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Comedian. Stripper. Dumbass. Host of The Hot Girl Agenda @metroatldsa #DecolonizeOceania

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Let's fucking gooooo!!! for having me, @islandgoth ❤️ Had a ton of fun narrating my transformation from child actor to lefty shitpos…
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As always, if you want to support my very real attempts to get the hell out of the strip club, consider kicking in… episode of HGA is out! I talk with ex-Disney kid @literal_shrek about being a child actor, being on set with… moon water. @dancow @Millerheighife The Expanse is so damn good. I started reading the series earlier this year and the show re… @Millerheighife I'm reading Kafka on the Shore by Murakami. It's pretty good.
Retweeted by Rara Imler 🐬 @foiaforlastname he broke!Y'all better go listen to this because how often do you get to hear ex-girlfriends who are also sex workers be ridi… @ElChicano90 @MetroATLDSA Prepare for a coup
@SimplyStapha I sound like a valley girl who says "y'all" so I won't hold it against you. @antifairygodmom @Justlikehoney57 Same @shafieikeyvan I agree with that! And I totally get that it's unsustainable for most people to be quarantining as s… @revleftme Like I'm not trying to be a dick. I just want to know what you actually expect people to do? @revleftme So what is your solution? Quit DSA when members find out another branch is acting out? Because I know pl… @revleftme Expecting local members to be held accountable for the shortcomings of national is ridiculous. It places… people can't afford to get sick, Becky. It's a pretty simple decision to stay inside when you know your entire… of you mistake interpersonal conflict for organizational weakness and it shows.I don't really care about people dunking on DSA national. Go nuts. Have fun with it. National does dumb shit all th… living by the sword: Haha fuck yeah!!! Yes!! Me dying by the sword: Well this fucking sucks. What the fuck.
Retweeted by Rara Imler 🐬 @saintteas That makes you so cool, manWhen you're the only person in DSA not fuckin and suckin @TheSportProhet @posadist_trapgd I mean, you're kinda preaching to the choir. I don't think electoralism is the way… @posadist_trapgd It seems like a majority of people invested in that approach don't even engage with the Greens once the election is over. @TheSportProhet @posadist_trapgd I mean I def agree. But I've also heard arguments for the party infrastructure bei… @humanwhatever Why can't we have nice horror things??? @posadist_trapgd They're a mess, but if you believe in change through electoralism I guess it's a viable option? Idk and idc anymore tbh @humanwhatever I'm glad they went in a totally opposite direction and that direction was "let's completely traumatize the audience" @Reggie_YNWA I still need to watch it @echolman I'm glad they decided to go hard and not just camp it up. @theschwasound Yuuup. It's not campy at all. Just gruesome and horrifying and some of the best SFX of the last 20 years.The Evil Dead remake still slaps so hard.Go take this poll for our podcast! @lodgepolepines Bold of them to assume the women aren't the world traveling revolutionaries.The amount of voting-related texts, emails, snail mail, and commercials I've been bombarded with in the last month… KNOW WHAT WOULD HAVE PREVENTED HIS SUICIDE? HAVING ENOUGH MONEY TO LIVE! @Cartilos Is this from Paprika??
Retweeted by Rara Imler 🐬 @GKreitzer Same lolI quit smoking weed 7 days ago and I think I'm smarter, but I'm definitely not happier or cooler smdh.Mentally I am nowhere @KamalaHarris @JoeBiden The scientists are saying we need to ban fracking. Hope this helps!Today, more than ever before, we have a safe and dependable way to have abortions in our own homes. So why don’t we…
Retweeted by Rara Imler 🐬 @RaxKingIsDead Hunter Biden foot job sex tape @theschwasound You're a geniusJust made a groundbreaking discovery; if you slightly speed up a video of Don Jr talking he sounds exactly like Ben…
Retweeted by Rara Imler 🐬 @wagatwe Can't believe she ruined a full face of makeup for this trainwreck.You think if I had a quirky cartoon avi like some of these white streamers I would have more followers? Please help… @cowgirl_beebop You're correct. Don't let the haters get you down.I was living on Guam when Castaway came out in theaters. When Tom Hanks tried to open a coconut by throwing it agai… @grabmybuttsticc You have impeccable taste.Me, every time a fetish I cater to ends up in the news cycle because I know it's followed by a bump in sales. @badpraxispod 🤠💸☠RT if you want to see me collab with Hunter Biden on some foot fetish content for my OnlyFans.
pretty sure doing cocaine kills women at a lower rate than trusting men :-\
Retweeted by Rara Imler 🐬 @MilesKlee Would."I mean, it's one banana, Michael. What could it cost? 10 dollars?" @BrandynBuchanan lmao no I was not trying to pull a vocal power move on the pod hahaI need to buy a new podcast mic because the last three episodes of the stream I sound like a bimbo Elizabeth Holmes. 😬 @DevynRodriguez Yes, exactly! I'll read emails on air and give my advice. Afaik there's nothing like that out there right now! @authorleslieNM Do it! You would be so good at that! @MatthewFerrari jfc the poor dude needs to retire already.I'm trying to develop an advice column-style segment for Hot Girl Agenda. Would y'all be into that? It would be spe…🚨 ATTENTION MEMBERS 🚨 Our General Meeting is TODAY @ 4pm! 🌹 This is our LAST meeting before the November election…
Retweeted by Rara Imler 🐬 @SnowmanMcK OMIGOD @uhshanti It's such a beautiful episode @leftflankvets I got booted but I'm waiting on the next game 😥 @ReelingThespian @musiclovechaos They don't actually want to do the work lolOrganizers tweet every damn day what can be done outside of electoral politics and y’all are STILL asking “what’s the alternative?”
Retweeted by Rara Imler 🐬 @prolepeach Hotties 4 Hotties
Support my comrade! This show is lit and funny af, but still packs in hella serious radical Hot Girl analysis! Go c…
Retweeted by Rara Imler 🐬 @auxcordshawty Thanks, luv 💕💕💕Big, huge thanks to @nsfwonks for making this possible, especially my comrades @kennedytcooper and @BrandynBuchanan you like what you hear, subscribe 2 the Patreon. I'm giving away free stickers for the first 40 patrons. excited to announce that the first three episodes of Hot Girl Agenda are now on Spotify for your listening pleas… you're a Zoomer who does activism/organizing, I would like to interview you for research! Email me at daso3742@c…
Retweeted by Rara Imler 🐬 @falcon_0_4 I got six pieces of voting related mail yesterday. SIX! @eafreem Happy birthday 💕 @beautybakerie @makeupalii Looks like shit AND he supports Azeri terrorism. 💩💩💩 @chamaole_abroad The brain worms are glowinggg @badpraxisbob We're both getting cancelled today, Bob.The strongest case against Biden being president is that he's Catholic. Have you seen what the presidency does to a… @ohJuliatweets I loved y'alls episode about this with Trillbillies. I was laughing my ass off at the gym. @TheEpicDept "I guess I'll amplify this"Democrat-imposed austerity has left scars on many of the people are around you. Bill Clinton's welfare "reform" w…
Retweeted by Rara Imler 🐬You cannot expect people who have been lied to, whose futures have been stolen, who have been ignored or laughed at… @emp1re0fcr1me Seriously. Even if you can ignore the rape allegation, his entire tenure as VP, the 1994 crime bill,… just wanna say if you identify as a leftist and you're reluctantly voting for Biden, I'm not judging you. Only yo… me why, as a communist, I should ever fucking legitimize this man's politics by voting for him. I'm sick of my… @nottoiletthings @N0Kage I also wasn't being contrarian. I just stated who I was voting for and they lost their mind!Couch pocato @VTpizzasucks Hell yeah! @CriticalBitCast Holy shit!!"You can't call yourself a Leftist if you vote for the only socialist on the ballot!!" @N0Kage I'm gonna keep calling myself a leftist and there's nothing you can do about it. Cope. @N0Kage Lol that you think Biden will prevent any of that. Incredibly naive. @N0Kage I don't know you, nor do I care about your opinion, shitlib. @N0Kage I'm just excited to finally vote the with my conscience and not let libs guilt me into doing their bidding. Feels good.I think I'm gonna vote for Gloria La Riva for prez. Originally I was going to vote Green Party, but I found out fro…