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issuing correction on a previous post of mine, regarding the poster isla stewart. you do not, under any circumstances, 'gotta hand it to her'

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@sentreh @soompi @Perribotta they can pay me in bts mealswhen auckland transport merch store @svdweerden I want one for my wall to go along with my wellington one!guy who sorts hand of cards using binary sort algorithm
@sentreh @soompi @Perribotta that's right @sambgrover i spoke to mr foodstuff himself yesterday, he told me he doesn't have the technology @sambgrover exactly!!! so silly. parking is all cool and good but a massive waste to force the supa to pave over la… having this chat with @ScootFoundation the other day. Land use certainly isn't the only cause of high price of… commerce commission report on supermarkets released today. During the Unitary Plan, supermarkets lobbied to keep… @SaturniusMons @TomMitchell I might run some tests. Ensure my battery is discharged a bit, maybe to 50%, then see h… @SaturniusMons @TomMitchell Maybe enough to marginally reduce battery cycles? Might extend the battery's usable life for a couple months 😂 @SaturniusMons @TomMitchell ye 5W power output, so charging for an hour would be 5 watt hours. According to apple t… 5W going in @TomMitchell @sambgrover keen to hang out and yell at some kids on our lawn soon? @TomMitchell I will report back tomorrow! @thekarlneilson hmmmmmm reckon it's slowly discharging? I thiiiiiink the port is 2.1a 5V so that's 10W right? seems… @teresadavnz @AzariaHowell @thekarlneilson enough to trickle charge maybe? I can usually plug my laptop into my (USB-c) phone charger overnight and it'll fill upfeels kind of weird to feed my laptop off the bus phone charger? is this even working? @chamfy feel like chch would be a good place to retire in (?) @lilresearchalt @sambgrover @blogboynick @boxcar_joey I don't usually tip unless they break company policy, gotta e… @BenJaMckie Poasting @dreadconquest @FanbyteMedia curious!
@greeniememes blessed @_molliemartin if theres no placebo effect and sugar pills just do all that
Retweeted by Isla Stewart @BenJaMckie @MrJKirwan @abigail1963 doesn't get the worm gf @greeniememes I tap da hop card and seratonin go brrrrr @greeniememes ah man I wouldn't know what to do it on @greeniememes Gl with your search!!! @greeniememes @sambgroverHELP: I am running a program for students in year 7-10 after school and I'm looking for guest speakers (any field a…
Retweeted by Isla Stewart @BenJaMckie me 🤝 monkeyman notifs onco-workers did not appreciate this @barbarikkizzle @ChirnyCoffee would have good advice!!docker container? i hardly know her!
@Eve_Brandon_ tyi'm not saying i've been ripped off but cheque
I'm pretty bad at taking public transit - - i'm training to get better @ChrisPenknz @oskarhowell check it out. need minister for secondary industries (gaming) @BR3NDA fully agree! @greeniememes @oskarhowell @ShishKebab2k 🤬 @sambgrover gonna get some maccas tonight @ShishKebab2k close second @StuartBDonovan so true @Eve_Brandon_ Need export platinumwhat's NZ's best export and why is it air new zealand @landusethot wrong bus gang @lotographia ah awesome!!! I put a bunch of white clothes in with some jeans... Now I have slightly blue tshirts so… @augs1612 twitter gang @lotographia hahahahah in Wellington right? @rask004 have no idea what a good score is but I got this the other day and mini metro reckoned it was top 5% @JamesW228 The trains being running or the walking to the bus stop? 😂Just instinctively walked to the rail replacement bus stop at Porirua Station. Shocked to find that the trains are actually running today @daguilarcanabal @peaktraansit I have never seen a photo of 99 ranchAt the Federated Farmers press conference at the Four Seasons listening to @BenJaMckie speaking on rural issues… colour please stop i want to keep liking you
@sambgrover Wtf mittens?
@sambgrover man I just wanted to talk about the emissions trading scheme yet here I am being roped into talking about cryptocurrency @sentreh probs. ! @sentreh could be cool - depends the marginal environmental impact i guess vs efficiency gains of allowing them to be more freely traded.CARBON CREDITS ARE NOT A CRYPTOCURRENCY @sentreh carbon credits are not bitcoin!!!!!!!!!! @JoshMetcalfe get Mr Shaw on the line I have a fantastic idea for the environment @JoshMetcalfe unlike bitcoin hoarding them at least delays some emissions @AdamParsonz there's a nzx listed etf that buys carbon credits on your behalf! @sentreh @chamfy this is my fav pic of the skytower @CSonic235 it absolutely does notaisle > window > middlelocal woman stays up to 2am playing mini metro instead of going to sleep to catch her 7am flight @CabinWalls @baebornelius and the truth comes out smdh @_molliemartin I want to taste the forbidden snack @ScootFoundation @richardhills777 @max_tweedie @chamfy I was trying to do the leaning tower of Pisa thing, but ironically 😭 @ScootFoundation @FrankMcRae my "this is not vore" t-shirt is raising a lot of questions already answered by the t-shirt @greeniememes We are reaching New heights
@ElyEelee I'm 99% convinced my dad has some form of attention deficit as well @NZStuff @CortyChenery @GreaterAKL @ScootFoundation Spaget Junction!!! @greeniememes KINGThey should get on HnryI wonder if my adhd clinic has trouble with unpaid invoicesthis sucks
huge L for my work output as i start playing @dinopoloclub 's mini metro yet again @sambgrover YVW @greeniememes 🤬 @ScootFoundation @greeniememes wrong, you met me @taxcelbearmod simp @greeniememes Computer science @TheGradyConnell @ScootFoundation Has technology gone too far?just got another vaccination invitation for another two doses. conveniently region locked to canterbury, where i haven't lived for two years @SimeonBrownMP Can't beleive @damienmgrant is a left wing lobbyist @StrayDogNZ my godNext up on Magic Talk FM:
Retweeted by Isla Stewart @Brycepearce @ScootFoundation @johnage but how will cars access the difficult to reach thoroughfare of... customs st without it 😭 @ScootFoundation @johnage Walked by this bus lane this morn. Good to see the classic Auckland sports car in the bus lane combo