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BASSBEAR!! @iReyBear UPTOWN / BX / NY — Audio Engineer (certified) - DJ. ask about me.

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Holy fuck is a nigga busy shit soon 🕊🕊🕊🕊
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Everyone watching the bad bunny concert pointing out their hood
Retweeted by BASSBEAR!! to @iReyBear, @BOJAQNYC and @RaineyOvalle for their assists. This shit came out fire.
Retweeted by BASSBEAR!!need the polaroid cam for the stu.“Yeah that’s so smart, give ppl who don’t read something else not to read...” Niggalations 26:3
Retweeted by BASSBEAR!!If you wanna confirm if someone is starting at you, yawn infront of them. @Complexion I missed your bday cue. Im sorry. Happy birthday king 👑The government quick to vote a new justice but not quick to vote on stimulus tho“You can tell a lot about a bitch by the way she cook rice” @fatbellybellaShout out 6 Figure gang starting off Fake Molly cc @djswisha_
Im here listening to late registration on repeat mad as fuck that we can never have the old ye back deeper than rap“I hope this email finds you well” How the email found me:
Retweeted by BASSBEAR!!If you wanna see Stone Cold Steve Austin hit Trump with the Stunner again, gimme a HELL YEAH! 🇺🇲💀
Retweeted by BASSBEAR!! @davids_username Go to the used market.Im glad the cdj 3000 came out cause it just makes the worthier older models much cheaper.🚨 Tonight on @RinseFM 8-10PM 🚨 B2B @mariimals: 90 - 130BPM special. Reggaeton, Dancehall, Garage, Funky, Grime, U…
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@j_drago yurrr happy bday g @UMFANG Welcome to the club 💥🎉Please heal broFinished the panels today also got a loaner DX7 from @MoMa_Ready and bonded thru deep convos. Thank u so much bro
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@elise1111111 🔥🔥Important
Retweeted by BASSBEAR!!final stages of the studio happening this week. Hit me up for bookings/lessons starting next week and beyond.Have you heard ‘Kush Jones - 11 September 2020’ by @rinsefm on #SoundCloud? #np your ego is louder than the voices trying to help you then there’s no room for me to be there.Positive or negative. Each end is overwhelming and empowersthe feeling of mutuality be one of the hardest lessons in my life this day.
You niggas in troubleTrash @_jwords Still chopping them up 🔪 but you know I got you @_jwords Turn that up.This video lives rent free in my mind @iReyBear
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Ong? @DJTWOSTACKS You still got time to invest.integrity lives longer than cloutTrial Runs happening this week at the studio before opening, dm for tours and soundcheck. Feel it out before lockin… @B_E_A_R_C_A_T @kush_jones_ You know the fucking vibes @HONCHOBRANDO I already got combat veteran w two campaign medals so I think Im on fast track than mostMY GIIIIiiiiIIIIRLFRIIIIiiiENDS
Retweeted by BASSBEAR!! @B_E_A_R_C_A_T @kush_jones_ Pray for them. I’ve seen enough fat asses in my lifetime to separate beauty and the brainsTHIS YOU?
Retweeted by BASSBEAR!! @HONCHOBRANDO Waiting on negligent discharge @kush_jones_ @B_E_A_R_C_A_T Niggalations 6:13 @HONCHOBRANDO Was never good at shooting so I’ll stay on the bench @kush_jones_ @B_E_A_R_C_A_T Until the next big booty walks by @kush_jones_ @B_E_A_R_C_A_T Im deadSexual TensionMy children and I are about to play. Meet us at in like 10 minutes. Gonna mix it up a bit.
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🔥🔥🔥🔥 @ITSFUCKINGPINA Im good lmao @UNIIQU3 Lost countSo boom, we was on @thelotradio a few days ago and u know we did our thing aha. It’s all good if u missed out cuz n…
Retweeted by BASSBEAR!!every morning i wake up in hell and make my stupid little coffee
Retweeted by BASSBEAR!!Like right in front of me.I wish I had CDJs
My EP on the front page of Apple Music in the “new music” section 😳 NOTHING BUT NET OUT NOW ON @FoolsGoldRecs !!!
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Retweeted by BASSBEAR!!Back on @RinseFM tonite. This episode the best one yet. ✊🏾
Retweeted by BASSBEAR!!Back on @TheLotRadio at 6pm to 8pm today with @DUTCHGUTSZ & @BOJAQNYC 🔥🔥🔥
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Retweeted by BASSBEAR!!It’s AceMoMa, Kush Jones & DJ SWISHA going B2B for the next two hours -
Retweeted by BASSBEAR!! @SICKSVDGRL 🎈📦 @nashaification We have one yes. Gotta love a cool drink."big ol booty bouncin" @kilopatrahjones @UNIIQU3 We're not open for business yet still doing some installations, but you can dm me for you… @sddp___ the wood costed me aabout less than 15 dollars w the pre cutting at home depot for about 10 frames 45'' x 22'' @aaaAAAhhhAaahah facts im tryna find the best spot where I can get a good bulk of them. @AMENProducer @UNIIQU3 Yall are sooooo nice @UNIIQU3 @NeonNuckles89 willing to share any bit of info and experience for whatever is needed.i still need some towels whos gonna donate me towels? can meet up in bkhad to delete the song clip sorry @UNIIQU3 no one wants to see a sweaty bassbear frantically talking about audio engineering and science I think lmaoMy head is BUMPING RIGHT NOWthis is the only upgrade we need to the CDJ
Retweeted by BASSBEAR!!Btw mic works p good just waiting on the soundproof separation.It’s like all week you’ve been seeing a room transform dramatically. What you think ? me on @RinseFM tonight with a guest mix from @djswisha_ celebrating his new ep “ Nothing But Net “ - check it…
Retweeted by BASSBEAR!!Been looking forward to this @FoolsGoldRecs release for a while: @djswisha_’s Nothing But Net EP. The way Swisha bo…
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Lmaooooooo its the song thats killing me the most 😭👌🏼
Retweeted by BASSBEAR!! @UNIIQU3 @JADALAREIGN @djlita @andylvlac I know lil obs but I can route effectively. Anything on video effects it’s…😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰 records here is gonna have the best time 🥰 look at this position. Even a screen for you to see the outtakes… @JADALAREIGN @djswisha_We Smashed it.... @MoMa_Ready @MoMAPS1 @boilerroomtv
Retweeted by BASSBEAR!!So close yet so i play new bandcamp stuff / a lot of @hueymnemonic / and then i just get clapped and play club music for like…
Retweeted by BASSBEAR!!Fake Mollygo cop that new @djswisha_ !!!!!
Retweeted by BASSBEAR!!I love the title track so much 😥 >> @djswisha_ is a talented sweetie go $$$
Retweeted by BASSBEAR!!NOTHING BUT NET EP OUT NOW ON @FoolsGoldRecs! Vocals by @Bahamadia on Crypto alongside co-production w/ @a_cheat +…
Retweeted by BASSBEAR!!Studio AC is finally here @tomudj I manage too many files to filter thru stuff so I need the destructive process to stay organized. Avoiding… frenetic breaks and jungle to percussive club cuts and pop edits, @Bored_lord's Fresh Kicks mix is an electrif…
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