirus? uncertain times, opt for civil, reasoned analysis of the facts.
Consider @JohnDonvan the good angel on your shoulder –– U.S. health care system under COVID-19 –– a glimpse at capacity: • 2.6 doctors per 1,000 citizens • 2.8 hospit…
Worried about being a perfect parent to your now homeschooled children? Behavioral geneticist Robert Plomin argues…
Did you get a similar text? Tweet @ us. @JohnDonvan @AngieHolan @katestarbird's responsible for making change? • Individuals • Government • Health care industry • Food manufacturers
@jakuuire Working to put some more out soon! @jakuuire Thanks for listening/watching!“Scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, that they didn’t stop to think if they should.” W…
National quarantine: against American values or a necessity to preserve them?
@PDShinkman Thanks!Which has a greater impact on a child's development?
Feeling stuck in an attention vortex of @netflix and the news? Give your brain a little workout with our latest d… @AngieHolan, editor of @PolitiFact & scholar @katestarbird join @JohnDonvan today to take a new look at fact-check… must-watch debates for social distancing:"There's no question that we have polarized... The bigger problem is that we have become tribalized as a society."…
"@PewResearch recently polled Americans and found that 82% believe they have achieved the American dream or are wel… capitalism improve the human condition?Debrief on the arguments supporting and challenging a universal basic income in America:"I became a conservative because I believe we shouldn't be arrogant in the use of power." –– @nytdavidbrooks"Even threat perception is deeply divided along partisan lines: Democrats are much more likely than Republicans to… to @awgaffney, health care isn't currently a right in this country, but it "absolutely should be." Do yo…"People vote now more on the basis of their antipathy towards the enemy than their adherence to their own [party]."… minds don't always think alike. Our debaters prove it.If you identify as liberal, does morality have anything to do with that choice?
"During the crisis, it’s hard to think of the long term. But during a crisis is precisely when you must think of th… nation is the greatest security threat to the U.S.?We're reading Stephen Metcalf's review of “Why We’re Polarized" by @ezraklein –– via @NewYorker
Twelve leading global thinkers offer their predictions for a world after COVID-19, from globalization to democracy.…“Science is organized skepticism.” –– @stewartbrand in "Don't Bring Extinct Creatures Back to Life" after death –– Does it exist? Y/N you miss last month's debate on Anti-Zionism? Stream it here: 2050, 25% of world's population will be over 60. Should we accept a “natural” end? Or should we find a cure to… is America's greatest virtue?"If ever there was a time for the United States to be looking out into the world and engaging the world, it is now.… can reportedly give a drug to a mouse to make it live 30% longer. Should we cure aging in humans? Debat…
According to H.R. McMaster, intense pressure is the only way to incite change in Iran. Do you agree? Y/N… the world be better off without religion?Tonight's plans? Dinner and a debate.Next Friday, @katestarbird & @angieholan join @johndonvan to discuss a troubling side-effect of COVID-19: misinform… Senate just passed a bill to give select Americans up to $1,200 in financial relief. Could it boost the popul… founder @PatrickByrne argues the Central Bank's stimulus methods are "old wine in new bottl…"[Globalization] is being rolled back as nations shut borders, restrict travel, and realize that tightly integrated…"Some commonly recommended rationing strategies, researchers found, could paradoxically increase the number of deat… COVID-19 lead to the end of globalization? Y/N
Health workers are urging efforts to expand medical capacity so that rationing will be unnecessary. But if forced,… COVID-19 made Americans even more politically polarized, @ezraklein? of students across the country have shifted to remote learning in an effort to combat the spread of COVID-… @CraigNLevitt @milaniabbas We're developing some potential debates like that right now!Did the U.S. killing of Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani violate international law? @milaniabbas COVID-19 attacking Western democracy? @DrDaronAcemoglu makes the argument via @ForeignAffairs. central bank is using tactics from the last financial crisis and deploying new ones to keep money flowing. Get…·al·i·za·tion /ˌɡlōbələˈzāSHən,ˌɡlōbəˌlīˈzāSHən/ The process by which businesses or other organizations develo…·al·ism /ˈɡlōbəlizəm/ The operation or planning of economic and foreign policy on a global basis.No, globalism isn't globalization (a thread).
@VincentWetzel @JohnDonvan @ezraklein Thanks for listening - glad you enjoyed!COVID-19 is forcing a major reevaluation of the interconnected global economy. 🚨 Will it end globalization as we k… week, Colorado became the 22nd state to eliminate capital punishment. Should the death penalty be repealed na… definition of "populism" has been up for debate. How do you define it?How can trade policies help in the fight against coronavirus? via @J_A_Hillman in @ThinkGlobalHlth
Retweeted by Intelligence Squared U.S.The COVID-19 epidemic is already playing into today’s nationalist narratives. Will it affect Western democracy as w… across the world are closed due to COVID-19. Does the traditional classroom stand a chance? Throwback to… recently argued that COVID-19 exposed the "incredible weakness" of the nation’s health care system…
According to @greditor, "In recent years, as overt anti-Semitism has declined, criticism of Israel’s policies from… First Amendment doctrine govern free speech online? Should it protect false information regarding the pand… health care a right? Should it be? @sallypipes argues that it's a good / service, and therefore necessarily sca… simple terms, globalization is the process by which people and goods move easily across borders. Is it to blam… ICE’s use of a Maryland facial recognition database lawful? We're reading this piece from @lawfareblog –– … do @andrewyang and @MittRomney agree on right now? The government giving every American $1,000.… the value of remote learning to how government should respond to a crisis –– Here are 5️⃣ debates that will h…
What would the COVID-19 pandemic look like without the ability to share information via smart technology? Throwba… China be trusted to act as a responsible global stakeholder?Is the coronavirus crash worse than the 2008 financial crisis? @ForeignPolicy reviews –– the push toward global integration leave our most vulnerable populations behind? Alan Tarr on "five common mistakes made in arguing for the preservation of the Electoral College." –– via… year, John J. Mearsheimer argued China would become so powerful in 30-40 years that the U.S. would have to put… or No to this statement –– "The Maximum Pressure Campaign Against Iran Is Working." to @rabbijilljacobs, "Yes, anti-Semitism is alive and well, and increasingly it masquerades as criticism…"Military escalation is the logical outcome of a U.S. 'maximum pressure' campaign that, by steadily squeezing the I… Tech versus government regulators –– these are the bills to watch: • Consumer Online P…
The @CDCgov projects that in various COVID-19 scenarios, 2.4 million to 21 million people might need hospitalizatio… should the United States’ trade policy with China be? @CFR_org's @lizeconomy and author @fredhochberg debate –…"We talk a lot about the left/right divide in political media. But we don’t talk enough about the more fundamental… on the four broad models of Medicare for All: 1. Single payer (gov. purchases services) 2. Dual payer (gov…
"The way the Electoral College operates today is not carved in stone," says @jessewegman. "The winner-take-all rule…"If the economy slips into a serious recession, will it doom President Trump’s reelection chances?" Political scie…