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#IRySart #illustrayBAE ✨✨✨✨
Retweeted by IRyS💎holoENDaily IRyS for a month Day 9: IRySuperGlue (help, I'm getting out of ideas) #IRySart
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Retweeted by IRyS💎holoEN明日の29日21時からは沙花叉の初配信!🖤 オタクくんたち、見に来てくれるかな…?😢 ちなみに言っておくと沙花叉はこの日に初配信をやるって前々からわかってたのでしっかり準備は全く終わってない…
Retweeted by IRyS💎holoEN @tokino_sora はい!!考えましょう(*´˘`*)♡ @tokino_sora そら先輩との共演とっっっても楽しみです!!💕🥰当日はよろしくお願いします!! こちらこそコラボ配信や歌コラボやらせてください❤️✨(っ ॑꒳ ॑c)ゎ‹ゎ‹ANOTHER ANNOUNCEMENT💎 I will be participating in an official program on the hololive channel #ホロの試練3 (holo no shire…💎ANNOUNCEMENT💎 【 #YouTubeMusicWeekend】 I will be participating in this upcoming「 Youtube Music Weekend」coming up on…【週末はみんなで #YouTubeMusicWeekend 📢】 12月3日(金) 24時、12月4日(土)24時45分より、「YouTube Music Weekend」にて、「ホロライブプロダクション」のメンバーが順次、音楽パ…
Retweeted by IRyS💎holoENThanks so much for coming to woomy guys!! Will most likely have to reschedule today's afternoon stream since my thr… in 15 minutes!! woomyyy😂
I snatched a date with watame next year えへへへへ❤ was a blast!! I'm so glad I bought this pro controller!!😂 Thank you so much Fauna, Kiara, and Watame for the f… soon!!! Dododododo #HoloENJP 【MARIO PARTY SUPERSTARS】ENのみんなと新作マリパ!【角巻わため/ホロライブ4期生】 @YouTubeよりGundam SEED👀#博衣こより初配信猫じゃなくてコヨテか!!totally thought she was a cat but coyote koyori makes so much sense now 😂#博衣こより初配信こんこよ~! 本日11月28日(日)21時から初配信✨ holoXの頭脳!博衣こより @hakuikoyori です🧪 デビュー10分でTwitterが凍結し、今も凍ったままなので特別にホロプロ公式から投稿頂きました! 1億人…
Retweeted by IRyS💎holoEN今日は ⏰23:00⏰(JST) 🌟MARIO PARTY SUPERSTARS🌟 わため🐏Kiara🐔IRyS💎Fauna🌿 コラボだよ! 仲良く遊べるといいな~💓 ファウナちゃんとアイリスちゃんとは初コラボ✨ 是非遊びに…
Retweeted by IRyS💎holoENToday’s a good day😎AaaaaAAAAaaaaaaAaaaaAaaa😭😭😭😭✨✨✨💕💕💕 eurobeef so delicious🙏 thank you for the new mariokart bgm 🚘
Want Some Soda? #IRySart
Retweeted by IRyS💎holoENGanmo kawaiiiiii #鷹嶺ルイ初配信兄弟設定…双子設定が好き?! omg sibling ranking #鷹嶺ルイ初配信🥀告知🥀 私の初配信前あと1時間半もないの・・・😨💦 みなさんもしよかったら温かく見守ってくれると嬉しいです✨ たかまってきたぁぁぁぁぁ😎
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Retweeted by IRyS💎holoENStarting in about 10 minutes!!
@LaplusDarknesss 先輩の迫力で召喚できてしまうのか…!😎💎Today's Stream💎 Being stranded on one block sounds like fun #IRyShow Starting 1PM JST // 4AM GMT // 8PM PT ↓↓↓↓↓…💎Schedule (NOV25-NOV29)💎 Upcoming Schedule!! Super excited for the collabs!! 💕Plans might change and if so, will le…
Retweeted by IRyS💎holoEN @tsukumosana Dang it SanyaTime to watch cat videos while listening to Forever YoungI have ascended😇#laplus_greatラプ様あああああああああああ🛸告知💜 諸君、本日11月26日 21:00〜 吾輩の初配信をやるぞ。
Retweeted by IRyS💎holoENw-wait...I CAN EXPLAIN😱 @hakuikoyori ああああSo Cute!!! ツイッター凍結早く解放されますように🙏✨ @LaplusDarknesss 吾輩ちゃんお持ち帰りしたい!! デビュー配信ファイトだよ!!✨ @takanelui 待ってましたーーーーー!!!_|\○_ @kazamairohach あああああお主めんこいな!!! デビューおめでとう(*´ω`*) @sakamatachloe いっぱい寝て体力をチャージしておこう!! めちゃ楽しみー!!(*'▽')よろしくです!!💕おおお!!! 💎💎💎💎 #IRyS #IRySart
Retweeted by IRyS💎holoEN @ninomaeinanis do you like... MY TRAIN! about 5 minutes! #IRyShow
💎Upcoming Members Only Stream💎 Initial D (Fourth stage?) watchalong letsgooooo I've always wanted to do an anime wa… be driftin' @irys_en #IRySart
Retweeted by IRyS💎holoENStarting in about 10 minutes! #IRyShow💎Today's Stream💎 I've been holding back my KusaKame from evolving just for this stream...!! #iryshow Starting 9PM… by: Thank you very much!💎💎Schedule (NOV25-NOV29)💎 Upcoming Schedule!! Super excited for the collabs!! 💕Plans might change and if so, will le… me tomorrow for a festive karaoke to kick off the holiday season!
Retweeted by IRyS💎holoENMaking a schedule and will be getting it out in a couple hours from now! Also planning on streaming at 9 PM JST tonight! ✨
SexyRys (XmasWIP)
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Retweeted by IRyS💎holoENI wonder if listening to eurobeat will make me faster at Mario Kart…🤔🎧🏎 @hakosbaelz *THUD*Genderbended IRyS: BOIRyS 😂😂😂😂gotta get out that voicechanger
💎Today's Stream💎 Resident Evil Village Finale?! Hoping I can finish this today and proudly announce that I cleared… #hololiveENArt #HololiveEN #IRySart #IRyS #ホロライブ
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Retweeted by IRyS💎holoEN🟡LATER TONIGHT~ Smol Ame & Roboco in 3D VRChat✨
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Finished watching the first season of initial-D and 86 might be my favorite number now🚗[🎬Shorts🎬] A new hololive EN Short has been uploaded! IRyS Kills All of Council in Among Us Featuring: @irys_en 💎…
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Thank you so much for coming to today's pokemon stream!! Here is today's pokemon faint art!! I love my pokemon💕 Let… less than 10 minutes! #IRyShow💎Today's Stream💎 Continuing where I left off before my Pokemon miss me too much🥰 #IRyShow Starting 11PM JST / 2PM…💎 #IRySart
Retweeted by IRyS💎holoENThank you so much for coming to today's unarchived karaoke!! I had so much fun driving that car today😎 🚗#IryShowIn 10 minutes! #IRyShow💎Today's Stream💎 An exciting Unarchived Singing Stream coming up today! It will be an hour later than originally pl… you so much for 1 MILLION VIEWS on the MV for Caesura of Despair!! I'm really happy that the song released on…
Retweeted by IRyS💎holoENhope likes turtles #IRySart
Retweeted by IRyS💎holoEN💎Schedule (NOV20-NOV25)💎 Upcoming schedule!! Shine bright like a diamond✨Plans might change and if so, will let you…
Retweeted by IRyS💎holoENThanks so much for coming to todays stream!! I love how my party is turning out💕 Cant wait for KusaKameRyS to becom…, at least a 30 minute delay for the stream due to some urgent business that I need to do asap!! >< Excuse me…
Note: Lorelocke rules in stream description!!💎Today's Stream💎 Thought some lighthearted rules would make this fun😆Can't wait to go down memory lane with this re… you so much for the beautiful schedule art!💎Schedule (NOV20-NOV25)💎 Upcoming schedule!! Shine bright like a diamond✨Plans might change and if so, will let you… @chine280820 ArmRyS?!😳#IRySart
Retweeted by IRyS💎holoENI'm homeee!! Bought a copy of Brilliant Diamond on the way back💎😎 so very hyped🙌✨Riding a taxi and being oh so very fashionably late😭ahhhhhhhh traffic why you gotta do this to me💔
🌟🌟🌟本日20時から🌟🌟🌟 #はあちゃま爆誕 お誕生日3D LIVE‼️ ゲストもたくさん来るかも…!?!? みんな来てねええええ〜〜〜!!!✨
Retweeted by IRyS💎holoENmost seiso vtuber right? right???... #IRySart
Retweeted by IRyS💎holoENStarting in about 10 minutes! (sorry gonna be about 5 minutes late, just woke up😂) #IRyShow
💎Today's Stream💎 Continuing with Resident Evil Village considering how calm and collected my heart rate was last ti…🏫 #IRySart
Retweeted by IRyS💎holoENOrdered “today’s special” dessert and this came😳thought the waitress brought this by mistake for a second😂was the m…
Starting in about 5!! #IRyShow
💎Today's Stream💎 Gonna try out Resident Evil for the first time😂 Thanks for the poll votes Nephamily! #IRyShow Sta…💃 #IRySart
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