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Chris ♦️ @iSaintsreal Sauce God🦦

21 | lover of manga | anime | manhwa👀🔞| Elaina 👑 | Kaguya 👑 | #anitwt ☃️| NSFW

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Retweeted by Chris ♦️Good morning everyone ☀️ @batkaitom Happy birthday tom🔥 @Call_Me_Ryan_ Gm Ryan 🦦🔥 @freedomsenpai Gmgm bby😘 @Joichibro Gngn😘😴 @Utzyyy Gngn😴 @Animecontent9 Gngn ken🦦 @Utzyyy Gngn utz🦦Goodnight Everyone 🖤 @R4senRengan Gn lily @Zer0921 Gngn and peak🦦🔥中野二乃ちゃん描きました! #五等分の花嫁
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Retweeted by Chris ♦️ @DiamondRainx Cookies and cream top 1🦦🔥 @freedomsenpai Gngn babe😘 @Joichibro Gngn bby😘 @CEOofLowQuality Gngn🌚 @YamabukiSlayer Gmgm kaz🦦🔥 @lollyKage 😩😩😩🌚 @renj1i Good just chilling at the moment 🦦🔥 @AndrewMcLemore1 On the way 🗿 @AndrewMcLemore1 On my way to Michigan bout to pull up 🗿 @renj1i Gmgm renji @ihavecumbottles Gngn @AndrewMcLemore1
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@ExiledCroww Congrats crow🦦🔥 @DemonSlayerJon YESSSIR 🦦🔥 you Tappei and Wit Studio for giving us PEAK🔥 This Anime Was Absolutely Amazing and Beautiful. 10/10
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Retweeted by Chris ♦️ @Josh_szn2 Congrats Wosh 🦦🔥 @FinuliarJerrick Gmgm @Utzyyy Gmgm utz and have you seen the Vivy episode yet? 🦦 @toxruu We the same fr💀 @zeromonidi Dam 😪 @toxruu Talk it’s like a daily watch for me of this fight😭🔥 @zeromonidi Why? @DemonSlayerJon Gmgm jon 🦦🔥 @TJLee16 Gmgm Tj and likewise 🦦🔥 @DemonSlayerJon Gmgm jon🦦🔥 @Zer0921 Gmgm zero😳😳😳 @LzzzZ__ Gmgm vex🖤🔥「何をぼーっとしている、早くこっちこい」
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