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☁️ You never walk alone ☁️ Twitch & Discord Partner; I write instrumental guitar arrangements 💫 Instagram: irenealingg alt: @iweenieeee

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Catching up with a childhood friend reminds you why you’re still friends 😊
I need coffee... I dunno if im gonna make it through today LOLThank you ❤️ @Big_Changus theyre on riot's online store! @Purilly RIGHT IM STILL TEMPTEDI feel bad about killing minions now...I'm in love with this chonky boi @bawlynn happy birthday!! ^-^ @Amiah2001 I think he hit level cap!
@viavmber Aww >.< If you ever wanna get coffee when quarantine is over, you can always hit me up ^^ @AriaSaki @starsmitten_ MY FRIENDS AND I HAD THOSE TOO @AriaSaki @TeanaKitten @starsmitten_ This is adorable 🥺 @ImNot_SUS I think it’s been pretty fun so far! I keep dying and losing my body though :(( @crashwong I gotchu @enlunalol @aikourin @smoffu_ @BoxBox These are so cute 😭My uncle told me he hoarded prepaid WoW cards back in the day and just handed me this... I didn’t know they ever ca… @hachubbytv Thank you 😊 @starsmitten_ Awww 🥺🥺
@yoojpls 🥰 @Natsumiii 💕 @tiffyluna_ 🥺 @imfigggyy @poetristephanie She really is 😇Thank you sm @poetristephanie for the shoutout 🥺 @ChicaLive @YouTube Congrats Chica!! 🥳Hearts heal 💕
@jessicahkim LMFAO I hide when my mom is in her church zoom bible studies 😆 @PokemonMasters @crashwong @poetristephanie I’m glad I’m not the only one 😂 let’s play soonnnnnDPR LIVE - Jam & Butterfly (ft. Crush, eaJ)
Retweeted by Irene🍂I’m only level 13 in WoW and I’m mostly just wandering around lost, but I’m having a blast LOL @Purilly These are so pretty 😌
@sanholobeats So excited!Thankyou for existing ❤️
Retweeted by Irene🍂Taking a quick break from family to wish you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving ☺️ @xYoonity LOL🥳
I'm actually so excited for SAO: Progressive 😳 seeing the Aincrad storyline retold is really cool >.<thank you for all the kind and thoughtful words yesterday; I feel much better today 🥳 @iGumdrop I love how she fits perfectly on your desk too, she looks so smol 🥺 @AriaSaki We’re so glad to have both of you 😊 @jessicahkim I do, thank you ❤️
@starsmitten_ Good morning Celine 🥰 @Natsumiii 💕 @TeanaKitten Ty Tina 😊 @floaromaa Thank you Hyoon 🥰 @39daph Thank you daph ;-;I’ll still stream tonight though!I try to keep my main acc positive, but I’m feeling a bit sad today... @taehatypes I’ve been pretty interested in it recently, but I haven’t shot yet!! But that’s what I bought the Pentax for! @jennytilts @clammyheart Ahh thank you for the suggestion!! 💕
@ladybaldy2 AHH TY ALSO I LOVE CARDCAPTOR SAKURAI’ve been thinking about buying a beret 👀’m like Ike; I simp for my friends 😤
Retweeted by Irene🍂 @leeholic IT LOOKS SO PRETTY ON YA @_Neroken @ItzMasayoshi @Jae_Day6 @brodinplett he's reinvented music as we know it @ItzMasayoshi @Jae_Day6 @brodinplett Im laughing so hard asldkfja;lsdkjf
@RiotAugust 🥳AHHH tysm for 10k followers 💕 @cocoastorm_ Oh! I’ve tried something similar, but I still missed it LOL... but I should set it up again and see if that helps! @Quibblewibbles Oh gosh... I think same LOL @tsuaeri He’s so cute >.< @XrypticPyro Oh, I’ll talk to him! @Jinzorino Yeah :(( fingers crossed that we get lucky!! @marmalade_jo Ahh yay! @theasianevanle Thank you >.< @tsuaeri D: @marmalade_jo Ahhh I’m sorry I missed it!! @Yonsy_ I think we decided to pass on an AMD gpu! I also asked that LOL @stephiee312 Wait you’re nuts LOL, I’ve tried so many times to click it as soon as one goes for sale, but... bots lol @Nicolaytes123 Awww, I think those are p much the only two things we’re waiting on too :(( @NotAngelGaytan I’m hoping!! >.<Ahh the 3070 and 5900x are so hard to get, I’ve tried to get them so many times this week >.> my pc build isnt happ… @SnapplepantsTV @JustSummerThing Oh shoot.. I guess saving is hard to remember, but I always save bc I remember the… @JustSummerThing You might be able to enable it! I did that for shield @renniesaurus WHOA that’s so pretty!!
@jessinyaa Omg it always takes like 8-10 hours for me so I feel...😫 @peenerpark Literally me most of the time LOL @jessicahkim 💕💕 @keidokindness LOL NO WAY 😂Red is sus; vote them out 😈
@GingerPale I hate how hungry this makes me @RiotAugust @YozuLoL oh gosh LOL @trankare YESSS okie!! @JanuaryJamuary Ohhh yeah, I heard everyone is excited for the new expansion! It’s just a bit intimidating to start from zero.. @ImNot_SUS I’m not sure yet, a lot of people said it’s not the best stream game... :( but I’ll think about it!Is wow worth picking up..? Ive never played it and Im not sure if I’ll have friends to play with/if I’ll just be solo grinding by myself 🤔 @silverword_ @taehatypes @_Minterly @tinymakesthings Hehe thank you!! @portilho Yeah... I hope he does, but it sounds pretty up in the air rn :((Omgg perkz to c9, rekkles to g2, and potentially swordart to tsm? I’m so excited for this split 😳 @lilpoogi @taehatypes @_Minterly @tinymakesthings Oh! I saw the keycaps during r1! I didn’t know they were releasing a board with r2 though! @lilpoogi @taehatypes @_Minterly @tinymakesthings Oh, I’m not sure if I have!! What does it look like? @lilpoogi @taehatypes @_Minterly @tinymakesthings Oh no :(( I hope you can find one secondhand!! @cocoastorm_ Yup!! I knew they’d come in handy one day LOL @gracetwong Omgg, what color? Is it the frosted or crystal? 👀 you can also dm me if you wanna sorta keep it a secret! @gracetwong Omg 👀👀 I’m excited to see @ggLanaLoL @taehatypes @_Minterly @tinymakesthings Hehe thank you~ @gracetwong LOL thank you!! Are you thinking of building one? @RiotMoosey @taehatypes @_Minterly @tinymakesthings Thank you!! They’re ePBT black on white!! I bought them used be… @yoojpls @taehatypes @_Minterly @tinymakesthings AHHH thank you, you’re so sweet 😭