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Founder + CEO @shopsavish @thelabelhaus Brand architect for movements & art. Creative & wellness entrepreneur. IG: @ishcontent

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@peterhe71427802 🥰 @antman_k Do!A lot of people are looking for love in the wrong places. Love is not a person, place or thing. Love is a vibration.🤍 of all the things I achieve daily, I feel most accomplished after bootcamp.A weight is lifted.
@jermesz Whewww 🥵 @jermesz I’m in the Capricorn mood! @iTS_MeMadiO 💯I should be getting s*u**ed out right now.A lot of people get insecurity confused with them being untrustworthy. Super secure! That’s why I can’t have people… half of what you hear. Forgive without others knowing why. Seek joy in each moment. Keep track of only you.… @AalanLanda 🥰Everytime I talk to my brother, I know everything is going to be ok. I needed to feel that today and usually he cal… > @isnotscrewed
Retweeted by Ishmael Mayhew @SaintSmith_ @isnotscrewed 😂😂😂 @isnotscrewed Lmaoooooooo 😭 @ericthomask 😭Me 😂😭 @jmccray Like pardoned Black that Black people don’t even want. 😭😂 @thesaintromane 😭😭Trump issues flurry of controversial pardons, including to Steve Bannon - The Wall Street Journal I forgot about K…
@idltb ASAP! @idltb I believe this! @TheSmartVoice Like I said...I never want to see his face again.I never want to see Donald Tr*mp’s face again. @DeAndreFMorris Exactly. Instead of actually improving their character. @Gleauxxx Listen...whew @idltb How? @TheElevateState Of what? @bodyXpizza All of that. @Gleauxxx Or they don’t have a truth. @guillemorboso And get caught everytime. @RearViewGone Both. @bankerdex Agreed. Liars don’t know any other skill. @MarkLew1975 That part. @bankerdex They always get caught. Lies never stay unhidden. @Nickrightpocket It’s that. @Bchilln So do lies @Balls_s0hard It’s that. @DoubleDee_94 But lies hurt. And they always get exposed. @bankerdex You think so? I don’t think people who lie think things through at all. @gymnasticsJay07 Tweet of the night. @VersVoyeurXXX That’s really it. Purely selfish regardless of the harm it does to others.
@QualOverQuan Of what? @xhersian Accurate. @FeelmyRAPH I don’t even think it’s harsh. I think the truth takes integrity. Integrity takes bravery. Most men are not brave. @DIABETICFATHER Gotta be. @ShanePaulNeil This. @HeyyyMsJackson Fragile egos at that. @HeyyyMsJackson Agree @DIABETICFATHER How could they feel better about not saying what’s true. Aren’t they afraid someone’s going to find out?Why do you think people lie?It’s so strange how lenient security seems to be as we get closer to Inauguration. Very strange. @Nickrightpocket Lmao! 🤣 @shadeactivist 🥰🥰 @SisaQ3 🍰This man wakes me up early to do fasted cardio. Love and hate him for that. @HaleemKhane 😊😊🥰 @bamafitnessnerd 🙈🥰 @many_myles_away 💥I get active lil, ma. 🏋🏾‍♂️
@DecodnLyfe Absolutely! @jermesz You deserve. @alikashots Boy if you don’t.... @DecodnLyfe Seriously! HoodlumsStealing items from the White House. What kind of riff raff have we allowed in the past 4 years? @Nickrightpocket It’s good for you!
2021 @Miicckkey Liiiike @Earlalim Me and my man’s man. @sbstnjck Lawd @jalenjbernard Whew! @justsohaleyx ASAP @AalanLanda Listen🤎💰💴 @Be_inTIMidated 🤤 @dkbruh1 Me and my future husband’s boyfriend. @JayPear44937099 Good googa mooga @skipthemadness And tryna have another one! @stickysweett 🤪 @StevieDerrick_ Listen... @King__Joe93 @Kaijzah
What is #medtitation to you? #naturalskincare #skincare
Retweeted by Ishmael Mayhew
Retweeted by Ishmael Mayhew
If they attacked a building like that, what do we think is next?I love watching the videos in the airport of those traitors finding out they can’t fly anymore...forever. same people that defend the Confederate flag were also the same people desecrating the US Capitol in the Nation’s Capital.New moon in Capricorn. 🐐🌝 @90sbabyvibes3 Whew! @justinbxrnard 😍🥵 @Enigma29952903 💥 @iamadrianjs 🥵🥰 @homopeter69 🥰 @Tyckman001 @TheIgboWolf 🥰 @DeAndreFMorris Thank you! @twilitaries 🥰 @ckscorched 🥵🥵🥵