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15 / M / SFW artist but can get suggestive at times / pfp by me- / runs @BadNintenTakes

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@CakeUnleashed rouge the batmade the sprite layer ever so slightly darker bored, sonic 1 but green hills gonna be sunset hill and its very incomplete nice cropping twitter-my part of another trade, it's @IdyllicIdgit's alien OC, Bast! very edgy with that middle finger doe 👀 @CakeUnleashed nothing really but we pretty much don't interact at all and I wanna change that- @spongecaps2 The villager with you in a boat when you leave the boat to level out the path in front of youFound out; the animal crossing part of the switch online app runs off a website, specifically… what if I temporarily made spect my mascot for like a day haha not gonna happenArt trade with @ItIsIWeeg of he's oc Spect! Loved the colors on this one and I tried to give my own take on the sha…
Retweeted by WeegArt trade 1 of 4 complete, and it's of @peacox0's sona, I think! This was really fun to do because I don't usually… @IdyllicIdgit and @sabersaphi and two friends without the bird siteanimal crossing with the boys #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
@BlanketStadium @GabrielTDGM sntopMacy bot currently not posting alot because there's like, little variations of the same 4 tweets programmed in and… THE FUCK MACY WHAT ACTING ROLES DID YOU TAKE HANDS ARE FUCKING CIRCLES
Retweeted by Weegtechnically difficulties are happening with macy bot posts may not be on scheduleSociety, am I right?
Retweeted by Weeg#IMSONIC,SONICTHEHEDGEHOG bot is live! Hopefully it'll give you some strange insight into my mascot oc why did I make this a thing on the macy bot. It's going good so far macybot v0.0.1. 1. 2. 3.
Retweeted by Weegeh screw it, better fire reds being laid dormant. Gonna try and do something with the update account now that its not neededArt trade with @ItIsIWeeg !! a cute little ghost girl!!
Retweeted by Weeg @BlanketStadium no? I kinda wanna read that thoughSo I drew a whole bunch of quick sonics for visuals for my shop project and everyone actually liked it despite it b…, yesterday sure as shit happened, gonna move on now, maybe get some oc refs out later?FUCK YES I STAYED UP FOR THIS @HeroOnTheWind ok darn I have not become an anime 😔 @HeroOnTheWind so by that logic does me eating a grilled cheese while lying down and having the plate rest on my ch… during this whole thing one of the criticisms mentioned was my lack of drawing realistic hands, so I had… stupid ass autocorrect UNironicallyOops I meant ironically in the first part, I thought they were unironically raidingIn conclusion, I was a stupid butt and jumped to conclusions and acted irrationally, you don't have to forgive me if you don't want to.I'd like to apologize for something Earlier I sent everyone to attack @dagnarles, @MGuy360 and @bacala_joey because… @sycned yeah she kinda cute doeoh yeah and I don't think ill be in the mood to like, do anything for a bit so don't expect much art from me. after… this entire situations been mentally draining for me. Any more and I think I might collapse or something idfk nightyknow what Privating my account for now can't get dirt on me if you can't see my posts ;)I've hit 7K followers! It's been a while so I'd like to do a small raffle. Follow and RT to enter Thank you so m…
Retweeted by WeegI've deleted all mention of this website drama shenanagins because tbh I don't wanna annoy people with just useless… @dagnarles Alright then. If you ain't gonna end it I'm gonna end it myself. Farewell, my good sir @dagnarles Well how bout this; we call it fair, no one attacks each other, ill delete the tweet with your @ (which… @dagnarles Y'know what yeah more than just you hate my art. I know that. But don't you find it odd that the metal a…
@curtiswmtaro Alright, see ya @dagnarles You see, who else would organize the same orchestration of saying my arts bad than the mans that made th… @curtiswmtaro Sorry man, wouldn't have to have said so if he didn't join in on the raid @dagnarles Da proof @GalacticNova18 Yeah, was always kinda sus of srb from the beginning but this just confirms it And on the 1 year a… @GabrielTDGM Raided my server and created an entire website dedicated to hating on my art all because I disliked a… @LutherHyde5 Imagine making a burner account just to say my arts badso i noticed my house actually looked like something from my childhood... #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @Aheit_giuz Surprisingly alot of people still do, just they're the bad eggs of the bunch @AlextheMiles78 yeah miiverse is actually how I started my online presence! I started out with the username YoshiFa… I just fucking turn this serious post into a shadow the hedgehog reference yes, yes I did. now moved on from that site. Sure some of my earliest followers were from that site and yes people are still go… brought it back, using it to sort of mock me. And when I kindly asked they take it down due to me being un…, one of those things resulting in an image being made that I still regret requesting to this day. Won't say exa… THREAD WARNING Some recent events have transpired that, while private at the moment I think will escalate so I… plug my art but too many people do that so instead we stan master system sonic in this household I'm open for 4 more art trade slots i wanna post em in 2 batches of 4 for 8 total @FoolishLoverPip yo I've actually been missing gmax garbodor, that and Charizard were all I had left @FoolishLoverPip Thank you for doing business with me sir @FoolishLoverPip Alright we matched baybee @FoolishLoverPip yeah this is kinda confusing ngl- @FoolishLoverPip okok 6738 that's gonna be the code- @FoolishLoverPip Oh @FoolishLoverPip Connect up with the Y Comm to the internet, then hit link trade and when prompted, set the link co… @FoolishLoverPip lemme know when you're ready and ill provide link code @FoolishLoverPip Alright I'm just vibing with the boi @FoolishLoverPip Oh ok, well I'm hatching the egg rn- @FoolishLoverPip Alright its fine I'm gonna chuck in a bunch of candies until im out @FoolishLoverPip gimme like 5 mins @GabrielTDGM it is @DrLavaYT @RacieBeep Yeah, there's definently too much black in the outline, I've noticed that almost all gen 2 spr… @ReviewsPokemon he he stares at me, having a PowerPoint and 60 math questions due tomorrow, and I even started anything you know what screw six fan arts I wanna TRADE hey mutuals n stuff! Hit me up for some art trades if ya want @MrGarbage64 you're welcome, skipperMacy in le funne Undertale
Retweeted by Weeg @MrGarbage64 YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO she looking kinda epic doeee @BootlegPikachu0 she thinks it's that but doesn't know for sure
frick it spect character sheet as early character development frick it I only know Bart mutuals send your ocs too if you wantquick I've run out of non ocs to draw gimme some non ocs and I might draw em if I know em! Yes this is trend riding…'s fully animated for the first time in her life they say be there or be square and you don't go there ...this is the stupidest kind of joke I've ever done to… the one and only @MowtenDoo over at my island! ...dont mind the 3. #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @MowtenDoo Alright! New code is 4VC0Q, I've also got every fruit ready except pears if you need any @MowtenDoo oh damn I closed it a bit ago because I didn't expect you'd actually join, someone had even cheaper than… I made a simple edit to pac mans smash 4 poster and now the balance is restored - no random genesis sprite with… @JimmyDPooper Unironically I'd like to see wario or waluigi in that style @MowtenDoo now that's a deal I can't miss out on senor doo the code is 11043, we got 91 bells per turnip and idk w… @MowtenDoo I got a 91 bell turnip one if that's inexpensive-KATTMATORA OH MY GOD #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch and welcome to weeg puts out a bounty on a bunch of birds and donkey kong where I try a whole bunch of myster…