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Reading Specialist, M.Ed, @Seesaw Ambassador, @Wakelet Ambassador, Loving Wife, Mother of two young men, passionate about literacy and learning! #4OCFpln

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Retweeting to remind myself to read it later! @HeckAwesome @BSGSCSFoster @KathiSueSummers @mathwitz @MoLewis1967 @MarielIsaacson I think this #PassTheSketchnote
@KathiSueSummers @HeckAwesome @BSGSCSFoster @MoLewis1967 @MarielIsaacson @mathwitz LOVE this @KathiSueSummers !!!❤❤❤❤
@kiefersj Been there with one shoulder! No fun! @kiefersj @specialtechie Understood! #pd4uandme @kiefersj Thankfully no broken bones for me. She thinks I pulled something, but it doesn't feel like a muscle pain… @teresagross625 I am a Pampered Chef Consultant. Have been for 22 years! I started when my oldest son was little. T… will be spending more time this summer on my home based business. I invested time in it the last month and was p… have a running stack of #TBR books that are about 2 foot tall! I still find myself buying more before I whittle that one down! #pd4uandmeI am kind of on forced relax mode b/c I did something to my hip and had to go to the doctor. Meds and no exercise,… @teresagross625 We have been 'out' one week. Haven't heard any discussion locally about what next year is going to look like. #pd4uandme @emilyfranESL Morning Emily! #pd4uandme @emilyfranESL Love the pic, sorry about the garden! #pd4uandme @teresagross625 Morning Teresa! #pd4uandme @drangelapeery Morning Angela! I am on Twitter today! I have be less connected over the last few weeks. Need my T… Morning #pd4uandme ! Kimberly, Reading specialist from north TX.
@LeachTeach4 @goodreads I need to get back to Reading! I did really well in April. @timlriley @markbrittmusic1 @PTSketchNote @mels_mls @hollyastuart @CarlaNieman @HeckAwesome @mospillman Love your sketch, Tim!🚀It's the One. The Only. Matt MILLER!🙌🙌🙌 Taking center stage Thursday June 4th at 5:30pm bst - Matt will showcase…
Retweeted by Kimberly IshamThese super-star speakers will be bringing the magic to Community Week!💙✨😃 Amy, Kristina, Brad and Leticia will be…
Retweeted by Kimberly IshamDesign Your Own PD #4OCF @mgcjusa @JayBilly2 @BethHouf @nbartley6 @iruntech @itsmeSpiri
Retweeted by Kimberly IshamOne of the moments I’m most looking forward to at @wakelet Community Week is @rioferdy5’s session: “How to Work as…
Retweeted by Kimberly Isham @BSGSCSFoster @HeckAwesome @PTSketchNote @mathwitz @MoLewis1967 @MarielIsaacson @KathiSueSummers Ooh! A mermaid would be perfect!
I will #PassTheSketchnote to Annabeth @HeckAwesome for #Team34 ! @PTSketchNote @mathwitz @mjjohnson1216 @Hahne_Elyse @pammoran @Drgriffin216 @stearskatie @kelhastings @SusanMelbye @JBJimer @AtchleyLinda @PrincipalOgg We need to include a few people in our circle that push our thinking! #TXed @gottasectech Being willing to admit that in front of our Ss can be so powerful! "I don't know, but I will find out!" #TXed @mrsmillerKES I love observing in others' classrooms! Peer observation can be so powerful! #TXedA2 Being a connected educator! I have grown so much from the connections I have made on Twitter, Voxer, #edcamps, C… aren't living if we aren't learning! #TXedA1 Because if you aren't continually growing you aren't setting a good example for your students. We need to be th…
Join #TXed tonight at 8:30 CST as we begin our summer chat #TXed2Step. Two questions with enough time left over to…
Retweeted by Kimberly Isham @BSGSCSFoster @MarielIsaacson @mathwitz @MoLewis1967 @HeckAwesome @KathiSueSummers @PTSketchNote Okay. I haven't b… @MarielIsaacson @mathwitz @BSGSCSFoster @MoLewis1967 @HeckAwesome @KathiSueSummers @PTSketchNote Did you go already Mariel? @MarielIsaacson @mathwitz @BSGSCSFoster @MoLewis1967 @HeckAwesome @KathiSueSummers @PTSketchNote I thought I was 4t…
Join #BookCampPD today at 7:30 PM ET Author Dr. Jody Carrington will attend! I will be giving away two copies of…
Retweeted by Kimberly Isham @TechyLeaderEDU @BSGSCSFoster @MoLewis1967 @MarielIsaacson @HeckAwesome @mathwitz @KathiSueSummers I know, right?… @TamiJ123 @HeckAwesome Very whimsical touch Tami! Love how you filled the letters! #doodleandchat @HeckAwesome I love Annabeth's mermaid!! This sketch is #doodleandchat magic!Hey #PassTheSketchnote #team34 ! I can't wait to pass the sketchnote with you!!!! @BSGSCSFoster @MoLewis1967
@TamiJ123 @MrsLeFave @HeckAwesome @KathiSueSummers @specialtechie @markbrittmusic1 Thank you! @TamiJ123 @MrsLeFave @HeckAwesome @KathiSueSummers @specialtechie @markbrittmusic1 I have to look at them to draw t… @jchandlerteach @HeckAwesome @TamiJ123 @KathiSueSummers @specialtechie @markbrittmusic1 Glad you can recognize it!… @BSGSCSFoster Love that you used the spine of the books for your quote! #doodleandchat @anthieflclasses @HeckAwesome Black and white for the win! Love the stack of books! #DoodleAndChat @MrsLeFave @HeckAwesome @TamiJ123 @KathiSueSummers @specialtechie @markbrittmusic1 I decided to stretch myself and… is a wonderful world to get lost in! #doodleandchat @MrsLeFave @HeckAwesome Your quote and lettering are spot on! #DoodleAndChat @VJean83 @HeckAwesome Great variety on your frames! I like the black and white effect, too! #DoodleAndChat @SpEdTeachLove I know, right? Love your use of color! #DoodleAndChat @MetkoSra @HeckAwesome Such a fun, fantastical doodle! #DoodleAndChat @MandiTolenEDU @HeckAwesome The bookshelf is a wonderful idea! It would be hard not to fill it up! #DoodleAndChat @AnneLeBlanc2 @rickriordan @sarahscheerger @HeckAwesome Your Lumiere is fabulous! #DoodleAndChat @TeacherRenee Your Star Wars characters are cute! #DoodleAndChat @talldrinkowater Your lettering is fabulous! #DoodleAndChat @KathiSueSummers @HeckAwesome I left my books generic, but I bet you can guess which books I was thinking of! Love… @mathwitz Your containers or frames are perfect with your sketches/icons! #DoodleAndChat @MarielIsaacson @HeckAwesome Abstract nouns definitely stretch us! #DoodleAndChat @MarielIsaacson @HeckAwesome Such vibrant drawings! #DoodleAndChat @teachkiwi @judyblume @HeckAwesome The tree is an awesome way to show the connectedness of all the Fiction genres! Love it! #DoodleAndChat @Mrs_Persechini @HeckAwesome Love your stick figures in all stages of posing! #doodleandchat @teachkiwi @judyblume @HeckAwesome Kirsten, this is a @wakelet that I used with my teachers for a sketchnoting sess… and pens ready to go for #DoodleAndChat ! Come join us!
Recent blogpost #4OCFPLN @LeachTeach4 @mhayes611 @EMercedLearning @debbiejholman @EBGtech @Isham_Literacy
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@mjjohnson1216 No I did not! I set up an outline before I went to our Parade of Graduating Seniors. Elyse share the…
A4 I am ending the year on an amazing note by being present at our "Senior Parade" for our 2020 graduates, who happ… Empathy and grace...We can show empathy by just listening. Despite our urge to solve problems, sometimes we just… Choosing Joy is intentionally looking for those things that are little blessings, savoring them & sharing them w… "Relationship knows no hierarchy" means that whatever our job title or position, we are all responsible for supp…
@TamiJ123 @HeckAwesome I love your people! #DoodleAndChat @shelpeep Wow! Every space is filled! Love it! #doodleandchat @Td_robin @HeckAwesome Your animals are adorable! That needs to be my next challenge! #doodleandchat @TamiJ123 @HeckAwesome Great job on your instruments! I love the maracas! #doodleandchat @mathwitz @RockapellaMusic Yours is a great balance of lettering and sketches! Love the score in the bottom of each letter! #doodleandchat @MoLewis1967 @HeckAwesome I love that you put specific artists on yours. I left mine plain. #doodleandchat @KathiSueSummers @HeckAwesome We think a lot alike! I have some of the same elements in mine! #doodleandchat @talldrinkowater Oh the Colors and the organization of this speak to me! Yes! #doodleandchat @SpEdTeachLove OMG! The cigarette lighter! Yes! #doodleandchat @MrsHallScholars @HeckAwesome @Procreate Using the tape to spell the word love is perfect! This looks sharp! #doodleandchat @jillmclean27 I look forward to what you create and share! #doodleandchat @BSGSCSFoster @HeckAwesome @markbrittmusic1 @MoLewis1967 @LindaEdwardsi @MsDeFriese @TamiJ123 @MsHinksClass @MandiTolenEDU I didn't think of the notes as containers! Fantastic! #DoodleAndChat @MarielIsaacson @HeckAwesome Beautiful letter containers! Vibrant! #DoodleAndChat @MrsLeFave @HeckAwesome Love this quote and the beautiful simplicity of the sketch! #DoodleAndChat @AnneLeBlanc2 @HeckAwesome It's like a trip down memory lane! Music takes root in the many different events in your… is another area of Creativity that speaks to the soul just as much as #sketchnoting ! #doodleandchat @rramapriya #doodleandchatOYE!!! Lets try this again!! #DoodleandChat
Retweeted by Kimberly Isham @rramapriya I'm glad you found us!I've got my pens and my paper ready to go for #doodleandchat ! Come join us!!#PD4uandme #4OCFpln #bookcampPD #DoodleandChat @Kidsmathtalk Anything creative! And I consider cooking and baking creative! #PD4uandme @ProfaMAB @MaestritadeESOL I take afternoon walks when my body is more likely to be tired. When I get back, I am re… @specialtechie @kiefersj @esljaana @teresagross625 I think we need mindless entertainment breaks to give our brains a rest! #pd4uandme @Sherrystclair Do you ever find yourself giving yourself too much grace? #pd4uandme @SteinbrinkLaura Morning Laura! #pd4uandmeIt has taken me a while to get into a productive routine. I think it still needs a little more tweaking! #PD4uandmeOur Ss last day is the 20th, next week. They already had us pack up our rooms for the summer. First time I have ev… @specialtechie Morning Pam! #pd4uandmeGood morning #PD4uandme ! Kimberly, Reading specialist from north TX. Went down a rabbit hole and lost track of time!