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@ovenbaylo It was a leading question and I don’t think they should have asked it either but he literally could have… person + the favorite movie and shipping characters in queer relationships has always been queer peoples’ way of making space for ou…
Another year, another #vtfollowtrain - I’m Isa & I’m a senior🥲majoring in creative writing and minoring in cinema!…
straight men shut the fuck up challenge is just. it doesn’t even feel homophobic it straight up is homophobic i’m so tired of this’s still pride month for a couple more weeks so if you’ve ever asked a bi person to have a threesome just because… that any of you needed context but i currently have: two lobe piercings on each ear, helix on one ear, industri… abt what new piercing i want in the fall so it’s poll time everyonea picture in your phone that has your energy reads like satire i’m losing it someone please get that man some SUNSCREEN conclusion, if you are a journalist and post an article that is full of misinformation, you deserve to be correc…
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@_Leeonidas_ my other point is that no one truly knows that for sure. many people who are questioning or not out wi… @_Leeonidas_ There may have been details of his personal life he chose not to share. The point of my tweet is that…’)
my only thoughts on billie eilish “queerbaiting” is that more than 100 anti-trans bills have been introduced in sta…
Retweeted by ☼ isa ☼i’m gonna have an aneurysm @faegirl22 @badsuns @AVABandOfficial they’re playing at national harbor! it’s just technically in oxon hill mdthe worst part of adhd is NOT hyperfixations it’s rsd.
Retweeted by ☼ isa ☼bi flag emoji WHEN @NECacophony @suhnamjoons @SciFyWriter @davidrxse it strays slightly more into queerbaiting territory when you take… is when creators tease queer rep but don't deliver. queerbaiting is not when you interpret the action…
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just thought you should know.
Retweeted by ☼ isa ☼ @benhayes_12 i volunteer there and i’m SO MAD it’s playing when i’m not in blacksburg!! @_sholtie_ @LexSchwabenton i am laughing so hardi’m not the main character i’m the ✨chaotic mom friend with anxiety✨ a bisexual with ADHD, there's really just no hope of me ever sitting in a chair properly, is there.
Retweeted by ☼ isa ☼A third school found the remains of Native children buried under their school. Think about that. Hundreds of bodi…
Retweeted by ☼ isa ☼i am going CRAZY i can’t figure out if these are still available anywhere and i don’t think i’ve ever wanted a pair… me you’ve never read the Bible without telling me you’ve never read the Bible
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the twitter needed a fit check because sammy’s graduation thing is tonight and lowkey i’m SERVING @MCU_Direct Saved a click
Retweeted by ☼ isa ☼His sexuality had literally nothing to do with his death. He wasn’t killed for being gay. He was killed because he…
Retweeted by ☼ isa ☼Anne Frank would have turned 92 today. If the United States had approved her father's visa application, she could b…
Retweeted by ☼ isa ☼ @BryceRoper Yeah I find it insanely frustrating that one awful tweet made the subject of his gender identity the fo… to/more articulate version of my prev tweets and what we were trying to say @hayeelen Yeah I saw!! The point of my tweet was that while it’s important to call out the misinformation for what… @benhayes_12 AAAAAAAAAAfor @mooopsy <3 thank u to lizard @lizluvsoup for putting into perfect words what had been bugging me about this situation…
at the end of the day we do not know if jerry smith ever felt like a woman trapped in a man’s body but the issue of… see a lot of people calling out misinformation on here by blatantly denying that jerry smith was trans and the ha… years since Pulse. 💔 #SayTheirNames
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Retweeted by ☼ isa ☼this thread is filled with lots of misinformation. jerry smith was not a trans woman and was not killed for being t…
Retweeted by ☼ isa ☼ @sadafzgr @crixare4kids literally made a whole playlist to capture that vibe if ur curious 👉👈 @hausoftabby ILL BUY ONE FROM U BESTIE DEADASSthe original avengers when i was 11 @ashhh_ketchumm 👉👈Every time I see a queer person mis-define bisexuality I die a little inside, so here’s your friendly reminder that… @smjxmj You guys should dress him as stitch because you both look like Lilo!!
Good god
Retweeted by ☼ isa ☼ @jermiest20 🥺💖 @jermiest20 this appeals to all of my interests u wanna… make me onegod i see what you have done for others @mooopsy my 13 year old self would be AFRAID of me @mooopsy chicken tender boyhmm u guys wait until you have a confirmed concert buddy to buy tickets or do u just say fuck it (these tickets are INSANELY cheap)if you’re like me and have based your entire personality around having a summer birthday then boy do i have the pla…
Retweeted by ☼ isa ☼thank you lorde for an entire summer’s worth of instagram captions and also for my lifeSHE!!!!COME ON AND LET THE BLISS BEGIN BLINK THREE TIMES WHEN YOU FEEL IT KICKING INLORDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEBESTIE I CANT DO THS RN @benhayes_12 I WAS MAKING FUN OF THE SLIDE TITLE BUT ALSO DID NOT KNOW WHO POSTED IT SO THANK U FUSKDJSJ @mooopsy filipino wednesday addams hits the beach @benhayes_12 what the heck happened? 😦🤯🤭Virginia Tech Announces That Students Who Fail To Receive Vaccine Will Be Sent To Liberty University For Fall Semes…
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Also it’s not a “phase” everyone needs to outgrow! That’s just how some people express their sexuality and how they… @itspastorchris This makes me think of this TikTok that was shared with me yesterday.
Retweeted by ☼ isa ☼Y’all need to stop making fun of “baby gays” who shop at Hot Topic and dye their hair wild colors and do all this s… @meens_beans the replies i am on the floorthe coffee shop near my house has a peanut butter honey latte and i feel like i’ve achieved nirvana this shit is breathtaking bro @mainstreetmaddy a touch of communism HFKSJDKSKD
not sure what to make of this but i’ll take it! stop being cowards and cast booboo and fivel stewart as apollo and artemis in the pjo series challenge like… to be foodie on main but i made these sweet potato avo toasts and they mf slapped so“I’m so happy the pandemic is finally coming to an end.” The pandemic:
we're collectively joking about a year of quarantine ruining our social skills and ability to function in the regul…
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Retweeted by ☼ isa ☼Sorry not to bring new art, I'm too busy with work. But recently I entered this sketch that I did in the past. A l…
Retweeted by ☼ isa ☼it’s stuff like this that reassures me my dream of being a screenwriter isn’t as out of reach as i sometimes think… think cinema peaked with the flare gun scene in 1917 that shit is breathtaking bro
@mooopsy makin me BLUSHhow hard did puberty hit you? like a train @lindguini U LOOK SO GOOD STOP
Heaven Is A Place In My Head. 6/1/21.
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idk when i unironically started using the pink sparkly heart emoji but i can’t stop 💖 this is a cry for help 💖 @drewgouge she’s my hero💖today’s fashion inspired by jessie from the parent trap @mitchdavis_ literally one of my favorite places i’ve EVER traveledkeep thinking what an amazing example of representation this is. lil nas x is really doing THAT
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