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Dave Jewitt @IrregularDave London, England

Video Producer & host at @GameSpot. Welsh. Internet idiot. Warhammer dork. YouTuber/Streamer / /

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@JuhTai Absolutely. The fish lives.
Found on Reddit but OH BOY DO I FEEL THIS POST. u/MountUMP @ComradeTheBear Im very happy for you boss-man ❤️ @sscanners Just the zest on topTHICC BROWNIE BOIS @jfarren Hahahah. I can only apologise for that @Kid_Desimo Frenemy now @thomcrx I managed to keep the main cast alive.... BARELYSince Hershey’s is a crap excuse for a chocolate bar, is there any good use for it? Does it make for good brownies… late for this tepid take, but I picked up Detroit: Become Human last week on PS+ and actually really enjoyed pl… @SeanJosephYoung Haha. I remember seeing this a while ago and I totally buy it.Here’s your reminder that if you haven’t watched Snowpiercer you should immediately change that cos bawwgawwd thats… @edgeblend Probably among the best 40k audiobooks imo. @Kaaaaneda
@I_R_BUCKAROO @samwrite Okay? enjoy your gross house and pink eye I guess 🤷🏻‍♂️ @MatPaget Great news dude.
@pikapies Watch itOne of my favourite videos on the internet. @samwrite Lovely work mate @PaintedByG @GavThorpeCreate Fantastic work!Having never played a Fire Emblem game, would I be COMPLETELY lost if I picked up Three Houses?
Me: "Oh I think I'm finally getting over that pesky impostor syndrome. I've not felt anything like what in a while"… @TyrenasAD Yeah but they look gross though innit?That CGI Sonic doesn't look so bad any more huh? @tamoorh @iyagovos @magicshibby You might want to try his email, pal. Doesn't seem to use Twitter much. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @NeilGortz *GUITAR STING* @studioanisa Promoting self love innit. If you can't be relevant to yourself, how can you expect to be relevant to anyone else? @jimburnsdave Why are folk mad into astrology again all of a sudden? @MegaSlippers @jimburnsdave You wanting battered? @zoe_dels You deserve it pal @edgeblend @annii0209 @Kurnster @stoonami @NeilGortz You just need someone stupid enough to try to swim in chain mail. @edgeblend @Jytook @edgeblend The IRL one is ok though right? @edgeblend Average games come out together all the time mate? @Erik_Mogensen So. Very. Excited. @samwrite Wearing them on carpet: ew gross. Wearing them on hardwood: not so bad. Easier to clean and mop. Putt…
@stoonami @NeilGortz @Kurnster Only way she can go is up @TheSteveBurnio Give the dog a lickLovely little game of D&D with @stoonami and @NeilGortz. My bad-ass Elf rogue lady managed to not die and put in so… @NeilGortz @stoonami @Kurnster SAETH TILLER WILL NOT BE STOPPEDWARHAMMER TV SHOW?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH @NightmareModeGo Usually around 35 for hair cut, wash, beard trim, cut throat and hot towel. @KubeWhelan Congratulations pal! @edgeblend Did you have to do this on the toilet?Which would you rather stop seeing? @studioanisa Now sponsored by Diet Coke @eP_Gibbo I don’t think I willExtreme need @eP_Gibbo Dire needPictured: Good hair, cracking shirt, lovely sun, wonderful Brighton beach. Not pictured: sunscreen. viewer; "hOw mUch toO lET mE sEE yOUr fEEt". Me;
Retweeted by Dave Jewitt @samwrite looks SHARP my dude @zoe_dels @eurogamer Killing it ❤️💪🏻
I had to read this sign twice and so did you.
Retweeted by Dave Jewitt
I had to read this sign twice and so did you. strong shirt for Brighton if I do say so myself. @graceblaise @drinkrelaxplay're running the British 10k on Sunday to raise money for the amazing folks at @SpecialEffect. I haven't run mor…
Retweeted by Dave Jewitt @asalisbury What Minecraft texture pack is this?First time having the food at @drinkrelaxplay C:/Side Quest. Fair play it is absolutely banging. 👌👌 @Kirioth Thicc gun boi @NeilGortz @DavesComics @Wizards_DnD Been keeping it on the down lowThe spiral into a new nerdy hobby continues. @azwah @MrTeamCorvette I wish I looked that good. @NeilGortz Dive into the mens bucket
@samwrite The pink and blue sour bottles @Skellylicious Well that was silly of me @Harley_Grin Thank u thank u ❤️I can’t remember much from last night but I know I did a lot of smiling and laughing, so that’s a good sign. Also… @eP_Gibbo Same. Except I’m very hungover
@saikocat OOOOH LOOK AT THE AMAZING LADY @Shauna_c_jones ❤️A bunch of people came to my birthday drinks and honestly it made me feel really special and nice and I might just… strong look @HideJane EXCUSE ME @MuseChick Thank you! @BruellaDeville <3 @BruellaDeville @TheSteveBurnio @lucyjamesgames Steal one for me @NeilGortz Is he super cool and handsome? I'm happy to make the donation from afar of course! Don't wanna take away from the cause.On the continuing trend of “mum tries to figure out the internet”, she has sent me two birthday cards. They’re ex… @Kirioth Dice that need explaining are bad dice imo. The whole purpose is so you can easily glance at them and fi… @NeilGortz If I don’t leave Quakecon without the DOGS tee, please put me away for life.
Today I learned @TheSteveBurnio is Ronnie PickeringRoses are red Blue is the sky Put your hands on the car And prepare to die
Retweeted by Dave Jewitt @UnusualVideos @MR_SHAKEEL @eP_Gibbo @thequiffisdead @tamoorh @chrismorris91 @dayusz @AdamRhysMase I appreciate you 😘 @Kirioth @thequiffisdead @tamoorh @chrismorris91 @dayusz @AdamRhysMase I've got the DND starter set at home so I'll… @thequiffisdead @tamoorh @chrismorris91 @dayusz @AdamRhysMase I dunno, it took me long enough to get used to you calling me "Daddy" @Kirioth @thequiffisdead @tamoorh @chrismorris91 @dayusz @AdamRhysMase Nope! Will be the first time! Wanting to learn.The lovely @thequiffisdead @tamoorh @chrismorris91 @dayusz and @AdamRhysMase got your nerdy boi another nerdy tweet… @stoonami @Cromwelp @Kurnster @NeilGortz @Gregtito I need to figure out a class and stuff next week @stoonami @NeilGortz @Cromwelp @Gregtito Stop making me wanna buy things. I'm BROKE @gnomeslair Phwoar
@chrismorris91 @dayusz @thequiffisdead Your porn nameAlbum out soon. @Jam_sponge @Jam_sponge Give us a peek in that folder @GameDesignDan Pretty lame that they were forced to change the name though