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I do have to correct myself though: Stroboscopic Artefacts last year was fantastic. Same venue and same promoter @perctrax 🌗 years in a row @perctrax has had the absolute best vibes of any ADE party I have been to. OutstandingThis is my favorite @perctrax set of the year. Absolute bonkers
LA we are soaking in the ADE vibes, getting some important inspiration, and taking meetings to shape our 2020 and b…
Retweeted by Marco @truncate_la They aightI miss @truncate_la playing Verknipt Room 2 🔥 That’s my only tweet for this crazy day
People are really out here buying tickets to events, then asking for list and selling their tickets...Way to support the scene lol
Retweeted by MarcoMy ADE +1 is 🔥
Awakenings for the boys tonight: @MATRiXXMAN and SHDW & Obscure Shape ⚙️ @tollefson__ Don’t be a pussyThe energy in Amsterdam is electrifying. I’m buzzing 🐝Here we go, @ADE_NL 2019 💥 Techno by COMPOUND Tickets now on Sale! 🎉  Coming up: Developer, Regal, Pleasurekraft, Kyle Geiger, Adriana Lo…
Retweeted by MarcoAnetha Remco Beekwilder Selective Response And all of you crazy techno souls on the dance floor 🖤 We are still bu…
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Retweeted by MarcoAyyyy deeee fucking eeeee
You know it’s gonna be 💯 deserves a shopping day in Milano before hitting ADE ☔️
NYE Techno 2019 by COMPOUND Ticket of Trust go on sale tomorrow at 11am PST. First headliner will be announced a we…
Retweeted by MarcoMental moments for Remco Beekwilder’s LA debut on Saturday, shot by Ønyx 💦💦💦💦 @synthetikminds 🤝 @6AMGroup
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@JimmyMaheras Angeles, California 🇺🇸 via: visualldreams
Retweeted by MarcoLA ✈️ MILANO and let me tell you ... after 5 hours of combined sleep in 2 nights I cannot wait to pass out on this… @JimmyMaheras u wot m8? @ElStInKyPeEeTe @Onyxus_music I have some ideas 😏 @ElStInKyPeEeTe usually go to ADE to get inspired but last night... damn that was some inspiring shit 🔥’s Set = 💯Lmao Bryan has been speaking in Valyrian since he got hereREMCOOOOOOOORemco Beekwilder madness 🤯 📸: @csoltis
Retweeted by MarcoWe have lift-off 🚀 with @select_response 🚨 @synthetikminds 🤝 @6AMGroup
Retweeted by MarcoLet’s burn the place down LA... jk please don’t, leave that to Anetha, Remco and Selective Response ⛽️🔥 Respect…"Get a move on...Don't worry whether anyone will give you credit for it...Be satisfied with even the smallest progr…
Remco was dynamic and relentless in Chicago, tonight will be 👅👅👅Tonight was a demonstration of perseverance, love for the underground, friendship and teamwork 🖤 Thank you… @_itssbee See you soon! @_itssbee Yes ☺️sext:
Remco Beekwilder is Stateside 💪🏽 🇺🇸 Chicago see you tonight: @FormatRec & @synthetikminds present: Perc, Remco Be… the DJ’s hotel is next to your alma mater 👨‍🎓 & Remco in Chicago tonight 🌪 @TapNewo thassssss me
REMINDER: that the best thing you can do as a man is to a) believe women when they tell you something and b) do the…
Retweeted by MarcoReaktor day party at ADE?This Saturday we welcome the long-awaited LA debut of one of today’s most exciting artists in techno: Anetha ⚡️ We…
Retweeted by MarcoFavorite pastimes include pondering about my mortality @TheTeats Too many @Lowki_Chi It’s worked for me before lol just gotta grease it up“Go outside, move deliberately, then relax, slow down, look around. Do not jog. Do not run...Instead pay attention… Petersburg, Russia
Retweeted by Marco @Lowki_Chi @RyanHoliday The least that I could do for the friend who introduced me to it all! 🤗 @Lowki_Chi No! Put extra virgin olive oil on the squeaky door! @Lowki_Chi Do what the Italians would do @Ryanbimmer Mad love ❤️ @MrBentleyDean Good old days 🖤#tbt
“When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” — Lao TzuI’m taking her back to LA with me 😭
Retweeted by Marco @xxBRUNCATExx I can’t believe you had me carrying your shoe through LA all of Sunday hahaThis week's Global Vibe Radio mix is one I have been working on for mooooonths and showcases the deep, intimate, an… Bryan doesn't wear a tiara I want a refund“Creativity is, by its nature, an act of boldness and rebellion.” - @RobertGreene
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Alexa play “Homecoming“ by Kanye See you soon Chicago bbs 🤗Airport security check points offer a perfect insight on the wide spectrum of human IQ, and lack thereof @dxviiid @dxviiid NYE for sure, but maybe another before! video of the last COMPOUND, brilliantly shot and edited by Anita Foroughi aka Ønyx 🖤 might be back before then, but meantime mark your calendars for NYE Techno 2019 by COMPOUND:
Retweeted by Marco💀 COMPOUND Summer 2019 Aftermovie 💀 On July 27th COMPOUND returned to LA for its first edition of 2019, featuring…
Retweeted by MarcoYoooo LA Anetha is finally and actually coming! Remember that February night when we had to postpone her LA debut d…
Retweeted by Marco6AM Update 🌊 Josh Wink, TWR72, Rebuke, CRSSD Review, Win Tickets to Richie Hawtin CLOSE - This Saturday: Anetha &…
Retweeted by MarcoRemcoooooooo the exception of wisdom, I’m inclined to believe that the immortal gods have given nothing better to humanity than friendship. — CiceroThank you for the wisdom, for being my unknowing mentor and for helping me to see the way, especially through the d…
Took the Chicago bbs on a camping and hiking weekend ⛰🏕 and they killed it! 💪🏽 @Lowki_Chi @likelyds
@thefullm0nty isn't he the one booking them in LA all the time? @JimmyMaheras @Jia6am We both already have ours! Lol #StoicPromoters
JUST ANNOUNCED: Remember that smashing @kylegeiger NYE set? Well he is back next month for our next collab with…
Retweeted by MarcoWho should play our 3 Year Anniversary in February?
Retweeted by MarcoThis absolute treasure of a woman moved us into our new place while I was in Italy, surprised me with an amazing bi…“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet & winds long to play with your hair.” —Kahlil Gibran…
Retweeted by Marco @Lowki_Chi❗️FREE ART GIVEAWAY❗️ This will be my LAST GIVEAWAY ‼️ Just Follow my IG (@justintine_art) and comment on your fa…
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Agree to do more than you think is possible, and then just go and do it You’ll be getting a lot more done with yo…’ll give $11,000 to someone random who retweets this, and yup I do pay these 💵 (must be following so I can dm you,…
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That time Remco Beekwilder released on Dax J’s Label 💥 We can’t wait to host his Chicago and LA debuts on Oct 11t…
Retweeted by Marco @obscure_j @GeorgiaModi good thing John has his boys coming with!Next up: 7 Years of Dirty Epic with RADIO SLAVE on Friday  📻 Coming up: Anetha & Remco Beekwilder, Developer & Re…
Retweeted by MarcoYou already know it 😈👻💀🔪⚰️ 👹 10.04 7 years of @DirtyEpicLA w/ Radio Slave 💉 10.12 Anetha, Remco Beekwilder & Sele…
Retweeted by MarcoHe needs to mind his business
Retweeted by MarcoI’ll give $3,003 TODAY to someone random who retweets this because last night’s winner was so happy 💸(must be follo…
Retweeted by Marco @ElStInKyPeEeTe pls don't say that lol
What a fucking weekend lol from Italy to moving to a new place once landed to SNTS and finally the CRSSD and 999999… years is a long ass time to be doing techno events of any kind. Massive respect to Dirty Epic for the longevity a… bring a thunderous LIVE acid techno set to @crssdfest 🌴☀️🎛🔥 To book 999999999 in North America please co…
Retweeted by Marco999999999 bring a thunderous LIVE acid techno set to @crssdfest 🌴☀️🎛🔥 Watch the entire set being streamed right no…
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Be grateful for the small wins in life. When you are honest and reflective about what’s important in life, it’s the…