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he’s having a main character moment
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Life was better when these apps were the height of technology
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤“Netflix declined to comment, but a source said it had been widely reported that The Crown was a drama based on rea…
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤congratulations especially to the little girl in her stroller this morning who pointed to my dog and proudly announced “pig”
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤 @autumntarleton with @HarperCollinsCh and @kidsandprose, join us for a swashbuckling fun time with @neilhimself, illustrato…
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤 @KristenRadtke I’m basically a dad who likes biographies now. 😭Yes, with apologies to my Irish Catholic ancestors, it is time to admit that I am watching The Crown.Half the appeal of this show is shouting “wait, did that really happen?!” And then googling it only to discover tha… @TobiasCarroll @mollytempleton Never gonna have a bad time with Tom Bombadil, baby. Our man knows how to party.Male authors trying to show a woman at rock bottom:
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤 @NathanDunbar That’s the stuff. 🤑Screensavers. creating outdoor dining spaces in the winter
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤Under leadership of @GovRaimondo, Rhode Island is shutting bars and gyms But leaving schools open Because that's…
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Ahoy mateys! Still time to buy your tickets for Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell and PIRATE STEW on 12/1 at 5pm CT, m…
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤who decided to call it “catfishing”and not a “rom-con”
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤A very good city, in which I will have lived seven years tomorrow. 🍓 Biden handily won Americans who make under $100,000. Donald Trump handily won Americans who make $100,000 or m…
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤I've updated the Halloween decorations to Christmas decorations
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Factual. I surely did have mac and cheese for breakfast.
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Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤No one anywhere: Me: *Clears Throat* To commemorate 2020 I painted my house BLACKITY BLACK BLACK BLACK!!! Holla!
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Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤A contradictory Black Friday reminder: Capitalism is bad, but also you should buy books from your local indie bookstore.
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤MANDALORIAN: I need something. RANDOM STRANGER: I can help. But first, you have to help me perform an unrelated ta…
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤 @ellenclaycomb That’s the spirit!thinking about the year diana ross was the stem of the big apple
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤 @_rwinstonsworld 😂😂😂 @TheeMaryWilson Yeeeesssss!!!! 😋Trying to avoid Mandalorian spoilers on this website. @_jaysonpsmith DMs you. 🥰 @kdotbuck 😂😂😂Welcome to the day after Thanksgiving, the most chaotic breakfast day of the year. @tkretchmar I love a chaotic breakfast. 🙏🏻*quietly singing to myself* mac & cheese for breakfast. mac & cheese for breakfast. @ConnieSchultz @theferocity 💚💚💚My last acquisition for @picadorbooks is one I am most proud of, bringing one of my favourite writers, the incredib…
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤.@picadorbooks has won a four-way auction for 10 books from Jamaica Kincaid, hailed by the publisher as “one of our…
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤"This is the first holiday game between Washington and Dallas that won’t be re-creating the violence baked into Tha…
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤November is a Thursday.please stay here long enough to see things get better. national suicide prevention hotline: 1-800-273-8255 ♥️♥️♥️
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤 @lisatozzi 😭🎯✨ and god bless to those of you who are taking on tomorrow’s leftovers tonight. 🦃 tweet for the people who are eating a turkey leg over the kitchen sink right now. @greenj72 💀🖤✨ @Woopocolypse That’s the spirit. 🎁 @IsaacFitzgerald
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤Did Mariah Carey see her shadow today or is it now officially Christmas time?
@alwaysalejandra @theferocity 💚💚💚Thanksgiving on the subway. @a_cormier_ @theferocity 💚💚💚 @theferocity 😇😇😇Some Merwin for this day and all days. “we are saying thank you and waving / dark though it is”
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤 @theferocity 😂😭💀 @theferocity You know I need my Zzzzs!!! 😂For the record, a perfect distillation of a Sagittarius being best friends with an Aquarius. @IsaacFitzgerald final…
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤Love you too, @IsaacFitzgerald. Alexa, play “As” by Stevie Wonder.
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤 @theferocity Putting this song on repeat. Happy birthday, baby!! ♥️ @BeeBabs @theferocity Love you, Bolu!! ♥️✨ @iSmashFizzle @theferocity Ohhh wow. Didn’t think I could love this photo more, but now I do. Give your man a kiss for me!! 😘 @iSmashFizzle @theferocity Miss y’all, heaps and heaps. ♥️ @iSmashFizzle @theferocity The crew. 💎✨ haven’t seen Saeed in over a year and that is such a cruel truth. But a brighter truth is that I know I will get… NO AFFILIATE LINKS holiday gift guide with suggestions from @tianareid @nobody_stop_me @askanyone @joncaramanica
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤 @bibliopinions 💚🖤♠️🖤💚 @theferocity 🥱😲😳 @mojodean Thank you, @mojodean! And please thank Alexander for me, heaps and heaps!! 💚💚💚 @IsaacFitzgerald we are thankful for you and your book this holiday season.
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤Holy shit this makes me so happy!! 😭🏴‍☠️🌿💚🙏🏻✨, one of the largest gay bars in Hell’s Kitchen, has closed. It follows several other gay bars since the pa…
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤Our National Ambassador for Young People's Literature, the incomparable @JasonReynolds83 was on CBS This Morning. C…
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@ms_jessicaorona 😇😇😇 Hugo Morales’s call of Maradona’s second most famous goal, the best goal in soccer history, makes “Do you be…
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤 @helenjstoddard @skeatings 🥺😭Wow. RIP Diego Maradona. Dead at age 60. @DanielGAlarcon wrote this piece on him in 2019.
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤Octavia E. Butler and Luke at the beach.
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤Oh no!, we have made history. Scotland will be the first country in the world to make access to free period prod…
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤"ICE Expelled 33 Immigrant Children Back To Guatemala After A Judge Said They Couldn't" -- more critical reporting…
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤here she is: the loudest woman this town has ever seen. all the songs ever by one of my all-time favorite singers,…
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤good morning! I have a short story in @CatapultStory today! it is about gay moms, mean moms, and a spooky baby!
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤if you all REALLY cared about the publishing world you'd be marrying rich to start your own publishers!!!!!! it's the only way!!!!!!
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤I read something today that reminded me that not everyone knows that W. W. Norton, my workplace since 1990, is an e…
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤Just re-upping this, in light of today's big book publishing news.
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 26 million Americans do not have enough to eat Hunger at worst in +20 years 1 in 6 families w/ children…
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤And your host, @franklinleonard.
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤Kids, I shit you not. There used to be a phone number you could call just to find out what time it was.
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤She was abused by police at 11. She passed away from Covid at 14. America failed this girl. Her name was Honestie…
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤Join us next week at @Center4Fiction
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤I watched a movie last night called A Gnome Named Gnorm (1990) and I cannot stress enough that I did not edit this…
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤lost objects, found objects, a look to the future — all very fitting for december, and all headed for bookstores an…
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Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤 @cameron_kasky Cam figure this out, do some time science. \How is it that October was 11 months long and November was a week?
2020 other news, VanderMeer Creative will be awarding two "spotlight" awards to writers we think are amazing and dese…
Retweeted by Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤 @jeffvandermeer Holding you to this. 😤