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ISU grad, Redbirds. Packers, WhiteSox, Rays, Brewers, Bulls, Mavs, Badgers and Tampa Raptors. I love Avi Garcia, sorry. I claim Chicago & sometimes Dallas.

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@Dzikhead @LucasPerfetti46 Yeah real disappointing effort. Favre would've shotgunned it after bitting into the can. @LucasPerfetti46 @Dzikhead Imma be honest... 1) I wasn't surprised and 2) Still yikesThe LA Lakers sacrificed a little cap flexibility (maybe) for some security when they re-signed LeBron James and An…
Retweeted by AVIstan G. @whitesoxgm Lmao very good comparison. This is embarrassing hahahaNothing like drafted Kyler, Tua and Lawrence in 3 straight years lmao. a wild year, my defense is so bad.
I've already convinced myself that Schwarber is coming to the Sox and I'm going to rep another 12. Imma be lit.Idk why hes saying bye to Chicago... @BearsFanatico94 Its just dumb man, like he complimented their knowledge and now hes getting flack. Nobody can even… that was a lot of hype for nothing lol its because I'm less insecure about it, but I'd laugh (and presumably then cry) if The Good Doctor or A Milli… have reached a point where a dude talks for 3 hours straight to a national audience every week for decades and w… be a hot take, and maybe it's because I'll always enjoy his playoff ridiculousness and the fact that I met hi… will be interesting to see who gets a "Well it was 2020, COVID, short season, yadda, yadda" pass and who gets th… some point you have to think the MLB realizes their pay system is totally fucked, right? Like I get that Kyle Sc… @SouthsideZo It was fun all ~2 weeks that it lasted.Made in #FCS college football ... @CraigHaley has a Top 5 ranking of NFL rookies from FCS programs this season.…
Retweeted by AVIstan G.OH BOY. HERE WE GO MiLB needs to hop on the old bird app here and emoji up another opponent.
Retweeted by AVIstan G.That point differential...nice
Retweeted by AVIstan G.Thats a few points. @ktompkinsii Fuck Ryan, hope he stubs his toe every morning. He played for "Bad Illinois state" who were one ridicu… is so awesome's Zach Nabers is in the game and only has one hand. I don't care what level you are playing at or who yo…
Retweeted by AVIstan G.Turned it on, lol what is goin on. @RedbirdBurner Have we missed a shot? Like even an open shoot around its tough to score 138 in 32 minutesSomeone watching this want to fill me in? 138 with 8 minutes left? The fuck @RegionRat14 I get that, but still. That's a huge difference.
This dude was offered a 2 yr 50 million dollar deal after his injury and he turned it down. That will always amaze…
Retweeted by AVIstan G. @BrianBigHurt Absolutely, specially at his price.Definitely won't miss Mrs. Rodon, truth be told.Like imagine being such a shitty person that you can't even just be a shitty dad and shitty husband, you have to pr… @n__lun Yeah, but hey man, you gotta take what you can get.Wow that really didn't disappoint, I'm borderline impressed. twitter, before I click on Aubrey Huff trending, can I go on record thinking it will be something horrendously ignorant? Okay good.I am not typically a "bring back this washed up ex-legend!!" but like give me Joakim Noah back on the Bulls, like now please. @WilTheDude Yeeeeeesh bruh. Alright That's suspicious hahahaI do feel like sharing a spotify with Tay skews these, but... proud of the streets. damn, 220 of those are probably some sort of unheard of rap. 0 surprise, shoutout my guy @nfrealmusic , had concert tickets to see you for the first time this year.…"Am I on with MLB's number one female agent?" She's one of Forbes 30 Under 30 too Dietz, don't you forget it 😎 A n…
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@JTDeVito Not opposed to that eitherI love this dude Walton level of sidetrack "And now black athletes and music brings us toget...OH THERE WAS NO OFFENSIVE FOUL!" @Run__EMC @SouthsideZo I get that, but Darvish coming off 2nd in Cy Young and Snell didn't receive a vote. Regardle… @Run__EMC @SouthsideZo Honestly without knowing who we trade, this is tough. I assume the asking price on Snell is… @The_HUSK20 @TyTredup LmaoLove me some Jason Benetti, no matter the sport.I apologize to a few of you, unaware that they aren't just all chocolate ones. I can appreciate the non-chocolate versions. @KmackTime Shit i would too. @GoPackGo2012 Oh interesting, id be down for that tbh.This the new Sox Analytics Coordinator and I'm all for it, here's to hoping TLR actually learns a thing or 2 from h… telling black kids with great intellect that they act white. That is toxic
Retweeted by AVIstan G. @Redbirdfan1 That's a nice little changeup @BearsFanatico94 @_dbrown_23 Yo that's actually a hella good idea, like take that people who buy puppies to get chi… @TyTredup you and me both brother, god bless our women. @GoPackGo2012 I'm a classic hater, taylor buys us both one and forces me to find the damn correct number and eat th… @SoxWinCubsLose But that's problem, it's hardly even "a chocolate" like if anything it's a tease that makes me grab… @CheapSeats411 @LWilz Never actually knew the history behind it all, and while it doesn't help me understand why ba… Schwarber is one of these, as is Adam Engel, Yelich and Baez. Since apparently a 60 game season now determines how good a player is.Here's a fun game, which of these players are you most likely to sign long term? Player A: .203/.238/.360 Player… do white girls love advent calendars so much? I just don't get it.I'm so deep into livin the dream that I'm aware of it and I still can't stop the response. Feel like the dads when… what your go-to response is at work when asked "How's it going?" @kurt13warner Lol that you don't know this (not hating, because I don't know, but I also didn't ever get called for… @z2m4o That seems goofy to me that it doesn't move with the tackles or the pocket like the name indicates lol.Interesting, does "tackle box" not move... with the tackles? @Typac69 Honestly i feel luckier every time I watch non-Packers games. The fuck was that shit lmao. Pete gone too cuteDK Metcalf already in the heads of 2 Eagles players lmaoShots fired!
Why were they just playing with 6 NL Central teams and 4 AL West teams for all of my childhood? Who allowed this to go on for so long?
Retweeted by AVIstan G. @HappyMitch Still ridiculous that they hit a 60 yard rush and then the play call following: Run Pass Pass Pass Pas… @HappyMitch When the score updated to 27-3 my first thought "to think the Bears were back-to-back dropped TDs and c… a nice case of humble-the-fuck-up is in order, thank God the Packers didn't hire me to be the GM and pick… Rodgers red zone stats: 🔸 24 TDs (1st) 🔸 0 INTs
Retweeted by AVIstan G.Black Friday deals available all weekend!
Retweeted by AVIstan G.Really good article, but my favorite part is the Trevor Williams tweet. That is diabolically hilarious. Nothing qui… know you are sick of hearing me saying it, but this is an illegal pitch and a ball. If your response is "no runne… did however hit his shoulder pad into his helmet causing a 15 yard penalty. A brutal and malicious sight. MORNING! #GoPackGo
Retweeted by AVIstan G.Lol WHAT A DAY NYJ/MIA: Fail TEN/IND: Right ARI/NE: Fail, fail. MIN/CAR: Fail, right. DEN/NO: Fail, fail. LAR/SF:… We need him.I did not anticipate the Bears defense taking the day off.I never know how much credit to give a guy for just being where the ball is, but 2 bad Mitch decisions now = Savage is great, I guess.Man, Charles Leno amazes me everytime I watch him. @AlecDiab I don't think the QB has to do with it, just a bad blown call, but I won't stop you from your narrative. @RegionRat14 That I'm not going to allow, yalls best CB of all time literally has a punch named after him lol. I di… @soxysteelchic14 @cmmarysz Its just funnyLol "This offensive line can block." I just heard that about the bears.When I was worried about Mitch, i forgot that they have such an abysmal line that it really doesn't matter. Also so… double facemask that leads to a defensive TD, oh boy. Here comes the Packers favoritism comments. Love you all.During the first TD I said "Wow surprised that wasn't a play action pass for the TD." Since then, 2 straight TDs of… you loan your boy $3 million for a recount, and the other guy gets another 132 votes
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@22_bigal Haven't done a same game parlay but this looks super appetizing @22_bigal Was Kirk the biggest stretch of these? That's a solid parlay @alexxx_villa Definitely my biggest reach, been talked into it by a few people I consider good bettors.Pushing my over luck? Yup. Also thanks to @MrDelicious13 I learned I can bet per point O/U so CHI/GB is $5 per point, Max 40.Here we go, still undefeated on betting the over... NYJ/MIA: NYJ ML TEN/IND: TEN ML all day ARI/NE: Over 50.5, and… me this. Screw trusting another dribbler.