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I have seen far too many veiled racist comments and a lot of silence in a scene that has deep black and brown roots…
@Quincinerate 😉 yup!Missing this more and more every day! That night was so much fun 🌪 @CashApp $MarcoSgalbazzini 🐉 J after-after-party in a living room with 20 or so people @realDonaldTrump @Twitter
Special Q & A episode for Beyond Normal Days 022. Ask Jia (@Jia6am) and Marco (@italianreckoner) anything via the…
Retweeted by Marco @truncate_la 5/5 track titleLAST CALL: Our Memorial Day Sale ends at 12pm noon PST! Up to 50% off on all apparel including limited edition t-s…
Retweeted by Marco😂 @MarcellusESQ community has lost three amazing people this week, people who touched us deeply with their friendships. All t… @MarcellusESQ That movie gets worse and worse as it goes on LOL
@Official_Maison @Lowki_Chi For the price I expected a real life statue but I have a feeling it would be a perfect… @Official_Maison Hahahahaha like the one @Lowki_Chi showed us in the GC?It’s so weird to think that people who aren’t Scottish think cunt is a proper offensive word
Retweeted by MarcoConquered Mt. San Jacinto today 🥾 🏔💪🏼 12.6 miles, 4,100ft elevation gain and some good snow and boulder scramble to…
Our Movement Detroit after party with Perc, Marcel Fengler, Volvox and more should be ending right now 😤 Instead I… @StinkyPeeete Thanks man! @an_ordinary_dj Thanks! @DirtyEpicLA Only if you were thereWorked all afternoon on getting the lights in the backyard set-up and the vibes are proper now ✨💡✨💡 POSTPONED 🥵 Our summer is somewhat postponed, and many of our events are being rescheduled for later months b…
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Rome, Italy
Retweeted by Marco13 years ago, inside the Curva in that beautiful yet so tense stadium in Athens. A night I’ll never forget. Reveng… #BitcoinPizzaDay! 10 years ago, Laszlo Hanyecz had tens of thousands of bitcoin he had mined. He also was cr… @reallukeslater @moteevolver Anyone who knows you knows that there isn’t a racist atom in your whole body! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎Paula Temple on the Blank Code Live Stream 🥵 20% off all #DownBeats earplugs order during our Memorial Day Weekend Sale! Use promo code "memorial" at ch…
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@Antonio__Gioia I think that will happen! Let’s see and use the time to connect and spread music and positivity onl… @Antonio__Gioia Hahaha I can’t deny feeling the same my man. Just got to hold tight a bit longer...! @Antonio__Gioia I feel all of this!! 🙏🏼🖤 hopefully we will be back on the dance floor soon2020 has been postponed for many of us. What are you doing with your time instead? @Jia6am Wow this explains the weird blowing sounds coming from the other room 🙄 💨 @CONT3NTKINGS @dulapaloozaCurating 2 mix series has been a lot of fun and seeing your support is amazing! We strive to feature multi-genre ep… 💚🤍❤️ @bryakn Not on my watch!! 😤😩🥺😭Twitter friends: we found this injured bird in the backyard, unable to fly as the neighbor’s cat was trying to catc… @StinkyPeeete @lee_k__ @circulaterecs @CAWolfCenter Technically the campaign is over, but you they can enter your e… happy to support my friend @lee_k__ as well as her label @circulaterecs and their initiative to help the…
#WarehouseMemories: last year we hosted a special @deviationagency night alongside @dirtyepicla and @6amgroup with…
Retweeted by Marco @JocksterDJ @6AMGroup @K_Ishii_70Drums You’re not wrong, that’s why we bring him to LA whenever we can! 💪🏼 🇯🇵 @DwnyTrojan85 Thank you David! Team work indeed, this was gonna be one helluva weekend with several great partners 🤍 @xxBRUNCATExx I love this one of you both, one of my faves!Artists (A-Z) we had booked for Movement after parties this year: Ø [Phase] The Advent Black Asteroid Brennen Grey… @_moxxie me neither!! always there at lights on, jumping around and vibing right in front of the speakers! Gonna miss that! @xxBRUNCATExx 🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤 she lit up every space she went into! @_moxxie Sending you massive hugs Jai, this is so sad. She was so great to be around, always sparked joy in everyon… were a bright star in the night, a kind soul with a smile everywhere you went. Rest easy Amanda, you will be missed dearly 🖤 x @6AMGroup @MovementDetroit The entire 2014 Underground Stage lineup was insanely good 👌🏼 @likelyds @JrdnnAlexandra @Arvlol @GeorgiaModi I think it looks fine!! Also yay for early morning hikes! 🥰 @JrdnnAlexandra @GeorgiaModi Which version of Jordann will we see tomorrow?! 😯 @JrdnnAlexandra Your roommate had a phone 🙄The household has been killing the cooking game 👌🏼 s/o to @Jia6am for the salmon, it was perfect! @JrdnnAlexandra Send pic fam! 👋🏼 @JrdnnAlexandra why Jordann WHY?!?!
@maxxallende @_Swiggs @downbeats @6AMGroup LOL @helenamierzwa I love himDoesn’t get much better than this is quartet of techno and noise producers! 🎛🔥 👀 #Chicago
Retweeted by Marco @MATRiXXMAN plans: 2020: @lizhvalenti @raynadreamaa More like are on at 8pm on Instagram Live via the 6AM IG:!
Ugh i need a haircut before 8pm tonight in on our Instagram LIVE feed tonight at 8pm for an interview with 6AM boss @jia6am and @synthetikminds founde…
Retweeted by MarcoMy plans: 2020: @chintikimnm @ChampionsLeague @acmilan @chintikimnm @ChampionsLeague @acmilan look, a YT channel for me!!
-----ATTENTION----- If you or a loved one has been refused entry to a private business for not wearing a mask and…
Retweeted by MarcoYou don’t need a fucking Twitter Sara the trail doesn’t have mountain lions I am not hiking it 😤😤😤😤😤 past weekend Noneoftheabove joined Speedy J's Public Energy alter-ego in the STOOR lab by @ElectricDeluxe and…
Retweeted by Marco @chintikimnm @ChampionsLeague @acmilan🤯 In your top 2 #UCL final goals?⁣ ⁣ ⚽ Dejan Savićević #OTD in 1994 for AC Milan against Barcelona 🏆⁣ ⁣ #OnThisDay
Retweeted by Marco6-for-6: (Thread) 1991: MJ captures his first title
Retweeted by MarcoSeared ahi tuna steak arugula salad with sun-dried tomatoes, golden beets, goat cheese, walnuts and homemade lemon-…
@jeffplynch Yeah I’d wait. For example this is not even one group of friends but several groups just on top of one… @jeffplynch Too busy tbh. We tried our best to stay away from people and wore masks too, but some others had no reg… chilling at the Bridge to Nowhere 😌
The 5.5 hours 6AM Live Stream has begun! All techno from Linn Elisabet, Dela Moon, Sim0nimo, Alejandro Franco and…
Retweeted by Marco“Wining has a price, leadership has a price. I pulled people along when they didn't want to be pulled, I challenged…
Retweeted by Marco @CashApp @ErinShoupp @REI Thank you dear happy 😊 Glad you got their stuff, I am tempted to buy almost every single one of th… nature lovers and hikers: the @REI Anniversary Sale began today and it’s full of great deals! They don’t o… @MarcellusESQ You inspired me, threw on a Led Zeppelin vinyl and jamming! Thanks bro hope you have a good weekend 🤘🏼 @MarcellusESQ I can see it for a Coachella or such! @MarcellusESQ Led Zeppelin and Portishead @Komprezzor909 Very, but fuck them!This is what you look like when you send unsolicited dick pics. STOP @ChuckeEChaves Lots of Italian reckoningWhenever someone asks me when parties will start again
First party that you can call a rave beyond the house parties I had been to up until then was a Feb 2000 night at… Jordan Paolo Maldini 2020 horror movie gets creepier and creepier @Ibra_official My mother lives across the street from you. Please keep an eye out for her God 🙏🏼❤️🖤 @jaywithdabeard @Arvlol Honestly same. It’s part of why I left. It’s honestly mostly people that weren’t ever in it for the music a…