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Joined Twitter 4/11/14 @Nigella_Lawson can we write a book together please and thanks
@orwellhamster @DehennaDavison @sainsburys Unless it’s Edward fucking Scissorhands I’m not sure he’d be of much useIt’s a bit patchy since I don’t really use a recipe anymore but just jotted it down here ❤️🍽 My fave Mars Bar crunch. 3/4 of it got given away as something nice to add to the bags of shopping we’ve been doi… mental health update: just cried for 2 hours straight and thought “not bad going” 🤪 @PhilWilsonXMP @NewStatesman @UKLabour This is great, Phil. Thank you for writing it. @GloriaDePiero @marksandspencer Technically you are 36 months + so it’s fine @gracelizabeth3 GraaaaaaaacePlease don’t
Retweeted by Isobel @TomHulme79 Don’t you look like this anyway
Glass of bubbly in hand and retro French and Saunders. (Every episode on BBC Iplayer!) Utterly glorious. @Dawn_French @ferrifrump XxIt was............ Rebekah Vardy’s account. @Jacqui_Smith1 It’s the flooring isn’t it Jacqui x @Lwantsahusky @lisa_trandy @czeczotka13 How shocking @KarenPollock100 @Claud_Mendoza You can automatically lock every room if you want to!
@natscs18 Love this place. Can kill a couple of hours looking at furniture in Camerich at Swiss Cottage and then go…
Seriously though, what did some of you used to live on before this? Why can’t you cook? @NudderingNudnik @emmacpicken @francesbarber13 Lol it’s makes everything better @TomHulme79 @Lwantsahusky Without question @Lwantsahusky @TomHulme79 None of his answers will be true JUST SAYING @Ips_cali 1. Rishi Sunak 2. Rishi Sunak 3. Rishi Sunak @emmacpicken 1. Rich tea 2. Viennese 3. Crunch creams @TerenceSmith14 Fox’s biscuits @king_abby96 1. Is Canterbury a city? 2. Windsor and Eton (lol does this count) 3. Oxford (-shire, because my club is there) @Lwantsahusky @TomHulme79 It’s me 3 times x @francesbarber13 You’ll be Delia by the end of lockdown! @emmacpicken will be Mary Berry and I’ll be Nigella @brandysheri @king_abby96 Nah give it to her @aine_lagan Bollinger R. D. 2004 Taitti Blanc de Blanc And as always, Louis Roederer Cristal (I hate myself) @rachellybee 1. Cloudy apple juice 2. Lilt 3. Fentiman’s elderflower tonic @EuanPhilipps @emmacpicken @DavidB45212563 Guys, lockdown has changed you. @JessicaRaspin Things to each chip spice on Tube stations London theatresMore brilliant content like this over on HouseParty 😂 @king_abby96 @ElspethOakley @AbdiDuale_ Top 3 phones you’ve lostLol I need friends please add me on HouseParty @AbdiDuale_ Inspector Abdi’s on the caseApparently this is the only Sunday we’ve had this week? I don’t believe it. @milkgapes Love u 💗xxx @edansimpson99 Refuse to believe this isn’t John Major @EmmaBurnell_ @supergutman Delete your account
@jonwillchambers @wesstreeting Right but I swear it’s actually himFriends with Tories? Unacceptable. Hamas and Hezbollah? Come on in, I’ll put the kettle on.Could not be prouder💗🥺🍽 @Nigella_Lawson’s blueberry muffins but with raspberries instead. If I’m not a domestic goddess at the end of thi… @RosieDuffield1 @DrRosena Love you @DrRosena 💕🥺 @jessphillips I’m happy to abolish Star Wars day. It always overshadows my birthday and I, a narcissist, don’t appreciate it @ayeshahazarika BUT you’ll leave lockdown a domestic goddess I’m sure @ayeshahazarika Ok I was just being kind but I’ve read all the other replies and I concur @ayeshahazarika I’m impressed!🍽 Pain au chocolat for breakfast this morning. It’s not quite Paris but I’ll take it!🍫 @KarenPollock100 These slippers look LUXURIOUS @lisa_trandy Rosena or Dehenna @joeIjoeIjoel 10! The first time I went I was in a pub, drunk, and decided to recite all the constituency names, MP…
@TomHulme79 I think we knowBored pls and thanks x @TomHulme79 Me or @Iettertodaddy @BernieTranders But Arthur did you see him in that lil hoodie number he was wearingPromise I’m gay butRishi Sunak is fit theRE I’VE SAID ITYeah but what if it’s for science? @ayeshahazarika (Zoom wine soon, miss you!!) what point do you think we’ll start missing CLP meetings? Will that be the true point of desperation? We’ll have… @politicalhackuk @SaddakMiah @sylhetspicebham Think the curry we had here was the best one I’ve ever had! @make_trouble New series has just been on! It’s the best.Are we #FridayNightDinner ready huns?! @RosieDuffield1 @UKLabour New Friday Night Dinner at 10!!!Looking through photos, found this one which I love! Love and miss you @JudithOrnstein, can’t wait to give you a bi…‘Unorthodox’ on Netflix is just beautiful. A must-watch. Engrossed from start to finish. Thank you so much for shar… OK @BernieTranders 👀🍽 Childhood faves🍓 @kira_millana Berets, Doritos, that showerDon’t say bandwagons x @AbdiDuale_ Losing your phone, Rosie, what bones has he broken this time? @ayeshahazarika @FunnySuzyB For science.Much love @carriesymonds ❤️ @TomHulme79 This x3
Elspeth’s drunk and has just ordered 3kg of sweets because of this. Does this make me an influencer xQuarantine update: I, on impulse, ordered 3 kilos of jelly babies the other day because I was anxious about lockdow… in my eyes listening to the applause and cheers for our NHS. So lovely amongst this chaos👏🏼❤️ #ClapForNHS @milkgapes Sarisha I love u @catherine_mayer @GSTTnhs Big hugs xxx @Iettertodaddy Not wrong though is he
Let’s have a think. ✅2 elections lost. ✅Institutional antisemitism accepted. ✅Whistleblowers targeted. ✅Bullies su… @emmacpicken Love you too xxWe can recreate the graduation ceremony... All the iconic photos, (many) drinks at the club, dinner and a show🎭🥂 Y… @TicketmasterCS hi , know you’ll be getting a lot of messages since most things are being rescheduled, sorry to add… @annaturley @coyleneil ❤️
Miss my lovelies but so proud of how hard they’re both working💕 are dying, Femi. @jessphillips Do you take it in turns for a night in the shed? Your section of the garden’s gonna be so pretty at the end of this!!!🍽 Homemade soup and toasties. (@ayeshahazarika the machine is out!) Just some tomatoes that had seen better days an… @MikeGapes @dan_bewley @Joe_DHV worried about coping for the next few weeks and can’t think of anything good to say so just drop your fave TikTok…
@d4nf0x Dan you should’ve saved this joke until at least day 4 @TomHulme79 @Iettertodaddy Yeah but are we shockedQuarantine day 147:🍽 Homemade toffee which is “for the neighbours” - we’ll see🤣