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@KuroiHisagane i’m no oiler like u i can’t be acting like this
@sensmp4 @n0tseth can u guys stop i just ate a lot of food and laughing is making my belly jiggle a lot and it’s ma… @n0tseth u called me a melon. >:( @n0tseth ur just mad u don’t have anyone to match pfps with @n0tseth 20k usd u bitch @karagii if by santa claus u mean broke bitch then yesmy name’s fiona and i’m addicted to gifting subsmy mom’s doing my money things and so far i have spent almost 20k on twitch in 2021 alone can someone cut my cards already @DerekJoon @SkimVal at least we’re not tweeting “good night say it back” @SkimVal @DerekJoon ok but boost when @DerekJoon @SkimVal rank 331 looking ass @SkimVal @emilyghoul1 simping @jessicahkim YAY SO HAPPY @jessicahkim it’s my dog’s now :( @Spacebois_ 👌🌞👌🌞👌🌞good morning go౦ԁ morning👌 thats ✔a good👌morning right👌there👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my se… @Spacebois_ ok. @i0ki_LoL Mom0ki :D @irlsanri0 @harmfoo CUTE happy anniversary to u guysss @antxoch @SoaRGaming antxoch more like antmakesthebestthumbnailsever @peachroll @tonkat5u SO CUTE omg congrats on 1 year :Dgm just slept for 19 hours @flexinja @daprcs what a lil rat
I can’t do this much longer
Retweeted by fanfan! @loldellzor @DogImpersonator i did very much @DogImpersonator @symetri_ thanks for lying for me @GrimValorant who want it @GrimValorant u sussy baka @IN_VIBEZ @TSM_Myth @ayoub1tever @TSM_Myth my bad i just woke up, didnt mean to take such a bad pic of myself aha
@GrimValorant i got no noti gang to help me ratio ok @quitoxo i didn’t even see them until now HAHHAHAHAthis kid is LFT 🤡🤡🤡 (dont judge me for liking my own comment i was trying to ratio) @cluezVAL i ate ur moms pussy last night and that shit stank no wonder u came out all fucked up kpop debut @GrimValorant :) @irlsanri0 i like what i see o my @TSM_Myth @theFareoh it tilts me when i watch any lip sync tiktok @TamedToronto just transfer some money over to my bank account @hoajuu pls wear me insteadwait so is twitter crop gone? i can’t remember since it’s not like everyone’s tweeting pics w that as the caption* shows to @issfanfan * her: "aww its so small, is that a pig?"
Retweeted by fanfan! @SammayTV lil piggy boi @DogImpersonator reportedI've been playing a lot of Valorant with @issfanfan lately and I was inspired to make a montage of some of her best…
Retweeted by fanfan! @DogImpersonator i was expecting a compilation of me making sick plays and tapping heads. what is this. @Nokokopuffs_ @Apidaez i ban anyone who tells me to “relax” or “chill” when i’m shitting on a bitch ass viewer @Spacebois_ @Dxrknet no fucking way rn @Dxrknet i’m reporting u @cluezVAL @b0ssyCS bossy pls like my comment i had to like it myself @shamchoo i know ur underage but u have a nice voice @cluezVAL @b0ssyCS who r u + ratio
@ashIyne KREYGASM @yeonari_ 🦵🏻🍑 @okjuelia HOIIIIIII YEAH @JoeyKaotyk Partnership @loldellzor craaaacked @hoajuu IM FINNA MOTORBOAT SUM TIDDIES @Spacebois_ @pazzerson collected. @Arianna_Twitch HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN @jdtdot1 @AidenSPhan @hoajuu @n0tseth 😈 @jdtdot1 @n0tseth unlucky i’m 6’5.5 @Spacebois_ my idiot boyfriend spent my college fund on dog coins how do I get it back??? @1dianazzz if by shoe shining u mean a kiss on the lips i’ll take it @dunmc 5’8 @hoajuu MWAH MY LITTLE KITTEN @ashIyne woof woof @amaanderz ily @n0tseth bigger than ui’m wearing shorts @CasperrFPS banned @39daph 39hiko
live now added new emotes + gotta eat my mcdicks + might play before your eyes + ratio @vice_cs that suck in the beginning got me feeling some typa way @karagii @KovaaKs SEXY ASS @hsbyl LETS GO HANBYYY @b0ssyCS @goodgamesense VOUUUCCCHHHH @39daph yion😔 + i love you daph @39daph ur my little poggers champion + i love you daph @GenZMoments this is u @SammayTV @crystalcali2010 @DekyFPS imagine taking deky’s tweets seriously @39daph gn + i love you daph @eyanTV @hoajuu how are u 15 u sound like a 40 year old with 3 children @ObsylentHunter a seductive cock @ObsylentHunter it’s me seducing u
@ashIyne lord help me for im about to BUUUSSSSTTTTTT @XSET @WedidOfficial @theFareoh melinda and bill gates are donezo😔🙏🏻F for bill‘s micro soft dick @CookSux hi @suasimodo @FowamLifts @landmineaep @caleblegend @kyoxxa @Hazzer_Edits @Yasyu_prod @TheKashar @SammayTV as a thank u for blessing us with a 24 hour, everyone should download raid shadow legends for F R E E and… @herculysee @Apidaez @Apidaez @Apidaez !!!!!!!! @nosyy_tv rest well sir! @SammayTV @Tiffae are u ploo from chicago @okjuelia milk😏 @39daph ps i love you daph @39daph imagine me collabing w daph that would be extremely poggers champion crazy😔❤️👌🏻 @b0ssyCS OOOOOOOOOKAY BOSSY
@DogImpersonator @EmyyCSGO LMAO i hate u for this @LogitechG RAID SHADOW LEGENDS, which i downloaded using this link: