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Video game environment artist on @DarkestDungeon @RedHookStudios & new fake geek girl in Vancouver, BC.

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We weren't joking - The Butcher's Circus is coming in May! Play intense PVP arena battles against your friends an…
Retweeted by Marielle Fox ⚰ @ohwhatsuphey strong start hahaha @bluejay_712 cuuuute the b&w photos are so moody, i love it! @bluejay_712 that sounds amazing, yes, please make thisquarantine day 19: the amount of tension that sharing a tiny island has put on my marriage is both incredible and u…
Happy April 1st - Enjoy this sneak peek of our upcoming DLC!
Retweeted by Marielle Fox ⚰ @grave_weaver @trudicastle i am calling you out
@ThatHucGuy got 2 real even before the game even started.... @SquidmoX @BigHotSneeze @mechbunnies maybe! i started with the axe and the pistol for my first playthrough so i wanted to try… @mechbunnies i had to start again because i couldnt remember the controls! hahahaha but all that sekiro training ma… I start Bloodborne again, maybe that will distract me and lift my spirits! ................oh Tomie DePaola, one of my favorite artists. His gentle fables were the backdrop of my childhood. In his honor, I…
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@bluejay_712 Didn't have cardamom at home, so replaced with cinnamon and a bit of nutmeg ☺️ @bluejay_712 It's excellent with coffee or tea, wish I could mail you someee 😭😭😭 @trudicastle I'll make some more again to sharewhen we can go back to the office! 😭🍞 @satellite_k feeling pretty sad this morning, so a friend suggested I try to make this Finnish coffee bread (his family's fa…
@ThatJBrown @BourassaArt Unless your question is "where do I go to find the best online database of celebrities feet" I don't have answers @BourassaArt @kittynouveau @gordcooper
well I ate the wrap I wanted to eat. little else remains for this day
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this sign is where I get my COVID-19 updates
Retweeted by Marielle Fox ⚰What it feels like going out grocery shopping these days
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@OfficialLeels i hope they dont update the models hahahaCan't wait to be reunited with my boy, Fud Sang
Oh no I hit the point of isolation where I think I can sing
Retweeted by Marielle Fox ⚰tomorrow after the faction turn i'm gonna try out some Yes, Your Grace because @iron_swan gifted me a copy and it l…
Retweeted by Marielle Fox ⚰ @skinnyghost yesssss glhf! 👑Starting the day with some great news
@Singtisha @GalenRyder @KeirMiron @TomFrancisVFX @Lanroed i just watched return of the king this morning, and skipp… @gordcooper @ryanpequin wow this is your futureFave movie in a gif - @gordcooper @cjopant @legobutts @kendrawcandraw @JewelsOfLevity
Retweeted by Marielle Fox ⚰ @skinnyghost love that poster of tom nook's passport photo haha @BourassaArt @trudicastle @mechbunnies @Singtisha it's what FRIENDS do, but i guess @Singtisha was right about you.......Fun time with guests @mechbunnies @iron_swan and @singtisha ! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH
Retweeted by Marielle Fox ⚰Hanging with the Red Hook ladies! @trudicastle @iron_swan @Singtisha #AnimalCrossing
Retweeted by Marielle Fox ⚰ @trudicastle @mechbunnies @Singtisha Edmonton is looking great! @gordcooper @echochlo @gamespite Wtf how did you know I'm number one grievous fan
Play both Darkest Dungeon and #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons? Made any Darkest Dungeon Designs? If so we'd love to se…
Retweeted by Marielle Fox ⚰Me, March 2020, putting on my VR headset
Retweeted by Marielle Fox ⚰ @trudicastle you forgot your bee stings hahahaha
Decided to continue paying my personal trainer, and to schedule any sessions I banked with her in the future. If yo… woman working from home is doing so on a macbook air on the couch, cup of tea. every man is at a 3-monitor se…
Retweeted by Marielle Fox ⚰Everyone knows @iron_swan v strong
Retweeted by Marielle Fox ⚰ @cjopant 💪 hope there's a shirt with ripped off sleeves in this game @BigHotSneeze @cjopant AND I NEVER WILL
@retrogaminggeek my sisters and i always thought this was a weirdo way to play the game co-op - i only discovered r… @TheRealCLZ SIX DOLLARS!? what value!!!! @legobutts we also got 🍒 i wanna find someone with 🍊 @legobutts YO what FRUIT you got???
oh my god i love this song i am crying FREELANCE ARTISTS: This is a crazy situation and sometimes the gigs aren’t there when you need them. I wa…
Retweeted by Marielle Fox ⚰ @DallasDoan did you watch The Matrix recently or something
@GalenRyder no greasy hands for us! 🙌Our free demo is available now, for a limited time, on Steam! Play around, record some tim…
Retweeted by Marielle Fox ⚰"Many fall in the face of chaos; but not this one, not today." Remain Stalwart! Darkest Dungeon is on sale on Ste…
Retweeted by Marielle Fox ⚰So far zero people have taken me up on this. Don't be shy, I'm nice and will help you a lot! I'm also going to ext…
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@Nelsormensch who made it and what are they doing now @BigHotSneeze oh GOOD there are giphy results for plo koon @aoatway i mean.....i had his face in mind, but i had to google it to confirm his name and make sure it wasnt like…'ve always been a fan of Blondie's cover of The Tide is High, but I didn't realize until right now that the music… @mcgill_gabe HASHTAG BROWN BOTTOMS @mcgill_gabe gabe you are FORCING me to reinstall instagram @bluejay_712 thankfully i wash those regularly, but....maybe......i can do it more often now 😅😅😅 @bluejay_712 oh god i didn't even think about those don’t have the most local friends so I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned over a few years of long distanc…
Retweeted by Marielle Fox ⚰ @peachyroyalty1 @trudicastle he *is* the best detective in the world, so he better! hahaha 🦞For those of you who couldn't make it, my talk will be streaming this Wednesday at 2PM PDT (5 EDT) on the GDC Twitc…
Retweeted by Marielle Fox ⚰ @andurilprime You're just a couple monitors shy of the full matrix experience! 😉 @peachyroyalty1 Yess! @trudicastle grabbed it for me at PAX 🐸 frog detective is so good, can't wait for the next one! 🤠 @ShawbsBOX @poundaround @shaun_thorson That would make sense if I had that one! Mines...... archaeology lol @GalenRyder Most of the figures, except for giant Cthulhu, are my husband's! Big time SMT/Persona fan in this house @ShawbsBOX @poundaround Right next to your letter of acceptance from Hogwarts @dooooooooooooly catchin all that foot dirt @OfficialLeels i can respect that
Ready for big business at home, where I get to stare at my unused Bachelor's degree @legobutts @cabel too late bitch!!!! @gordcooper @RikerGoogling STOOOOPPPPPPPPPP @BourassaArt incoming equipment request for new pc fans btw @TheRealCLZ I N D E E D @rubyxer @dooooooooooooly @imbobswaget oh god, that sounds awful! is work letting you limit the time you have to be in the office/hospital?Moved my work pc to my home this weekend, and had to disassemble and clean the fans.....let's just say the pc fans… @imbobswaget @dooooooooooooly
It's here! had an excellent talk at Full Indie about how to deal with working remotely with teams, and I think about i…, Lord of the Mark, dies.
Retweeted by Marielle Fox ⚰ @Nelsormensch I watched Contagion for the first time the other day, because I thought, 'why not???' and news flash IT WAS A MISTAKE
🕯️🌹 #bloodborne
Retweeted by Marielle Fox ⚰None of these exercises are as intense or as muscle-building as exercises that use heavy weights, but they're still… and pilates are easy to do at home, too, and there are tons of free lessons for those on YouTube. Ring Fit Adv… you can get exercise sliders or resistance bands, incorporating those into workouts really adds another level of… you're nervous about going to the gym, like me, here are some exercises that don't require weights or equipment!… y’all!!! The Metropolitan Opera will be streaming a new opera every night during the COVID-19 shutdown starting…
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@OfficialLeels thinking about picking up a casual case of wine or two, ya know, just in case @ScorchD smurfs?You made it to Friday and that is so, so good.
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