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PULL UP 😤 @TreiDontTweetIt @LilNasX i miss the boobies @FormaL @SammieNReid @hitchariide LEGGO 🔥 @NoireIvy WAIT U GOING 👀❤️ @hitchariide 👀👀👀
@iSmixie @ROKKR LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! @gordon2305 @SenseiSwishem THISTHAT LOKI EPISODE AHHHHHHHHH @Azalialexi OUGHHHno stream guys.. i’m in a bad mood from trying to fix my internet all day but tomorrow is a new day 🥺recently/random/idk
ima need u to cool down or i’ll cool u chief @M_cope1991 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh those sales but pls explain why most game releases are in october??if my IP tell me to “unplug and plug” my router again i swear to god @Fatcrab725 yeah :( hopefully is a better stream day!i crack myself upAYO MR REEZY 💦😩🔥 issues have to be one of the most annoying things to deal with during ur stream. my god. @_brittneyraines lovelovelovelovelove this
spear pickes w a nice side of sandwich mmm yes @MagicMa45742335 TYTYTY ✨ @xSUPERxN3RDx THANK U SMSMSM 🌼 @Azalialexi ilysm 🥺 @HighwayPaper ahhh i broke up w rallied a looooong time ago 😅 @AnnaNannerTTV anna banana the beautiful 🥺 happy birthday mamas!!! 🔥❤️ @AbbyTheMS @KeviSkillz @100Thieves CONGRATS!!! @TheJustinianT DFW area or y’all in hawaii still?? 👀
@MarlynAguinaga thank u marlyn 🥺❤️ahhh only took one fit pic before the concert 🤠👍🏼 @Valoryze @HBraine @ArdysOP HELLO 👋🏼😃BATTLEFIELD GAMEPLAY WAIT THIS LOOKS SO NICESEA OF THIEVES + JOHNNY DEPP CAMEO OH MY GOD YES @ApollosMission panther island @M_cope1991 tyler stole it @TylerTeeP LOVE THIS SMhi tiesto was fun tonight <3
@brishiestyyy it’s called the “post up karen im not bothered” 😤that clip of eriksen was so scary to watch he couldn’t even breathe.. i hope he feels better. @lindsaycaudill my beautiful goddess u ✨ @Loldear omg u ❤️not raining in texas anymore i’m stepping out w my bad bitch outfits watch out @RemyHighSocks ALWAYS @LP_Shaky 🥺👉🏼👈🏼
@WillyBeMissin ITS THE PIZZA GIRL OPEN THE DOOR @DuncanAndStuff YEAAAAAABOI @jasonsotelo567 nah it’s pay day BOI @NataIiaKarina YA TU SABESrandom.mp4 a warzone night squad. will bring the jokes n good vibes. i get cracked.. sometimes.. uhh :) but i’ll make u laugh tho for sure.
@TriggerGiggles thank u for making my morning 🌼bf4? 👀 pew pew @jpthecreator @Valoryze LEGGO
installing battlefield 4 then it’s game time streamgetting shorter n shorter i like dat do y’all use? @coda19cali cut me lil b @Ty_The_Phi stick to knockout before i knock u out playa @halluxbruiser oh man i remember titanfall 😓maybe i’m wrong educate me plstbh i feel like battlefield is like the samsung to the iphone. the game is way more beautiful n fun to play but ppl… hopes are high for battlefield 6, that trailer was nasty. @billyns__0218 leo is spoiled lol’s the point of having a dog if you’re going to chain him to a tree like??? it boils my blood seeing thatbro im in TEARS @TriggerGiggles now im crying ty 🥺🌼 @xSUPERxN3RDx u kno ur my favorite when we worked together i looked forward to seeing u cus u made it so fun i hate… @Nataliex34 d town wbu?? tx??couldn’t play warzone tonight but played 2 hours of this, proudly.
i wanna do girly stuff w a group of girls n have girls nights and talk about girl stuff is that too much to ask for 🥲 @diegosaldivar 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 my HEART @MagicMa45742335 u sweetie pie tyty 🥺 @MannyBigbed6949 whoa my nose is one of my insecurities u made my day 🥲compliment someone today 🥰 @cxprex boffum tbhi’m convinced seals are the dogs of the sea @Staaandy young johnny depp im tellin youstream chalked. internet shut off on me and it’s been more than 20mins.. i’ll see u guys tmrw we will do a longer one. <3
@Ridicule_smacks we have been gatheredwhy do i feel like a “isla fight” happening soon.. IM HERE FOR IT LOL @billyns__0218 billard hope u had a great night as well suga 🌼what. a. sunday. y’all. congrats to USA tho i am happy for ya :) goodnight ✨ @HecticTM1 HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA @BrentHarrington u win idclogan paul and floyd mayweather going home knowing they scammed us fight was what i expected. BUT THIS MEXICO VS USA GAME IS WILD THO. @kevdicken49 THAT 100T sweater LESSGOO!!YALL ARE THE GOATS 🔥 THANK U FOR THE DMS AND REPLIESmavs game. mexico vs usa. mayweather vs paul fight. u kno the vibes. got a link to the fight?
@howlcb @Kiiwwiii_ looks so unbothered i love it love luka 🌼’t be so desperate to be invited to a table that u are suppose to build. ur gift is the secret sauce. remember that. @Ty_The_Phi you did not just
@ChopTheDJ there’s a leak in the GM 🥸 @ChopTheDJ i heard u be lettin ur dogs shit in the house