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Coffee Talk - Coffee brewing and heart-to-heart talk simulator in a fantasy world that's as real as ours… into a brave new world.... of horror! Panstasz's gorgeous 1-bit love letter to cosmic horror is live and ready… @GoldenLassoGirl @moonscript If you send an email to our support email you should get an automated confirmation ema…
A Dystopian Murder Show: Jump. Fight. Die. And die again in this terrific TV Show, in which you need to survive bru…
Raider Kid and the Ruby Chest: Explore the deepest depths of an ancient ruin and unveil its hidden secrets!… Deff is a mercenary death that must hunt down other deaths that no longer want to be deaths...… of Ten: Action adventure space game with a focus on exploration and fast paced dogfights…
the machine that BREATHES: A tunneling machine finds itself injected into a body resembling a human.…
Headliner: NoviNews: Award-winning adventure where you control the news and its impact on society, your friends and… Chase Demo: Get the flag, run for your life... And from yourself! by @_BurningGoat Use strategy and wit to climb the ranks Set forth with Sisters Semilla and Fran, missionaries in the Church’s service, on their journey to thwart…
Diskophoros: fast-paced local multiplayer laser disc combat on procedurally generated maps… Island Story: An adventure on a wild island! by @sebastianzaczekcom A game of mystery and discovery that poses the question; what is truth, and does it even matter?… Order: Hemlock (Demo): Find and piece together various fragments of information from around the world, an…
Staying Together: Control two lovers simultaneously as they move in unison on your quest to unite them… and Molly: A fun puzzle game for the Commodore 64. by @carletonhandley Ocean Big Jacket: A Camping Story starring: Uncle Brad, Aunt Cloanne, Mord (and Ben) Soccer: Arcade-style 2D platformer-soccer-hybrid by @AnttiKole
Memoria Café: 🍵 Drop by for a cup, won't you? 🍵 by @ChumpetteV Hounds: Roguelite mech-riding, phase-shifting twin-stick action #html5 and the Spirit Within: Adventure through dense jungles, sprawling temples, primordial caverns, and the otherw… of Starcross Kickstarter Demo: A colorful and explosive RPG about a place with a heavy past! Kickstarter out N…
Boris and the Dark Survival: Deep in the murky shadows of Joey Drew Studios, a lone wolf struggles to survive the i… House [Demo]: You are in in the Domino House ... trapped! by @lilou_cormic A story about how nothing can be ever be perfect and perfectionism isn't always perfect - this includes…
📣 You can PAY WHAT YOU WANT for our FMV/Adventure game Headspun (usually £9.99 / $9.99) - even if that's ABSOLUTELY…
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Secret of the Old Ship: Jump into the boots of the pirate Captain Robin as she boards a haunted ship to uncover its…
Medal Of Legends: Survive as long as possible, kill zombies and everyone in your way! Light 2: ASCII art just gained a new dimension by @felixplesoianu Extreme: Slay the goblins of the horde by sniping them in slow motion mid-air with your crossbow!… #wasplove game: Build a nest, grow your colony, and see if you make it through the year.…
Epic Battle Fantasy 3: A silly turn-based JRPG that will keep you busy for 10 hours - and it's 100% free!… & Locket - Teaser Demo: A Bounty Hunter in the Underworld by @WWGAMINGNZ Lose yourself in Infinity… but never lose Hope. Try to escape a world of never-ending puzzles and oddities.… demo: Crumble is a dynamic physic platformer by @BruteForceGame
The Belfry: Move, fight, and dance your way to the top Hex: In a creaky old tavern, in a forgotten corner of the video-game universe, a storm is raging...…'s Blood: Prologue: A dark mix of tactical strategy and RPG. The key to victory are not muscles or power - but… Last Cactus: Can You Protect The Last Cactus? by @GentooGames
Nordic Warriors: Enter the world of Nordic Warriors, a realm of Myth and Legend where you use smart tactics to surv… Bearer: An open world adventure RPG with puzzly elements. by @JC_Bailey1112 a Poco: Go around town helping sad frogs with our healing music! Can you keep in tune as we save our friends?… Surface: An open-world 2d platformer with deep character customization, a functioning ecosystem, dynamic en…
Sonar Smash: A super cute, fast paced shoot 'em up featuring a lovable dolphin. by… Jump and bark your way to the ball by @waynepetzler @itchio One thing I'm really proud about is the function that let you change how @itchio addresses your game, I gav…
Retweeted by itch.ioThe Producer - NB#2: Small music biz simulation inspired by classic simulation games. NimbleBeasts - Monthly Game #… had a brief outage, but the site should be back up and running now. Thanks for your patience!
Dominions'n'Dominoes: colonize worlds and organize trade by @benjamin_soule_
Rotator (Amiga): Superb arcade puzzle action for the Commodore Amiga! everyone, good news! We've set a release date for the Demo Disc and the list of demos is decided. The Demo Di…
Retweeted by itch.ioAfter the Collapse: A post-apocalyptic base building game featuring urban environments in which you can build both… Route Zero: Kentucky Route Zero is a magical realist adventure game about a secret highway in the caves be… Talk: Coffee brewing and heart-to-heart talk simulator in a fantasy world that's as real as ours…
Thunder Kid II: Null Mission: Your Mission: To rescue the kidnapped humans across North America and stop the robot… With some tricky magic up your sleeve and your job on the line, it's up to you to build a future out o… This is a dark story about people that never existed and the sick city going insane.… City Riders Demo: Explore the decaying futuristic Neon City in search of items, superpowers and companions to…
«NOISE1» is a posthuman stealth/horror terminal-operated unicode space opera, available only on illegal post-annex…
Retweeted by itch.ioFinal Hold: Eldenwald: A magical co-op, hack and slash experience by @OscarTulkens Supper: Ms. Appleton was always a wellspring of kindness, until The Voice started talking to her.… Sci-fi Action Roguelite. Collect DNA from enemies and mutate yourself to victory! explore a castle in the sky by @sokpopco
dispersion: Synchronous movement puzzle game prototype & Gaslight: After a malevolent cult enjoyed a continueing growth of popularity, it became a threat to all peo… for Athelay: [Demo Available] A turn-based roguelite strategy game #indiegames Force Rena: Swing, climb, grab, and throw in this action platformer where you can grapple anywhere!…
Mystiqa - Take the role of an adventurer alone or with your friends locally and explore the open-world of Mystiqa… Came From The Sky: Take the role of one of the Flying Saucers in the 1950s! by @FobTi E.D.: It's up to you to program E.D. to navigate the terrain of this strange new world.…
1 Bit, 2 Bit, 3 Bit, Four.: a game about jumping by @JustASmolBoyyy
Remnants, my top down indie exploration game in which every room is drawn from scratch, is OUT NOW for free!…
Retweeted by itch.ioDrawkanoid: Hyperspeed brick breaking without the paddle. A top-down exploration game about descending underground into a mysterious abandoned facility.… Kingdom: The Kingdom of Novus has been thrown into disarray, and it's up to you to decide if you’ll help to… A puzzle game about manipulating blocks to reach greater knowledge. by @mmatt_ugh
TO THE TOP for SideQuest VR: VR Platforming game, that gives you the freedom to move across the environment with su… CASE: A puzzle game about navigating, linking and altering the game world. by… Boy Commits Tax Evasion Demo: Pay back your insurmountable debt to Mayor Onion, and tear down the corrupt ve… You wake up from an unexpectedly long cryosleep, only to discover that this place is not what it's supposed…
Lazr: Cyberpunk 2d Platformer with Cloth Physics by @_mrgrak #indiegames drifter: A moody bounty hunting game set on a rainy planet. by @sokpopco #indiegames Mims Beginning: Experience the mysterious and mystical by taking on a journey with Mims in this strategic god-l… Load your guns! Rain death from above! by @necrosoftgames
Nice to... you!: A cartoonish VN about an alien coming to Earth Grove: The tale of a legendary alchemist and their plucky robot companion on a quest to save humanity from…'s Inception: Procedurally generated Gameboy-style action-adventure game by… Karlson is a milk-infused fellow, on a mission to take down anyone in his way to secure the milk…
Little Mouse's Encyclopedia: An interactive encyclopedia for kids and their parents. by… Duel it out in PvP magic-girl bullet hell! by @thewaanderson Magnum: Master the intricate, physical machinery of the transmutation engine— the alchemical engineer’s most a…
Tiny Islands: Draw cards and draw your map - get a high score by @dr_d_king
Shutter Nyang - Demo: The cat is swept away by a wind with a strange camera! In order to return the camera to a fri… Girl Proxima: Become a magical girl hero and defend the alien world of Proxima Centauri b in Star Girl Proxima…'s A Snake In My Boot: Take on the role of the not so average hero James Marsten by… Kingdom: Build your deck, send troops in to battle and support them to victory in real-time lighthearted…
Bard's Gold: Help the Bard to overcome the dungeon’s many dangerous perils #indiegames Harder : Useless: The only way to wake up is to die.