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@kusimir HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORI!!!! @mirrorkirby NOOOO @mirrorkirby ? @anarcholesbian I don't think I've ever been too fond of Twilight Princess, but maybe I need to fully play through… - Vinny & Jerma
Retweeted by damon @anarcholesbian also Wind Waker HD is the last Wii U game that's actually worth porting to Switch @anarcholesbian -Mario Kart Double Dash is my second fave game in the series -Wind Waker, but it would probably be… @anarcholesbian my fault @anarcholesbian it's true though @anarcholesbian you're straight 🤣I'm kind of like the gay Aubrey @LeitungEvolved pain. @LeitungEvolved did you have to sell it? :( @nebita @vampiric_shirin @nebita @vampiric_shirin lolz4real remix
Retweeted by damon @JaronTwo @hunter_hhhh kick his ass. @anarcholesbian him listening to MF DOOM (rest in peace), Kendrick Lamar or Tame Impala is even less likely than Ob… when he hears the term "hyperpop" being thrown around
@SAKYOlZU I have Hornsby and he's Great @sleepdealerwmv @sleepdealerwmv you're going to HELL @sleepdealerwmv @canofblissmusic I do lol @dudeswatcheva aw hell nah @pisspainting @majorbean_ @dm4uz3 idiot @pisspainting @majorbean_ @dm4uz3 you when Noah said "don't look at me" @pisspainting @majorbean_ @dm4uz3
@redzamusic @jedwill1999 real asf @andosux fuck @eviediary D'Fuck 😂 @pooldad you're so RIGHTtw // execution - - please let’s not wait until it’s too late again. pervis payne has a temporary reprieve of his…
Retweeted by damon @anarcholesbian freak @anarcholesbian ? @redzamusic listened to a Perfume album yesterday (Triangle) and it's very good thanks for putting me on big bro @nebita @ericdoa vouchI’m in desperate need of help to medical Transition. I have been trying for a while trying to raise funds. Please…
Retweeted by damon @jedwill1999 I'm done.idiot jedwill @jedwill1999
OFFICALS JUST ANNOUNCED THEY’RE PUSHING IT BACK TWO HOURS!! it’s now at 8pm est, because they’re going over appeals…
Retweeted by damon @h_________e shut uptw // execution we couldn't save corey johnson. don't let the same thing happen to dustin higgs. please don't be…
Retweeted by damon @canofblissmusic ily2 :) @canofblissmusic WAIT FUCK HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOPE YOU'VE HAD A GREAT ONE @lachlantula nothing . @lachlantula come on @h_________e thamk you @h_________e @jedwill1999 @kulipeter DILIP is literally goated One of my favorite oroducers
@LeitungEvolved hope it actually comes true. @LeitungEvolved oh shit @jedwill1999 when a pc music kid calls you white @jedwill1999 WHAT @MonkeyLaunderer WHATTTT @lachlantula @rap_knewnie how could you @MonkeyLaunderer who @deadsunproject anywayswhen the pretender is mistrustful
@h_________e true @bigwindups SHE WENT PRIVATE @bigwindups just remembered who she was multiplayer*how is multiplayer 3D World even supposed to work @sleepdealerwmv yes. @sleepdealerwmv @wormposter THAT'S IT @sleepdealerwmv @wormposter sometimes it's not enough though 🙄who stepped on i did!! the bread??
Retweeted by damonPlease don’t scroll past! I’m an Asian-Canadian student asking for help. I have an immunocompromised mom who isn’…
Retweeted by damon @h_________e sounds good !
Retweeted by damon @h_________e wanna make out? @pisspainting @lachlantula duckwrth is so good @mirrorkirby :) @imawakelate hi @imawakelate you never even said hi to begin with*THIS IS URGENT* my friend is a single mother that does sex work for survival and she is seeking aid to run away…
Retweeted by damonan SMP actually worth watching lol @eviediary you have to become zelda!!! hope you find the link figures! :)
@eviediary yw!! I see that Zelda figure and poster 👀 you wanna DATE her or something? @eviediary this is v cute! @SAKYOlZU IT WORKS @SAKYOlZU I present you, this: 🧀 @SAKYOlZU ? @mirrorkirby I really hope you feel better soon !you're 60 years old @LeitungEvolved talking about 3d world though I heard they sped up movement by like 30%, but that makes me wonder i… @andosux water @remuscooper just you I think? maybe a little, idk @imawakelate shut up @rap_knewnie have a good day :) @rap_knewnie happy birthday bich @jedwill1999 lolz @andosux dogwater @andosux frogwater @jedwill1999 your tweets rn Bowser's Fury looks incredibly fucking cool?? @lachlantula :)