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@k3170Makan @solidangles @GeorgetownTom @nex3 is that not basically what formal logic and fundamental math research… #osint'd the likely date of a particular scene just to reply to a weather-related comment in @MichelleKhare's… @maksalOriginal @nex3 a very complicated language and one imo they should take a page from programmers and take an… @GeekWizard @jimmygunawanapp @nex3 i'd say this accounts for all the difference i've seen just sexism and/or arrogance/elitism among men @DavidJu70110931 @nex3 and programming languages are just simplified languages designed to specify certain data and… @DavidJu70110931 @nex3 umm programming is basically language as the basis but you can create your own language if y… @solidangles @CharlotteB1 @nex3 i mean a programmer wouldn't think twice seeing a function return a function closin… @solidangles @CharlotteB1 @nex3 i agree current math (and its notation) struggles with the issue of abstractions -… @k3170Makan @solidangles @GeorgetownTom @nex3 also if you read anything about math history notation is flexible and… @k3170Makan @solidangles @GeorgetownTom @nex3 and math has its own idioms too - it's just extremely precise notatio… @holycity15 @nex3 @qDot weirdly when you're doing more involved stuff like algorithms it's like you have to both ha… @ladyattis @nex3 @erismoth yup even avoiding the jargon it sometimes sounds nonsensical explaining programming prob…"Language skills are a stronger predictor of programming ability than math knowledge" as I have been saying for yea…
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<100 IQ: "professional wrestling is real" 115 IQ: "professional wrestling is fake" 130+ IQ "professional wrestlin…
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Retweeted by isiah meadows 🧢Come on down to Arby’s where we’re just leaving piles of meat out in front of the store by Vietnam Steve’s refriger…
Retweeted by isiah meadows 🧢 @Deitierle @notpoptarts_ @mkdka601 @LilithLovett @seri3ma @RealJaydenLive there were reports of him still visiting… @Deitierle @notpoptarts_ @mkdka601 @LilithLovett @seri3ma @RealJaydenLive furries are who reported him to the polic… cannot find it now, but recently I saw a tweet that advocated to get your kids into cracking game DRM if you want…
Retweeted by isiah meadows 🧢Holy shit it has a sequel already..😬
Retweeted by isiah meadows 🧢 @thefaceberg done fucking way
Retweeted by isiah meadows 🧢 @SeigShiyeon @LilithLovett @RealJaydenLive hard same @LilithLovett @RealJaydenLive love how kpop stans are themselves stupidly posting their spam to this comment lol @cochinoIa @LilithLovett @RealJaydenLive nope @johnjaeprint @LilithLovett @RealJaydenLive just saying that was kinda stupid to post also reported @Deitierle @notpoptarts_ @mkdka601 @LilithLovett @seri3ma @RealJaydenLive the bdsm community is similar in that reg… @Deitierle @notpoptarts_ @mkdka601 @LilithLovett @seri3ma @RealJaydenLive i will note that the furry community will… to save a life.
Retweeted by isiah meadows 🧢 @LilithLovett tbh all this bs is literally turning leftists less anti-gun tho in detroit apparently people started… @faithoverfear07 @SophNar0747 @WorldFighter400 *sharing child porn to a pre-teen specifically @faithoverfear07 @SophNar0747 @WorldFighter400 complete with credible allegations of sexua… @_randolph_west "my s q l" vs "sequel server" wtf why pronounce them differently? @otisler @Nick_Craver yeah but i've tested and they do actually redirect to random youtube videos (at least /admin.php does) @fishmanpet @Nick_Craver also i just assume at the last level every piece of electronics is compromised and so i ju… @fishmanpet @Nick_Craver as for that last bit i don't bother lying about my identity they're going to find that out… @fishmanpet @Nick_Craver yup and for targeted threats i keep two levels of deception: one for targeted hackers so t… @pamanes7 Maybe I do...
Retweeted by isiah meadows 🧢 @Nick_Craver @pamanes7 lmao this is hilariousDear “hackers” everywhere, Stack Overflow doesn’t use PHP. Never has. We’ve been very open about our tech stack for…
Retweeted by isiah meadows 🧢I'm not entirely sure she gets it....
Retweeted by isiah meadows 🧢 @Mrspoon1313 @KillenDillon @LilithLovett and also trump's support for russia as dwindled over time as congress forc… @Mrspoon1313 @KillenDillon @LilithLovett my point is america has in fact been a major influence even though it's no… @flamingbofa @benrileysmith @amazingatheist economically it works out almost identically tho @KylePlantEmoji @SamVazza @benrileysmith money line = people having paychecks it hit small businesses and retail workers firstASMR for economics nerds.
Retweeted by isiah meadows 🧢 @SebMartAguil29 @ReeraTakes that typo intentional? @Mrspoon1313 @KillenDillon @LilithLovett i'm not citing italy as an example tho - it was a conscious decision by th… @Mrspoon1313 @KillenDillon @LilithLovett it's relevant - explaining that america has actually helped and that there… @faithoverfear07 @SophNar0747 @WorldFighter400 some trans girl who thinks she's an ultrawoke sjw when she's really… = dick driven development @dril @eedrk I'm now taking questions on reddit please.
Retweeted by isiah meadows 🧢 @Mrspoon1313 @KillenDillon @LilithLovett g7 consists of a lot more than the us btw - of it only canada us and japan… @ChandlrChainsaw @CatfoodBeerGlue @BakeHatesItHere and in this case it's an older model with likely a slower refresh rate @YoutubePizzer @CatfoodBeerGlue @BakeHatesItHere i mean if it ran at 15-20 fps that's enough wiggle room @Nagisasbitch @COMPLEXcsgo @SoezaR6 @CatfoodBeerGlue @BakeHatesItHere fwiw it still could've been stuff in the back… @aspicierlemon @Nagisasbitch @CatfoodBeerGlue @BakeHatesItHere literally hundredths of a second is what i've always… crazy son of a bitch did it....
Retweeted by isiah meadows 🧢 @mariel_code it's also very that country tbh (i had a friend who lived there for several years) @SebMartAguil29 @ReeraTakes oag in a nutshell @OriginalGman69 @ReeraTakes and maybe watch some porn to calm his apparent incel rage @Redblaze27 @ZetaDragoon @ReeraTakes and of course vice versa and why everyone with any sanity whatsoever takes endless shots at both @shemlorn @ReeraTakes people are mocking him not because he's wrong but because he somehow in his pedophilic/inceli… @reconbot true fwiw the ubi at 70% average + 70% income for all is intended to largely even out - most the actual… @reconbot *a flat tax (and one way lower like 30% or something like that i believe) @reconbot fun fact up until fairly recently it's been a favorite of market conservatives who aren't shills for some… @JamesTr24271642 @ReeraTakes tbh this is actually kinda impressive even pjw isn't that bad @ReeraTakes ah the fresh smell of incel tears lolextremely simple, taxes the rich seriously without killing them, simplifies welfare tremendously, and in effect for…'s my thought on a good tax system: - individuals: 70% raw income tax (net worth increase = income too) + ubi… @blaktron @zackwhittaker oh ok sorry assumed you were not technical my bad @_LunarWaffle @Elishev95231311 @chonk_y @meridi0t @plantlesbian i mean at least they owned up to it @chrislhayes IS OURSELVES !?!?!?
Retweeted by isiah meadows 🧢please keep committing secrets to github i have a family to feed
Retweeted by isiah meadows 🧢 @TheArtAppeal @solarreturn14 @HatchetHead33 @LilithLovett source for virginia's troubles: @TheArtAppeal @solarreturn14 @HatchetHead33 @LilithLovett at least one state (virginia) ran into issues over their… @LilithLovett @mewranium depends on the state some have larger road blocks than others @TheArtAppeal @solarreturn14 @HatchetHead33 @LilithLovett given that every state tries to make some kind of income… @TheArtAppeal @solarreturn14 @HatchetHead33 @LilithLovett yeah but it's easier to push people to not require voter… @HatchetHead33 @unhldn @solarreturn14 @LilithLovett fwiw giving them out for free isn't always sufficient - you sti… @solarreturn14 @HatchetHead33 @LilithLovett it's not the concept of requiring identification to vote that's the cor… @solarreturn14 @HatchetHead33 @LilithLovett it's indirect shit - reducing the number of offices near places with h… someone please think of the chicken wings?!
Retweeted by isiah meadows 🧢 @Mrspoon1313 @KillenDillon @LilithLovett russia's half turned britain into one of its bitches and britain refuses t… was out with my sons and my youngest started crying because he wanted a box of tampons thinking it was candy. My…
Retweeted by isiah meadows 🧢 @QanonAnonymous @thevapent somewhere between 😂😂😂 wtf and this of course i'm listening to @missfdmusic as i do it because why tf not it helps pass the time quicker also does…"pairing down" = removing what are effectively duplicates in it it's still going to remain long afis it me or did @depechemode just give up with coming up with titles on some of their song variants lol just pairi… @PopBangHugh @forbes not a bts fan but "Among BTS’s fans, known collectively as ARMYs" should be "Among BTS’s fans,… FD releases new free single inspired by COVID-19 crisis
Retweeted by isiah meadows 🧢 @blaktron @zackwhittaker correct it's just the server with the limits not http in of itself @foodstampfamine @Elishev95231311 @_LunarWaffle @chonk_y @meridi0t @plantlesbian are you lost?
This is the best thing you'll see today 💕💕
Retweeted by isiah meadows 🧢 @blaktron @zackwhittaker the limit in question is a limit at the end (in this case a server-side limit) has nothing… @0Starcraft2 @dma_mx @morganisawizard or at least near indiscernible @MidwaySad @LilithLovett read the second half - americans are tired of troops going out and fighting stupid wars we… @UnbalancedMemes @CUMemesTwo pretty sure 100% of your content is fair use 🙄 also copyright trolls are so dumb goog…