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Ok am told night curfew is so people don’t go pubs, parties during Covid. Seriously- during Covid some still go to… states night curfew, what the logic? Covid is nocturnal Virus 🤷‍♂️ conversation with @ishkarnBHANDARI on my views and experience as an NRI in India, celebrating Hindu festival…
Retweeted by Ishkaran Singh Bhandari @ishkarnBHANDARI @iamkamyabuch @YouTube Very interesting topic. Thank you sir❤️❤️
Retweeted by Ishkaran Singh BhandariLive- with @iamkamyabuch Wandering kamya- British-Indian Travel Blogger & who faced Hinduphobia ! via @YouTubeToday is Constitution Day. Every one should read atleast about the Fundamental Rights & Duties today.Live- FARMERS PROTEST- kya hai agitation ke reasons? via @YouTubeFrom 26/11 #MumbaiTerrorAttack attack under UPA to now India doing Uri Surgical Strike & BALAKOT under…
Diego Maradona the Legend passed away. 2020 is unending in it’s havoc.JNU should be renamed Swami Vivekananda University.Karnataka HC gives Transit bail of 20 days to Republic COO Priya Mukherjee in Fake TRP case.
Retweeted by Ishkaran Singh BhandariGuru Tegh Bahadur ji, who gave Supreme Sacrifice for all of us 🙏 more Chinese Apps banned by Govt of India. has disappeared from China....everyplace else 2nd wave, then 3rd Wave!Ex-BSF Jawan's Petition Challenging PM Narendra Modi's Election Dismissed by SC. Was a silly petition, hyped by Lutyens Media.Lawyer @ishkarnBHANDARI Condemns Attack during Raid On @narcoticsbureau Team Led by #sameerwankhede
Retweeted by Ishkaran Singh Bhandari
DRUGS ARE ILLEGAL! Unfortunately I have to say this on National TV, because I see lot of people defending Drug Usa… be on Arnab Goswami debate @republic at 9 pmRavi Kishan & Ishkaran Bhandari Condemn Attack On NCB Officials Amid Rai... ok then @aishkapoor debate at 7 pm on @Republic_BharatThey knew it would be struck down by HC/SC.
@NitikaD58499605 Dec 15 onwardsLive- DNA TEST OF DOG IN MADHYA PRADESH!- AMAZING Legal Dispute via @YouTube#NewProfilePic @JainSataran December will resume Sunday sessionsSo still pressing on Election to Party President. Who will stand as Candidates? increase in the pandemic for founder/CEOs of Amazon: $91 billion Walmart: $38B Google: $37B Microsoft: $33B…
Retweeted by Ishkaran Singh BhandariBig Companies loved the Covid & now big Pharma would enjoy it. Been devastating for ordinary people & Companies. @Puja__Datta @itskomalbohra In December118A OF Kerala Police Act will not stand in Courts after the clear Judgement of SC striking down 66A IT Act. But t… you say without realising in YT live- 35 yrs ke baad grow up nahi, grow old hota hai :) Good for Sunday lau… is haters, morning onwards start with taunts & sarcasm on Anything Hindu. How much these types hate cows & us… @rupali0023 Not a buffet that get all 3 types of parantha...we get only one! @krishnajindal07 On Sunday...have cheat day!Sunday morning , slight winter chill, what should be lunch- What you having?
The Genius of some people is mind boggling!, people must understand what happened in Nuremberg Trials & how people were held guilty for their actions.’s always a pleasure having @GeneralBakshi on YouTube/FB. Glad everyone liked the conversation. with @GeneralBakshi Link- General GD Bakshi- Pakistan plot in nagrota , pulwana, 26/11 & National ...… This has been enacted? 5 yrs jail for Social Media posts deemed offensive?
@Sush202020 Thank you 🙏Super Woman Constable Saves 76 young Kids- Salute! real HERO! news makes me so happy, 76 kids found, Truly Diwali for all families. Richly deserved promotion! ED files FIR in TRP scam. This will now be major investigation and lot of Lutyens stuff will come out.May be delayedLive with @GeneralBakshi at 5 pm- Salute to our forces & steps ahead! Link- PM MODI on preventing Pakistan based…“Pakistan Based Terr0rist organisation” - This is Significant line by PM Modi in his Tweet. Our Security forces ar… @Nationalist_77 Thank you 🙏 Sunday sessions will resume in December.Much needed step. Talks about Women Empowerment, Bharat always has had powerful women.
Pakistan Should hand him over #hafizsaeed to India else meaningless AG has already given consent for contempt on Kunal Kamra Tweets., phir Aisey hi theek hain bhai :) has increased fine of not wearing mask to 2000 rs. Will not be surprised if some form of lockdowns also come… there is an opportunity #VaraVaraRao will not think twice before rejoicing & justifying killing of policemen or…
Retweeted by Ishkaran Singh BhandariThis person just wants contempt on him. This is continuous & targeted abusing of the Judiciary & is unacceptable.
Wonderful, this is Police at its best! |Day2 LIVE coming up at 5PM Is The Constitution Outdated? Link- Li…
Retweeted by Ishkaran Singh BhandariTwitter has suspended @TIinExile , guess was inevitable. Power does not like truth being told you it. & Twitter is…
Wow, because I support BJP, I should get Covid! I always maintain- the most ruthless breed is “Liberals “ Spread of covid, so many relatives & friends have gotten it in last 15 days. Almost all houses have 1/2 peop…
Live- Congress from Ruling India to Bihar Election Liability- Epic Fall! via @YouTube2014-20 what a fall- Congress from Ruling Party of India to opposition party & now to a party which is Electoral… a very Happy #BhaiDooj to all.What a Pioneer!
#WATCH: RJD leader Shivanand Tiwari speaks on #BiharResults, says "...elections were in full swing & Rahul Gandhi w…
Retweeted by Ishkaran Singh BhandariShivanand Tiwari of RJD, close confidant of Lalu, strips Pappu @RahulGandhi & family naked
Retweeted by Ishkaran Singh BhandariJoined this new App- Parler, hear it’s much more conducive to free speech. If anyone there, do connect. My profile- logic has made me rethink on our blindly following and supporting of crackers ban....
Retweeted by Ishkaran Singh Bhandari @Madhuri86966247 @YouTube Thats the purpose of video, hear both sides & understand the agenda, after that decide wh… Virat Kohli, Priyanka Chopra & Liberal Agenda against Crackers in Diwali! via @YouTubeNDTV as expected did their job but it was good of u @ishkarnBHANDARI to expose them on national TV for selective de…
Retweeted by Ishkaran Singh Bhandari @IpshitaTripathi That’s why I say- propaganda needs to be answered by facts calmly. Ignore the leftist Mob & Win over the neutrals.The last time I was on NDTV, 3 yrs ago 😃 Topic - Cracker Ban on Diwali! Reason- the facts & reasoning & studies I… last time I was on NDTV, 3 yrs ago 😃 Topic - Cracker Ban on Diwali! Reason- the facts & reasoning I gave they… 5 to 6.35 , can someone take out clipLast time I was on NDTV. Gave my views on how Cracker ban is nonsense & quoted some studies. They never called me… air is fresh, after Diwali night. The air was way more polluted in week before Diwali (no crackers were burst)…
All over my colony in Delhi Firecrackers! I don't like flouting of laws, but If you pass unenforceable laws, bound… Diwali 🪔 light Diyas spread happiness...we need to celebrate our festivals. is legit funny. Happy Diwali to all 🙏 Diwali to you too Diwali with No Crackers will lead to no Diwali. We must all work to ensure next Diwali is loud, cheerful and Happy Diwali.Happy Deepavali to ISBP! via @YouTube
Happy Diwali 🪔 to everyone 🙏 @CTRavi_BJP @BJP4India @JPNadda Heartiest congratulations @CTRavi_BJPCould notCould do any during day, so night Live- Why Bollywood Drug Probe is VITAL? via @YouTubeBollywood influences the youth, people copy them. so these debates are extremely important so that people of the c… They cannot be compared to any other industry. Bang on once again👏👏
Retweeted by Ishkaran Singh Bhandari#BollywoodDrugScandal | Bollywood influences the youth, so these debates are extremely important so that people of…
Retweeted by Ishkaran Singh BhandariEye Roll of Anchor says everything! be on Arnab Goswami debate at 10 pm @republic1) Holi 2)Jallikattu 3) Dahi Handi & Diwali For one reason or other the ecosystem wants to regulate or ban how we… @sucherita_k debate @Republic_Bharat at 6.10 pmArjun Rampal - questioned by DRUG AGENCY via @YouTubePresident Obama has ensured his book will be a bestseller in India :)