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Ehh you are. 🥴 how strong she is .. No woman is built to keep goin through the same disrespect
Retweeted by B. @_kaiiikaii It felt good too
Women who can braid their own hair, how does it feel to be superior ?
Retweeted by B. @AaeMae They wasn’t cleaning the trains everyday 🤢Do y’all ever sit and think about how unsanitary some shit was before COVID? 🥴
Retweeted by B. @Chill_Will151 TerribleThis is me when it comes to my mama
Retweeted by B. @Chill_Will151 We baby sitting. Party in the house 😂😂 @_VogueBeauty_ Girl she was over here playing on my phone. She definitely chose violenceSo violence today? Bet
Retweeted by B. @justshai__ @laurp24 @_VogueBeauty_ Lmfaoooo @SimplyKyana_ That’s literally the worst can’t leave the house without my tweezers and glue on tuckWhy Shai playing on my phone? @primadonnamocha On a family plan 115 @laurp24 @SunflowerShan Hair salons be messing up natural people hair. So I’m scared to let them put anything in it fr. @AimsterDamn_ Probably Walmart @laurp24 @SunflowerShan I’m scared to color my hair againSo today was NPHC day at school, and this may be the most I’ve ever laughed in Kindergarten thus far...
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Retweeted by B. @_Manibaebee But is it worth washing?The outside of my car is so trifling
Retweeted by B.If i stay at your house i fw you cause me ? I like to go tf HOME ! 😂
Retweeted by B.Film noir 🖤
Retweeted by B.For all the ladies who really think proposing to a man is the new trend...they’re still not married And this was…
Retweeted by B. @SunflowerShan Tuhhh Yup!!My back is killing me 😭
it’s still really wild to me that people stand in line for georgetown cupcakes, because it never gave that, ever.
Retweeted by B. @jordanlauren_ @javellehana They aren’t even good. They just look cute.This is so amazing
Retweeted by B. @Zmapper Make it make sense. @PepeLeRiee Lmfaoooo I thought it looked good. Imma try it with meat @PepeLeRiee The pasta? You think it’s nasty?Good old days #TheWalkingDead
Retweeted by B.Younger siblings friends make you feel like one celeb 😭
Retweeted by B.ruby woo is FOREVER
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We spoil our niggas back 😘
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I’m spoiled , & I can spoil myself so I’m not changing or settling lol.
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I really need to stop buying stuff 😭If you say something to me out of “anger” I hope you ready to stand on it lmao
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Sooo I don’t think Boosie was saying stay with a man mistreating you. He saying we make a woman who gets around goa… IRS really HATES single people with no kids. 😒
Retweeted by B.I’ve never been so happy to be home fr. @Flybia_ I be quick with the shits!!This shit done got me unstuck 2x in the last 12 hours
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Keep voting for #UMES_RYS21 to win the campus improvement grant! Let's Go 🦅!
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Aye @juneelite Watchu know 💪🏾🔥🕺🏾😂 #junebugchallenge w/ @_MCKENTON_
Retweeted by B. @laurp24 Ma’am..... how imma get food suggestions from you now with these types of statements? 😭😱 @FOX26Houston I’m a Visitor in Texas stuck for two days where am I to get food? How is this safe?
@KHOU I’m a Visitor in Texas stuck for two days where am I to get food? How is this safe?
Mans would literally see a taken woman, immediately choose violence, and hehe into the shadows
Retweeted by B.They got the goods on the TV. Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Endgame
Meryl Streep in Me in my her 60s 20s
Retweeted by B.I can't wait for it to be warm outside
Retweeted by B.the power she has
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These dissertations y’all are writing about gorilla glue lady 😂 give me a break. I have no sympathy. She knew exact…
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@__lipstickjunky Ohhh that’s the one. @_JuGatti So I’m convinced. They not scared of nothing but black people..... @__lipstickjunky How about wanting to cook but don’t know what to cook 😒Trynna figure out what’s for dinner is the most annoying part of being an adult 😂💔 i don’t wanna cook
Retweeted by B.What is today?!?! Like I need to start over.I should’ve just stuck with my strip lashes 😔😒
Retweeted by B.I need to get up 😩 @Daijahnique_ DeceasedNah but I been knew they was racist!!
Retweeted by B. @briaikea Lmfaoooo. I just call that Self care. You put your self first. 😂👏🏾So uno finally got to meet his best friend today
Retweeted by B.Try Jesus, Not Me. Cus I Throw Hands! And she would’ve caught them. lol
Retweeted by B.Now if she was strapped and killed they asses she would’ve been wrong.... 😒 @justshai__ He better go awfff
Never bet against Tom Brady
Retweeted by B. @_AllThtGlitters Bat shit crazy @_AllThtGlitters ..... ummm no. Fire hazard 🤔i gotta stop buying stuff this why i don't shop cause once i start it's a snowball effect
Retweeted by B.Everybody that lost money right now...
Retweeted by B.When you drunk looking for your car in the parking garage
Retweeted by B.This Man over here geeking cus Wild N Out back on TV😂Play stupid games...
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Retweeted by B.Cyberchase, The Magic School Bus and Dragon Tales were top tier cartoons. Yall don't be giving them respect they deserve
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There’s one thing that may cause an issue but I’m gonna hope for the best.Soo I put flexi rods in my hair tonight using the horseshoe method. I hope they come out cute 🥴🤞🏾
so some of y’all really go the entire day without speaking to your significant other? Could never be me lol I need…
Retweeted by B.“Jabria, are you smart?” “YEEeeeeEeSSsss” 😂🥺
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Aww that was the cutest!! 🥰 @pharaohki Definitely!! I get why Billy started him though. So team can see for themselves 😭💀I can’t wait to get away 🤞🏾 @pharaohki Chris ass never getting back on the field 😂😭💀Reason 73873975491475478351 why there needs to be an Oscar for stunt work.
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Soooo I’ve been eating so healthy. I can’t to wait til Valentine’s Day so I can eat any and everything 😂😂Who has a job that is remote and currently hiring ?
Retweeted by B.I’m hungry 😩Meeeeeeee
Retweeted by B.Just want these pandemic haircut prices to drop man. Got us making executive decisions every time we go smh
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