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Ice Storm Gaming variety streamer and Project Plus/Melee player | #7 in MIPM | He/Him Bi Day by Day💖

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@Kaizin_SSB Yo same!!!! @Kaizin_SSB On a paper plate no less... smh @tendobrainrot Bi DrybonesI'm curious RT if you recognise this fish
Retweeted by Content Creator Tavi @foodthedude @TRai2_ The hidden 3rd adrenaline that gets you top 8 at big house! @TRai2_ For me there's both food and bad adrenaline, the good cracks out my reaction time and the bad turns on what…*waddles indignantly* *angry penguin noises* *SMACK*
Retweeted by Content Creator Tavi @ChosenJuan01 Yes @ChosenJuan01 No, 3d world @zFrost___ Loool let's go!!I let a child that doesn't like writing, write a summery about a mario game instead of a book and I don't think he'… @vintagedream14 💞 @yuutasai23 I know right!! Probably isn't anything like that out there tho @yuutasai23 Yea if only there was proof or somethin @hottytoddy420 LMAO
Pokemon: What do you want for the DLC? Me: Spectator Mode P: New Pokemon that breaks protect? Me: Spectator... Mode…
Retweeted by Content Creator TaviShould I shoot my shot guys? 😂😂 ANNOUNCEMENT IS: AARON ZHENG IS A NERD
Retweeted by Content Creator TaviI know a few that have tried... @sidebkte @VedhanXeno I be giving these sheets to my 3rd graders!! Try again homie 😂😂Alright....... now this is just rude appreciation tweet! #Pokemon25
Retweeted by Content Creator TaviLet's hear it @JimbobThaGOAT @music_struggle she does it a lot, she called James Charles P!NK and thought "Meghan Trainer" was Me…
Retweeted by Content Creator Tavi
Retweeted by Content Creator Tavi
@Rembrall Truuue, it'd be just so incredibly weird if you did @GummiSmash 🤔🤔HAVE A BETTER DAY THAN YESTERDAY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Content Creator Tavi @GummiSmash That's mean*5th grader* "Here's my Activision name if you ever want to play warzone." @Helix13_ Happy Birthday!!Daigo is 39 years old playing Street Fighter with a broken finger right now and is STILL CLUTCHING OUT WINS AT THE…
Retweeted by Content Creator Tavi
@schmidtayy Thank you!!Brock is literally in 3 of these frames lmao @schmidtayy SoligooooooTired Boi plays TFT| AMA | #freemelee #freepm #savesmash Boi plays mid/support | AMA | #freemelee #freepm #savesmash @zFrost___ The last chunk of lists I've been seeing have her hella low, when before people would put her obnoxiously high @zFrost___ Ok I gotta ask, what is it with this peach bottom 10 wave?? @AquaticFox_ Happy Birthday!!repping the team for tonights tourney @IceStormGG
Retweeted by Content Creator TaviCathy and Nadine <3 | AMA | #freemelee #freepm #savesmash
@FS_SETHsational 💖 @ActuallyAdapt Ayy @ActuallyAdapt Was there at least alcohol involved
Ya boi is back in Bay City for a bit, so old friends hmu for stuff!Let's goo, support small streams! @scarra my king 👑
Retweeted by Content Creator Tavi @FizzWMG I'll be looking forward to it! I love IreliaFollow and Sub to @AquaticFox_ pls :^)Be resourceful, use your friends. @ActuallyAdapt @AquaticFox_ @ActuallyAdapt @AquaticFox_ Zen reported me after I said "sorry I don't speak middle frag" @ActuallyAdapt @settonx2 💖💖got baited for an entire game with @ISG_Tavi sage
Retweeted by Content Creator Tavi @settonx2 I'm not @settonx2 You have a whole map @settonx2 It's in the same spot everytime!!! @settonx2 That's against the summoner code @ArrogantArron Naahhhh @settonx2 Your account can't play in clash yetDo I have any league streamer mutual who wanna play clash on one of the days this weekend? I want to put together a… @ArrogantArron No lmao it was just a joke, I couldn't pull that off @ArrogantArron I wish😭😭 @ArrogantArron You wanna donate to the "Tavi needs that fan" cause?
Retweeted by Content Creator Tavi @Dirty_Sav True!
Retweeted by Content Creator TaviMy dad bought a PC and is going to try valorant I can't wait
He is rooting for you every step of the way. He’s your supporter no matter what
Retweeted by Content Creator Tavi @ldsenpai97 Phonon was one of the characters that caught my eye actually @RoxasRexxx Yea im down! Just hmu
Retweeted by Content Creator Tavi @RoxasRexxx have allowed a 5th grader to start telling me about subnautica.... helpLaura!! @SwitchSSB LMAOthe spectre Brim strikes again @SwitchSSB"We have made nerfs to run and gun"
Good Morning! <3 | Coffee and ERBS | AMA | #freemelee #freepm #savesmash
Retweeted by Content Creator Tavi
im in the club typing a longgggg paragraph, dude behind me said "fuck that nigga".. sir this assignment is due is 20mins😭😭
Retweeted by Content Creator TaviAny clears in chat??? @FizzWMG That's what I'm here for @MurtaghSleeps Youre goated @FizzNoCap Oh yea it doesn't match lmao @ArrogantArron Let's gooo!
Come get your V day love from me!!!! O.o Love You Guys!!! | 12 HOUR STREAM | AMA | #freemelee #freepm #savesmash @agroovygod I hope you love your teammates!!Big Valentines Stream coming soon hope to see you guys there!
@MurtaghSleeps No @ArrogantArron I was focusing too much smile @ArtisticBeb 🥰🥰 @Kalino_ROA 💖This pic tool like 7 tries and I still don't like it lol