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Ira thee Third @ira Los Angeles, CA

Host of #KeepIt on @crookedmedia. TV Writer: DAYBREAK on Netflix. A Missy Elliott one time exclusive.

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@LauraDern Little Lies is just giving you full Falcon Crest this season we stanTaylor Swift threw the first bachelorette party at Stonewall.
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Retweeted by Ira thee ThirdSame energy“I used to like to sit on your face too.” MY GIRL!Reese is the worst mom I’m honestly cacklingI can’t wait for Bonnie’s mom and Meryl to go toe to toe please giving me Dominique Deveraux Meeting Alexis Carrington!“Getting in each other’s business; that’s what families do.”Bonnie’s mama better READ!!!!!When I Venmo a friend for our split Uber WILL NOT NOT BE RICH!!!!!!!!Merrin Dungey is stalking these girls they better make sure it’s not Allison Doren!!!“I gotta stay outta Gucci — I’m finna run out of hangers!” - Renata #BigLittleLies for the responses I’ll reach out when I can!My favorite ABBA deep cut is “If It Wasn’t For the Nights” btw @KelleyLCarter for a gay UX designer who could make a gay app 👀The new @chappyapp is a space to connect with other guys who are J. Lo and Ja Rule R-E-A-L. Chappy believes that GO…
“Had to get a mani it was an emergency.” - @fransquishcoSome of these girls only know the ABBA songs on ABBA Gold and it shows!! @TracyEGilchrist Electric chairBefore 2pm is breakfast and homophobic! knows I’m headed to brunch @carolineframke He does look different without scrubs or that ABC glosswe really let spice girls' "holler" flop and that's why donald trump is president now
Retweeted by Ira thee ThirdCan we talk about how the sun is... not being kind to the women without melanin on #LoveIsland this season @MajorPhilebrity HBO!Also none of the talk about penises in Euphoria has addressed that one of those dicks we see is McSteamy’s!!! is R-Rated Riverdale, okay? There’s a soap twist in the pilot that’s so WILD that I immediately got on board. @KendraJames_ why do I always go into moleskine and buy a new one when I see a store 😫😫😫 @jpbrammer Them: Want to do this without pay? Me: @calebstark 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I knew the winner from the jump
Retweeted by Ira thee ThirdI don’t have his number so it change the lyrics too Father’s Day, no one respond to this tweet so I can replicate my relationship with my dadGrover is that bitch periodElectric chair @rebel19 a rollie not a stop watch shit don’t never stop“Oh there daddy daddy didn’t buy the vowels.” - Beyoncé on Wheel of Fortune👋🏾
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@bimadew Is that Megyn Kelly’s carAs far as you know........ 👀, you don’t actually have to follow this dude on Twitter in order to express your thoughts about him.
Retweeted by Ira thee Third“She look like she could beat me up, which means she must have bars.”Introduced my barber to Megan thee Stallion and the whole shop was like LATIN LEGEND SNAPPED!!! SHE DOING WHAT 20 YEAR OLDS CANT DO!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Ira thee Third @GIFChaseH Where’s the “I knew it!” @JohnnySibilly Bitch never left but she back at it!!!they need to calm down. #HAPPYPRIDE 🌈 thanks for an amazing workout @burnmvmt NOBODY can dim our light!!!
Retweeted by Ira thee ThirdShe got that bitch SHOOK Simpson just joined Twitter lmao that nigga gonna find out he can’t tweet like Trump real quickMe to an aggressive player during poker rn @NickStopTalking @MattRogersTho snitch @LelandOfficial @MattRogersTho I told her!! Matt you better write that songI can’t believe this but #Lover leaked. The track list I posted was accurate. Idk why this happens to sweethearts b…
Retweeted by Ira thee Thirdfind the big brother stan: 👩🏻👩🏼👩🏽👩🏾👩🏿👩🏻👩🏼👩🏽👩🏾👩🏿 👨🏻👨🏼👨🏽👨🏾👨🏿👨🏻👨🏼👨🏽👨🏾👨🏿 👧🏻👧🏼👧🏽👧🏾👧🏿👧🏻👧🏼👧🏽👧🏾👧🏿 👦🏻👦🏼👦🏽👦🏾👦🏿👦🏻👦🏼👦🏽👦🏾👦🏿 c…
Retweeted by Ira thee Third @ZacharyRogerO Delusion IS her lifestyle @ReaganGomez A jam!She. Looked. BAD. Before #TheQueen’s return to @IFCCenter, @KinoLorber is releasing #CrystalLaBeija’s iconic readi…
Retweeted by Ira thee ThirdI love Gizelle losing her damn voice and still starting fights with Karen in NOLA #RHOP“This one’s for Marcia P. Brady!”
@LimiGittel Yes feminism is definitely knocking Mariah Carey because she's not a scientist. Go away. @onetoughernerd I said what I saidEvery response saying "this is better" is homophobic'm sure their 12 years and 2 kids care about the opinions of single floozies on the internet been knew who is we @ira told me to calm down and then played that Taylor Swift ‘You Need to Calm Down” song how do I report an aura…
Retweeted by Ira thee Third @raesanni is gay rights lol“Sade never made anybody less gay.” - My mom hearing me sing “Is It a Crime” to myself at 14Keep thinking about Taylor at a pride parade, eyes locked on a “God Hates Fags” sign and announcing, “I call shade!”
Retweeted by Ira thee ThirdCrooked Media cc: @ira
Retweeted by Ira thee ThirdHell no I live with my mama my one night stands say bye every time they leave my room
Retweeted by Ira thee Third @Remdelarem Ma'am 😭 @MattRogersTho “Okurnt” you are the best personTAYLA SWIFF #LOVER track list LEAKED: 1. Wooo, Bitch! 2. HAWNEY 3. Okurnt! feat. Cardi 4. Ble$$ 5. Shantay Away! 6.…
Retweeted by Ira thee Third @mmiswp @molls @jakefogelnest He played a serial killer on Days of Our Lives but he’s reformed nowTruly the pop single we deserve this weekendMY GIRLS!!!!!! @LittleMix doesn’t need the night to herself to shine. Did none of you see Bring It On.Warren should be debating Harrris, Biden, and Buttigieg seeing as they are all consistently polling high. This debate order is a flop. @AllAboutJulian @dreamoforgonon @louisvirtel She talks about guns and hope I think she’s saying she rejects self ha… @AllAboutJulian @dreamoforgonon @louisvirtel God 👏🏾 Control 👏🏾 @Pschlarm @jordaanblok @jeffmasters1 @dreamoforgonon Jordan I never drag another sista 👀 @jeffmasters1 @dreamoforgonon @jordaanblok Let him have his love he ain’t thinking bout y’allWe’re skipping “Killers Who Are Partying” and will never speak of it again BEEN X!!!!MAURA IS THAT GIRL @ElijahCone But wow what a momentI stan Anna so much she is literally just cool for the summer with no interest in the game or any man in this houseOverhead at Akbar: “He says he’s a journalist but I think he just tweets threads.”Just bros giving each other massages. #LoveIsland is the best show on TV?!“He’s not my type but he’s my type. You know what I mean?” Sis...I guess Danny is just light-skinned enough for Molly smh