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@michael_shiner1 crying in the starbucks line bye i love u so much @annieviolegrace
Retweeted by ISA BUT FESTIVE🎄🎁❄️ @dongluvr i’ll take materialism over mass genocide any daythere was a typo in the original whoopsHello friendly reminder to please spend your Thanksgiving thinking of ways you can support native and indigenous pe…, settler allies! If you haven’t noticed, Native folks are being considered “something else” on a national le…
Retweeted by ISA BUT FESTIVE🎄🎁❄️ @michael_shiner1 go to bed @laylaaamilani golden peachy yellow like the sunlight at golden hour hehewell i ended up watching p&p but this poll was USELESS we all stop pretending thanksgiving is a relevant holiday and just admit it’s only purpose is to pregame christmas
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y'all see the problem?
Retweeted by ISA BUT FESTIVE🎄🎁❄️"I knew, as I clutched my firstborn child, that I was losing my second,” Meghan Markle writes about her miscarriage…
Retweeted by ISA BUT FESTIVE🎄🎁❄️What is Joe Biden’s plan to stop recipe bloggers from telling a long, unskippable, mostly unrelated childhood memor…
Retweeted by ISA BUT FESTIVE🎄🎁❄️Haha not to flex but my boyfriend was on TV today 😌@michael_shiner1 @michael_shiner1 just vote in the poll weather boytwitter quick what movie should i watch rn(1/7) “Sometimes I’ll visit mediums. And almost always, the first thing they say is: ‘There’s a man here with long,…
Retweeted by ISA BUT FESTIVE🎄🎁❄️Jesus: This is my body and my blood. Catholics: This is 100% literal, every week we perform a cannibalistic ritual…
Retweeted by ISA BUT FESTIVE🎄🎁❄️yes i am an amy march stan and i’m not sorry about it
“Many of the bodies are of people whose families can’t be located or can’t afford a proper burial, according to the…
Retweeted by ISA BUT FESTIVE🎄🎁❄️Black brilliance A to Z... Watch till end, sound up...
Retweeted by ISA BUT FESTIVE🎄🎁❄️Michael just said Boyz 2 Men is the greatest boy band of ALL TIME when 1D is RIGHT THERE????I’m sorry what Kroger are Y’ALL shopping at
We can all feel how we feel about Glee and still acknowledge that their cover of “Halo / Walking on Sunshine” is on… @cricketspillane this movie truly lives in my head rent freethis is a fun challenge !! i usually switch products all the f-ing time but these are my signature scents rn… anxiety:
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im in this picture and i don’t like it brain: use $300 visa gift card from work to buy christmas gifts and things you need goblin brain: lįghtsæbör @michael_shiner1 okay wrong again because the superior BOY BAND christmas song is Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays by *NSYNC @michael_shiner1 hmm an interesting take but you’re wrong ❤️ @michael_shiner1 what is it 👁👄👁Please Come Home for Christmas by the Eagles is THE superior christmas song and i will absolutely not be taking criticism on thisTIS THE MF SEASON are well past the point for @jack and Twitter to suspend the president. He has exhausted all legal remedies and…
Retweeted by ISA BUT FESTIVE🎄🎁❄️if nobody got me i know pictures of the mamma mia dads got me
Retweeted by ISA BUT FESTIVE🎄🎁❄️ok wait that’s kinda wholesome tho @_sholtie_ omfg @Sia Sia, autistic people are telling you the choices you made, particularly working with Autism Speaks and casting…
Retweeted by ISA BUT FESTIVE🎄🎁❄️ @tranganhdong i hate etsyit is high time i rewatched this @johndenverfan confirmed with the supplemental anecdote that with all the dumb shit i’ve pulled i definitely SHOULD…, it's a great day to register to vote.
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“i can’t wear a mask i have a lung problem” yeah alright lady and i have a huge dumptruck ass but i still wear pants in public
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Happy Thanksgiving break my car is literally in park on 81 because I haven’t moved in TEN MINUTESmaine :’)
this administration just does horrible thing after horrible thing it makes me so angry you’re not mad at this, get mad.
Retweeted by ISA BUT FESTIVE🎄🎁❄️ @storiraven if i saw this man walking down the street i wouldn’t know a thingfreshman -> sophomore -> junior year! lots of hair growth (and a way better sense of style) @storiraven oh my god
“capitalism breeds innovation” the innovation:
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Let's be clear: Dolly Parton is a millionaire and not a billionaire because she *keeps giving money away*. Being a…
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Retweeted by ISA BUT FESTIVE🎄🎁❄️ @liam757vt excuse you they’re called FLEETSit will cost you $0 to retweet my work
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Retweeted by ISA BUT FESTIVE🎄🎁❄️ @socc3rgur1ie I KEEP HEARING PEOPLE SAY IT IM STRESSEDwould probably kill a man for some good loaded tortilla soup rn so anyone wanna tell me where i can get some @elle9815 @michael_shiner1 IM LAUGHING SO HARDSome of us are in classes that are prerequisites for our major and can’t afford to drop them without having to take…
Retweeted by ISA BUT FESTIVE🎄🎁❄️i KNOW 2020 did not just take otter sandman away from us i just KNOW it didn’t @lilredfaerie 2020 can stop now it was bad enough @camp_soph_ mine hasn’t even fcking installed it yet it’s just running all the fans and losing its mindtried to update my (very new) macbook pro and i think it’s BROKEN so uh that’s cute @theres_a_story AHSKSJDKAHD cheers!it’s so hard seeing others live out your dream😔
Retweeted by ISA BUT FESTIVE🎄🎁❄️mandolorian season 2 spoilers 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 anyway FUCK whoever came up with the idea of space spiders
2020 but are we surprised @michael_shiner1 🥺Translation: “Don’t cancel student debt so that the people lucky enough to not be in it can get off on some weird f… @virginia_tech @socc3rgur1ie How do we drop classes? When I try to go into add/drop, it says the fall 2020 term isn… RANGE!!! her POWER!’all say this like it’s a bad thing? LMAO starbucks addiction when i have an on-campus dunkin and a meal plan's the point of having a CC option for a semester half in a pandemic but not one entirely during a pandemic I still don't get it
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Lettuce-Free Salads
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This whole family
Retweeted by ISA BUT FESTIVE🎄🎁❄️self care is donating $5 for the mp3 of the Phoebe Bridgers/Maggie Rogers “Iris” cover and putting it on a loopBack from the dead to post: squishy cats
Retweeted by ISA BUT FESTIVE🎄🎁❄️"None of the persons who were hospitalized or died had attended the event."
Retweeted by ISA BUT FESTIVE🎄🎁❄️ @gennellodominic it’s not hard but get there early @storiraven MELMAN
@Blorn24 same :/Congrats to Kim Ng, the new GM of the Miami Marlins! • 30+ seasons of experience • 3 World Series rings and 8 post…
Retweeted by ISA BUT FESTIVE🎄🎁❄️no second stimulus. no lockdown. no mask mandate. no guidance on avoiding infection. no assistance to workers. no r…
Retweeted by ISA BUT FESTIVE🎄🎁❄️YEAH BABY LETS FUCKING GO if you would feed cornbread
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Retweeted by ISA BUT FESTIVE🎄🎁❄️ @mariaprovo21 it’s not the same :((
thinking about how 2020 was already horrible and then starbucks didn’t bring back the gingerbread latte @laylaaamilani @michael_shiner1 turning off my location for no reason a ha ha @michael_shiner1 @laylaaamilani haha going to sleep now😳👀... @laylaaamilani i’ll do it don’t think i won’t