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Reading Specialist, M.Ed, @Seesaw Ambassador, @Wakelet Ambassador, Loving Wife, Mother of two young men, passionate about literacy and learning! #4OCFpln

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A3 I use @Flipgrid and @Seesaw so that my Ss have voice and choice on showing what they know. #formativechat @LindaEdwardsi @Flipgrid @Seesaw That type of assessment would yield so much more depth of information than paper a… @LeachTeach4 Evening Jamie! #4OCFpln #formativechat @nankr1120 Love it! #formativechatA1 Students can #sketchnote ! #Sketchnoting is quick and visual and is a perfect way to use higher order thinking skills! #formativechat @ABennettEDU Welcome! I hope this is the first of many to come! Twitter chats fuel me up! Love learning with others! #formativechat @SteinbrinkLaura Staying warm tonight, Laura? #formativechat @DrJacieMaslyk My pleasure! #formativechat @nankr1120 We miss hearing from you! Glad to chat with you tonight! #4OCFpln #formativechatI am ready for #formativechat ! Kimberly, K-5 Reading specialist from north TX.
I model what I teach. Still questioning #Sketchnotes & #onepagers? What do teens do on social media? (look at pict…
Retweeted by Kimberly Isham#GratitudeSnaps #11 Thankful for our Veterans that have served our country faithfully. Chromebook Classroom #Podcast: Draw with a #Chromebook Featuring @sylviaduckworth
Retweeted by Kimberly Isham💚💚Still wanting to learn #Flipgrid? Or know a colleague who wants to?🙏🙏 Check out this short and easy to follow…
Retweeted by Kimberly IshamCreate some memory-making magic with these Keychains & Keepsakes ideas using @Flipgrid’s augmented reality feature!…
Retweeted by Kimberly Isham @apadalino @TannyMcG @SunniBrown @MrsCarterHLA @HeckAwesome @sylviaduckworth Visual Note-taking for Educators, Sket… @apadalino @TannyMcG @SunniBrown @MrsCarterHLA @HeckAwesome @sylviaduckworth There are many others, these are just… #10 Blessed to call this handsome boy my grandson! Upon a Snow Day takes learners into the world of Stanley The Hamster. How one simple day filled with snow, pla…
Retweeted by Kimberly IshamHere is a @wakelet I created for a campus PD on #sketchnoting . #BuildHOPEedu Also love 3 different episodes of @cultofpedagogy . Notetaking, 6 Powerful Learning Strategies, and One-Pagers. #BuildHOPEeduA4 These are the 6 books I use as resources on #sketchnoting / visual Notetaking. @TannyMcG @SunniBrown Haven't made much time for it this year. I have a limited amount of time with my Ss each week. Definitely have… @SteinbrinkLaura @woodard_julie Evening Laura! #BuildHOPEedu @woodard_julie Hey Julie! Just noticed your message a minute ago! Thanks for letting me know! #BuildHOPEeduA2 Doodling/Visual notetaking is perfect in ELA! In elem. I like having Ss use #sketchnoting as they listen to a re…, K-5 Reading specialist slipping into #BuildHOPEedu !
@mjjohnson1216 @BethHouf Lifting you and your husband up in my prayers Meredith. 🙏#GratitudeSnaps #8 Free learning opportunities! #EdcampEFWMA out the Dr. Will podcast! Enjoyed being a guest of iamDrWill #education #educhat #k12
Retweeted by Kimberly IshamWho’s with me for #CardiganDay on honor of #MisterRogers on November 13? Please RT and invite neighbors!…
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Learning how awesome @Flipgrid is to use in your classroom! #EdcampEFWMA about the versatility of @Screencastify at #EdcampEFWMA ! session at #EdcampEFWMA ! @BSGSCSFoster #9 I got to meet my #doodleandchat friend Lindsay @BSGSCSFoster at #EdcampEFWMA ! @HeckAwesome that I missed out on #pd4uandme again! I was on the road to an edcamp this morning!Breaking News!!! Join us for the 5th Annual Tomorrow’s Classrooms Today Conference. This will be the first time we…
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@mhayes611 @KBurke4242 @KristinKsouers @educationhall @LTPS1 @azuck1 Have a Great Conference, Maureen! #4OCFpln #traumainformed #ASCDCEL#FlashbackFriday 5 Ways to End Your Day #4OCF @mgcjusa @JayBilly2 @LeeAraoz @bbray27
Retweeted by Kimberly Isham @nankr1120 @teachbetterteam @ozimokn @jeffreykubiak @TaraMartinEDU @Rdene915 @DrJacieMaslyk @iluveducating @Ms_Mac4
@BSGSCSFoster @HeckAwesome @TamiJ123 @mospillman @LindaEdwardsi @KathiSueSummers @KMillerSAIL @MrsLedford6Eng @EMercedLearning @kristi_daws @kristi_daws @EMercedLearning Great question! We Teach (reteach) academic skills. Same needs to happen with #SEL skills! #ditchtheclips @TechieClassical @Raising_Canes @GoCountry105 I LOVE @Raising_Canes !A4 If you are not Passionate about the Content, "you must consciously make the decision to focus on your Profession… @PrincipalOgg @LynleaTeaches Good pedagogy first! #TXedA3 One pitfall, failing to find out what Ss are interested in! #TXedA2 Engagement does not require games or social media. Does not necessarily require technology. Find what Ss are int… To an outsider it might look like chaos, but it is chaos with a purpose! #TXedA1 First thing I would look for was 'Who is doing the talking?' Students need to have a voice! #TXed #txed ! Kimberly, K-5 Reading specialist from Greenville, TX. Ready to chat about student engagement! @PrincipalAmato I am with you! Former Reading Recovery teacher here, as well! #KidsDeserveItA4 Any Elementary grade level in Reading/ELA ! You can integrate just about anything into Reading! #KidsDeserveItA2 Favorite Teacher movie....Facing the Giants! #KidsDeserveItA3 Hugs, Happy dance, High fives. #KidsDeserveIt#GratitudeSnaps #6 I'm Thankful for our Children's Director and all she does for our children in Awanas.…
@MsDeFriese @hayes_melisa @MTL_TechHeredia @annkozma723 @taenos99 @HeckAwesome @MrsCarterHLA @GtanakaTanaka #5 Love my beautiful, fun loving sisters! @TaraMartinEDU @tishrich #4 Blessed to call this precious boy my grandson! Lots of modeling, clear expectations, and on occasion revisit those expectations. #risdchat @WendyRathje @TwWelch Nice thought! Will put in my letter to Santa! :) #risdchat @WendyRathje Post-its for the win with their versatility! #risdchat @TwWelch On my Amazon wishlist! #risdchat @WendyRathje Great way to help Ss take ownership! #risdchat @Jennifer_Doss5 We find time for what we prioritize! #risdchat @Jennifer_Doss5 Love Google Keep! Have not used it this way! #risdchatA2 The opportunity to gain insight into Ss thinking. Giving Ss a voice and an opportunity to have input into their… @WendyRathje I like that you discuss data and goal tracking with your Ss. #risdchatHey #risdchat ! Kimberly, K-5 Reading specialist from Greenville, TX.
@gcouros @StjamesLinda The Access Lenses in The Art of Comprehension by @trevorabryan are a marvelous tool to help… @mjjohnson1216 @PreK33 @Hahne_Elyse Solid 7.5 today! Almost as good as new! Thanks for checking in! 🙂*adept, not adapt! @jchandlerteach @smgaillard @BarbaraGruener @SteinbrinkLaura @hayes_melisa @sbentonteach @MsHinksClass @EBGtech Anytime! Great job tonight! @GregJWolcott Especially if they did not receive that support early on! Model, model, model! #FormativeChat @mjjohnson1216 Love that you are always sharing so many great resources and graphics Meredith! #FormativeChatA2 I think with younger Ss, providing them with sentence stems helps scaffold the conversation until they become mo… @mjjohnson1216 Hey Meredith! Glad you are here! #FormativeChatBTW, my favorite animal (currently) is a hedgehog! #FormativeChat @EBGtech Thanks Erin! Try not to miss #FormativeChat when my peeps are moderating! @Rdene915 Hi Rachelle! #FormativeChat @timlriley Hey Tim! Finally got my laptop on and signed into Twitter! #FormativeChatI'm coming! Turning on my laptop! #formativechat
#GratitudeSnaps #3 Thankful for my pens that I use for #sketchnoting and doodling! @TaraMartinEDU @tishrich't read his book, but I got to meet him and hear him speak at #TCCA19 last weekend! #BookCampPD @brewerhm @SteinbrinkLaura @iste @Rdene915 @eLearn4Edu I think I signed up for a Ted Talk Masterclass a while back and forgot about it! :( @amynicolebettis Excited for your journey! #bookcamppd @Rdene915 Model, Model, model! #bookcamppd @Rdene915 Stepping outside our comfort zone! Always pushing ourselves to be better for our Ss. #bookcampPD @amynicolebettis Especially since I don't get on Twitter on Sunday mornings! I am usually in church. Couldn't go t… @amynicolebettis Evening Amy! #bookcampPD @Hahne_Elyse Hey Elyse! #bookcampPDA1 Being 'seen' involves being open and genuine. That is part of what is required to build relationships! Relation… @Rdene915 Hey Rachelle! #bookcamppd @mjjohnson1216 I'm still not feeling my best. Debating on whether I am going to school tomorrow. Thank you! I enj… #bookcamppd ! Kimberly, Reading Specialist from north TX. Haven't read Relentless, but I am jumping in anyway!
@SteinbrinkLaura @SturmDon @Buncee @Rdene915 @jchandlerteach @hayes_melisa @mhayes611 @brownfamoffive @amynicolebettis @EdcampEFWMA Yes it would! @SturmDon @Buncee @Rdene915 @SteinbrinkLaura @jchandlerteach @hayes_melisa @mhayes611 @brownfamoffive