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@LuxieGames Yeah but it’s great when a plan comes together. Cuz it was your case you missed it in chat today here's the @RollPlay Court of Swords Q&A for episode 137!
Retweeted by JP @GreatWallofChin The real ones
[LIVE] The group sets out to find an army veteran before things too crazy in the mountains this week on @RollPlay C…
Retweeted by JP @SirScoots @dnpeek all clear for landing rogue one @SirScoots @dnpeek instead you're getting me, your favorite content friend in the world, all the stuff? @SirScoots Are those all actors or just costumes?An all new episode of @RollPlay Court of Swords starts tonight 6PM ET! @itmeJP @GassyMexican @Dansgaming
Retweeted by JP @ElspethEastman WTF? Please don't wait! See a doctor! @Sacriel42 Saw you hanging out in the stream today and we all know you've already convinced yourself to do it. I'm… @SirScoots Now imagine an excel spreadsheet itinerary 💀Voice held out throughout the day so feeling pretty good about that, and we made some great progress in the Witcher…
[LIVE] Third Day of @witchergame 3 today! Bloody Baron quest is in our sights and then... who knows? Maybe hunt som…
Retweeted by JPIt’s a privilege to work with the amazing Community team at @Twitch, and the Marketing and Partnerships folks who I…
Retweeted by JP[LIVE] Third Day of @witchergame 3 today! Bloody Baron quest is in our sights and then... who knows? Maybe hunt som… @Swiftor @First4Figures Oh shit dude no wonder you have a problem - that is sick!So much of the dialogue from #AfterLife is incredible but one of the lines that stuck with me after the show was th… @SirScoots I’m jealousWatched and finished @rickygervais #AfterLife tonight Unbelievably emotional show. Highly recommended but just be ready for the it! @Twitch @RollPlay @DroppedFrames @tha_rami @NieRGame Full week coming up! Tons of Witcher 3! CoS and Echoes of Et… Sunday stream, thanks for coming out. We'll start at normal time tomorrow with the Bloody Baron questline -…[LIVE] Home! Back! Live! Let's continue in some Witcher 3 after we talk about Chicago, Nier concert, and more…
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[LIVE] Home! Back! Live! Let's continue in some Witcher 3 after we talk about Chicago, Nier concert, and more… @Sacriel42 @aureylian that's Mr Cobblepot to you @Sacriel42 @aureylian If you’re the Joker then I’m the Penguin @Strippin hey what’s this berry drink you get with no berries quick I’m in line at StarbucksNo way. This isn’t real wtf @ShannonZKiller @aureylian @AnthonyKongphan @Sacriel42 @aureylian @ShannonZKiller @AnthonyKongphan @Sacriel42 most recent @RollPlay Far Verona tune is live on Spotify and the RollPlay bandcamp now! Been knocking around…
Retweeted by JPStarting the process to get home now! Should still be live at 5pm Eastern to continue Witcher Will update if anyt… @Ezekiel_III @skinnyghost That hate is only T E M P O R A R Y @skinnyghost @skinnyghost TEMPORARY SECRETARYGame respect game. Privileged to work with these folks every week! @garywhitta I can’t wait for your take on Dawson’s Creek - who woulda ever thought they’d do a reunion special!You know, some light BDSM and You Can Call Me Al. Saturday night got weird after the concert @drelloktv Ah shit we left right after and just sat down for dinner dude! I’m so sorryAlso shoutout to the people who said hi! Hope you guys enjoyed the concert and was a pleasure to meet you!Had a blast at the @NieRGame #nierorchestra Never would’ve expected to end up at a concert for a game I swore to… feed of @aureylian watching the #nierorchestra and trying to piece together the story told on the screen behin… in line in the cold rain for Starbucks Reserve Roastery. This better be the best coffee I’ve ever had. 🥶
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Thanks for tuning in to this week's Far Verona, see y'all next week! Have any Qs about this episode? Drop them in…
Retweeted by JPOne more day away from stream! In Chicago to see the @NieRGame Orchestra tonight with @aureylian Should be online… @JERICHO’S 👏🏻 GO 👏🏻
Retweeted by JPWe'll be live soon with an all new Far Verona, apologies for the delay! @ElspethEastman @djWHEAT @HavanaRama
Retweeted by JP @ElspethEastman @LogitechG @skinnyghost @RollPlay @BarryCarlyon He’s pretty incredible yeah! It’s simplified our workflow a ton behind the scenesBest dining experience I’ve ever had at @Alinea tonight in Chicago Thanks for the fantastic company @Swiftor
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Retweeted by JPSocial Media/Graphic Designer wanted. Must check all the boxes! ✅ Must be fluent in all things Social Media. ✅ M…
Retweeted by JPAn all new Far Verona is tomorrow 1PM ET! Place your bets on how many Good Shapes @HavanaRama will roll…
Retweeted by JP @MarkyOchoa @FunWithKelsey Already going tonight 🤗 @itmeJP
Retweeted by JP @GassyMexican Heard it never snows in EdmontonAmazing views from our room in Chicago @Strippin small talk that occurs when room service arrives at your hotel room IS 👏 THE👏 WORST👏Missed our One-Shot - Into the Unknown? No worries it's all up on YouTube now! @HavanaRama @Coruscating
Retweeted by JPHahahahahaha glad I decided to fly to Chicago for the weekend is everything thoughts about being in Chicago for 15 minutes so far: Midway airport felt like the building from ControlGot 35 minutes into Marriage Story (short flight) but man I can’t wait to watch more - amazing acting so far. Story…’s always remarkable to me to show up at the airport for a flight at 4am and just seeing a billion people.News Flash: I'm hiring for a Director PM role leading all of @Twitch viewer products. Massive scope, large team (1…
Retweeted by JPThis #coronovirus stuff is pretty scary eh? Makes me nervous about traveling and even more nervous about friends upcoming travels 😨 @SirScoots Yeah I also heard they have like... everyone’s light sabers that you can buy for a couple hundred each.… @SirScoots Make sure to get custom crystals! Spend more money! @SirScoots You gotta get the custom ones! Spend more money! @GeersArt @SirScoots @aureylian 420 blaze it for coming out to the first day of the Witcher 3! We spent 8 hours in it and did absolutely nothing! I thi…
[LIVE] It's time for @witchergame all day! Been waiting all week to play this. Running with a couple of graphical…
Retweeted by JP[LIVE] It's time for @witchergame all day! Been waiting all week to play this. Running with a couple of graphical… @Nadeshot @JERICHO @Maven @witchergame @witchernetflix I’ve started the game 3-4 times but never made it more than 15 or 20 hours in.… @witchergame 3 today. After replaying Witcher 2 and watching @witchernetflix I think I’m finally ready to… I have to have the CBS app to watch the Picard show? Can you get that through Amazon or something else not obscure as fuck?[LIVE] Let's go to spaaaaaaace! @RollPlay Echoes of Eternity is live with GM @JesseCox doin his dark side deeds w…
Retweeted by JP @LIRIK Lord of the Mother Fuckin Rings
2020 @Sequisha GodspeedStarted the day off with literally whiskey and @DroppedFrames Gunna find some food and get some water! Witcher 3…[LIVE] We've been live for an hour! WHERE ARE YOU? ITS NOT LIKE WE FORGOT TO TWEET THAT WE WERE LIVE…
Retweeted by JPYou ever wake up and have songs from Sister Act in your head? @HamillHimself I like to imagine your pet voice is the JokerPearl Jam is back. New single "Dance of the Clairvoyants" available everywhere now: "'Danc…
Retweeted by JPThere's just six hours left of voting, so whether it's for me or one of the other amazing Community Professionals n…
Retweeted by JP @T_Fresh_Maker Soon! Having to redownload and categorize everything is a daunting task!
[LIVE] @RollPlay Court of Swords time! Come join DM @skinnyghost and players @itmeJP @Dansgaming @Ezekiel_III and…
Retweeted by JPPlease vote this year. Thanks!Schiff, tho @aureylian @Smix no thats warning: I'm incompetent @JesseCox @tha_rami flight code, he tweets his flights out @TheTeawrex yeah for sure! Capping it at a set hour every day is so good @TheTeawrex I've been on a schedule for like 3 years regarding start time, etc, but more just sticking to it and no… schedules for myself instead of just jumping into a game whenever I can stream has created this huge sense… @JERICHO @DroppedFrames @CohhCarnage @Ezekiel_III @tha_rami