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I've had a way with words ever since I used to steal books from the local library. All views are my own & not of my employers. Content: Creator|Curator|Critic

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Retweeted by ScullyBIG FUCKIN’ MOOD!!! year Palace were promoted from the Championship, Glenn Murray scored 30 goals and Wilfried Zaha got an England…
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@HXRLEEN_V10 @khalnero blocking you.tried that love shit, and it didn’t work; so if it don’t work with her, we back to detachment. @temzclipstar 2021 no trauma, you know da vibes my broOzark, Season 3... Wyatt & that old hag... The timing of that episode??.... Because.... wheeeeeew... is that not Jada & August?
Retweeted by Scully @LillzTrackLife fhjsjsjrkwleoror LILLIAN! @temzclipstar gang shit.@theresnosignall may have found fame via the 10v10 show, but it is now a fully programmed radio station, broadcast…
Retweeted by Scullyy’all booed drake then god took away concerts
Retweeted by ScullyMissed the clash but big up #NS10V10. A who did play me song? 👀
Retweeted by Scully💆🏽‍♂️ #NS10v10
Retweeted by ScullyYou love Rihanna, but you ain't a savage; don't act like you're perfect, you know that we both got some baggage. I… @SammHenshaw looooooooolBut Liverpool fans will tell you this is okay because Firmino is a gingerpressing double pivot deep-lying box to bo…
Retweeted by ScullyArsenal set to keep Emiliano Martinez as Mikel Arteta impressed by back-up goalkeeper. [@johncrossmirror]
Retweeted by ScullyPositive energy highly profitable
Retweeted by Scullyit was actually mad fun chillin with @folsforever & @mrvans7 loool this ep is 3h24m!! easily coulda been longer, we…
Retweeted by Scully @Jayandreas__ under-utilised, for sure. @JustSmileRants if it’s good, how long it is doesn’t matter,’s goodit’s a good weekend to marinate on your entanglements. name is Nyasha and I make food content under the name of Munch Club TV 🙌🏿🙌🏿 I make all kinds of things and enjo…
Retweeted by ScullyBBC News glossed over this tonight in less than 30 secs. A Met Officer was found to be an active Neo Nazi member A…
Retweeted by ScullyThis week we head to London to link with @isthatscully and talk about @theresnosignall and the global phenomenon ta…
Retweeted by ScullyMuhammad Ali at a march for Palestine. Chicago, 1988
Retweeted by ScullyOkayyyyy me v @THEREALGHETTS 😮😮😮
Retweeted by ScullyI rebuke the spirit of ‘bad marriage for life’. I’m sorry God forbid
Retweeted by ScullyStand on what you say when you say you love me
Retweeted by ScullyHad a talk with the good guys over at the Table & Turn Up podcast a few weeks ago, it was a lot of fun; listen in b… @CurrenSy_Spitta why haven’t you done an @NPR #TinyDesk? @Abi_Mulan Ok.Did you get into an entanglement that wasn’t your fault?
Retweeted by ScullyYou say “debt,” I say “financial entanglement”
Retweeted by Scully#entanglement.Will Smith doesn’t listen to enough Future.
Retweeted by Scully“Just poison him” is still better advice than any red table talk ever!
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@ShannRobinsonXO ???? I wasn’t in that clash you crackheadBIG UP @therealkranium FOR REAL! #NS10v10
Retweeted by Scully#NS10v10 RIDDIM IS MY FAVOURITE RIDDIM EVER! #NS10v10 was good, bossman was better
Retweeted by Scully @_katastic1 nah, please...what was he doing even nominated? that's actually racismAkon been lying on Africa's name for like a decade. It's not enough to be going here and there talking about Akon C… said free Palestine
Retweeted by ScullyYou man tweet like you had glory days 🥴
Retweeted by Scullythat one was actually white privilege. time #NS10v10 tonight 3pm JA / 4pm EST / 9pm UK
Retweeted by ScullyDSP Mubarak, you lot been fasting for years 🙏🏿 @PreciousGNSD ok this was funnyWe will still eat the rich and turn Wayne Manor upside down don’t you worry. But StarLord has to go first before he…
Retweeted by Scully @RishiSunak rubbish. We wanted £500 for playstation 5
Retweeted by ScullyThe #NS10v10 x @WrayAndNephewUK collab continues this weekend so stay locked in, use our Insta filters and ENJOY ya…
Retweeted by Scullythey really f*cked around and gave me access to Wray & Nephew on camera....let's see how this goes.
Retweeted by Scully @LukeElliottS hahaha nah, the interface on Spotify is so elite, it hasn’t been beaten for me @LukeElliottS this is a bad way to tell us you’re not using Spotify Premium loooolYo people, I have just started a new shoe storage business. I need all the help I can get. So If you could kindly g…
Retweeted by Scully @MadzHalfLife @JordsOnline Yeah, not gonna lie, really and truly, we gotta give it to Dr Dre, and therefore, Eminem slander stands! of these elders had any therapy for what they experienced. Just years and years of racial trauma and mental wa…
Retweeted by Scully @isthatscully That “to show the way” always hits. ALWAYS
Retweeted by Scully @_WithLoveMariam top 20 worship songs or nah? @kaceboogie_ that show the way be slappin’, gotta hit it with full force, like from your diaphragm CAME FROM HEAVEN TO EARTH, TO SHOW THE WAY! FROM THE EARTH TO THE CROSS, MY DEBT TO PAY! FROM THE CROSS TO THE… sharing exciting news with people who kill the vibe being nonchalant.
Retweeted by ScullyThe year is 2024. We’ve finally achieved the post-racial, post-sexism, post-homophobia, anti-discrimination utopia.…
@kingDillion1 @BeniBrown_ she been buggin’ for like 90 minutesAs soon as specialist in failure left his lips, God intervened. Amen.
Retweeted by ScullyDon’t forget to live your actual life.
Retweeted by Scully @Gezza_O some of the remixes and fusions I've been subjected too...but won't lie, some of them slapped @SGLewis_ ♥️ we're on the way!...why are they like this? to auba, saka and maitland niles
Retweeted by Scully @SGLewis_ happy birtday my bro, more life! 👑Looking for black fashion/lifestyle journalists! ✍🏾 Editors, freelancers, bloggers please 🙏🏾
Retweeted by ScullyWatch our documentary on 6 Figure Gang. The Face went on the road with the crew compromised of @Iamsherelle,…
Retweeted by Scully @Jayandreas__ ok @LifeOfAls nothing but vibes OR B1LLIONZ 🤔...B1LLIONZ OUT NOW @GRMDAILY PEOPLE I NEED YOU TO SUPPORT THIS ONE HEAVY. BUY IT! STREAM IT!…
Retweeted by Scully @arxxual yeah they 100% did you dirty there :(VAR and the referees in the Premier League both shoulda been at The Sunday Show...f*cking jokers.The way I’m gonna train when gym opens yh, you guys are gonna think I’m training to go head to head with slum flower
Retweeted by ScullySomething about people calling Black folk "well-spoken" rubs me the wrong way...
Retweeted by ScullySince some Brits just can’t handle a nice story about Stormzy... Here’s something white up your street! 🙂🗞 #Stormzy
Retweeted by Scully @Jpizzledizzle most definitely. There’s a lot of sick new and old people. And this convo is definitely cyclical - b… @Jpizzledizzle it's not dead, it's just lost, needs to be born again...I mean in a public way too, because there's… @shaolinwaaavy NOW: THAT'S WHAT I CALL ELITE GYAL TUNES 2020she got that "get right" mama, & I gotta get my baby; listen, I don't want no problems...I just want my baby. was too black for them dw soon come tho g 😌
Retweeted by ScullyYGG shoulda saved Grime. @3SixMANIC all of Aggro Santos’ ‘Free Yard’YOU VOTED AGAINST IT YOU UTTER WEAPON
Retweeted by Scullyit’s 4pm & I’ve listened to ‘Enjoy Yourself’ by Pop Smoke since 10.30am.I wonder, is there a version of this for music? Because when I am in a particularly low or busy period, I listen to… EVERYONE IM PART OF THE PEOPLE WHO WON DAZED. GOD IS GOOOOOOOOOD
Retweeted by ScullyGod please when my lips no longer know what to ask for in prayer, please hear my heart.
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