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Ashley C. Ford @iSmashFizzle Indianapolis, Indiana

Writer. Podcast host. Underwear model that one time. She/Her. Dance 10, Looks 3. Forthcoming memoir: Somebody's Daughter. Rep: @beotiscreative

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@roxxyhaze Please do!!! @crissles Please do. I know you can.
@laurenthehough LaurennnnnnnnnnThanks to @WYMT in Hazard, KY for sharing details about @TheLibraryFilm premiere. You can RSVP for the free screeni…
Retweeted by Ashley C. Fordblack people know why black people are skeptical of the government and vaccines. however! there is a way to express…
Retweeted by Ashley C. Ford @jeremyoharris I’ve interviewed her three times, and she gets better every time. @DrSmithKathyL Damn, Kathy, that’s super sweet. That song means so much to me, and it makes me happy you still think of me ❤️ @hankgreen Dreams come true every day @splatterpaintKT @hankgreen @Eloisa_Amezcua It’s KILLING me @abbyblujay I got you, Abby @pursuingghosts ❤️❤️❤️ @surlybassey @MeelzTV When she says “I got your crazy”, I felt that. @taylorcrumpton is the party I’m going to after my vaccine hit @pursuingghosts @pursuingghosts At an Election Night party, former GOP Sen. Frank Artiles bragged about planting no-party candidate Alex Rodri…
Retweeted by Ashley C. Ford @EmGullickson Not yet! I’d like to be more settled first. @SimoneAngele Oh yeah🙌🏾Just so you know, I don’t watch him for that long. I have things to do, and dogs to pet.To the person who tweeted at Ms. Warwick asking for the PS5... She says no. - DW Team
Retweeted by Ashley C. Ford @RegardingJosh @brokeymcpoverty I’m... so ready. @MrsBundrige I love a mom out here hyping her baby ❤️😭 @D_Rogs @hwheaties Lmaooooooo REJECTION!Lol the baby wishes he could grow a beard like this.I know I’m old now because whenever I use slang my youngest siblings look at me like this @shantellylace That’s really really kind! I’m glad I said something useful to you ❤️Please no. Let’s keep brainstorming 😂
Retweeted by Ashley C. Ford @blgtylr Well I’ll be writing to this score soon @D_Rogs I AM FOR THIS! @nicsigni Why it so much fun watching someone you love, he’s doing character voices and shit. I’m obsessed.Sometimes I sit and watch my husband playing virtual D&D with his friends, and I fall in love with this weirdo all over again. @JazmineF15 I can dig it @D_Rogs Sooooo fancy @fritkis YES @Jnickylew Perfection @Heather75538950 I love it @bretfurd dies of COVID-19 weeks after Fontana megachurch reopened for indoor services
Retweeted by Ashley C. FordThat works.Ash Wyndham
@Schwinnjessica Oh, the potoo has been giving me nightmares for some time now!🚨🚨🚨 Want to be the Editor-in-Chief of HuffPost? Then apply! @HuffPost @BuzzFeed @BuzzFeedNews
Retweeted by Ashley C. FordIn honor of our upcoming @Big_Friendship talk w/ @aminatou, @annfriedman & @iSmashFizzle, we're tweeting a favorite…
Retweeted by Ashley C. Ford @Judnikki I thought the same thing like “hm” @maitadejesus @TheShineApp 🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾here’s everything that’s *black* and streaming on @criterionchannl in december. 👇🏽
Retweeted by Ashley C. Ford @hankgreen Air Jam is a lipsync competition.💻🖊️ PITCH ME 💻🖊️ In my (new) role as editor-at-large for @xtramagazine, I’m looking to work with LGBTQ2 entertainm…
Retweeted by Ashley C. Ford @morganjonfox Sending love and peace, Morgan ❤️🙏🏾 @arabellesicardi @dstfelix ok I like him now @agerenesh nooooooooope @vediclofibeats I hope those are healing tears, Ayesha 💜 @imaniperry I. Can't. WAIT!!!!New @imaniperry! June 8, 2021!!! can that? @NYTimesPR @lorileibovich @nytimes @nytimeswell Oh she’ll be phenomenal!!! @lexlanham That’s Glenn’s daughter!It’s hard to fathom the immensity of this loss, and the reverberating consequences to come.It didn’t have to be this way. @crgonzalez We speak to her regularly, she does not have a hearing problem. @gennatay Yes I have! @aaronsxl Whew. I know you’re tired of repeating yourself. @carolmcarpenter Nah, we speak to her regularly. She hears us clearly.The day before we moved, Kel ran into our 98 year old neighbor and told her we were moving back home. She said, “Wh… @Atomicowboy1 LMAOOOOOOOOOO @EisengrimMagnus My man CLEANED UP! We call that frugality! Never pay full price for your finery.Okay, I’ll stop. Nic Cage is a top ten Capricorn....did anybody put up the Bat Signal? @AFMradio I honestly agree @Menshevixen 🤩 @LauraaLeiva This does look like his Babadook fit
He looks like a superhero named Steampunk Stepdad. I’d read that. @rebel19 Rebecca he’s wearing a CRAVAT. Just AROUND. @hhavrilesky Giving us Bob Cratchet vibesHe bouta be mad as hell the IRS caught him in his good clothes @Judnikki I think that’s true. But I won’t pretend to know much at all about the royals. @Judnikki Me either. She’s the Queen, but he ain’t the King, so...I just didn’t really know what was going on. @Judnikki I didn’t know that was her husband until the first season of The Crown. @HayesBrown Oh no @joyofadventure You’re welcome ☺️ @theglossier Yessssss @shannonmstirone This is mine too! @bretfurd No surprises here 😘One thing I love is when politics writers pretend not to understand an issue so that they can claim it's too hard f…
Retweeted by Ashley C. Ford @RomeroNyc !!!!!!!!!!!! @arabellesicardi I remember when you took me here and gave me a black lipstick. Damn. @TheKalenAllen I’m saving now for that very thingI love reading and listening to @CaseyGerald 🤗 @theferocity The catering to an imagined common denominator instead of a greater good. Smh.Obama is the same as he’s always been. It’s me who has (thankfully) moved further to the left.
Retweeted by Ashley C. Ford @theferocity Yep yep yep @laurenthehough Oh that gave me shivers @laurenthehough COME ON WITH THAT WYE OAK After FOIA requests by news agencies including NBC News, SBA released more PPP data. Initial analysis from ou…
Retweeted by Ashley C. Ford @laurenthehough What would you guess are your top 5 listens this year, Lauren? @mkhermant I’ve never listened to the Shopgirl score, but now I have to.